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Gospel Enchantress Jess Johnson Thanks Everyone But BFF Julia Allison

I am SO PROUD of, and SO GRATEFUL for, woo white women gospel! Jaahass thanks everybody for this transformative concert, during which the earth shifted upon its axis. Even Kc Baker gets a shout out, so why no Mulia? In … Continue reading

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Updated, With The (Brief?) Return Of Mental Dental! Changing The World: Jess Johnson Reimagines Religion, Mocks Latinos

In need of a little heARTist medicine this Easter? Jaahass, Julia Allison’s BFF, and her sisters have the good stuff: Writing for me is very similar to free-styling. When I write to a specific group of people, and I KNOW … Continue reading

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Ali “Sybil” Shanti Is Living With Two Personalities & Loving It!

My God, that voice! And the same old narcissistic rant again & again & again. In other news, Rain tagged Donkey and Ali and various & sundry to let everyone know Joe Muscatello’s debut album is coming out. Never mind … Continue reading

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Holy Yoni! Hippie Donkey Dragged Dadsers To Birthcray 36 Lovefest

Has Judy finally reached rock bottom? She’s miles away from [REDACTED], even Greasy, and apparently wants to drag her daddy down with her. Not surprised? Is Judy obsessed with vaginas, too? Did Petey partake in birthcray yoni worship? #pleasurablebonding #daddyissues … Continue reading

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Catching Up With Dead Russian Hooker #2 & Her Yoni

Its yoni time 24/7 with the insatiable Ariel White! Turns out, even Brit Morin has a vagina: “They’ll be peace in the world when there’s happy vaginas!”: Ariel is a poet, too, and slick enough to pretend her doggerel is … Continue reading

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