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Social Media Expert Julia Allison Needs Your Help. Again.

Apologies for the second post on this – but if ANYONE in the Bay area knows of a competent / awesome petsitter for my little pup Lillydog this Friday through Sunday, I would GREATLY appreciate it … every one of … Continue reading

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Updated: Meet Kathy Bassford, Julia Allison’s Hopping Mad Facebook Friend / Be Very Afraid

A big RBD hello to Kathy Bassford! This delightful, if a tad bitter, senior citizen hails from Front Royal, Virginia, and counts among her FB likes: “Legally Blonde” – just like Donkey! – “Duck Dynasty,” and “America the Movie,” hypocritical … Continue reading

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All Things Rainbow: Ali Shanti Gives a Tip of the Tutu to Fellow Social Justice Warrior Julia Allison

Donkey is goddamned thrilled that the geighs, especially the outdated stereotypes whom she adores, can get married. She’s even more thrilled now that OMG! Randi Zuckerberg came out of hiding & liked Julie’s FB rainbow justices. Never forget:

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Ali Shanti & The Stench of Desperation

Destitute days in Shantitown? Ali’s supposedly in debt and clearly the money map scam is bringing in no money – the shantress even sent out a bizarro email demanding to know why listserv subscribers hated her and why they hadn’t … Continue reading

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David “Avocado” Block Turns 46, Indefatigable Donkey Takes Up All The Oxygen

Not simply content to let others post “Happy Birthday” on his FB wall, the zoned out dreamboat posted his own birthday greeting, reflecting on his many years of freeloading: Well happy birthday to me smile emoticon. Grateful for each moment … Continue reading

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