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You’ve Been Condemned To Spend Halloween With A Woo Grifter! It’s Your Choice But Choose Wisely!

Will you spend All Hallows Eve in The Ellsberg Dungeon? Or maybe with Jena La Flamme and her sugar daddy, who’ll dress you up in tacky clothing and make you perform ridiculous dance numbers? Perhaps you’ll spend tonight and all … Continue reading

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Updated: Julia Allison Is Attending A Flock of Seagulls Reunion In Shantitown

Nice dye job, Bear Kittay. Enjoy the Boulder Griftfest! How soon before you’re singing “I Ran” while trying to extract your peen from Mulia Mallison’s green skin tags? Oh, and those gregdamn costumes! Who can keep up with all of … Continue reading

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Awesome Dan Schools Donkey — Yet Again — On Yet Another Of Her Elitist, Braindead Pronouncements

Love when this happens. How many times must he have to restrain himself, and then finally he just can’t stop himself from pointing out how utterly, profoundly stupid she is. This time it was in response to this hysterical Facebook … Continue reading

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Updated: Nudge Nudge Wink Wink

A curious burro in a curious world wants to know: What are your favorite hot springs within 5 hours of SF? Already know about Esalen, Avalon, and Harbin. Looking for something totally private. Run for your life, Max Marmer and/or … Continue reading

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Is Julia Allison – Jogger, Spokesmodel, Aesthete – Channeling Lisa Kudrow Characters?

Like BunnyBingo, the first thing that came to mind when watching Donkey pretend jog that grueling 5K San Francisco run was Phoebe on “Friends,” although Julia looked even more ridonkulous and not because 22-year-old budding “documentarian” Max Marmer thought he … Continue reading

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