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It Takes A Really Evolved Feminist To Dress Up In Flammable Slutwear Again This Year

She has changed so much. Also, she has sent out more bat signals to her best friends (“at the time”) and former sisters, Meghannaise and Rambo. Very interesting. Maybe the woo crowd is tiring of her, or she wants more … Continue reading

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How Many Lies Can You Spot As Julia Allison Finds Her One True Authentic Self?

From something called Ontraport. Have at it, Kit Kats. I’m off to dinner but would rather be reading along with you! A big personality can get you into trouble. But if you have an opinion to go with it, news … Continue reading

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Oh, Shut the Fuck Up, You Demented Sparklefart

She’s just so whimsical. She has much whimsy. She’s a singular sensation. And she probably looked like a god damn lunatic.

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A Pleasant Surprise

So I was googling Donkey Lady for something completely unrelated to Donks. She was out of cite/sight/site, out of mind. I was just going about my day, and guess who popped up. This bow-legged, horse-toothed piece of shit: It truly … Continue reading

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The Horror, Oh The Horror!

While Julia has been busy posting the poetry of everyone’s favorite colonialist, Rudyard Kipling, comrade-in-grift Michael Ellsberg decided Halloween would come early this year: A woman I know wants to become a professional dominatrix, and has just requested that I … Continue reading

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