Noodles, How Can We Help?

Nisha Moodley can’t stop talking about her five minutes of notoriety outside of Wooville:

Not content to link just to Ashton, Noodles manages to get in a reference to Goopy Paltrow’s pricey L.A. con job:

No one had better give me any grief for reposting a fauxto that’s been plastered all over the internet.

Never forget:

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Indulge! Julia Allison, Unemployed “Amateur Dancer,” Will Be Happy To Provide A Testimonial For Your BS Woo Happening

Donkey is now lending her name to her fellow woos’ shitshows. How fitting that she should provide a testimonial for Indulge, which is essentially a spa day in which goddesses eat organic food while men wait on them hand & foot.

Come indulge with us in a day of deep sensuous delight.

*A morning filled with practices to get us embodied and related
*Organic, healthy lunch with vegan and gluten-free options
*An afternoon of self-care experiences and sisterhood
*Snacks and beverages all day to keep you delighted and hydrated
*Men ready to serve
*Beautiful, vibrant garden
*Saltwater, solar heated pool and hot tub

You’ll have a whole day at beautiful private home in Marin where you can move about as you wish, talk, laugh, eat and take in many self-care experiences, all while being looked after by your hostesses and men tending to your desires.

One the organizers is Kim Iglinsky. Like Myka McLaughlin, a Julia bestie, Ms. Iglinsky is a former model “but even with all the money, fame and fun; her soul felt progressively more bankrupt” and so she went on a journey of EAT BRAY LOVE. Iggles is now ready to pass along everything she learned to you!

Another organizer is Jennifer Russell, Petey’s playmate at Donkey’s 36th birthcay, who, along with hubby Bryan Franklin, is a major con artist. Julie & Rain went to one of Jen & Bry’s couples events, and I’m guessing Donk owes her one.

Among the six testimonials:

“Indulge is the most enlivening, sensory delighting, trust building, empowering event I’ve ever experienced. This year will be my FOURTH time. It’s the not-to-be-missed sacred event to kindle your capacity to receive so that you can go back out into the world and give from a place of surplus. It’s so exquisite. Don’t overthink it, just say YES. Your heart, your mind, your body, your soul will bow at your feet and say thank you.” ~Stacey Morgenstern

“It was an honor and a privilege for me to serve the women. Watching the women take in the care and pleasure was deeply satisfying, healing and fun. Providing and serving gave me a real sense of being a Man!” ~Gregory Kellett, Ariel White’s bald piece

“Filled up. Nourished. Honored. Cared for. Empowered. Embodied. Radiant. Yummy. Delighted. Sensually uplifted. Serene. Grateful.” ~ Julia Alison [sic]

Has Donk forgotten how to write in complete sentences? I was reminded of this endorsement, which launched Debbie Seltzer’s brilliant career:

Please note: There will be absolutely no diddling, Gregory! “The intention of this event is for you to feel sensual, relaxed and safe. It’s about nurturing our bodies in a new way that allows us to come alive for ourselves. There will be absolutely no sexual content or behavior.” Jena & Ali will not be coming, as it were, so to speak.

Thanks to the RBDer who alerted me here. Check out the website, point and laugh, and enroll today!

In other Donkey news, as reported in the last post’s comment section, Peter Baugher is opening up his own firm, AT AGE 68!

Is he working to keep Donkey in Yandy chaps?

Finally, look who’s still milking that yahoo article:

You should not be doing any work with children, Morass; a court order should keep you at least 500 feet from anyone under 21 years of age.

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Amateur Dirtfest Dancer, Rain Promoter, Woo Cheerleader – Julia Allison’s Remarkable “Career”!

Julia Allison insists she’s a high-profile bidness lady advising “several clients” on media branding. But there’s scant evidence of Donkey’s involvement anywhere. What does seem to be on the level is her involvement with third-tier middle-aged DJ Rain Phutureprimitive’s “career.” She even took to the stage with her beloved at Red Rocks. God bless the Canadian catlady who managed to save that epic performance:

Phuturephuckphace recently spun the same prerecorded set he’s been playing for years at Jess Johnson’s Garden of Eden. Donkey also took to the stage there, performing among several more accomplished dancers and doing some fire breathing. I found a clip of this online, but the image was so dark, I wasn’t really sure we were watching Donkey. We were.

Still literally shaking, Donk? A little birdie told us you’ve been clomping about the stage at all of Rain’s playdates! He’s now the laughing stock of the dirtfest crowd because of your amateurishness. That scared of groupies, Shamoolia? Next time, Chad, hire a professional.

Look who’s still posting on Rain’s “fan” site:

Liminal? That ain’t Rain, that’s Donkey.

Our burro also continues to suck up to folks who are far more successful than she could ever hope to be. Why do they give her the time of day? How might you feel if you had someone fawning constantly over you? Trust me, Donkey is good at sucking up. Dadsers and Nutty Granny Money Bags taught her well.

As Baugher said back in the day, I am losing my will to parse. Creatures such as Ali Shanti and Jena la Flamme are far more interesting than the hick from Wilmette, but we’ll always give Judy pride of place.

