Sing-A-Long With “Global Leader” Julia Allison At Hive Scam 2017!

I’m still not quite sure what Donkey does for Hive and increasingly wooish founder Ryan Allis, other than perhaps kiss OMG! HBS graduate ass, but I took a gander at the website and it looked like Scam 101. I even kept getting a popup every few minutes that asked if I wanted to talk and/or enroll. Fameless Shamewhore writes:

Obviously not a surprise to anyone here, but Hive is *such* a scam. I clicked on the link embedded in the picture that Jules posted and got to the following landing page:

Congratulations! You have been nominated by a Hive team member or alum to attend an upcoming Hive Global Leaders Program (GLP) and join the lifelong Hive community of leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators who are working on creating a better world. The normal tuition to attend the Hive Global Leaders Program is $1249.

Since you have been invited directly, you can use the discount code “VIP” to receive $100 Off the current registration price of $899 before February 28, 2017.

How Shantiesque of Ryan! That website is also filled with videos that play like college recruitment ads on YouTube – no conversations or voiceovers, just folks a singin’ and a huggin’ and a smilin’ while crappy music drones on and on. Donk and Ryan sing for their supper at the 12-second mark:

Check out the bios for the global leaders listed before and after Judy Albertson:

Here’s Donkey’s bio!

How’s that book coming along, Judy? Any smart op-eds in the Washington Post? You used to work for them, right?

Bottom Picture! Best-selling Amazon author Michael “Fozzie” Jacobs’s new FB profile fauxto:

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Ali Shanti’s Pussy

Ali turns to Booster Blake (not his real name), who works for Restorative Youth Services of Virginia, to explain how The Pussy Project works:

So, basically 10 guys get off listen in while women spill the secrets of the yoniverse? Let the hosannas begin!

Oh, and there’s this:

Let the good parenting continue! Mom of the Year goes joyriding with her daughter. Are helmuts for saps, Ali, or just for those who want to ensure their own safety and that of their children’s while NOT breaking the law?

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Jess Johnson Would Like To Thank Donkey, Avocado, Rain PhuturePhuckPhace, and The Academy For Being Part Of Her “Divine Plan” To Conquer The Music Biz

Claiming Julia Allison as a best friend is all one needs to know about The Caterwauler.

Oh no! Jaahaas’s Patreon donations have dwindled down to $135/mo, hardly the 6k that Cory Tanner Glazier said we should be giving this agent of global change, nor the 8k/mo that Jaahass initially requested:

Bottom Brain Teaser! Where’s Duckface among the diverse array of long-haired (mostly) white woo goddesses?

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Donkey’s “Girls” Get All Dolled Up & Film Themselves Exploiting The Elderly For YouTube Dollars

Donkey was AWOL for over a week, including VD – SHE LOVES YOU RAIN!! – but she popped in this morning, around 2am California time, to post this condescending-as-fuck video of “my girls Julia and Taryn.” I’m sure they’ll be some defenders here – the comments on Flusher’s FB page consist of fanboys telling her how beautiful she is – but this appalling VD stunt annoyed me to no end:

No wonder no actor/musician of any repute will have anything to do with these narcissistic youtube whores. No wonder Toilet Julia is dating a con artist in the Shanti tradition. Ask me how I really feel!

Bottom Picture! Harpo Marx, husband to insurance scammer Jena la Flamme, practices the art of fellatio:

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Dirty Dancing: Devin Stetler Gets Sensual & Sweaty With Papa Chevalier’s Grandson/Husband

Just doing what straight guys do everywhere. I particularly enjoyed Debbie’s Tom Cruise drug face at the end of the fucked up tango:

Bottom Video! When Devin banged donkeys and not men:

Bottom Picture! Together forever – what is their secret?

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