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WTF? The Thanksgiving Goddess?

Is it time for a new persona? Julia is channeling Erma Bombeck? Words fail me. And then there was this:

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“It’s Dee-licious & Yummy!” Smellsberg’s New Grift: Untangled Love

For your weekend viewing pleasure. Ayelet Shimron interviews me on two of my favorite topics, my concept of untangled love, and also kink/BDSM. Some of the questions we cover include: –> What is the relation between untangled love, vs. polyamory, … Continue reading

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Stoner Rainbow Allison Finds Brilliance In Hollywood Idiocy

A third Facebook post praising insulated, dumbass La La Land brats Jaden and Willow Smith when everyone with two brain cells to rub together is laughing their asses off? “I wanna transcend personality. I wanna transcend all of that and … Continue reading

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Help Julia Allison Finish The Crappiness Project!

Dumbass Donkey is done marveling over Hollywood teen philosophers Jaden & Willow Smith and is allegedly gearing up to fulfill her contract with St. Martin’s. Got a stall she could hunker down in to complete her magnum opus? Does anyone … Continue reading

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So What Did I Miss?

Going back home and trying to make the entire visit about her and/or enforcing her idea of “fun” on innocent family members and posting it to Facebook? Check. Mining her high school years for more fascinating tidbits about herself to … Continue reading

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