Disrupt Happiness: The Return of Loren Feldman

He ripped Julia Allison a new one when she claimed Tom Wolfe achieved renown simply because of his white suit. Before going off the rails and apologizing to Donkey, mad media maven Loren Feldman also created a series of puppet videos featuring a flouncing Julia, complete with tutu:

He’s back, and though Feldman has had a thorny relationship with ReBlogging Donk over the years, we seem to have inspired his new website, or rather some of our targets seem to have inspired Disrupt Happiness. Feldman plays a wannabe internet guru, addressing many of the topics that the woo grifters address ad nauseum. Guest videos include appearances by Ali Shanti, Michael Ellsberg, Ryan Swain, and Michael “Fozzie” Austin Jacobs, who are also on the “Disruptors” page.

I laughed (ducks): http://disrupthappiness.com/

“Tell the general public, by any means possible, all about your life, right down to the smallest minutiae.”

“Focus your energy on the things that matter. Criticism from your friends, co-workers, parents, children, or lovers in real life – they don’t matter. What does matter is how you’re looked at online. Facebook, Twitter, Linked In – these are the people who really matter. Obsess over these relationships, obsess over these criticisms.”

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Mom of the Year Ali Shanti Reveals Her Secret: ALWAYS Bring the Focus Back to YOURSELF

fucked up shanti

Ali has reached the next level! How does she do it?

How the “worst” 90-minutes of my day turned into the best.

Over the past few months, I’ve been called deeper into motherhood.

Re-focusing on my kids and their needs has called me deeper into my own self-awareness, seeing all the places I needed my own re-parenting.

Places in my self I had ignored in the name of independence and strength made their way to the forefront of my awareness.

Today, I am far more vulnerable, my heart is tender and I feel more alive.

This morning, I got to get both kids ready for school, drive them each and drop them (Noah is shadowing at a Waldorf school we are considering for him for next year) before returning home to meditate with Michael Jacobs and start my work day.

I feel so grateful to be able to enjoy this simple pleasure that in the past I didn’t really savor. In the past, if I “had” to do it because their dad wasn’t available, I could only think of the 90 minutes of “lost” productivity, but now I realize this may be the best 90 minutes of my day.

I’m curious – what’s one thing you used to resist that now you love? And what shifted it?


She wouldn’t be Skankatron 3000B without a daily affirmation  ew overshare:

I don’t know this woman, but I love seeing her and her baby nursing on the cover of Elle.

A little known fact about me is that I breastfed each of my kids for 5 years.

I am most proud of this because I did it through moving cross country, working at one of the best law firms in the country, starting my own law practice, getting divorced and building my first million dollar business.

I stood for the rights of breastfeeding mother’s as a legal advocate, met many of my best friends and built healthy children.

It’s so good to see the world waking up to what’s “normal” and optimizing for more of what we want.

Today, I am once again reconnected w my motherhood more than I have been since my days as a breastfeeding mama and I am re-awakening to what matters most. More on that another time …

eco womb tour

“Another time” will soon be coming your way.  Yes, in the grand tradition of Ryan Swain and Michael Ellsberg, Shantitown is creating a global revolution … from her RV!  Ali and her three children will be taking her grift on the road:

Four years ago, I began to have a dream of a caravan, touring around the country, spreading the message of personal sovereignty, love and liberation (financial + emotional, spiritual and physical).

Some dreams take longer than others to come to fruition. But if you hold onto the vision and keep taking baby steps, you will eventually see your dream realized.

Today, another step is happening. A big step. We are ready to wrap the RV and prepare it for the first leg of the tour under the guidance, leadership and direction of Lotus Sattva.

If the old raunch’s son is hostile now, just wait til he spends summer vacation cramped in an RV with Lotus Sunblossom, Mom & Fozzie doing god knows what, and suitcases stuffed with weed & sex toys.

shanti eye lash

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Women’s Fall Fashions: DJ Commode for JC Penney

You’ll look stunning in this poncho crafted from the genuine hair of Boulder yaks, with matching gold & black scarf that screams “matronly.”

fashion back

Sorry for the fuzzy fauxto below of celebrated polymath Michael Austin Jacobs, better known as DJ Commode. Ali Shanti, our official “goddess” fauxtographer, drank her fifth cup of Aya before snapping.

fashion front

Be sure to accessorize with transformative Jedi JewelryTM!

fashion jelery

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So Donk seems to be warming up to A. deliver another second-date blow job, if she hasn’t already and then B. ruin the relationship by blasting it all over social media. Oh please let it be so. It’s always so entertaining when she has a mark and she sends him screaming for the hills.



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Michael Ellsberg Is Off His Meds & On The Hard Stuff

smellu bw

The key to taking drugs regularly, as I do, is to be enjoyable to the people around you, during and after. And by after, I mean, hours after, a day after, a week after, a month after, and so forth.

Whenever this maxim is violated, say, more than a few times in a row, stop taking drugs for a while, says I.

Oh, dear. Looks like that maxim has been violated:

I think the true mark of a leader is that she or he or it or they are willing to have their entire “private lives” on camera as entertainment for the masses. Bread & Circus. I’m in. Who wants to support me? Let’s start a revolution.

Four hours ago:

Dad, will you start a nonviolent revolution with me, to bring peace on Earth? Let’s do this together. I love you Dad.

Three hours ago:


One hour ago:


The Revolution Begins



OK, off to fuck for a while.

Wish you had a camera to watch!

But, the NSA and whatever aliens they know about “are watching anyway” – the freaky sex slut I’m about to fuck just said she thinks it’s the aliens who are watching, through consciousness – not the NSA.

And on and on and on. So much for curing one’s bi-polar disorder through proper diet and improper drugs.

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