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Donkey Chat: The Julia Allison Podcast

Our burro is crowdsourcing like crazee. Asking podcasters and journalists what microphones and recording devices they use. Inquiring as to who is THE VOICE on subjects ranging from relationships to political systems. Tagging folks right and left on her latest manic tear. Yoo hoo, Dave Morin! Of course very few answer, though one who did was Jairek Robbins, who told Julia how beautiful she is in a bizarre grammar-challenged comment.

Is Donk planning on starting her own podcast, or is she making inquiries for yet another phantom “client”? She certainly wants folks – the Marsons? – to believe she’s actually doing something. But when has Judy ever followed through on anything? BOOK and The Reimagine Factory, anyone? This is a woman who took months to write a stupid puff piece for The New York Times.


SJW Donkey is posting on and on about the real terrorism – domestic violence perpetrated by men. Why are men still raping women?! Does she plan on discussing her new cause du jour with Tony Robbins?

Hey, Judy! If you’re really serious about helping battered women, why don’t you do some volunteer work at a women’s shelter? For all the girls. What’s that? It would cut into your $1200/mo massage sessions? You phony poseur.

Disappearing Act: Donk Is Gradually Removing Dodi From Social Media, Silent on Shocking Tony Robbins Sexual Assault Allegations

Have things gone sour in Donkeywood yet again? THIS MAN!! is no longer on Donk’s FB page and she appears to be gradually removing him from Instagram. Are these only public disappearances or is Dodi also no longer visible to Wali, Pupsito, and our burro’s 5000 social media besties? Is Dodi still boinking Donk yet wishes to avoid popping up in google searches, particularly if related to RBD? That appears to be the reason Rob Schuham’s public social media profiles are now barren.

Jairek Robbins, son of Frankenstein’s monster, liked Donk’s recent FB cover fauxto, the old horsey pic snapped by Wendy K. Yalom, Queen of the Coffee Mug. Perhaps that’s why SJW Judy hasn’t been publically vocal about the serious sexual misconduct charges recently leveled against Jairek’s dadser? You’d think she’d at least say something about Robbins’s alleged berating of rape victims. For all the girls. Oh, who are we kidding? This is the woman who asked Marc Gafni, rabbi rapist, to officiate at her wedding to herself.

Thanks to Meowaster and JuliasTooSmallTutu for alerts!

Tacky: Meghanaise Proposes To Her Very Own Dodi On A Podcast

From wemetatacme, a podcast about millennial dating, on IG:

A month or so ago, I got an email from a woman who told me her and her boyfriend had met at Acme. I loved to hear that obviously, but nothing could even prepare me for what she said next. @meghanasha told me she wanted to PROPOSE to her boyfriend ON OUR PODCAST! Safe to say this way the best episode I’ve been a part of to date, and you don’t want to miss this. Thank you so much @meghanasha and @levbrie for including me in your love story!


Andy Whorehol writes:

As long as we’re on the subject of former flames/friends within Donk’s orbit who end up finding success in love and business after escaping Donkland, it amazes me to see how former sister Megs/Pointy has particularly flourished. She finally ‘founded’(remember Julia’s founder fetish?) a big business of her own, thriving in NYC still, and now getting married soon. I kinda raise my eyebrows over women proposing marriage to their men, but after seven years together, why the Hell not? I could see Donk totally stealing this idea.

From Unicorn Shirley:

As for Pointy, I saw her in my former synagogue maybe 5 years ago (maybe a little more). She was there briefly on one of the High Holidays, seemed to know some of the younger women who were there (the kind who only show up for the High Holidays), and was waving at someone in the men’s section. I remember she was wearing a “trying to hard to be boho chic” outfit and made the mistake of whipping out her iphone during services.

For greg’s sake, don’t tell Toledo and her Aussie buddy!

As for Meghanaise, at least she didn’t marry herself at Burning Man.

Thanks to the RBDer who sent along this announcement.

A brunette sandwich a la Dodi, Donk, Myka.