Updated: Chad Phutureprimitive Is Doing DEEP WORK & Donkey Approves

The Jawa confronts HIS pain:

No comment from Donkey but look who did weigh in:

More Deep Thoughts from PhuturePhuckPhace:

Uh, aren’t Chad & Julie living the Cali dream? Among the erudite comments …

Is Donkey coaching ILRY on his FB posts, or is she actually writing them? These posts read exactly like the crap we used to see on her page. What do you think? And like Donkey, ILYR never responds. Thoughts?

It must suck to be always third on the bill or further down:

Will Donkey dance for us at Red Rocks?

Update: PhuturePhuckPhace’s latest on FB. Celebrities & the law of attraction, followed by a bland query? There is no way in hell that Judy isn’t posting this crap.

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Updated: Rain PhuturePhuckPhace Attempts To Grow A Pair

As noted in the previous post’s comments, Tiny&Cute, Rain Phutureprimitive’s ex, just discovered that he and Julia Allison were hooking up when he was still in a relationship with Tiny. The post was deleted but a reader took some screenshots:

This just in:

Will Julie be putting in an appearance, too?

Update: YOO HOO! Donkey finally made a public FB post, once again kissing Bear Kittay’s ass, with 15 minutes of the greatest love the world has ever known. See Randi Zuckerberg, Ryan Allis, Brit Moron, Elizabeth Gilbert, etc., etc.

Is our burro “working” for Sgt. Pepper? Is she “working” for Empact Labs, the woo “media company” that produced this crap?


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Green Card Blues: Deadbeat Dad Is Off To Switzerland While Jena la Fraud Cruises Mexican Beaches

Six months, eh, Jena? Didn’t the INS appreciate your deadbeat husband’s cacao ceremonies?

Tell us more, Jena! No multiple o’s? Did the new roomie help out with the sensual oils? If you don’t post it to social media, it never happened.

Geez, Jena, isn’t Sacha in his antlers hotter than some stranger in a g-string?

Who’s paying for all of the leisure, Fivehead? Patricia Ellsberg? Any cold hard cash you might have netted from Insurance Scamming 101?


Bottom Picture: That Harpo Marx always leaves me in stitches, and he’s so VERY GOOD LOOKING!

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Christina Morassi, PleasureCEO & WalkingSTD, Threw A Berkeley Be-In And Jena, Ali, & Patricia Ellsberg Came & Came & Came!

Christina Morassi, a first-class grifter whose shtick is encouraging women to sexualize the workplace, is the foulest creature we’ve ever written about on RBD. Ms. Morassi recently held a weekend event in which she “changed the world,” of course, for a rogue’s gallery of con artists.

A new feminine operating system? Wait, it gets better:

Pussy Power! Another testimonial re: vaginal splendor, this one from “Intuitive Love Coach & Relationship Healer” Emunah Malinovitz:

Group Grope!

The energy is infectious!

Patricia Ellsberg, Jena la Flamme’s former lover-in-law, made the trek to Berkeley:

Shake it, Jena! I feel the earth move under my feet:

The woos respond to insurance scammer Jena’s sensual dance at PleasureFest 2017:

Ali Shanti was tho inspired by Morassi’s festival of the feminine, she reached the next level and did a fauxtoshoot!

Bottom Picture! Has Deadbeat Dad glued those antlers to his head?

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Flamin’ Donkey Dances For Us At Jess Johnson’s Latest Garden Of Eden Smellfest

“This is more than just a party, it is a mass movement to love Pachamama and unite our Southern California Tribe to raise the vibration of the planet. We will start the night with an opening ritual with Jess Johnson and special guest Elana Meta who will guide us on an intentional dance journey.”

As opposed to unintentional dance?

The latest FB profile picture:

“Honoring” Pachamama with “special guest” PhuturePhuckPhace. Where’s Waldo?

Bet her “different drummer” pose ain’t so cute these days, eh, Petey & Robin? SO PROUD to keep funding your layabout 36-year-old daughter?

Only the creme de la creme came to give thanks to Pachamama, including The Jazzerciser, Ali Shanti’s brief boy toy, the stoner who was going to film her stumbling about burner fests (if Mama gave Skankatron her retirement savings):

Donkey is intentionally in New Zealand with Ryan Allis and his piece. Surely the threesome is changing the course of history down under!

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