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Updated, Now With Judy’s Red Hair! Weird Wednesday: Science Fiction Triple Feature

A dear cat peep sent me to a recent reddit post about Milo Yiannopoulos, everybody’s favorite humanitarian, and our burro. I’d completely forgotten he’d written about Julia’s fans in the ‘stans back in the day. Unfortunately, I can’t locate Yiannopoulos’s … Continue reading

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Pimpin’ With Skankatron 3000B

Boulder “goddess” Ali Shanti continues to navel gaze away, experiencing crisis after crisis, which she duly posts on Facebook. On & on & on about how she bawled all the way through “Captain Fantastic” because Viggo Mortensen was living the … Continue reading

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Updated: Join Donkey As She Learns NLP, The Secret Sauce Of Every Successful Woo Grifter

It was inevitable that Judy would start looking into courses in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), despite this approach to personal development being thoroughly discredited by the scientific community. The woos all swear by NLP’s bizarre mixture of neurological processing, language acquisition, … Continue reading

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Updated: Malodorous Woos: Donkey & “Tribe” Stink Up Encinitas

Award-winning Tribune Media Services columnist Julia Allison gets her aya on during Jess Johnson’s July kegger: Jess, Ariel White, and Michael Hrostoski meditate – melding minds and changing the course of history: Post meditation, relax in the … As Jashssss … Continue reading

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Did Donkey & RBD Inspire “Internet Famous” Comedy?

“Internet Famous,” a low-budget indie about microcelebrity that was recently released online (iTunes & Netflix), might be poking fun at our very own burro, Julia Allison. One of the YouTube “sensations” depicted in the film is named Amber Day(!) and … Continue reading

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