Somehow I Missed This Sad Cry For Avocado Love

Try to grit your teeth and get through this post if only to see her pathetisad comment, completely ignored. Oh honey. He’s just not, and never was, that into you.



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Updated: Because Who Else Would Invite Her? / The Donkey of Braymas Past at the OMG! University Club

home sweet

Home for the Holibrays!  Jesus, Julia, must you always refer to your poor sibling as “Little Brother,” like he’s some retard in a John Steinbeck novel?

I got an envelope in the mail yesterday with a single folded piece of paper … My dad had found this in some magazine, clipped it, and written the cutest message on the top. Awwww. Totally unexpected and ridiculously sweet. Especially after last year, which was the first Christmas in my LIFE that I didn’t spend with my Mom, Dad and little brother. I won’t let that happen again anytime soon …

Why yes, Dad & Mom, I will visit you for Christmas! There’s nowhere else in the world I’d rather be.

And how often can one really say that??

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Julie throws on a shawl & channels Nutty Granny Money Bags.

little person

Little people need Christmas kisses, too!


Yoo hoo, Avocado, I’m under the mistletoe! Yoo hoo? Avocado? Devin? Toph? [Redacted]? Randi? Anybody?!?!

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Fifth Grader Julia Allison Aces “Word” Assignment in Mrs. Shanti’s Homeroom

leapdonkey dance

So much time on her hands! Posting fauxtos of jackass moves at Billow’s reception and offering condescending guidelines for choosing one’s 2015 Word, because everyone should do what Julia is doing.  Just ask Mary Rambin!  Hey, how are your New Year’s resolutions coming along?

What is your word for 2015?

I’ve found that when I start considering what I want to call in for the next year at the beginning of December, I have an entire month to reflect, which makes “New Years Resolutions” far more accurate, powerful and insightful.

I also like to choose a word for the year, a word that will govern my experience. 2014 was MAGIC, and I got that in spades. 2015 I’m calling in BALANCE.

The way I found my word was by writing – auto-writing (that is, not thinking too much) – all of the words for what I wanted .. And feeling into each of them. What encompassed them all? What did I really need more of in my life? As I was writing, BALANCE jumped out at me, and whoosh! I knew it was the one.

I suggest going through this process yourself – it’s quite satisfying. And write your word in the comments – when you speak it out loud you allow others to hold it for you as their intention – expanding its power!


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Someone Was Let Out of The Nuthouse To Go Watch The Nutcracker In This Very Special Nutty Outfit

Oh. Dear.

She is almost 34 years old.


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Julia Allison’s New Year’s Resolution: Buckle Down & Write That Book!

black rock julia

For 2015, I’m planning ahead!! What events/retreats/conferences/festivals/experiences did you have this year that you would ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND as a HELL YES??

Here is what is already on my PRELIM consideration list for 2015:

Envision Festival –
Lucidity Festival (would only go if I spoke)
Lightning in a Bottle Festival (would only go if I spoke)
Camp Grounded – Second session –
Tony Robbins’ Date With Destiny
Burning Man
Summit at Sea
India (potentially)
Bali (potentially)


Indeed, literally, every day’s a holiday when Peter Baugher is paying the bills!

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