Social Media Expert Julia Allison Needs Your Help. Again.

tacky donkey

Apologies for the second post on this – but if ANYONE in the Bay area knows of a competent / awesome petsitter for my little pup Lillydog this Friday through Sunday, I would GREATLY appreciate it … every one of my regulars is out of town!!!!

“Every one of my regulars”? As in orgy organizer Philippe Lewis and imaginary frat boy? Oh, Julie, please! And why should anyone respond when you never do?  You plunk down some topic on FB, from gay marriage to natural childbirth, and then never even bother to answer your critics, whether we’re talking homophobic asshole Kathy Bassford or Mark Ebner, who called you out for posting on a subject you know NOTHING about. You really are a fucking jerk.

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Updated: Meet Kathy Bassford, Julia Allison’s Hopping Mad Facebook Friend / Be Very Afraid


A big RBD hello to Kathy Bassford! This delightful, if a tad bitter, senior citizen hails from Front Royal, Virginia, and counts among her FB likes: “Legally Blonde” – just like Donkey! – “Duck Dynasty,” and “America the Movie,” hypocritical adulterer Dinesh D’Souza’s bargain basement piece of propaganda. When Kathy isn’t watching Glenn Beck’s “Liberty Treehouse,” she’s foaming at the mouth over that nice gay couple down the block, now being treated with equal dignity under the law. How dare the Big Bully Supreme Court Justices grant those second-class citizens the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!


Whoa, sore loser Kathy, let’s dial it down a notch! And how dare you state that Julia Allison has sided with the bullies! According to Donkey, we’re the bullies and we certainly don’t want this expired snowflake on our team.

Far more disturbing than Kathy’s bitterness is Julie’s silence. Ms. Bassford posted her big girl pout on Friday and there has been no response from the social justice warrior, nor from polyamory crusader Ali Shanti, weekend lesbian Jena la Flamme, or “Queer” Michael Ellsberg, though they’re all sporting FB rainbow visages.

Update: The only thing that unsettles me more than Ali Shanti hinting that she and Fozzie will soon be new parents is Julia Allison posting about pregnancy.  Oh well, at least she’ll never be those gay bullies down the block who just adopted a special needs baby whose biological parents didn’t want her, eh, Kathy?

birth 1

birth 2

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All Things Rainbow: Ali Shanti Gives a Tip of the Tutu to Fellow Social Justice Warrior Julia Allison

ali marriage

julia justice

Donkey is goddamned thrilled that the geighs, especially the outdated stereotypes whom she adores, can get married. She’s even more thrilled now that OMG! Randi Zuckerberg came out of hiding & liked Julie’s FB rainbow justices.

Never forget:

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Ali Shanti & The Stench of Desperation

i just got an STD

Destitute days in Shantitown? Ali’s supposedly in debt and clearly the money map scam is bringing in no money – the shantress even sent out a bizarro email demanding to know why listserv subscribers hated her and why they hadn’t bought into her financial wizardry. She’s also been shilling on FB right and left, everything from produce to cheap dental services, and just held a yard sell that cleaned out her entire rhinestone collection. How much longer can the financial goddess keep her Burger King manchild in the style to which he has grown accustomed?

what me worry

Not to worry – Ali’s come up with a plan for prosperity! A plan that includes taking the kids, the manchild, the ex-husband (who always looks like a deer caught in the headlights and apparently has no first name), and even the dog (apparently illegally) to Costa Rica for three weeks! Wasn’t Shanti just there a few months back, downing aya and rubbing mud all over herself while cavorting in the wild?

I honestly thought loan sharks or the feds were after the old raunch and she was on the run.  However, CR will be a time for meditation, reflection, dildo sharing, new scams, and name changes:

I will also be rolling out my “what’s next” there, so if you have any interest in hearing about why my websites may be going dark, my new name, how coming home to punta mona is a coming home to myself, details about the live events I’ll be hosting, meeting my new literary agent, and learning about my experience with the The Gene Keys Golden Path, be sure to get your name and email on the list.


More disturbing than Ali’s constantly percolating scheme juices is the threat of co-creating a “third thing” with Fozzie.  Even Ali’s mother, Pippi Longstocking, is concerned:

Perfect layover in Fort Lauderdale. Just enough time to see my mom and bonus mom (not pictured).

As we were packing up the hotel room this am, I couldn’t help but think of Ryeland Joli Kestano trekking across Europe with 4 kids under 8.

If you aren’t yet following their journey, do. Traveling with a 12 and 15 year old is way easy and it was still a lot to get out the door. I can just imagine it with 4 little ones. Oy.

As we walked out, my mom said “don’t have a baby.” I said, “but this time I would have helpers.” LOL. We’ll see.

See you so soon Michael Jacobs! Kisses.


No, Natalie, a manchild who can barely wipe his ass fathering a child with this narcissistic nutbag is not wonderful. Who do you think is going to care for that child? You want those kids pulled out of school and the ex raising Fozzie’s third thang?

But wait. Could there be trouble in paradise? Is Fozzie experiencing THE FEAR, namely adult responsibility?  Ali just posted:

How do you forgive?

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David “Avocado” Block Turns 46, Indefatigable Donkey Takes Up All The Oxygen


Not simply content to let others post “Happy Birthday” on his FB wall, the zoned out dreamboat posted his own birthday greeting, reflecting on his many years of freeloading:

Well happy birthday to me smile emoticon. Grateful for each moment on this earth. Loving each breath. Last night I went to bed at 4 am writing songs on the couch at my friends apartment in NYC and was reflecting on the long journey I’ve been on and all the crazy hard work it’s been. The thousands of couches slept on, airplanes, car rides, sound checks, all the moments that make up this journey. I am grateful for my human experience. Thanks for sending your love and I look forward to seeing your beautiful face soon.

Unlike the many brief one-sentence responses to Avo’s birthday greeting to HIMSELF, Julia Allison decided to write a writerly hagiography because she is a writer:

You have changed my life in countless ways, expanding my world and my heart with your love and your indefatigable creative courage. I am so proud of you, sweetheart, for the way you never give up, never stop creating, never stop opening yourself up to new experiences. For the way you treat each human being – old, young, poor, rich, different races and skin colors – with all the respect one would accord another if they had the wisdom of God within them (because they do, of course). You are a soulmate – and I will love you for lifetimes. Happy 29th birthday darling.

For lifetimes, people! And for the respect the godlike Avo gave the people of India when he was so stoned out of his gourd that he nearly lost his backpack in that heathen land!


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