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Ritual Insanity: Nisha’s Naked Nutcases, Baby Sea Turtles & Cacao Bacchanale

Nisha “Noodles” Moodley, female empowerment goddess and clairvoyant, brought along tarot cards, holy oils, essential oils, and lots of markers to her latest girl grope, this one in Mexico: Julia Allison, of course, liked this post. But I’m convinced the … Continue reading

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More BM BS & Megatits Takes In “The View”

Burning Man is gone but not forgotten! Sexy Sasha Nielsen, AKA DJ Deadbeat Dad, who’s very good looking in person, dazzled Camp Septic revelers with his hypnotic beats: In the grand tradition of Papa Chevalier (Michel Madie), straight Sacha and … Continue reading

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A Post-BM Woo Roundup: La Fraud, Fozzie & Noodles

I know we’re still chuckling over Donkey’s faux bisexuality and her passive-aggressive “kissership” post, presumably directed at Myka McLaughlin’s boyfriend. And we’ll get back to the Judy & Myra Show, I promise. But first some chuckles from Wooville. Insurance scammer … Continue reading

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Edgy, Vulnerable Donkey – Journalist, Television Commentator, Public Speaker and BRAVO Star – Supports Love In ALL Its Myriad Forms & Is Bi

Didn’t Jacy call this one years ago? So, now we know why Electric Barbarella was doing those ridonkulous lipdubs in front of her apartment complex when launching her self-proclaimed revolutionary coaching bidness. These two idiots deserve each other. Did the … Continue reading

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We’re Hearing Rumors …

… Julia Allison – “journalist, television commentator, public speaker and BRAVO star” – has been involved in a lesbian relationship for the past couple of years. We’re not sure the information we’ve been receiving is legit. The woo goddess supposedly … Continue reading

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