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Bithexual Boulder: Dr. Dodi Berkowitz Is Ringing In The New Year With His Epic Burro & Her Non-Lesbian Lover


In case you need a refresher:

Epic Myka then proceeded to deny any sexual activity with A Donkey, though they stayed besties and Donk even crashed on Electric Barbarella’s couch when everyone else said thanks but no thanks to housing a burro.

It should be interesting what, and who, goes down when Myka & Rob & Judy & Dodi get together for the holibray.

Donkey & Dodi: The St. Moritz Saga Continues


Thank goodness the exuberant masculine was able to guide the hurling feminine to safety. It’s a rom-com adventure like no other, a landmark episode of The Mary Tyler Mule Show!

Lock it down NOW, Judy. You know Rain PhuturePhuckPhace could never have afforded such a spectacular vacation from vacation-itis. Don’t let this meal ticket get away!

Is Our Burro Morfing Into A New Persona For The 1,000,000th Time?


From the latest Hive shitshow, with Judy sporting a more conservative attire. Georgetown bestie Cailleach Dé Weingart-Ryan is in the second fauxto:

Judy Albertson, OMG! Doctor’s Wife? Doing her yoga and going on “spiritual” retreats while her overworked hubby spends 16 hours a day in the lab? Well, she’s backdated their FB “in a relationship” post to August:

Check out the “I can’t wait to meet you!” comments from the woo clan. Dodi is now FB friends with several of these grifters, including Jena la Flamme.

Note the comment from Marson’s colleague Paul Russell. Will Judy be texting the latest “The One” 40 times per day at the lab? You’ve hooked up with one high-maintenance burro, Doctor Dodi!

Whatever happens, a white wedding or getting dumped for the umpteenth time, we’ll always have the original Bottom Picture:

Updated: Now With Christmas In OMG! Switzerland! Donk Allegedly Pressured Engaged Couple To Move Into Their One-Bedroom SF Apartment


Earlier this year, when Donk was crashing on various couches across America, she supposedly pressured former marina roomie/evictee Grape Nehi and her fiancé, Dr. Jay, to move into their small apartment. Where did Donk plan on sleeping? In the living room?

But the real shocker is that Dr. Jay actually considered letting our old burro move into the home he and Nehi shared on the island of San Francisco. Why, you ask? Allegedly for Donk’s connections. That’s right, Count Chocula’s Chief Medical Officer believed Judy could garner him entree to the high-value circles that she inexplicably inhabits.

Ultimately, Nehi and the good doctor passed and were married a few months later. Donk clomped back to Ubud, her tail between her legs … until she finally said YES! to Dr. Dodi, who had been pursuing her since the dawn of time.

Note: Places We Like To Frequent has been updated. No more broken links and the best of Donkdom, past and present.

Bottom Picture! Jena la Flamme’s followup instagram post to her yoni steamer. Mr. Ed as object of desire?

Update: Oh, it’s on, Mama Jacy!

Magic Is The New Lilly: Once Again, Donk Becomes Part-Time Dog Owner


We were horrified to discover that Donk’s been crowing all year about her new dog, a pocket pooch she’s named Magic. A Balinese medicine woman apparently gave the poor creature to our burro, but don’t fret about Judy having to take on a lot of responsibility. She takes care of the dog when she feels like it and dumps the pooch off at the medicine woman’s home when she’s busy, which could mean running off to a local dirt fest with Jess Magic or her frequent, sometimes long trips out of the country.

One suspects this arrangement is for the best. At least the medicine woman won’t have to retrieve the dog at some point, as Robin did when Julia neglected Lilly’s sibling back in the day.

Actual photo of deceased Lilly as she approaches the rainbow bridge.