The Woos Confront Their White Privilege, Kinda

Sure, they love to appropriate the culture of others, but the woo goddesses aren’t just thieves, scammers, and idiots. These women are willing to confront their advantage on an uneven playing field!

Taking her cue from Noodles Moodley, PleasureCEO Christina Morassi looked deep into her pussy and did some soul searching:

Phew is right! Women of color thank you, Christina, as we marvel at your edgy image:

Ali Shanti sent out an interminable letter to her listserv when she didn’t receive hosannas for confronting her white privilege:

I am writing today after sitting with confusion and uncertainty about how to be with the chaos and conflict that appears to be ramping up here in the not so seeming United States.

I’ve been sitting with my thoughts, sorting them out, and gaining more understanding of my own truth around some big issues.

Racism, of course, so not okay. It goes without saying, I hope. If not, let me say it clearly.

There is no space in this community for racism, of any kind.

We are one people. Period. If you don’t recognize that, well, you simply aren’t a good fit here at Eyes Wide Open.

And, I’m sadly not surprised by what’s happening in the US right now, that it’s finally coming out into the light. Our country was built on racism.

What is surprising to me is to discover how people I thought of as awake and aware are turning out to use what’s happening to shame themselves, and other well-intentioned people into action.

I don’t mean feeling shame. Feeling shame is 100% a totally normal reaction to recognizing you have been complicit in racist activity in some way, maybe without even knowing it.

I have felt shame over the racism I was raised with. I wrote about it here, last year, in case you are interested.

I processed that shame and then used my platform to awaken people to their own potential hidden racism, passed on through a lineage of ignorance, that we together are healing from and through.

Shame can be a valuable emotion to feel.

However, I hold that shaming is not an effective technique to use to get other people to act, does not contribute to the world we want to see more of, and that we can inspire more action by sharing what we feel directly than by subtly shaming others by reporting on what they are doing or not doing.

I took a stand for that in a FB group I am part of for spiritual
entrepreneurs, thinking it was a safe space to share my anger that this group was advocating for the use of shaming as a way to call white women leaders into action.

And I was nearly kicked out of the group.

Admittedly, I brought my anger with fierceness and reactivity, which I could have tempered before sharing.

But I thought I was in a safe space.

It turns out, I was not.

I was accused of white fragility, perpetuating the problem, and not listening to people of color.

The more I sought to understand, the deeper the misunderstanding became and I was ultimately told that I was profoundly not getting it.


Skankatron goes on to blame the white male leader of her “spiritual entrepreneur” FB group for being “alienating” towards her. Ali’s rationale? He probably experienced racist feelings in the past and is using her as a scapegoat! The old raunch has NO EVIDENCE of such but has NO HESITATION in passing along any blame. Unbelievable.

Not to worry, Ali brings it back to herself, spending the next several paragraphs patting herself on the back. I hate these people.

I’ve invested a lot of time, energy and attention over the past years to look at these deeply hidden “power over” dynamics as they’ve existed in my own home, especially as it relates to the power over I can tend to exhibit with my kids’ dad because I am the breadwinner, and the people who work with me in my companies over the years, because I am the CEO.

Today, my kids’ dad and I are close friends, who love and accept each other, and still mostly live together because I was able to stop trying to dominate him. And, I’m turning my companies into “share the wealth” companies because I want everyone on the team (including our clients) rewarded for the growth, not just me.

And I’ve committed to creating and being part of a world that works for everyone, and there is no room for “power over” dynamics in that world, which means we’ve got to root them out.

Now, it’s time for me to look at where “power over” may be deeply hidden in ways that I cannot see, but in ways that I can influence, beyond my home, beyond my companies.

I am open to seeing. My prayer today, and everyday, “show me the way.” Are you willing to see for yourself as well?

In service to living eyes (and heart) wide open,


So no more remarks about the ex-husband, AKA Estelle Parsons, driving the kids to school when drunk? That’s SO big of you, Ali. Power over and out!

