Lunatic Released From Psychiatric Hold For Halloween

Oh dear. This is a grown adult. The poor child. Her nephew? The body language/facial expression … he is scared.



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Updated: Don’t Quit Your Day Job! Budding Comedienne Julia Price Is Fabulously Unfunny

Donkey shared a video in which Toilet Julia & Steph Barkley, a wannabe Vine personality, attempt to cash in on the Trump/Bush fiasco. I honestly thought I’d at least chuckle once but I didn’t even smile.

Re: Donkey’s OMG! cutting edge science posts, she and Dead Russian Hooker #2, not exactly a Rhodes Scholar, will be lending their non-existent talents to this eyebrow-raising “conference.” Click the link:


Bottom Picture!




Update: Social Justice Donkey signs in & makes a fool of herself.


I hear ya, Donk. I often wonder why Marc Gafni, who was scheduled to officiate your wedding to yourself, isn’t in prison.


Ah, yes. The brilliance of Queen Shanti. Those who are kind and collaborate, i.e., give their retirement savings to their adult children, are the new paradigm!


You work? At home? The same place you wrote your mega bestseller for OMG! St. Martin’s?


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Updated: Judy! Judy! Judy! The Return Of Concerned Citizen Donkey


She’s back, bunnies! No indication why our beloved warrior goddess has been AWOL for nearly a week, but Judy has scolds and half-read cultural critiques to post:






Amazingly, she received responses for the health query, with woos nominating their woo partners in slime for Healthiest Human.

Something’s up in Donkmark. Any guesses?

Update: Donkey’s thrown up several more SJW posts. She’s afraid when she walks home alone at night! If only men would be protectors, not predators! She also posted a Bollywood production number dedicated to the woo goddesses. Apparently Donk didn’t get Nisha’s “no cultural appropriation” memo. And there’s more crowdsourcing:


Six hours later and not a single comment, but I suppose receiving actual assistance was never the point.

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Noodles, Fivehead, Fozzie, Jaahaas – Oh Those Nutty Woos!

Donkey’s been AWOL since October 6 – a quick getaway with OMG! Rain on Peter Baugher’s dime? Let’s check up on her woo brethren!

Noodles Moodley is hugging her girlfriends on an hourly basis as they await the arrival of The Chosen One. She’s also got a bee in her bonnet re: cultural appropriation, a practice the woos have NEVER engaged in.



Thank Goddess one of Nisha’s woo sisters read Whitfield’s two-year-old post!


My first thought: Did anyone tell Ali Shanti that dreamcatchers are now off limits? At least poor Kaia won’t have to go door to door selling the trinkets in the hopes of paying the electric bill.

For big yucks, check out Rice’s FB page. Is that Karen Black in AIRPORT ’75 after a couple of cups of ayahuasca? Holy Merde!

And Noodles? Any plans to repudiate this eyebrow raising moment?


Up in Harlem, DJ Witchiepoo vanished long enough so Jena could celebrate her anniversary with Rio de Janeiro:



But wasn’t Jena going to be with Papa Chevalier forever, too?

Trigger Warning! Cultural appropriation below!



Slacker Fozzie! Over in Boulder, Ali Shanti’s old piece’s visit to the woo capital has been extended indefinitely.



No job of course, but Fozzie is makin’ music:


Feel the love in these six thumbs up and the single response:


The Caterwauler will sing us out in a tribute to cats in heat Columbus Day:

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The Company Julia Allison Keeps: Sleazy Con Artist Ali Shanti Is Fucking Desperate


I just received an appalling book-length email from SK3B, in which she apologizes profusely for not sharing every aspect of her private life because she’s been so overwhelmed with personal and professional crises. The old raunch promises to be more explicit, because “explicit is fun,” but she really, really, really REALLY needs you to do your part, too. Won’t you join the Eyes Wide Open community for $197/mo.? Is the cost prohibitive? If so, Ali would like to hear from you, presumably so she can rope you in at a special one-time only price.

Over the years, I’ve come to be known for my transparency and authenticity.

But, over the past year or so, I notice that some part of me (a large part, actually) has gone into hiding.

I’ve been posting less of my interior states on Facebook.

I’ve been sharing less with you here about my internal process.

And, I’ve been sending you a lot more messages focused on the next program or course I think you should consider.

A couple of you have noticed and said something. Most of you haven’t. But maybe you felt it anyway.

Maybe you didn’t even notice, caught up in the reality of your own daily life struggle or the quest for success, as it may be.

Maybe you’ve even stopped opening my emails, but you were intrigued by the subject line of this one, so you decided you’d peek in.

Or perhaps you’ve already unsubscribed and maybe you’ll catch this on the blog as a result of my Facebook campaign targeted to the people who have opted out. If so, hi .

I hope you’ll consider coming back.

Because I want it to be like this. Me talking to you about what’s true.
And I have an idea about why I stopped and what would have to happen for me to continue. But before I share the idea, I need to let you know what’s been happening, and I think it’ll be helpful to do so because you may even face some of this in yourself as well.

Okay, so here’s the short story. Over a series of upcoming emails and posts, I’ll fill in the back details.

