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Deadbeat Dad Sacha Nielsen Has Been Running Scams For a Long Time

Someone with the screen name of Luluarose, who has never before posted on RBD and who has an IP address I didn’t recognize, posted a link to an indiegogo site on which Swiss Mister is asking you to feed his … Continue reading

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Updated: Con Artists Jena & Sacha Practice The Old Bait & Switch

Come for the druggy chocolate and enroll in a useless workshop in “creativity”: ~ HOW TO FEEL MORE CREATIVE IN EVERYTHING YOU DO ~ Last night Sacha and I co-lead a Spring Equinox Cacao Ceremony in NYC. In front of … Continue reading

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NPD Nutcase Ali Shanti Continues To Celebrate Her Son’s Birthday By Talking About Herself

Skankatron began with a Happy BIRTHday to ME: 14 years ago tonight … just about this time, I left Courtney Blair‘s apartment to head over to the Hollywood Birth Center to give birth to Noah Neely. I thought I was … Continue reading

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“Creative” Donkey Brainstorms Award-Winning Title For Upcoming Garden Of Eden Smellfest

John “Like Buttah” Buttaz, founder of The Garden of Eden, the monthly woo shitshow in Encinitas, needs your help! Leave it to creatrix Julia Allison to come up with a solution: But will Sacred Earth be as exciting as the … Continue reading

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La Fraud & Deadbeat Dad Still Desperate For Roommate, Double Down on Sex & Caca

Yet another ad on Facebook. So inviting! Knowing Jena’s track record, this marriage should last at least six months: Desperate for attention and some cold hard cash, J&S tell all! Lovin’ the manbun. Is Sacha permanently stoned? The dynamic duo … Continue reading

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