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Rendezvous In The Dust With The Caterwauler & Her Fellow Dipshits

Uh, what if I don’t want to be squeezed by Duckface? Re: the legendary Camp Septic Dancers, Ali Shanti has informed her listserv that she and Myka McLaughlin will again be bumping titties to the delight of all the boys. … Continue reading

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Updated: It’s The Most Ineffable Time Of The Year, Bunnies!

What’s your favorite Donkey BM moment? Update: Following in the hoofprints of Judy Albertson, the old raunch uploaded a BM FB profile fauxto: Have at it!

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Updated: Gawker “Victim” Judy Albertson Weighs In On The Demise of Nick Denton

The hypocrite in Newsweek: JULIA ALLISON Journalist, commentator, TV personality (Sample headline: “Julia Allison Leads New York’s Women Into Cold, Sexless Future”) 1. I’m absolutely thrilled. 2. Peter Thiel is my hero. (Except for the Trump endorsement.) 3. Karma is … Continue reading

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What Do We Want? TRIBE! When Do We Want It? NOW! But Maybe Not For Cancer-Free Dan

It’s almost here, bunnies! The sole reason for Julia Allison’s pathetic existence: BURNING MAN!! As Donkey prepares for OMG! Camp Septic – hope she brings along an extra pair of eyelashes – our burro makes another case for communal living. … Continue reading

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Someone Has Judged & Condemned Ali Shanti (Again)

Queen Shanti, AKA Alexis Neely, ever the adult, took to her Fecebook page to wail about yet another person with the audacity to judge the slippery ol’ con. Another disgruntled Money Map Mastermind, AKA lackey? Troubles with Rainbow Doug Henning? … Continue reading

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