On The Heels of Donkey’s “Empathy” Demands

Today is my parents’ 36th wedding anniversary. Wow … Truly in awe, mom & dad!!!


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Updated: Julia Allison Revisits Tit Thrusting “Lip Dub” That Made Her “Happy” & Bawls Her Eyes Out

Donkey Mermaid 3

Sorry, kit kats, I can’t embed the notorious 4 Non Blondes lip dub because of Donkey’s new Vimeo privacy settings, even though she just posted this trip down mammary lane to Facebook:

Once upon a time, I used to do these things called “lip dubs.” They were art for the amateur artist – and they made me happy.

One day, six years ago, I was skiing in Utah with my dad and brother, I made this one.

Today I thought about it again, about how life is cyclical and how we’re all just trying to get up that “great big hill of hope” … and sometimes it feels like we’re Sisyphus.

Christ, I feel for Little Brother when watching this mess, which is as appalling as Annie Lalala and her daddy doing that slutty tango down the aisle.  Thanks again, Petey, for enabling your deranged donkey:

I think this is my best lip dub – syncing wise – ever (it helps that the words are really, really easy). The camera work isn’t too shabby either. Thanks Dad!

How many times has she brayed about this video? Zzzzzzz … Hey, Donkey, how’s that book coming along?


Update: Of all people, Julie posted a video about … empathy! And then she had the sadz about ME, ME, ME and made a plea for her woo buddies to understand her great despair: she is 33 years old and single!! Has anyone throughout the ages ever experienced such pain?

For the past three days I have been in a fog I term a “grey day of the soul.” It’s not as intense as a “dark night of the soul,” but it’s not that pleasant either. Intellectually, I understand there is NOTHING WRONG WITH MY LIFE. But emotionally, I’m aching. The holidays are approaching and I am f–king sad that I don’t have a partner. I’m sad I don’t have little ones of my own. And as people post happy photo after happy photo here on Facebook of them with their sweethearts imploring me to “choose love first!” and them with their adorable new babies, I feel the ache.

The irony is that when I watched this video I realized that I had been “at least’ing” myself. I had been unwilling to sink into the sadness (as most of us are not thrilled to do), by reminding myself almost irritatingly of the various things in my life that ARE working (and there are many). But for once that didn’t make me feel any better. In fact, I think it made me feel worse. Like, what is wrong with me that I am sad when there are so many good things in my life?

But the truth is that I need to just be okay with being sad for a while. I am 33, and I didn’t imagine that I would be spending the holidays single … again. I am 33, and when I went shopping for presents for my nephew and a few close friends who just had babies … my heart broke a little bit. Will I ever have children? Will I ever find a loving husband?

I don’t know.

I know that it only makes me feel WORSE when people try to distract me from it with their “oh, so many people are unhappy in marriages and with kids” or “oh, you have X or Y or Z.” I know that already. All I want is for them to feel genuine empathy. Just feel where I’m at and don’t judge me for it. Feel what it would be like for you to not have a partner or children around the holidays … again. How frustrating that would be. How deeply sad. How, even in spite of knowing that there are many (wonderful) unconventional paths that our lives can take, scared that sometimes makes me.

I know I will eventually come out of the grey day of the soul. I always do.

But for now, you just saying, “I feel you” would at least help me not to feel so alone.

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Updated: Polyamorous Mom of the Year Ali Shanti Urges Daughter to Quit School, Become Online Grifter

ali shanti hands

Dear God, that first sentence, and Shady Shanti even manages to tie in one of her grifts while deciding her daughter’s future:

Just propositioned my daughter.

When you are ready to be done with high school, let me know and I’ll get you a full education on how to build a business and market online. I have an entire product line just waiting for her to say yes.

The kids protection plan (guides parents to legally plan for and protect their kids) was the first product I ever created and it’s important work, but it’s gotten no attention from me since I created it because there are too many other fun and lucrative projects on my plate.

Right now, she leaves the house every day for school to go learn things that are preparing her for a life she probably doesn’t even want.

Why not put all of that time and energy into learning skills that will truly serve her and the world?

And Ali’s woos-in-crime are eatin’ it up:

“I’m with you, sister. I say the same things to my kids. Right now they really still want to be ‘normal.’ Looking forward to them embracing their freedom and taking the road less traveled.”

“I want this for my unborn child.”

“Sweet I look forward to Investigating…. I always ask my kids not to go to school …. ”

“I took my son out of highschool at 16 – the system was failing him miserably. He now supports me in my business and I have him in trainings that will serve him and the highest good for the rest of time!”

shanti bparty

Update: Mom of the Year Alexis Neely just returned from California, where she’d been celebrating her fourth birthday party because turning 41 is such a milestone. While she was out partying, one Sven Jorgensen actually questioned the wisdom of the old raunch’s “proposition” and suggested she support her daughter’s choices:

High School may not be providing your daughter an education that is even close to worthwhile. However, when I was having dinner with you guys a few weeks ago, it was very clear that she is someone who truly values her friendships and that high school is a place that she gets to interact with her friends and strengthen peer connections that are really important to her. I would be very careful about asking her to give up something that is so incredibly valuable to her. For so many teenagers, peer connections are absolutely critical to their sense of well-being and enjoyment of life.

Furthermore, she is a kid. Why should she be trying to serve the world at this age? Admittedly, all I wanted to do at that age was save the world, but isn’t it enough for her to simply enjoy childhood, discover her sense of self, learn how to be socially functional, perhaps even socially confident? While I truly appreciate the offer you have made to her, I strongly recommend you spend as much time as possible truly listening to what is important to her and seeking out ways to support her in pursuing what she finds important. And it doesn’t matter at all what that is. What matters is that she grows up knowing that her parents love and support her however she chooses to focus her time, her energy and her life. Listen to her closely, give her truly unconditional love, and she will have exactly the maximum impact she is meant to have on the world. And it may or may not resemble your values or your priorities.

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WTF? The Thanksgiving Goddess?


Is it time for a new persona? Julia is channeling Erma Bombeck? Words fail me. And then there was this:


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“It’s Dee-licious & Yummy!” Smellsberg’s New Grift: Untangled Love

For your weekend viewing pleasure. Ayelet Shimron interviews me on two of my favorite topics, my concept of untangled love, and also kink/BDSM. Some of the questions we cover include:

–> What is the relation between untangled love, vs. polyamory, vs. casual hookups?
–> Why we start *hiding* parts of ourselves as soon as we want something from someone sexually or romantically.
–> What are kink/BDSM?
–> When are these practices safe, and when are they not safe?
–> Why do some empowered women feel ashamed about their desire to explore BDSM?
–> How should people who are interested in exploring it start?
–> Why I love kink/BDSM

This is some hot territory we get into. Enjoy!

Memo to Julia Allison: Be sure to enroll in Michael’s new course, his “ultimate share,” The Art of Writing for Facebook, and up those one or two comments to your constant FB crowdsourcing.  You’re a “social media expert,” right?  We’d hate it if someone accused you of being a liar.


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