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Humble Donkey Pimps Out Flat of “Close Friend”

Ladies and Gentlemen, A close friend of mine is subletting her GORGEOUS Marina 2bd furnished flat for $225/night, $1550/week, $6k/month during August & Sept. It’s near where I live, right next to the ocean and the Palace of Fine Arts, … Continue reading

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Lazy Layabout Pretends She’s Going To Do Something That Requires Hard Work

As if this sloth would be able to do even 1/100th of what it requires. Isn’t taking care of her dog generally too much trouble? She is a tool, though, so maybe that would help.

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Take That, Julie Albertson!

There’s no competition in Black Rock City, but the always professional Ali Shanti found time to get away from the futon foursome she’d been experiencing in the back of a truck – I’m not making this up – to let Donkey … Continue reading

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Updated: Experiments in Crappiness: Julia Allison Climbs Up From The Abyss & You Can Too!

The tho inthpiring introducthion: EXCERPT from my book, “EXPERIMENTS IN HAPPINESS” (to be published by St. Martin’s Press) ++++++++++++++ CLIMBING OUT OF THE SKEPTICISM “For a civilization so fixated on achieving happiness, we seem remarkably incompetent at the task.” – … Continue reading

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Hip-Hop, Non-Shamanic

To be honest, I liked Redacted’s 30 seconds, which reminded me a bit of MC 900 Ft Jesus and is certainly a cut above the crap being churned out by creatrixes Avocado & Fozzie. Have it at. Oh, and in … Continue reading

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