How Does Jena la Flamme Handle Regret?


Ah, yes. Another RV. The angst of the ages:

How do you handle regret? It’s something I’ve become aware I struggle with a lot. I just read in a Pema chodron book to write out your regrets twice a month. I am going to start doing that. My current regret is that I bought an RV for Burning Man. I was not finding a good deal for a rental and buying was suggested to me so I went for it. Now I’m facing a major expense to store this big baby in the 11 1/2 months between Burning Mans which is when I will use it. Oh my monkey mind. Maybe I just need a good cry to clear some anxiety from my system. I guess if money is no object then it doesn’t matter at all. It’s all about the attitude one brings and the reality one creates. When this RV is all decked out like a gypsy caravan perhaps the regrets will melt away.

Re: the fauxto, Jena captioned it: “Reunited for the first time in a while.” Did Smellsberg go to Burning Bush? Wasn’t he bitching about the event long before Ali Shanti got on the bandwagon?


As noted in the last post, Donkey got a brief mention in gawker media, but only as one of the reasons not to attend Burning Man:

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Ali Shanti Films Herself Non-Stop, Thrills To Industrial-Size Dildo


SK3B has been foaming at the mouth for weeks about attending OMG! Burning Man, yet she’s suddenly begun questioning paradise, allegedly crying her eyes out on the playa for over seven hours. Is BM too commercial? Disrespectful of the environment? Should she jump on the anti-BM bandwagon? She couldn’t figure any of this out when Julia Allison started attending?

Here’s a screenshot from, and a link to, Skankatron’s fourth periscope today. Those condoms, that penis, and the voice, good greg, the voice.


What? Cory Tanner Glazier didn’t loan J Mathias Bennett the bucks to to attend another festival.  Did Mathias forget to pay his rent … again?

bennett boob

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Updated: Social Media Expert Julia Allison Shills Sports Bra, Says TTFN


Summer yoga at my parents’ on Lake Michigan.

Wearing my Coobie! smile emoticon

OMG! OMG! OMG! And if that Coobie isn’t exciting enough, Donkey posted four more pictures of herself doing awkward headstands.

Savor Julia’s athletic prowess while attempting to process this sobering news:

Leaving for Burning Man early tomorrow morning (!!!) … And planning to deactivate from Facebook for a month or more afterward for a September / October digital detox. smile emoticon


Update: Cat peep Tingolayo doubts AQu Xi Quiqkers, Yosry Real Madrd, and Puspita Vita are Donkey’s true friends. Really?! Julia Allison is a multicultural goddess and has explored every corner of the globe, even finding a Houston’s in the least likely of Eastern Euro enclaves. So, yes, everyone who has liked her BM post is a dear friend. Would Yellow Teefs keep company with a pack of phonies?

fans in the stans

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Oh no. Oh no. Oh no.


I’m ready for Burning Man, mommy!!

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Updated: Ali Shanti Needs To Take A Massive Shit


Skankatron 3000B, who has been non-stop FB posting, everything from her latest fauxto shoot to making her son’s departure for an actual school all about herself, is constipated and getting ready to take the biggest crap Wooville has ever seen:

Something massive is shifting inside of me. I know I just passed through some major astrology portal and I can actually feel it. It’s quite amazing. Suddenly, many of the things that used to feel so hard, don’t. And, I am much less interested in watching what I say, who I say it to and how they take it. That feels new.

There’s a way that I kept my mouth shut a lot before (surprising, I know – but, it’s true) because I didn’t want to offend, hurt, or scare people.

I have no desire to do that anymore. I’m done holding my tongue in the interest of keeping everyone comfortable and feeling good.

I’m done making life comfortable for other people at the expense of what’s true, beautiful and good.

I’m standing for what I believe in. I trust myself. I’ve seen a lot. And I want to share it all. Ready? smile emoticon

Of course, it wouldn’t be Shantitown if her drugged-out layabout friends weren’t enabling the old raunch:

losers 1

losers 2

Are you feeling the shit shift, too?  Got your Cheetos & Franzia all packed up & ready for lift off?

Update: The woos not batshit insane enough for you? It turns out Uranus is behind the massive Shanti turd. We are being trolled, right?


Shantitown has had another breakthrough! We’re not being trolled? #iamsoconfused


Today’s exchange between Ali and Steven Morris, the bars facilitator at Access Consciousness, whatever the hell that gig is, has the ring of authenticity. Charge my credit  debit card too, Ali!

morris moron

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