Skankatron 3000B & DJ Fozzie Commode Consciously Uncoupling … With Softness


The newly integrated Ali Shanti confirms & confirms & confirms what we’ve all known, and yes, Ali, the whole world was watching!

Relationships in the day and age of Facebook are so, well, interesting. A year ago, you all watched as Michael Jacobs and I discovered our love for each other. Everywhere we went, people would come up to him and say “I know you from Facebook!” I realized how many more people read what I write than I thought.

And now as Michael and I transition our relationship into new form, I feel compelled to write something, but I’m honestly not sure what to say, yet.

Let’s see what comes …

This “break-up” (I don’t really see it that way) has been one of the easiest relationship transitions I’ve experienced. It’s what is right for both of us and I feel infinite gratitude for the time we had together.

Michael supported me through a year of learning to be with my daughter in a new way, as she steps into womanhood. A time of discovering permaculture and deepening into my work. He supported me through some painful transitions in my companies and to step into a new level of personal leadership. And, listening to his music, as he created his album, significantly upgraded my consciousness. I hope you listen, if you have not yet.

Through our time together, I have integrated my Ali and Alexis parts in a way that feels great to me and I feel able to be myself and with myself in a way I didn’t before.

In reality, I could have stayed in this relationship for a long time because it felt so good and comfortable to be with Michael. But, the context of our relationship wasn’t good and comfortable, it was evolution and growth. (Thanks to Jennifer Russell and Bryan Franklin for the workshop at Burning Man where we got to discover this together.)

Fortunately, we have such good friends who could see that our staying together was not serving either of us in the highest way possible and who supported us to transition gracefully. We went to Valley View Hot Springs with Paul Cooper Diana Fleischmann Nanci Tarutz Alpert and Keith Alpertfor my birthday and, it turns out, to be gently guided to see the truth of what would serve most.

I felt embarrassed that we needed that kind of support to end our relationship and then realized it wasn’t embarrassment, it was resistance to intimacy. I felt awkward that we were taking our friends time to support us in this way until I let myself accept that friendship goes there. True friends want to be there in the challenging times too.

And, it’s always helpful when your friends are amazing healers and guides who can help you see what you cannot always see on your own.

Several few years ago, when I broke up with a partner I had been with for a few years, one of our “friends” approached him afterwards to ask him if he wanted her to smear my name. (He didn’t.) I am so glad to see how far I’ve come in the friend department.

Michael, thank you for the immense gifts you brought to my life. Paul, Diana, Nan, Keith, Cydney, Robert and E thank you for being such integral parts of our lives as a couple.

And thanks to you who are reading this for the support and kindness for both me and Michael. While I think we are both doing well, extra love during a time of transition is welcome.

Yo, Skankatron, there’s still time to thank The Academy while you’re transitioning. Think she at all regrets that umpteenth Burning Man orgy? Naw, Ali comes & comes & comes first.

Bottom Picture!: Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce, special orders don’t upset us!


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Donkey In The Wild – It Isn’t Pretty!


Servicey Rat In Sidewalk reports on Julia Allison at Sea-Org:

She is absolutely sucking up to people she met at Summit and trying to look charitable and worldly.

A friend of mine who was there said he didn’t interact with her at all but that his strongest reaction to her was that it’s really a shame how much work she has had done.

Ser Donksalot, who recently saw Donkey at BM, adds:

second. even the playa dust cannot conceal. nay, even a white-out, she looks like she was trying to one-up Michael Jackson…

michael j

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Updated, Now With Bottom Picture! Insufferable Middle-Aged Donkey Whose Daddy Still Pays Her Bills & Is “Surrounded” By Millionaires Wonders Why We Live In A World Of Disparity


I cried for quite some time when I watched this video.

I am surrounded by people who have EVERYTHING – millions of dollars, several homes, many cars, anything they want – and I watch a video like this, with people who have NOTHING. NOTHING.

I don’t know how to say this in an eloquent way, and it feels so obvious to me that you might not even be moved by these words, but here is truth:

This level of disparity is WRONG.

Why do we live in a world like this? How can we justify a world like this? I write this with tears running down my cheeks.

