That Poor Damn Dog, Ch. 397

lily 2

“What is this middle seat crap? I demand a window in first class! And a bag of treats! That is all.” – Lillydog

Tee hee, Julie. We know Lilly didn’t go with you to CR. Surely the real Lilly would have been far more hostile if able to speak, especially after you abandoned her, yet again, for 3+ weeks.

The asshole posted another Bil Keane unfunny about that city in which she occasionally resides yet needed to crowdsource for Momma’s visit. Makin’ that hashtag happen!

You know you live in San Francisco when …

… someone asks you if you know so-and-so, and you reply, “Not really … but I eye gazed with her Sunday morning after the sunrise set.”


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Meet Wali, Julia Allison’s One Genuine Fan


Wali Rahman, an intern at Agrani Bank Limited in Khulna, Bangladesh, has a massive hardon for a donkey:

When I woke up todays morning at 8:30 I was sure that I am going to see something really special waiting for me somewhere in this beautiful earth ….And yup it was right there which caught my eyes staring on the cellphone screen for an hour may be two or more…That was pure so magnimitic,so charming,ful of faith,holy ness ecstaticity…and no sign of sin at all …. It is so unfair that you are going love me that much through silence being by my side and I am never going to pay anything in return……God bestowed me with such gift of affection,care and versetility how am I going to thank him….. Jullia Allison Bouger … I love u ….I need you …. like the birds chirp in the nest ….. Like the southern monsoon air …..Or the rain that sizes like whole grain of Basmati …..Will you be soul for the body that was empty for a long period …. To build an authentic future …. ‪#‎HELLYES‬ What say you….????

wali julie

You know what I dreamt over my entire life and tried to give them wings…. That was just in need of a bigger support …. And the person who was been there to inspire this cause …. Was her …. the lady in pink ….. smile emoticon …. SO MY HEARTIEST RESPECT AND GREAFULNESS .., THANKS FOR BEING THERE WHEN I NEEDED SOMEONE MOST … PINK IS ALL YOURS …. THE REVOLUTION IS ONLINE smile emoticon #thankfulness #greatfulness #loves…. Wali Rahman

pink ass

Wali has been commenting on Michael Ellsberg and Ali Shanti’s FB posts.  Skankatron 3000 has even inspired Wali to expose himself to Julia!


wali 2

But wait! Wali seems to have caused problems in Wooville, no doubt in his pursuit of the ineffable Julie, even asking for a free Money Map from Skankatron – the audacity! – and calling her a “know it all” when he didn’t get one. The old raunch has written a novel about this horrific ordeal and will soon be doing a podcast. No, I’m not making this shit up:


I posted what I considered to be a helpful comment on a “friend’s” post about taxes last night.

And then instead of saying anything to me about it, he deleted the comment and posted a follow up post on his wall that said “no one likes a know it all.”

I’ve contacted him directly to clarify and confirm that this was, in fact, directed to or about me. But I would say it’s pretty clear.

And maybe he won’t respond. And maybe I shouldn’t even care.

But he’s part of my extended community – which is why I even see his FB posts – and I do care.

Maybe I should just unfriend him and move on, but I feel there is a learning opportunity here for me. And maybe for him. And maybe for someone else reading this now.

I posted my comment to be helpful with no agenda or ulterior motive.

I’m a giver. I open my heart and give every chance I get.

My wish for our world is that more people would.

And I can see why they don’t when this is the result.

I can hear this voice in the back of my head saying “Ali, stop offering to help anyone who doesn’t ask for the help first.”

Put the energy into creating for a broad audience instead so those who want it can have it and those who don’t can ignore it.

That seems right.

And I can also hear the voice that says “post a comment back on his post that no one likes a know it all” and say “no one likes an asshole either.”

And while that makes my mind laugh a little, it’s not what I want more of in the world.
It hurts my heart to say it.

So I’m sharing it here w you instead so I can get it out, move it through and get on with my day.

I’m creating a podcast and one of my segments will be called “Do the Right Thing” and when I do I can talk about this kind of thing there instead of here.

Because I would really like it if we all had a better sense of what it really means to do the right thing in a world that desperately needs a shift around right and wrong altogether.


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Manic Mentalcase Posts Videos Of Herself All Night, Including When She Was a Mean-Faced Child Already Obsessed With Her Own Image

Her Vimeo page is rich with lunacy; she was up posting videos of herself all night, including childhood home movies featuring a demon-faced young donkey who already looks demented. (“Peter? We need to talk about Julia.”) For some reason I can only embed one video per post, so click on over to see them yourself.

The other dance video. Oy. Sick dance moves, attention-whoring lady in white!


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Julia Allison Endorses Platonic Touch, “TRUE Brotherhood” for Menfolk!


Personally, I adore it when men hug, dance with, wrestle, cuddle and massage each other – in a completely platonic manner. Women are allowed to do this with no stigma. Why can’t men?? (btw, it would be fine with me if it weren’t platonic too, but my point here is that this sort of touch has been off limits for men due to homophobia or confusion about all touch being inherently sexual. It isn’t.)

Physical touch is deeply healing to our nervous systems – and true brotherhood can and should not only have room for it, but hold it up as an important value.

Trust, she’s not at all fine if the touch isn’t platonic.  Are you kidding?  A donkey this insecure isn’t fine with getting left out of the picture, unless you’re a walking 1950s stereotype that she can easily fit into her dusty taxonomy.


Never forget who she hired to fill the “gay slot” at Non-Society. Be sure to turn down the volume before playing:

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My God, what an insufferable douchebag. “I thought you might be.”


1. If this is really about some poor stinky hippie who’s banging a donkey, then well done, stupid donkey. You’ve managed to overshare again but doing it as a conversation is just so edgy and writerly and OMG BRAVE and therefore not at all yet another example of you braying it to the hills as soon as some dumb tool sticks it in you. Idiot.

2. If it’s a recollection of some dumb tool from the past, ditto. Nice artistic over-sharing, smug idiot so proud that someone “fell in love” with you. Where are they now, however? Oh right — with sane women.

3. If it’s just something she’s made up for her book, my God she is possibly the cheesiest and most abysmal writer ever. Please make it stop.

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