Psychotherapist Mulia Mallison: The Donkey Is In

What I just told a good friend of mine, who has a habit of making his dating life into a chore that needs to be “accomplished.”


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Fuck “Social Justice Warrior” Julia Allison, A Lazy Layabout Whose Daddy Still Pays All Her Bills


Dipshit Donkey, who really, really, really, REALLY is taking a break from social media, is posting away. Wooville’s most politically astute citizen is angry at the Koch Brothers:

Wow. What these two men are doing to our environment is disgusting.

HOW IS THIS LEGAL? (Oh, I’ll tell you: because buying politicians is possible here in America – and they’re cheap!)

Thanks for that insight, Donkey. Why do men still rape women? And thanks for letting us know that parenting is ruining OMG! marriage in America.  Does this mean you and Rain aren’t planning on having children? SIGH O’ RELIEF!

But I’m saving the biggest FUCK YOU for the hand wringing over student debt.  Yes, Mulia, it’s a nightmare and we’re creating generations of indentured students.  However, your expensive university education was entirely paid for by Dadser – no scholarships for burros! – and you left Georgetown with “a small gift” of 10 grand.  So fuck your condescension, Donkey! If you really cared, you’d send those poor graduates some gently used magazines.

Seriously, Midwestern Verve Clicquot is wondering what many of us are wondering:

Okay SERIOUSLY, in the last week, Julia has posted 2x about gun control, a video about Bernie Sanders, and a Rolling Stone article decrying the Koch brothers.

1) Who is this very liberal new mark? Something tells me dRain could give a flying f about politics.


2) Who is she SWFing now?

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Third-Grader Julia Allison Loves Trick Or Treating And Colors (Brite)!


Donkey went as Rainbow Dim for Halloween a few years back and is over the moon re: her new FB avatar.

This woman is 34 goddamn years old.

Well, ONE of my dreams just came true. wink emoticon

cartoon donkey

And we love you, creepster!


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RBD’s New Music Express

Majiii, The Great has farted out a second cut off his mixtape – does he even know the meaning of the word? – appropriately titled “S.E.L.F.I.E.”

I’m here to create a dynasty / That shines beyond the mind can see.

Best of luck with that, Fozzie. I’m sure sales of this track will soon find you purchasing that spankin’ new Mercedes. FREEDOM!

Discovering FREEDOM after an OMG! breakup (because what else do women songwriters write about?) is Julia Price Taryn Southern. Donkey is …

So proud of my girl Taryn.

T, this is beautiful. Thank you for making art out of your pain … It’s an inspiration to all of us.

More please.

Oh, and Donkey’s crowdsourcing again:

What movie most renewed your faith? Alternatively, what movie about God/spirit/the universe/the light most inspired you?

Uh, Duck Soup? A Night at the Opera? Gold Diggers of 1933? Apparently the St. Martin’s book will consist of listicles and the inthpiring thory of Julia Allison, who found FREEDOM when she discovered drugs and adults playing dressup in the desert.

hee haw

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Updated, Now With Jerri Blank:

tacky donkey

My “office.”

My 10 lb co-worker is isn’t very good at collaboration, it turns out. wink emoticon

How’s Momsers working out as collaborator, Donkey? Will we see that book sometime before the next millennium? Never forget, we’re the only ones who really give a shit.

Update: From the crunchy Cheetos division of the Ryan Murphy assembly line, a horror documentary series that’s as loud & abrasive & sloppy & stupid as our burro deserves:


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