TTFN. I’m off to go Pussy Crazy with Christina Morassi!

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Updated (2): Parenting Goddess Nisha Moodly Puts Infant Son Crow In Charge

Sorry, I know I promised a Donkey update – it’s coming! – but I’m running around like Ali Shanti with her turkey feathers cut off and wanted to get something up quickly.

When I think of Noodles Moodley, I think of Kate Jackson. Remember (possibly) how everyone referred to her as the “smart angel”? I thought Nisha was the smart woo. It turns out she’s not so smart, and she’s willing to whore herself and her son out to Yahoo:

One mom is teaching her infant how to respect the human body in a unique way.

Before picking up her 6-month-old son, Raven, Nisha Moodley, a mother of one in San Francisco, always asks his permission. “Why? Because we want him to know that his body is his, and that others’ bodies are theirs, and no one gets to make choices about someone else’s body,” Moodley wrote on Instagram on June 9, alongside a selfie of herself and Raven.

Moodley’s post earned nearly 600 likes and lots of support for her unorthodox parenting move from people who wanted to implement the practice in their own families, as well as others who simply thanked the mom for sparking the conversation.

“I don’t ever want my son to be a sexual perpetrator or the victim of one, and the best thing I can do is honor his choices about his own body,” Moodley tells Yahoo Beauty. “I also want him to pay attention to his instincts, and forcing physical touch could interfere with that.”

Of course, because of his young age, Raven may not always comprehend his mom’s message or be able to convey his feelings, but Moodley says she can interpret her son’s body language. “There have been times where Raven has responded by reaching his arms out for a hug or turning his head or body away,” she says.

Moodley says that navigating social situations with friends and family have, on occasion, been tricky. “It’s asking myself how can I prioritize what feels right to me as a parent with social niceties, especially if some consider it rude to not hug,” says Moodley. “If Raven seems like he doesn’t want to be touched, I just explain to the person, ‘Give him a few minutes — he may just want mommy now.’”

According to Sharon Silver, a parenting expert and creator of the upcoming webinar Why Do I Yell and What Can I Do Instead?, Moodley is doing the right thing.

“This idea is part of the wonderful RIE parenting philosophy, which is essentially respecting a child’s timetable and allowing him or her to experience the full range of consequences as the result of a decision,” Silver tells Yahoo Beauty. “It’s the underlying premise of positive parenting.”

As children grow, however, providing too many choices in general isn’t the best idea, notes Silver. “Some parents trap themselves because they don’t follow through on correcting behavior and wind up losing power,” she says. For example, with an older child, instead of saying, “Put on your shoes now” and forgoing an opportunity for the child to “find their own muscle of cooperation,” Silver suggests saying something like, ‘You have 10 minutes to put on your shoes any way you want — then I’ll do it for you.’”

When an older child doesn’t want to be touched, Silver says a parent can also ask why. “Kids often tell you how they feel,” she says.

Noodles’ post earned nearly 600 IG likes? I would presume from her fellow woos, not from anyone who just happened to stumble on this nonsense. I’m also guessing “parenting expert” Sharon Silver has some connection to Noodles and Wooville.

Let’s have a look at the top comments from the Yahoo article:

WHOA, as Skankatron would say, the real world sure ain’t like Wooville, eh, Noodles? Maybe you should provide Crow with home schooling and put him to work a la your buddy Ali.

Update: Martyrdom becomes you, Noodles!

Update Part Deux: My god, Noodles, give it a rest!

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Creepy Con Artist Ali Shanti Institutes “Mandatory Blowjob Class” For Employees & Goes Yoni Steaming With Her Mother

We’ll return to Donkeywood soon, I promise, but Skankatron’s latest fiasco is worth a post. The old raunch drank an entire pitcher of the Landmark Kool-Aid and is now trying to sign up marks. Why not start with your mother, eh, Ali? You’ve tried to fleece her before. Are the kids next? No need for college when you can get them to front your newest scam!

Of course this idiot would eagerly join a cult. She’s even doing the Landmark argot, which is just so odd, e.g., saying the program “sucks so bad.” Apparently the stratagem is for you to trash Landmark so others can’t?

The asshats have been cheering Skankatron on, including Kc Baker and J Matthais Bennett. Remember him? Jess Johnson’s roomie? The maroon who flew to a woo conference but had no money for a return ticket home? He was stuck at the airport and begging via FB for someone, anyone, to send him some cash. In return, Matthias would give you FREE coaching lessons!

A tipster sent us some (more) shocking intel on the old raunch. Our source worked for Alexis Martin Neely, reffering to her as “a manipulative con who never displays any shame for her actions.” The souce indicated “Alexis/Ali would work people to the bone and try to pay them garbage, much less than what they’d rightfully earned.” The source eventually had to take Ali to the labor board. “Everyone who gets pulled in runs away screaming after six months … this is a woman who took her staff of 3-6 females to a mandatory blowjob class. I kid you not.” I wonder if Christina Morassi was demonstrating. You can’t make this shit up.

The internet never forgets, Skankatron:

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