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Wayward Weekend: Dipshit Donkey Disappears, Jean Brodie Makes The Rounds & Marilyn Monroe Becomes A Wild Weasel

The new FB cover fauxto. Tho penthive! Donkey pimp Ryan Allis has bumped his burro up to the top tier of presenters at next month’s Hive Entrepreneurial Retreat: But where is Judy in Ryan’s video promo, in which he speaks … Continue reading

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Donkey Turns Fauxtographer & Jaahass Wants Mo’ Money

Look out, Monika de Meyer and Wendy K. Yalom! You goddesses have competition: J Town has been hosting many a shindig at her muSIC house in Encinitas. These hippie freeloaders make me want to try my hand at investment banking. … Continue reading

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Updated: Eat, Bray, Love: Play “A Grifter’s Prayer” With Donkey Allison

The plastic signage apparently wasn’t enough. Now Donkey, along with her non-lesbian lover, has to parrot inthpirational slogans using flowers, or make the indigenous population create them for her. We miss Judy’s inthpirational words, too! Maybe if we play creatrix … Continue reading

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Cease & Desist: Michael Ellsberg Solves The Problem of Male Aggression & Oprah Winfrey “Endorses” Wild Vessel

Say goodbye to awkward male-female sexual encounters! The Greasy Gargoyle has the solution: In the wake of the Aziz Ansari allegations, I’ve created this “Consent Pledge” (for men who have sex with women)– a publicly-made commitment going forward, signed online: … Continue reading

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Donkey Is A Journalith, A Lov-ah, An Author At Non-Existent BOOK, And … An Advanced Publicity Strategist

Next month’s Hive Entrepreneurial Retreat features only THE most esteemed speakers! The last we heard re: Donkey on the “work” front, she was helping a former Chicago dentist turned woo scammer pose for photographs – with coffee cup, of course! … Continue reading

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