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Julia Allison, NYT Music Critic, Experiences “Creative Art Trance”!!!!

Yoo hoo, Avocado!  You have swept fellow artiste Julia Allison off her feet with your transcendent, translucent, transformative music composed atop Mount Olympus.   Creating art was a Joy for you, but have you not realized the depths of joy … Continue reading

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Your Taste Is In The Toilet, Donkey!

Artiste Extraordinaire Julia Allison cannot stop gushing about “edgy” network television, namely about some tackiness glimpsed on “Dancing with the Has-Beens and Never- Beens”: WOW. This BLEW ME AWAY … Now, this – this – THIS – is EPIC … Continue reading

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An Old Donkey “Calm Down, Kevin” Moment

Sure sounds like her. And she was at the party! This must have been around the time she was always Twitter-braying about Uber. Guess she was on the payroll.

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Dude Who — As If — Met All The Items on Her Demented Check List Was Actually a Bit of a Chump, Says Avocado-Obsessed Donkey Today

Remember this? The love of her life, sent from Granny above? Meh, not so much. Just like every other Greatest Love Ever Known who dumps her ass, Donk is now making like, in fact, it wasn’t the Greatest Love Ever … Continue reading

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Manhattan Melodrama

It’s all your fault, evil New York City! Julia Allison was Miss Congeniality until you ripped out her heart and hung her out to dry: Today after my daily run to the Golden Gate bridge (yes, daily! I’ve come a … Continue reading

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