Papa Chevalier Is NYC’s Polyamorous Perle Mesta


Per today’s Guardian:

When 57-year-old Michel Madie arrived in New York in the 1980s, he quickly became one of the biggest names in real estate.

Ever since he has also been part of a growing polyamorous community, hosting open sexuality and swingers party inside one of his most prestigious properties.

The mogul tied the knot with Swedish civil engineering student Rasmus Foyer, 27, in December 2015 at the $12million converted church in Harlem, that has been dubbed the ‘Taj Marharlem’.

According to Narrative, one in five guests were current or former lovers of either groom.

After they said ‘I do’, the party went for another 24 hours, starting with a traditional Algerian dinner, and followed by belly and flamenco dancers, acrobats and a rotation of five gifted DJ’s spinning deep house, down-tempo and funk.

Since moving in to the enormous home, Madie has received countless complaints from neighbors who say it is really an unlicensed club. But Madie hasn’t let the the issues get in the way of his swanky shindigs.

The Guardian published several pictures of Madie/Chevalier and his child groom’s escapades. Here’s a sampling. Recognize anyone? The captions belong to the newspaper.


Purple haze: Michel shares an intimate moment with one of his lovers as they dance in a purple light at his home.


Michel’s lover Rasmus, a Swedish man, is sitting between two Polyamorous ladies during a dinner at their Harlem, New York, home.


So, do you come here often? Two guests wearing animal costumes speak to each other as they toast to Michel and Rasmus’ wedding.


One of the lovers dances during a private dinner at the house. Since Madie moved into the house, he has had complaints from neighbors who say it is really an unlicensed nightclub.


Michel shows off an extravagant item of clothing during one of his many parties in October 2015.

The place looks like a brothel. Would you want this man near your children or grandchildren? I’m asking you, Julie Albertson! Who’s that diving between your legs?

Julia Eats Fire from Julia Allison on Vimeo.

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Broadway Sensation Randi Zuckerberg Is Living The Dream, Baby!


OMG! Randi was tooting her horn in Vogue this morning:

I loved every minute of working at Facebook, the company my brother started, where I took on a variety of roles culminating in head of consumer marketing. Most days, I still think about it and miss it the way you would a fantastic gap year of travel that you know you could never re-create even if you went back to the same places with the same people. I loved the idea of connecting the world, but I also longed to express the other side of myself, the one that had been to Broadway shows throughout my childhood, that had played Nancy in Oliver! and Ado Annie in Oklahoma! in school productions, and toured with an amateur opera group in summer. The one that sang with the a cappella group the Harvard Opportunes in college. I formed an eighties rock cover band, Feedbomb, with current and former colleagues, and sang in a hotel piano bar while at the World Economic Forum in Davos to unwind after a long day of conferences. Many of my peers were critical of these pursuits, seeing in them a lack of seriousness. Perhaps there was simply a bigger target on my back because I was a Zuckerberg. Or perhaps it was my gender, since in my experience we were judged more harshly than men. Extracurricular activities deemed appropriate by the tech community were centered on showcasing how hard core you were: triathlons, Ironman races, heli-skiing.

jackasses 2

Why are there no women in tech?! Because Randi was unhappy and left! It gets better:

Then, two years ago, I received an unexpected phone call: The producers of Rock of Ages, an eighties musical on Broadway, were looking for a new guest star, one who would bring in a social-media audience. Did I want to perform in their production for a few weeks? After glancing around my living room to make sure I wasn’t being punked, it sank in that this was an actual offer—and I burst into tears.

Those weeks on Broadway were a revelation. I threw myself into learning the dance numbers and solo songs my part required, buoyed by a wonderfully welcoming team. Stepping out for my debut performance distilled for me everything I loved and had put on ice. Though I was obliged to unplug for several hours a day (unheard of for me), I felt at home on that stage. The intimacy, the focus, and the support from my castmates created an atmosphere not unlike that of a start-up. The producers asked me to prolong my run, but I had discovered I was pregnant again, so I needed to part with my sparkly leotard.

The producers of touron attraction “Rock of Ages” seriously thought Randi Zuckerberg would pack ’em in? From this point on, she trashes Silicon Valley, where her familial connection made her rich if not exactly famous:

Oh, Randi, since you’re back in The Big Apple, won’t you please bring back bicoastal birthcray?! I’d kill to watch you try to manage an aya-swilling Ali Shanti while Michael Ellsberg is showing you his collection of whips.


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Catching Up With The Unholy Trinity: La Phlegm, Jaaahhassss & Skankatron 3000B

Sorry, cat peeps! I don’t have 30-45 minutes to synthesize the St. Martin’s data, but I do have five minutes to throw up some funny shit about Juliar’s woo BFFs without annoying the visiting Mr. B.

Oh dear! At least check out the first two minutes. I was rolling in the aisles. As for pleasurable gold digger Jena la Flamme, she just spent a week in Guatemala and was then off to San Francisco. She’s now back in Harlem and apparently in need of some cold hard cash. For only $125 – slashed from $250!! – you can talk to Jena one-on-one on the phone for an hour:


Jess Johnson, who’s at a conference in Delhi to which she invited herself, continues to change the course of history one uke at a time. Jaahaaasss has discovered that – wait for it – people are more alike than different!

