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Parenting With Rainbow: Judy Albertson Blames Sloth On Robin & Petey’s Demands For “Perfection”/Jess Johnson Thanks Judy For Her Very Special Day

I love my parents … And I’m so grateful for all they taught me. That said, they were definitely the “you better be PERFECT” Puritan-work-ethic loving Tiger parent type, a tougher permutation of what the former dean of Stanford described … Continue reading

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Updated: Donkey Takes Another Dump On “Concentration Camp” New York City

Julia Allison, who left Manhattan with her tail between her four legs, would like to redirect “New York brains”: “I think that New York is the model for the new concentration camp, where the camp has been built by the … Continue reading

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College Sophomore Julia Allison Is Spittin’ Mad

The world is a terrible place! Donkey would love to get involved and repair all of the injustices out there … but not right at this moment. She’s got a date with Mr. BMOC tonight – Adams Morgan or bust! … Continue reading

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Catching Up With “Pussy Hound” Michael Ellsberg & Donkey’s Appalling New FB Profile Fauxto

The Greasy Gargoyle’s latest self-proclaimed best-seller, “The Last Safe Investment,” co-written with asshat Bryan Franklin, was a safe bust. Mercifully, we haven’t heard a word about Smelly’s porn career. But the dominatrix without mercy has been thinking a lot … … Continue reading

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Updated: SOS! Judy Albertson Is Having An Acne Flare Up!

While awaiting your help, bunnies, Judy found time to share the greatest love story of our generation: I had the most beautiful moment of my life recently. It’s a story of love, heartbreak, and love-after-heartbreak. I wrote it down for … Continue reading

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