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Fuck Yes! Lazy Layabout Julia Allison Demands More Pleasure!

… Can we come together to create a world like this? Please? (From The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible by Charles Eisenstein) (Nail courtesy of Margaret Hamilton) This just in: Ali Shanti has said YES! to Donkey’s … Continue reading

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That Poor Damn Dog, Ch. 397

“What is this middle seat crap? I demand a window in first class! And a bag of treats! That is all.” – Lillydog Tee hee, Julie. We know Lilly didn’t go with you to CR. Surely the real Lilly would … Continue reading

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Meet Wali, Julia Allison’s One Genuine Fan

Wali Rahman, an intern at Agrani Bank Limited in Khulna, Bangladesh, has a massive hardon for a donkey: When I woke up todays morning at 8:30 I was sure that I am going to see something really special waiting for … Continue reading

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Manic Mentalcase Posts Videos Of Herself All Night, Including When She Was a Mean-Faced Child Already Obsessed With Her Own Image

Her Vimeo page is rich with lunacy; she was up posting videos of herself all night, including childhood home movies featuring a demon-faced young donkey who already looks demented. (“Peter? We need to talk about Julia.”) For some reason I … Continue reading

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Julia Allison Endorses Platonic Touch, “TRUE Brotherhood” for Menfolk!

Personally, I adore it when men hug, dance with, wrestle, cuddle and massage each other – in a completely platonic manner. Women are allowed to do this with no stigma. Why can’t men?? (btw, it would be fine with me … Continue reading

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