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Donk, in a $35 Yandy getup, as Glinda the Good Witch of the North? This persona is a far cry from Halloweens past.

Speaking of witches, one of our girl’s attorneys sent us another image takedown. A second attorney is trying to subpoena our server to find out who runs this site. As you well know, your auntie Gilly is tech deficient and an engineer revamped and moved this site one year ago. He did once ask me in an email, “Who’s this Donk person?” But he’s never followed this blog; it was just a job.

Dave Morin Is “Grateful” For The Deadly California Wildfires


Donk’s been mostly silent on social media, but the 2020 activist/journalith found time to share this eyebrow raiser. Some of the comments are appalling.

Why Must Alex Marson Be A Teenager In Love?


My, my, how many times have we seen similarly gushy, adolescent Hallmark TV-movie posts from Donkey’s suitors?

One year ago today, I posted a photo of me and my new girlfriend, the legendary Julia. One year later I’m even more an excited to post a new one… very much in love with this incredible woman who has transformed my life and filled it with joy.