Short story: in rapid fashion about 18 months ago, a number of intense events happened within my family, and in both companies at the exact same time, all of which called me into a higher state of leadership as a Mom and CEO.

All at once.

Like a fucking tidal wave.

I did my best to hold it altogether and did a pretty damn fine job of it, though there were definitely times I was sure I was going to die from the weight.

But, I was, as always infinitely supported, in ways I couldn’t even see. And, I want to share all the details with you so that you know you too are infinitely supported. And it truly is all happening FOR YOU, not to you, as it can sometimes feel.

So, as this all happened, I got super focused on cutting away what didn’t matter (as much as I could discern) and keeping only what did.

In that process, I made an error and I cut away something vital (being here with you like this) and kept something not super healthy for me (a personal relationship that feeds a peculiar addiction of mine, which I will share more about in the future).

And, I got way more focused on the bottom line.

Which is good and healthy and important, AND I notice sometimes over the years when I’ve done so, I’ve had a hard time balancing that focus on the bottom line with this sharing of my deeper heart.

It seems to have been a fairly consistent swing from one to the other.

But, I am moving into a time of deep integration and I know I can do both.

Especially, if I tie them together well.

So, that’s my idea.

I’m going to tie together my transparent heart sharing with the health of the bottom line of Eyes Wide Open.

You might be saying to yourself “duh, Ali, that’s what you already do.”

And, yes, to some degree it’s been implicit. But, it’s never been as explicit as I wanted it to be. And, explicit is fun.

Here’s the thing, I need your help. I’m not entirely sure how to do what I want to do, and I suspect there’s some super easy ways I am just not thinking of, so if you want to play along, let me know what you see that I don’t and we can work together on this.

Here’s the vision:

I want to share more of my work with you for super low cost, and take you behind the scenes into my financials because I have a sense that offering you look into the behind the scenes is one of the most valuable things I can offer you.

And because then you can learn from my mistakes, and my process.

It’s a silly waste of time and energy if we all make the same mistakes, don’t you think? I mean, yes, some you do need to make yourself, but a lot less than if I didn’t share mine.

[For example, here’s a quick one: STOP using your damn personal credit card to fund your business activities. It ends up hurting your credit score and then you can’t get business credit, which doesn’t hurt your personal credit score, when you need it. Or buy a house. Or a new car. So stop doing that. Just get business credit right from the start and save yourself the headache of hurting your credit score and then needing to rebuild it. Here’s a webinar training I held on this topic some time ago.]

So, I want to share more of my work at low investment. I want to share my financials.

And I want to share how I am making decisions about how best to share the work of Eyes Wide Open, now that I don’t have partners anymore, and now that I am so fully immersed as CEO of New Law Business Model, and parenting my kids and writing my next book.

Choosing a business model, especially when there aren’t really any models out there for what I want to create, has been something I’ve been working on for quite a long time in this Eyes Wide Open business.

What’s super funny to me is that the Money Map teaches revenue models. And helps you to understand the progression of choosing one or more for yourself and then implementing your plan.

But of course it does. I created it because I needed it. And you can bet your bottom dollar I am revisiting it as part of my own transition into a new revenue model.

Here’s some of what I know about it so far ….

Its a combination of super intimate and highly accessible. High volume, yet heart-centered. And, financially sustainable because there’s a lot of people paying a little bit each. Yet, it’s still able to feel intimate and connected.

Have you seen anything like it? A community where you feel intimately connected with the creator and the community, but don’t pay a lot of money to belong? If so, let me know.

Right now, it’s a minimum of $197/mo to be part of the Eyes Wide Open community and that price point keeps too many people out.

Okay, this email is long enough for today. There will be more. If this is not the kind of thing you want, Unsubscribe.

If it is, stay tuned. And when you see me not sharing all of me, call me out and ask for it. Let me know where I can do better. I’m always learning. There’s not really a model for what I want to do, yet, I don’t think.

And, I’m a Generator on the Human Design system and my chart in particular is really focused on responding to what people want, rather than just making it up on my own.

Until next time,

PS — This long ass email message is being sponsored by Justin Livingston and Callan Rush, though they don’t necessarily know that.

Callan’s got a free book out that you are definitely going to want to read if you lead workshops and retreats, or want to, profitably.

When you “buy” her book, “Wealth Through Workshops: A Step-by-Step Guide to a Lucrative Workshop, Retreat & Seminar Business”, by opting in with your email on this page, you’ll get the book and eventually the opportunity to enroll in her upcoming course.

And it’s truly the best course out there on the A to Z of profitable workshops and retreats. If you buy the course, Eyes Wide Open gets an affiliate commission and I get to keep serving you guys at very little cost. So, win/win.

Here’s where you get the very best book every on making workshops and retreats a profitable part of your business, for only the cost of your email address.

Okay, more soon … looking forward to hearing from you.

JESUS H. CHRIST, Skankatron, you even found time to do a click-through for a couple of your butt buddies at the end of this horribly written come-on? And does being more explicit indicate sharing stories of your sex life and/or exploiting your children to the nth degree? Isn’t this already your shtick?

BOTTOM PICTURE! A threeway in Harlem is waking up:



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