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Ali Shanti Is A Sexual Predator #itwasme

The old raunch has been having a field day with the Harvey Weinstein scandal. Isn’t she SO BRAVE? #itwasme Yesterday, I shared my #metoo story and so many of you responded with such love and compassion, thank you. Today, I … Continue reading

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Updated: A Donkey In Bali (On Somebody Else’s Dime)

Is Ryan Allis paying, now that she’s part of his harem? Tho thprithual! Meanwhile, T.S. Eliot has never been so abused: OMG! Christine Kelly likes the new Bottom Picture, also Judy’s new FB cover fauxto. Sisters again? Update: Presented without … Continue reading

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Tiny&Cute Compares Rain Phutureprimitive To Harvey Weinstein

Caeli La’s 2 cents: After reading the Weinstein victims’ stories, I’m feeling called to write an in-depth article examining the abuses of power and systematic objectification of / devaluation of women in the music industry. Such as when my ex-boyfriend’s … Continue reading

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Crusading Feminist Julia Allison Is Furious About Harvey Weinstein’s Crimes & Misdemeanors

Because, For Fuck’s Sake writes: So in my FB feed, JA is on a rampage of angry liking articles against Harvey Weinstein. Ummmm, don’t all of these women basically preach letting men dominate them sexually? I mean if they aren’t … Continue reading

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Updated, Now With Erotic Royalty! FYI: Wannabe Porn Star Michael Ellsberg Ain’t Cheap, But He’s Damn Good

Did you think I was referring to pleasurable prostitution? Smellsberg as dominatrix without mercy? Certainly not! Speaking of Donkey, she must be posting to OMG! third-tier DJ Rain’s FB “fan” page, right? Signing off with some brilliance from Swiss Mister. … Continue reading

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