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Have You Ever Experienced Tension As Ali Shanti Experiences Tension? – Well, Have You?!

Waaaaaaa! I want everything! I want it now! No, wait! I’m opening my heart! I’m reaching the next level! So Janus Faced! Must report my every fart to the internet! Dammit, whichever way I go, who has time for those … Continue reading

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Feathered Skankatron Considers Her Sex-Child’s Feelings, Still Digs All The Dick

Oh, Jesus.

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Ali Shanti Really, Really, Really, REALLY Questions Why She’s Such A Cheap Fuck

As we well know, Nutbars Neely doesn’t like to pay for goods & services, not when she can shill your grift in exchange for freebies.  See Exhibit A: Pamela Madsen. But Shady Shanti might be experiencing a crisis of conscience! … Continue reading

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Julia Allison Is San Francisco’s Answer To Jeff Foxworthy – HILARIOUS!

Donkey may be dark on Facebook, but these tweets are golden and sure to go viral: YOU KNOW YOU LIVE IN SF WHEN … you go to a healing workshop, a girl is wearing an “Oh KALE yeah!” teeshirt … … Continue reading

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Jena La Flamme Loves Julia Allison SO MUCH, She Thanked Her Twice!

A gracious kit kat directed me to Jena La Phlegm’s OMG! diet book’s Amazon page, where I noted the dedication to Michael Ellsberg – “This book will always be our baby” – and hurriedly attempted to get past the introduction, … Continue reading

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