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Updated, Now With “Potentially Controversial Stance”: Wacky Aunt Julia Wants Your Babies, Mulls Harvard Square Restaurant Job

Donkey and her open maw pose with the kid of yet another SF DJ. Be very afraid: This baby is medicine for the light. Not surprising, given her epic parents. I love you, Ryan Lucero & Nicole Cronin! Thank you … Continue reading

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Où Est La Donkey?

Julia Allison has been hush-hush about her current stall locale – no LOLyer transparency here – since being evicted from the flat that she and Nehi used to share near the OMG! Palace of Fine Arts. Though Donkey coyly told … Continue reading

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Updated: Julia Allison Showcases Significant Neurological Abilities

Julia Allison is a Social Justice Warrior and a committed environmentalist! When someone questioned her share about covering much land with solar power plants in an attempt to provide the United States with renewable energy, Donkey displayed the skills that … Continue reading

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Birdies Keep Chirping: Former Roomie Is Dumb Bunny & Weirdo

Into our inbox flew more intel about Donk and money- and status-obsessed Grape Nehi. Nehi and Donkey were equal participants in the AirBNB scheme, supposedly because they both were traveling all the time and didn’t want to be stuck with … Continue reading

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Donkey In Crisis: Oh, The Humanity!

Goodness, such inner turmoil in that stone goddess! Did the road trip reality show not pan out? Did Rain disembark for groupies unknown? Did Peter & Robin learn the fate of BOOK? Donkey speaks for all of us: If my … Continue reading

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