Julia Allison Spent New Year’s Eve At A Sex Party Inside Oakland’s Doomed Ghost Ship


(Pictured with Jess Johnson and “sexologist” & event planner Philippe Lewis)

Sacred Scrapbooks writes:

Well, isn’t this odd. Judy attended an “epic” NYE party in 2014 and posted pics with her “tribe” in a middle-class home in SF. A catlady noticed the extremely sexy and brilliant Philipe Lewis in one of the pics; turns out that Lewis organized a party that night at, yup, the Ghost Ship. LA Times:

“After an erotic-themed New Years Eve party in 2014—the warehouse’s ‘twisted stairways,’ ‘hidden coves’ and secret nooks strewn with pillows and blankets were billed as attractions—a San Francisco event producer, Philippe Lewis, returned to retrieve his sound equipment,” etc.

So did the woos meet up at someone’s nice looking place before heading over to the party? If so, what a fortunate opportunity for gold-lamé Judy to snap photos and avoid getting disinherited.

Donkey definitely went from those middle-class digs to the “epic” sex party in the condom- and debris-strewn Ghost Ship. One assumes she was tripping balls before they even arrived at the rickety fire hazard. One also assumes Judy would have posted 500 how-dare-they! posts if the city had tried to enforce building restrictions. Hell to the yes! How dare the government force the creatives in our tribe to live like responsible adults!


Updated: She’s Baaaaaaack! Julia Allison Attends “EPIC” NYE Party in SF!





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The Return Of Dr. Bobby’s Frankenstein


Sugar and meat may be poison, but Restylane and every neurotoxin under the sun are still A-OK by all-natural Donkey!


Oh no! You’ve got west coast competition, Dr. Bobby! Dr. David is San Francisco’s “plastic surgeon and filler specialist.” Check out his video below and then call to set up your own appointment. The wonk-eye will eventually go away.


Judy would have joined Rain at Standing Rock, or gone to La La Land with Ali Shanti to protest the pipeline, but a girl has her priorities. If only Peter Baugher would understand why she needs more money this month!

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Updated, Now With Chad Stands-Without-Shirt Giveaway! DJ Deadbeat Dad Spends Thanksgiving With Patricia & Daniel Ellsberg



Does this mean Deadbeat is never returning to Switzerland? Will Patricia Ellsberg, Jena’s surrogate mommy and fellow bisexual, be supporting his kids as well as the happy couple?



That’s a helluva lot of pleasure, Jena. Who’s footing the bill? I can’t imagine Sacha’s occasional Caca(o) ceremonies even cover your juice cleanses.




Ima callin’ bullshit on this one, La Phlegm. And not a word about Standing Rock? What kind of woo goddess are you?!

Bottom Bromide!



Update: Judy’s dreamboat is back from Standing Rock, AKA the new Burning Man, and OMG! OMG! OMG!


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Ali Shanti Has A Type


I quickly peered in on Michael “Fozzie” Jacobs, Shantitowns’s piece from last year, the recent college grad who gave parenting lectures with her though he’d never been a parent, and foolishly thought he had an actual job:


Nope, Heavenly Harvest is just a lame blog where Fozzie weighs in on harvesting Girl Scout Cookie cannabis:


As Donald Trump would say, LOSER! Wait, did I just quote the president reject? SAD!


After Skankatron and Fozzie consciously uncoupled, the old raunch tramped around before hooking up with “Rainbow” Michael Haynes, a low-rent Doug Henning and yoga enthusiast. This Rainbow has begun posting daily videos of his newly found sobriety. That’s great but Ali has nastily complained in the past about her ex-husband’s drinking. She’s been commenting on Rainbow’s myriad videos, but I’m not sure whether or not they’re a couple. He does refer to a girlfriend on occasion but never names her. The videos drone on and on – you’ll want to avert your eyes from from the manbun and the Jedi Jewelry:

As for Ali, she seems more interested (obsessed?) with events happening in the Dakotas. The former Alexis Neely (in full Native American regalia) even has a plan to save sacred lands from destruction:

Bottom Pictures! Donkey on turkey day. Those boots!




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R.I.P. CuntBunnies


I’m sitting in a coffee house and weeping. Can we just leave 2016? Please?

Hello from Alaska. 

I hope that this message finds the proper folks who will pass along some sad news.  I am not very eloquent, that was CuntBunnies gift.  As many of you know she was fighting stage four colon cancer.  The night before Thanksgiving she passed and the world is a much sadder place for not only myself but the many people who knew and loved her.

Everything that I am not, she was.  She was loving, kind and saw the good in most people.  We were complete opposites.  A chance meeting brought us together and for a time you could not find a happier couple.  We complimented each other.  Our relationship was a second chance for the both of us.  And I loved her so very much.

CB endured 69 rounds of chemotherapy and to the very end fought as hard as any paratrooper I had the honor of serving with.  Although small in stature she was huge in life.  The world is a colder and sadder place without her radiance.

One of her favorite things when we first met was this community.  At first I, (being a “technical feeb”, her kind kidding) did not understand.  But over time I began to see that it was not just about poking fun of some idiot who deserved it.  It was more.  A true community of kind and caring individuals who enjoyed living life like she did.

When she was first diagnosed, one of her requests of me was that I contact you upon her passing.  I never participated in the chat rooms or actually visited the site.  This was her realm.  I did sit with her and watch as she painstakingly cut and clipped, picked backgrounds, sorted through thousands of images and created the art she gave you.  Her little giggles, and the explanations that I would listen to as to why something was funny to her will always be with me.  She loved and cared about you all, and that along with the feeling of belonging is why she created them for you.  She was so happy and proud that they have been enjoyed so much.

Please feel free to inform those who knew her about her passing.  She wanted you to know.  And please feel free to use this message in whole or in part.  Again, she was the smart one not me so the editing on this has been rather rough.  There are probably spelling and grammar issues.  My only request would be the omission of my e-mail in public forums or media.  If those who were close would like, I have no problem with them contacting me.

Thank you all for being there for her.  This community was a big part of her life at a time when she needed a sense of belonging.

William the Slutty Boy Friend

Oh, William, we adored her and she’s never been out of our thoughts. Our prayers are with you. 




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