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Updated, Now With Jerri Blank:

My “office.” My 10 lb co-worker is isn’t very good at collaboration, it turns out. wink emoticon How’s Momsers working out as collaborator, Donkey? Will we see that book sometime before the next millennium? Never forget, we’re the only ones … Continue reading

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If You Read One Post About The Importance Of Seeking A Relationship Therapist …

Trouble in paradise, Donkey? For you or for … ? A very sweet girl friend of mine is looking for a relationship therapist in the Bay area (ideally SF). Here’s the tiniest thumbnail of them: he, UBER successful, VERY type … Continue reading

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Yoo Hoo, DonkeyPhucker!

Sunday afternoon ballet at the Palace of Fine Arts with my sweet sister Nisha. For the record, I think it’s time for someone to choreograph a dubstep/EDM ballet … — with Nisha Moodley. I LOVE YOU RAIN! PLEASE DON’T SNIFF … Continue reading

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“Writing Is Fun!” A Documentary Series With Mulia Mallison

Joan Didion expressed similar sentiments to me just this morning: You know things are going well with your writing when you’ve used Time Machine’s backup FIVE TIMES in the span of one day. Thanks to Elizabeth Gilbert‘s “Big Magic” (and … Continue reading

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Juliar Allison, Who Really, Really, Really Is Leaving Social Media, Eschews Perfection

There’s so much pressure on women to be perfect! Is this the new I-may-fail-at-everything-and-am-too-lazy-to-get-a-job-but-keep-paying-my-rent-Daddy argument? Oh wait, she’s played the anti-perfection card before, but it’s hazy. Anybody remember? And while we’re at it, sisters – let’s put an end to … Continue reading

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