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Hypocritical Donkey With Bad Memory

I find it strange that Donk is on FB praising Alicia Keys for confiscating smartphones at her concerts. “Brilliant solution,” a donkey brays. “I could see this happening for weddings / conferences / etc.” Oh honey. Does anyone remember this … Continue reading

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BM Visionary Rainbow Allison Promotes “Conscious Housing,” Or, Down With Suburbia And Dadsers & Momsers’ Lakefront Property!

Like Jess Johnson, celebrated architect & urban planner Julia Allison and annoying fucktard Ryan Allis are changing the course of history: Julia Allison Baugher is one of the dumbest people I’ve ever known, so I’m assuming Ryan Allis, who rents … Continue reading

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Updated: #pleasurableindolence

“Momsers, I’m starving! Be a dear and whip up a gluten-free deep dish pizza. You know how I love your cooking! Oh, and Cory wanted to thank you for purchasing that huge supply of MediMeals. I’ll just be out here … Continue reading

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Updated With Fauxtos: Wilmette Police Blotter: Break-In At Lakeside Assisted Living Facility

Update: Lazy Donkey pays tribute to the man who’s paid her bills for the last 35 years: Happy Father’s day to a truly brilliant, ethical, kind and loving Dad, a wonderful father and now grandfather, an amazing husband of almost … Continue reading

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Updated: Cheap Con Ali Shanti Aids & Abets “Psychic” Hairdresser / How Low Can Jena la Flamme Go?

When she’s not blaming you for not firmly telling her to stay away from your man, Skankatron 3000B, also known as “Alexis Neely” on the FBI’s 10 Most Unwanted List, is selflessly making the world a better place: Willow was … Continue reading

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