On a lighter note, here’s one woo who never uttered a peep about Charlottesville:

Such privilege! Mom & Dad send Fozzie to BM and pay for an eighth round of ink:

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Hire Jack Kerouac-Approved Peter Baugher To Be Your Legal Beagle!

Petey’s new website is up and running. It’s so professional – there’s no way in hell that Julie was involved. She’s not even named in Dadsers’s biography:

Peter Baugher has brought and defended commercial cases throughout the United States, winning major trials and arbitrations on significant issues for companies and individuals with challenging claims. Mr. Baugher now concentrates on arbitrations and mediations, both as an advocate and as an arbitrator, including in international commercial controversies. He has testified as a witness concerning attorney conduct and fees, and as an expert on U.S. securities laws and litigation at a trial in the Bahamas. Mr. Baugher is a member of the Illinois Bar and the Trial Bar of U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, and is admitted to practice before the U.S. Supreme Court.

Mr. Baugher was for many years a partner in Chicago business litigation boutique Schopf & Weiss LLP and its 2015 merger successor, Honigman Miller Schwartz and Cohn LLP. Earlier, he was a litigation partner at Adams Fox Adelstein & Rosen, and Schiff Hardin LLP.

Mr. Baugher chaired U.S. Senator Mark Kirk’s Judicial Advisory Board recommending Illinois federal judicial candidates, is President of the Chicago International Dispute Resolution Association, and was principal drafter of the Illinois International Commercial Arbitration Act, 710 ILCS 30/1-1 et seq. He arbitrates business disputes for the American Arbitration Association Large Complex Commercial Case Panel and the Financial industry Regulatory Authority, as well as independently. He is a Chartered Institute of Arbitrators Fellow (London) and serves on the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre’s Panel of Arbitrators. Mr. Baugher is a Life Member of the American Law Institute and on its Consultative Group for the pending Restatement of the U.S. Law of International Commercial Arbitration. He was a director and past-Chicago chapter president of the International Network of Boutique Law Firms, past-president of the Chicago Lincoln American Inn of Court, and chaired the Chicago Bar Association International and Foreign Law, and Federal Civil Practice Committees. He served on the Seventh Circuit Bar Association’s American Jury Project Commission charged with assessing and recommending improvements in U.S. trial procedures.

Mr. Baugher lectures frequently on dispute resolution topics to bar groups and industry associations. He recently visited and spoke at international bar meetings and arbitration centers in Hong Kong, Singapore, Delhi, Dubai, and Chicago. Mr. Baugher serves as a director of the Grant Park Music Festival, and was a longtime director of the Illinois Humanities Council and the Sabre Foundation, a leading international book donation organization. He received the Arnold Berlin Award for Service to Princeton University. A statewide survey published annually in Chicago Magazine has twice ranked Mr. Baugher one of the top ten attorneys in Illinois, and he is routinely listed in professional polls as one of the state’s foremost business litigators and arbitrators.

Mr. Baugher graduated from Yale Law School, and was an editor of the Yale Review of Law and Social Action. He received his undergraduate degree from Princeton University where he majored in the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs and was a Wilson School Scholar. Following law school, Mr. Baugher clerked on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit for Judge Philip W. Tone.

Mr. Baugher and his wife Robin, an accomplished artist (formerly a massage therapist, hospice volunteer, public television producer, banker, and speechwriter) have two grown children. The Baughers met working at the White House at the outset of their careers. They live in Chicago.

I had no idea Robin was such a Renaissance woman! What’s the plan now, Momsers?

Nice to know Petey included his First Amendment bashing, alongside wittle burro, on his “Publications & Events” page. I particulary enjoyed this Deep Thought on the “Contact” page:

I don’t know about you but when I think white elitist Trump voter, I think Jack Kerouac.

Petey included a pensive pose opposite his Deep Thoughts:

Bottom Picture! Jennifer and Bryan intimately welcome Petey to Wooville:

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“Public Speaker” Julia Allison Wants YOU To Become A Radiant Woman!

Ariel White, Donkey’s oversexed gal pal, is hosting an exciting daylong Pomona workshop in which she’ll help you unlock your pleasure and inner radiance! Radiant Woman is a feminine approach to developing more confidence, beauty, pleasure, & self-love.

