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Happy 34th Birthday, Julia Allison! Still Single, Childless, Jobless, Bookless & Living Off Daddy!

You’re the big 3-4 today, Donkey! Not even a word on Facebook? Last year we at least got that odd post about how you nearly killed your mother when she was giving birth. But crickets this year for cat peeps … Continue reading

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Just In Time For Birthcray: Donkey’s Triumphant Return!

Behold the new FB profile fauxto, taken by Sequoia Emmanuelle during the notorious pepperoni nips shoot. Were you hoping Julia had left Wooville? Yeah, that’ll never happen.

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World Gasps At Woo Brilliance!

Yeah, yeah, Skankatron 3000 uploaded snaps of Mom of the Year and her daughter in their bikinis, but we’ll pass on posting them here. Ryan Swain apparently still hopes to add Ye Olde Raunch to his harem. After all, those … Continue reading

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Ali “Pocahontas” Shanti Is One Big Earth Shattering Orgasm (and a Sleazy Con)

Alexis Neely or Ali Shanti or Alexis Shanti (as she’s also called herself on more than one occasion) makes my skin crawl. Some woo who’s fronting some BS company, Wild Soul Movement, interviewed the old raunch – “She has a … Continue reading

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If Julia Allison Didn’t Have An Attorney Father Bankrolling Her Bullshit …

… and she won $86 million in the lottery, we might see something like this:

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