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Donkey Dancing At Jess Johnson’s Next Ayafest In Encinitas, Still Hates “Nuclear Familes”

I’m on the other side of midnight, cat peeps, but wanted to get in an update while I have brief access to WiFi. Julie appears to be posting non-stop, often at 3 am. Everything from encomiums to Tony Robbins to … Continue reading

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Lunatic Released From Psychiatric Hold For Halloween

Oh dear. This is a grown adult. The poor child. Her nephew? The body language/facial expression … he is scared.  

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Updated: Don’t Quit Your Day Job! Budding Comedienne Julia Price Is Fabulously Unfunny

Donkey shared a video in which Toilet Julia & Steph Barkley, a wannabe Vine personality, attempt to cash in on the Trump/Bush fiasco. I honestly thought I’d at least chuckle once but I didn’t even smile. Re: Donkey’s OMG! cutting … Continue reading

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Updated: Judy! Judy! Judy! The Return Of Concerned Citizen Donkey

She’s back, bunnies! No indication why our beloved warrior goddess has been AWOL for nearly a week, but Judy has scolds and half-read cultural critiques to post: Amazingly, she received responses for the health query, with woos nominating their woo … Continue reading

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Noodles, Fivehead, Fozzie, Jaahaas – Oh Those Nutty Woos!

Donkey’s been AWOL since October 6 – a quick getaway with OMG! Rain on Peter Baugher’s dime? Let’s check up on her woo brethren! Noodles Moodley is hugging her girlfriends on an hourly basis as they await the arrival of … Continue reading

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