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Donks’ Marriage (To Herself) Is Being Officiated By An Admitted Sexual Predator And Child Molestor

Some of you have uncovered that the man officiating Donkey’s marriage to her reflection is a man with a host of accusations of sexual misconduct. Meet Marc Gafni. This man needs to seriously start working on cleaning up his Google … Continue reading

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Because Donkey Doesn’t Quite Love Herself Enough, She’s Going to Marry Herself At Burning Man

  That’s right, the incessant fauxto shooter doesn’t quite worship herself and her every deep thought quite enough. And so at Camp Mystic this year, she’s going to marry herself. Why not? No one else will ever marry her! The … Continue reading

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So she is blasting Avocado’s music at her fauxto shoot even though there is no sign of him. Stage-Five Narcissistic Braying Pear-Clinger! Sexy dancer. Sexy yoga mat humper.  

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Donkey Had A Cootie Photo Shoot

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Summer 2014, Huh?

How odd.  

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