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A Fashion Week Flashback – They’re Our Memories, Too!

Grifty reminded me that New York Fashion Week begins tomorrow and so I went nostalgic and got all weepy-eyed. ¬†Who wouldn’t when remembering the stolen NBC mic, Julia “interviewing” celebrities and waiting for them to stop speaking so she could … Continue reading

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Be His Submissive Valentine: Michael Ellsberg’s Jaunty New Snaps

Courtesy of Wendy K. Yalom, THE Wendy K. Yalom, the Wendy K. Yalom who has fauxtograped every woo from Ali Shanti to Julia Allison, THAT Wendy K. Yalom! “Make your last safe investment hooking up with me! Did I mention … Continue reading

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Donkey’s Vacation From Vacation-Itis Reading List & A SF Marina Sighting

The book selections for my week in Mexico. I read voraciously … And about a dozen books at any given time. After a long love affair with my kindle, I’m back to print, mostly to give my eyes and brain … Continue reading

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Ali Shanti’s New Piece?

Didn’t she just get dumped five minutes ago? Is Swainy off his nutter – we know he is – or is this woo (re)union really a possibility? Bottom Fan in the ‘Stan who liked Julia’s vacation from vacation-itis post: #2) … Continue reading

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Jess Johnson, Donkey’s BFF, “Makes A Journey Towards Self-Love” While Flashing Her Nips

Today is International Intimacy Day! Well…maybe not as far as the U.N. is concerned, but it is for me wink emoticon People who read my posts often comment and message me about the personal nature of my shares…and the way … Continue reading

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