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Oh, Shut the Fuck Up, You Demented Sparklefart

She’s just so whimsical. She has much whimsy. She’s a singular sensation. And she probably looked like a god damn lunatic.

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A Pleasant Surprise

So I was googling Donkey Lady for something completely unrelated to Donks. She was out of cite/sight/site, out of mind. I was just going about my day, and guess who popped up. This bow-legged, horse-toothed piece of shit: It truly … Continue reading

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The Horror, Oh The Horror!

While Julia has been busy posting the poetry of everyone’s favorite colonialist, Rudyard Kipling, comrade-in-grift Michael Ellsberg decided Halloween would come early this year: A woman I know wants to become a professional dominatrix, and has just requested that I … Continue reading

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It’s Halloween & 33-Year-Old Julia Allison Is In Third Grade

While the rest of us are working, raising kids, actually paying our own bills, lazy 33-year-old fucktard Rainbow Allison has finally gotten around to choosing this year’s Halloween costume: I grew up on Rainbow Brite. It was one of the … Continue reading

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Jacy Called It!

No meeting with St. Martin’s, just another fucking wedding and presumably some wallet chasing: At my high school debate partner’s (Judy Tomkins) wedding in Brooklyn right now … How many people can say they went to BOTH of the high … Continue reading

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