Donkey Dancing At Jess Johnson’s Next Ayafest In Encinitas, Still Hates “Nuclear Familes”

I’m on the other side of midnight, cat peeps, but wanted to get in an update while I have brief access to WiFi. Julie appears to be posting non-stop, often at 3 am. Everything from encomiums to Tony Robbins to a shill for Yandy’s “Sexy Poop Emoji Costume.”

Nice to know she can get away from her “many clients” to attend Jaaahass’s Halloween aya fest:


For yucks, check out the trailer:

Clearly you are doing good work at these festivals, Julie, and will soon be in a position to order the dismantling & internment of nuclear families, perhaps beginning with your own:


Bottom Picture & Video!

Hedonist extraordinaire Jena la Flamme visits DJ Deadbeat Dad & family in Switzerland:



If you think you don’t have the time to attend Nisha Moodley’s Fierce Fabulous & Free and Freedom Mastermind shitshows, you don’t – nobody does! You’re welcome, Noodles!

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Lunatic Released From Psychiatric Hold For Halloween

Oh dear. This is a grown adult. The poor child. Her nephew? The body language/facial expression … he is scared.



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Updated: Don’t Quit Your Day Job! Budding Comedienne Julia Price Is Fabulously Unfunny

Donkey shared a video in which Toilet Julia & Steph Barkley, a wannabe Vine personality, attempt to cash in on the Trump/Bush fiasco. I honestly thought I’d at least chuckle once but I didn’t even smile.

Re: Donkey’s OMG! cutting edge science posts, she and Dead Russian Hooker #2, not exactly a Rhodes Scholar, will be lending their non-existent talents to this eyebrow-raising “conference.” Click the link:


Bottom Picture!




Update: Social Justice Donkey signs in & makes a fool of herself.


I hear ya, Donk. I often wonder why Marc Gafni, who was scheduled to officiate your wedding to yourself, isn’t in prison.


Ah, yes. The brilliance of Queen Shanti. Those who are kind and collaborate, i.e., give their retirement savings to their adult children, are the new paradigm!


You work? At home? The same place you wrote your mega bestseller for OMG! St. Martin’s?


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Updated: Judy! Judy! Judy! The Return Of Concerned Citizen Donkey


She’s back, bunnies! No indication why our beloved warrior goddess has been AWOL for nearly a week, but Judy has scolds and half-read cultural critiques to post:






Amazingly, she received responses for the health query, with woos nominating their woo partners in slime for Healthiest Human.

Something’s up in Donkmark. Any guesses?

Update: Donkey’s thrown up several more SJW posts. She’s afraid when she walks home alone at night! If only men would be protectors, not predators! She also posted a Bollywood production number dedicated to the woo goddesses. Apparently Donk didn’t get Nisha’s “no cultural appropriation” memo. And there’s more crowdsourcing:


Six hours later and not a single comment, but I suppose receiving actual assistance was never the point.

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Noodles, Fivehead, Fozzie, Jaahaas – Oh Those Nutty Woos!

Donkey’s been AWOL since October 6 – a quick getaway with OMG! Rain on Peter Baugher’s dime? Let’s check up on her woo brethren!

Noodles Moodley is hugging her girlfriends on an hourly basis as they await the arrival of The Chosen One. She’s also got a bee in her bonnet re: cultural appropriation, a practice the woos have NEVER engaged in.



Thank Goddess one of Nisha’s woo sisters read Whitfield’s two-year-old post!


My first thought: Did anyone tell Ali Shanti that dreamcatchers are now off limits? At least poor Kaia won’t have to go door to door selling the trinkets in the hopes of paying the electric bill.

For big yucks, check out Rice’s FB page. Is that Karen Black in AIRPORT ’75 after a couple of cups of ayahuasca? Holy Merde!

And Noodles? Any plans to repudiate this eyebrow raising moment?


Up in Harlem, DJ Witchiepoo vanished long enough so Jena could celebrate her anniversary with Rio de Janeiro:



But wasn’t Jena going to be with Papa Chevalier forever, too?

Trigger Warning! Cultural appropriation below!



Slacker Fozzie! Over in Boulder, Ali Shanti’s old piece’s visit to the woo capital has been extended indefinitely.



No job of course, but Fozzie is makin’ music:


Feel the love in these six thumbs up and the single response:


The Caterwauler will sing us out in a tribute to cats in heat Columbus Day:

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