I checked up on the caterwauler’s patreon page, where she wants you to pay her rent to the tune of 2K per month, and discovered that she originally asked for 8K per month! Sheesh! Cory Tanner Glazier only asked for 6K, but Jess clearly thinks she’s worth more than that.

With $8000.00 a month I will not only have my own base needs met, but I will be able to build a brand, hire a communications director and a film team to help me make content to reach more people, and truly build an activated army of people who are creating more love on the planet through their own unique forms of heartistry. The content I create and distribute (including albums, music videos, a podcast called HeART Medicine or Feed Your HeART, free video clips with practices to heal chronic perfectionism and free your creative spirit) will be designed to:
1. Help people see themselves as creators rather than consumers
2. Help people free their voices and rediscover their own unique gifts to speaking, singing, sharing their message, and being truthful in their relationships
3. Help both men and women connect to their powerful feminine voice. The one who offers intuitive wisdom, strength and connection to our emotions so we can feel both “Outrageous Love and Outrageous Pain” and be compelled into action by love rather than paralyzed by fear.
I’ll also be able to move into a place where my contents, workshops, memberships site, will start generating income that I then can begin investing in other game-changing leaders, initiatives and heartists (including the epic work of my Patrons here!)

Color me impressed! Jaaahass just might discover a cure for a cancer while she’s at it, although the patreon account appears to have stalled at $453 per month.


Meanwhile, over in Boulder:

And, my next book has been picked up by a publisher. Details under wraps until formal signed contract, but yay!

I’m so ready to birth this baby.

Manuscript due 12/1/06.
Publication Fall 2017.

It’s time for a money wake-up call, y’all.

Know what, ya’ll? The old raunch will have that book into the publishers on time, as would Jena la Flamme or Michael Ellsberg or Bryan Franklin or etc. Only Juliar Allison fucks up such opportunities.

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A Big Birdie Sings: Donk Insists She Pays Her Own Way, Works As “Private Consultant For Many Clients”


“Chris,” a poor unfortunate soul who has known Julia Allison for many years, has finally reached the breaking point. S/he is annoyed with all of the spin, the kernel of truth that may or may not exist when Donkey chooses to share aspects of her life. Thus, Chris decided to share with us. But be advised, much of the information here comes straight from the donkey’s skewed perspective.

Nothing makes Julia Allison madder than someone claiming her daddy still pays her bills! Our girl insists she receives no money from her parents or grandparents, nor does she have a trust fund. Nor has her father ever paid her credit card bills. (Please keep in mind former lackey Megan Alagna’s claim that Peter Baugher pays for everything.)

So, how does Donk pay the rent and afford to attend pricey Tony Robbins’s seminars? Allegedly over 90% of her income comes from private consulting gigs, apparently for firms/folks she’s unwilling to name. Julia also claims to own equity in startups, working as an advisor and angel investor. Supposedly, her “many” clients insist she keep her involvement as either a consultant or an investor out of the public eye because of her terrible reputation. That noted, Donkey is baffled as to why she’s not listed on BRIT & CO.’s website.

Chris, who’s not a woo and knows many folks working in digital media as marketing & branding strategists, was a bit taken aback by Donkey’s consulting claims because the old burro seems “clueless” about even the basic fundamentals of the industry. Chris also got a chuckle out of Donkey’s insistence that she NEVER reads RBD, because our tipster, who’s been lurking on the site for a few years, would catch Julia rebutting RBD posts that had been uploaded within the last week.

We’ve saved the best for last: Despite Donkey’s assertion that she’s working as a consultant and receiving “angel investor” income, she confided to our tipster, as she’s confided to many, that she’s stone cold broke and worried about paying back the book advance.

Coming soon: What really went down at St. Martin’s.


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Updated: Yoo Hoo, Ryan Nickulas!


Donk’s laying off the scolds – “We have to stop this mindless addiction to single use plastic” was posted two days ago and received only five likes, all from fans in the ‘stans. But there’s always time for everyone’s favorite social media expert to do some FB crowdsourcing:

Does anyone know a really amazing male stylist who can specifically do “rock star” looks? Bay area only please!

Is “rock star” synonymous with aging, third-tier DJ? Not when said DJ is bald! Is our Julie the wannabe rocker? Why limit the super stylist to San Francisco? Can’t Petey fly in Ryan Nickulas to coif the donkey? Maybe our girl TJ Kelly, former Non-Society columnist and “breakout star” of “The A-List: New York” can come along to buff her nails? Just like old times.


Teej’s latest Instagram pic. AVERT EYES!


Teaser: If you got this far without vomming, we’ve got some great intel coming your way in a series of posts. Yes, a source close to the donkey has spilled and spilled and spilled!

Update: Julia Allison, a writerly writer who writes yet was dumped by St. Martin’s, clarifies her query:

Jenny Stefanotti: Zoë Brock? Why does it have to me male?

Zoë Brock: I can only recommend Corinna Hernandez at Barrow Salon downtown. She does all Fashion Week Hair in NYC and Europe and teaches styling. No one better in SF. But she’s not a dude. smile emoticon

Julia Allison: Oh lol – I meant for MEN. Like a stylist for men. But now that I reread … It sounds like I want a man stylist. Argh English!

donkey writer

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