I am donating to this campaign but I’m also going into an inquiry of how I can change my life more dramatically …

To be cold and wet and homeless in a new land, with no food or water – can you even IMAGINE how terrifying that would be? Why are we living in our McMansions and shopping at our malls when there are human beings in the world suffering like this?

Let’s open our borders. Let’s open our homes. Let’s open our wallets and give.

We are only as safe as each human being is safe.

I doubt a $50 donation courtesy of Peter Baugher & Julia Allison’s joint checking account is going to cut it here, Donkey. We eagerly await your hosting a Greek refugee family at your OMG! tony marina digs.

Now with Bottom Picture!

What has been known to happen behind the scenes in breaks at my Pleasure Camp trainings.

‪#‎eroticinnocence‬ ‪#‎playfulliving‬ ‪#‎pleasurableliving‬

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Updated: “Hurray! I’m Among The Chronic Unemployed!”/Flusher Price Gets Her 15 minutes


Leap of faith …
on necker.


Pretty much crickets on the necker tramp fauxtos, though creepy David Kram made an appearance. Does he comment every fucking time Donkey takes a dump?

In other Wooville news, Jena la Flamme is regretting those years with Smellsberg:


Innocence… Lost … Reclaimed … Rediscovered.

Tonight I’ll take my erotic innocence to the dance floor. How about you? To where are you directing your curiosity and passion?


The innocent exhibitionist also found time to audition for SNL:

I have *arrived* in the funny zone.

I was invited to accept a technology award on behalf of the actual winner tonight at a prestigious technology conference. I was given a speech to deliver and given I’d never heard of the technology only 24 hours before, a humorous delivery seemed like the only appropriate way to go.

So… I’m not one to brag about myself (ok, I am,) but I was told afterwards by multiple people that I “stole the show.”

“If only we had recorded it you could send it to Saturday Night Live and they would be biting their elbow,” somebody gushed enthusiastically. I pretended to understand what “biting their elbow” meant and nodded and smiled because it seemed to be in my favor.

My favorite compliment was, “you’d make a great MC.” I have always admired Masters of Ceremony and wished I possessed the skills to pull it off. This is the feedback I’ve received that I’m on the right track.

This feels like a landmark moment in my quest to be more humorous. Now it’s my turn to say thank you. Thanks Jim Clark for putting this show on, and thank you Matthew James Bailey, for inviting me to represent you. At first thought the invitation was a joke, but as it turns out it was quiet serious.

Quiet seriously, Ali Shanti has been silent re: runaway Fozzie, but she did find time to post a couple of disturbing pictures of her kids that at first I thought depicted, well, never mind. Silkwood showers for everyone!

Bottom Picture! Available with a side order of nachos.


Updated: Julia Price’s horseshit story about the brave wittle boy who rescued her from the white businessman with Tourette Syndrome was picked up by The Huffington Post, that bastion of journalistic integrity.  The ineffable Jean Brodie weighed in, and balding Julia left a thank you on her FB page.

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Career Advice From A Lazy Layabout

Julia Allison offered up this excuse as to why she remains among the chronic unemployed:


See, Dadser, I’m a problem solver and surely would be of no use at some silly 9 to 5!

In other news, Ali Shanti had a birthday! Yes, isn’t that an incredible accomplishment? Ali posted about her speshul day over & over again. She and her lov-ahs painted up their faces like wittle animals, and The Jazzerciser, AKA Robert William Love, Jr., wrote an elegy to all that is Skankatron. A stomach churning excerpt:

For our most recent visit to our favorite Super Store we played the role of husband and wife. You were magnificent! We played our parts perfectly…fighting over which brand of almond milk to buy, debating the firmness of avocados, and you offering to placate me with another pair of SmartWool socks…

And yet, I could tell you weren’t fully committed to the part… Had you agreed to go into the bathroom with me for a “quickie” we certainly would have gone home with the Oscar.

Seriously though, I was shocked that flaunting my “Executive Membership” was not enough to inspire a rendezvous in the water closet…


Bottom Video! Megwyn White, Donkey’s first woo BFF and designer of the emperor’s new clothes, pulls the scam to end all scams:

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