What you’ll receive when enrolling in self-proclaimed internationally celebrated teacher & artist Ariel’s workshop:

* A safe space to learn, heal, transform, and energize you body, heart, & mind

* Authentic connection with other women

* Rare opportunity for personal access to an internationally celebrated teacher of women’s wisdom

* A downloadable “Radiant Woman Guidebook,” with practices designed to offer you ongoing support

* 90-Minute Sound Journey + 25-Minute Guided Meditation to use at home

* First 5 women to sign up receive an original My Little Yoni doll valued at $50USD

Listen to celebrated intellectual Donkey Allison, who’d jump off the Brooklyn Bridge if Ariel commanded:

Clearly, Ariel is the second coming of Jesus. Still not convinced? Check out these other microcelebrity endorsements!

A radiant encore!

Is that our amateur dancer in PhuturePhuckPhace’s latest instagram post?

#tbt @rootwire_festival 💠

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Updated: Woos Ignore Nuclear War On The Horizon, Look Forward To Frying At Burning Man

We may not make it to the end of summer before Cheetolini launches World War III and we’re all nuked by North Korea, but Wooville is completely silent on events in the real world. Not a gregdamn peep from any of them. Presumably they’re worried about alienating potential marks, so it’s business as usual. Links to scam after scam, especially from Skankatron, ME ME ME, and, of course, OMG! Burning Man.

Jennifer Russell is posting away about how amazing Camp Septic will be this year. More Drugs! More Orgies! More Dress Up! She’s also been urging her fellow cons to contribute their hard scammed dollars to Android Jones’s “mind blowing” installation. That includes you, Donkey!

Mind blowing! You’re making Ken Kesey and every black art poster artiste proud, Android.

What’s this? Skankatron is sitting out Burning Man? Are her multi-million-dollar bidnesses not doing well? The orgies just won’t be the same without this walking STD.

Aw, she misses the trampier, more solipsistic Ali/Alexis/Whatever. Ain’t responsibility a bitch, O Olde Raunch?

Oh no! Ali’s former collegiate piece, best-selling author Michael Austin Jacobs, AKA Fozzie, might also miss out on Burning Man:

Fozzie just posted: “No matter what treatment I’ve tried, these hives don’t stop – along with other symptoms.” This sounds serious. Who knew living off one’s parents could cause such stress? Can anyone help?!

Bottom Picture! Rain & Rainbow and Jennifer & Tubs gleefully await incineration:

Update: PhuturePhuckPhace has been composing his computer off for Android Jones’s “mind blowing” installations. Please donate to Indiegogo today, so Rain & Donkey can get PAID and continue to rent a room in a suburban Novato shithole.

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Woo Sleazewatch: Fozzie & Morass & Noodles

A rollicking woo roundelay! While checking in on best-selling author Michael Austin Jacobs, AKA Fozzie, I discovered it’s corporate America’s fault our favorite slacker lost his latest jerb:

Boo hoo, the powers that be didn’t give Fozzie a gold star on a daily basis. Fuck capitalism, heh, comrade?

Not to worry, Mr. & Mrs. Jacobs are happy to shell out more $$$ for their son’s endless tattoo project:

Meanwhile, over in Oakland, somebody needs to report oversexed skank Christina Morassi to airport authorities:

Goodness, no! All that gyrating in the restroom caused the PleasureCEO to miss her flight! Not to worry, Pamela Madsen’s long lost sister came to the rescue:

At least Morass had a gorgeous AirBNB waiting for her in Boston:

What’s up with Nisha “I pimped my kid out to a journalist and lived to complain about it” Moodley? Lots more fauxtos of Crow, of course, and this:

Fortunately for the kid, I don’t see baby daddy Nvember or Dcember or whatever his name is going deep woo with Skankatron.

Bottom Video! Jess Johnson’s eighth-grade talent show intro and Goddess Donkey’s appearance at the -1:15 mark leave me in stitches:

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