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Papa Chevalier Is NYC’s Polyamorous Perle Mesta

Per today’s Guardian: When 57-year-old Michel Madie arrived in New York in the 1980s, he quickly became one of the biggest names in real estate. Ever since he has also been part of a growing polyamorous community, hosting open sexuality … Continue reading

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Broadway Sensation Randi Zuckerberg Is Living The Dream, Baby!

OMG! Randi was tooting her horn in Vogue this morning: I loved every minute of working at Facebook, the company my brother started, where I took on a variety of roles culminating in head of consumer marketing. Most days, I … Continue reading

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Catching Up With The Unholy Trinity: La Phlegm, Jaaahhassss & Skankatron 3000B

Sorry, cat peeps! I don’t have 30-45 minutes to synthesize the St. Martin’s data, but I do have five minutes to throw up some funny shit about Juliar’s woo BFFs without annoying the visiting Mr. B. Oh dear! At least … Continue reading

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A Big Birdie Sings: Donk Insists She Pays Her Own Way, Works As “Private Consultant For Many Clients”

“Chris,” a poor unfortunate soul who has known Julia Allison for many years, has finally reached the breaking point. S/he is annoyed with all of the spin, the kernel of truth that may or may not exist when Donkey chooses … Continue reading

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Updated: Yoo Hoo, Ryan Nickulas!

Donk’s laying off the scolds – “We have to stop this mindless addiction to single use plastic” was posted two days ago and received only five likes, all from fans in the ‘stans. But there’s always time for everyone’s favorite … Continue reading

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