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As Donk Goes Silent at OMG Burning Man OMG As She Prepares For Her ‘Wedding,’ Let’s Imagine What She’ll Crowd-Source Upon Her Return

Here’s my contribution. Add yours in the comments! Winner gets a prize of a wish box, an ice-cream coupon and some gently used fashion magazines. “Does anyone in the San Francisco area have a really amazing, gluten-free, homeopathic doctor who … Continue reading

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Julia Allison Is A Writer & A Dancer Who Has Friends Who Write & Dance!

Julia Allison has friends! Friends like the misguided journo Nick Bilton, who needs to read the most thoughtful, beautiful, accurate, and non-tropey-like piece ever written about Julia’s desert oasis. She didn’t ruin Burning Man, people! “A Must Read. One of … Continue reading

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Rumi Fangirl & Former Nixon Speechwriter Swoons Over Beloved, Courageous Daughter’s Latest Media Stunt … Or Does She?

Robin Booger would prefer that her certifiably insane daughter wed herself rather than a fantastic son of Wilmette’s most powerful moms? That seems odd, as does the relatively level-headed ghost writer’s sudden love of Rumi. ———- Forwarded message ———- From: … Continue reading

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I Just Have One Question

Why the fuck is she posing in her bra and undies for her Burning Man wedding photo? Seriously, why? The veil I get. But I have been under the weather lately and doing long marathons of Say Yes To The … Continue reading

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Donk Calls The Facebook Police On Nice Lady Driven Mental By Her Endless Burning Man Yammering

I love this so much. Some nice normal woman sent her a private message because she couldn’t bear it anymore. And Donk, six going on seven, tattled on her. Yes, Donk, the one whose wedding invitation uses the word “BITCHES.” … Continue reading

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