Will Raul Be Vacating The OMG! Downtown Condo?


Is anyone looking for a gorgeous place to move into in the Marina? It looks like Ne and I will be moving in January and I would love for my beautiful home to “stay in the family.” PM me! (It’s a top floor 2 bedroom, about 5k, laundry, garage and storage, updated appliances, charming features, half a block to the Palace of Fine Arts, totally quiet, really magical.) And also, if anyone is looking for a place to spend Xmas in SF, let me know!”

I’m interested, Donkey, but only if it’s available furnished. I have a thing for inspirational plastic signage, color coordinated bookshelves, and batty burro vision boards.

stall 1



Bottom Picture: Little Edie, Christmas, 1974.

donkey deer

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A Thanksgiving Donkey

You asked and here are some snaps from Thanksgiving 2003 2015. What in the greg damn is the pescatarian wearing? Is she going for the GILF look? (See FB post below.)




Saved before Donkey deletion!


Bottom Picture: “WE LOVE YOU RAIN AND TIM!!”


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Updated: From The Recent Treasure Trove of Donkey Droppings …

… Diane Arbus snapped Julia Allison for yandy.com:


Thank you to @Yandy for my Mermaid Halloween costume! I loved it. (PS. I made the flower crown myself!)

Peter Baugher displays his beast of burden’s “significant neurological abilities”:


Among the hired help posing with Android Jones for Sea-Org Summit 2015:


Adolescent BFFs clown for the camera. Too cute!


Sucking up to OMG! Randi – she liked the FB fauxto – while pretending to be in Chicago for Thanksgiving:


Mark Zuckerberg might have a hospital named after him now, but I have this … um … storefront … in Chicago.

Posing with the recently dumped Nisha Moodley and masturbatrix Ariel White for Duckface’s FB profile fauxto:


Bowlegged and forever lazing on Daddy’s dime. How can Donkey possibly find the time to get that PR grift up and running?


Update: Don’t forget to give thanks for the caterwauling vocal stylings and middle schooler lyrics of Julia’s songstress lov-ah, Jess “Duckface” Johnson. “You inspire me / To be a higher me!” Now that’s poetry!

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Who Called It? Julia Allison Gears Up For The Big Grift


After 15 years in the media, interviewing and being interviewed, in print, on radio and tv – from CNN to MTV, from the cover of WIRED to the NYT – I can say for sure I know a thing or two or 17 about press, how to get it, and how to NOT get it (hint: do NOT hire an expensive PR rep & send out pointless press releases) wink emoticon

After speaking around the world on this subject, and coaching many startup founders, I’m considering coming out with something more substantive, a way for more entrepreneurs, healers and artists to be able to access my hacks – and avoid paying 3-10k or more a month for a publicist who doesn’t do much of anything. (There are a few great ones, but they are few and far between.)

Would this be something you’d be interested in?

I’ve never put together an online course, and would love to partner with someone who is a pro at this … any suggestions? smile emoticon Thank you!

PS. There *IS* such thing as bad press. Trust me.

So, instead of hiring a real publicist, suckers buy Donkey’s hacks, the PR version of The Money Map? And when the fuck did this lazy layabout ever coach “many startup founders”?

She has no work ethic, a short attention span and can’t get out of bed before noon, so it’s hard to envision Donkey getting this simple con job up and running, even with the help of unpaid interns and her equally duplicitous friends cheering her on. Oh yeah, the newly integrated Ali Shanti showed up in the comments, but is she stupid enough to sign on as partner?

allison 1

Allison 2

Jess “Duckface” Johnson lurvs the idea!


Bottom Picture!


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Updated: Skankatron 3000B & DJ Fozzie Commode Consciously Uncouple … With Softness


The newly integrated Ali Shanti confirms ad nauseam what we’ve all known, and yes, Ali, the whole world was watching!

Relationships in the day and age of Facebook are so, well, interesting. A year ago, you all watched as Michael Jacobs and I discovered our love for each other. Everywhere we went, people would come up to him and say “I know you from Facebook!” I realized how many more people read what I write than I thought.

And now as Michael and I transition our relationship into new form, I feel compelled to write something, but I’m honestly not sure what to say, yet.

Let’s see what comes …

This “break-up” (I don’t really see it that way) has been one of the easiest relationship transitions I’ve experienced. It’s what is right for both of us and I feel infinite gratitude for the time we had together.

Michael supported me through a year of learning to be with my daughter in a new way, as she steps into womanhood. A time of discovering permaculture and deepening into my work. He supported me through some painful transitions in my companies and to step into a new level of personal leadership. And, listening to his music, as he created his album, significantly upgraded my consciousness. I hope you listen, if you have not yet.

Through our time together, I have integrated my Ali and Alexis parts in a way that feels great to me and I feel able to be myself and with myself in a way I didn’t before.

In reality, I could have stayed in this relationship for a long time because it felt so good and comfortable to be with Michael. But, the context of our relationship wasn’t good and comfortable, it was evolution and growth. (Thanks to Jennifer Russell and Bryan Franklin for the workshop at Burning Man where we got to discover this together.)

Fortunately, we have such good friends who could see that our staying together was not serving either of us in the highest way possible and who supported us to transition gracefully. We went to Valley View Hot Springs with Paul Cooper Diana Fleischmann Nanci Tarutz Alpert and Keith Alpertfor my birthday and, it turns out, to be gently guided to see the truth of what would serve most.

I felt embarrassed that we needed that kind of support to end our relationship and then realized it wasn’t embarrassment, it was resistance to intimacy. I felt awkward that we were taking our friends time to support us in this way until I let myself accept that friendship goes there. True friends want to be there in the challenging times too.

And, it’s always helpful when your friends are amazing healers and guides who can help you see what you cannot always see on your own.

Several few years ago, when I broke up with a partner I had been with for a few years, one of our “friends” approached him afterwards to ask him if he wanted her to smear my name. (He didn’t.) I am so glad to see how far I’ve come in the friend department.

Michael, thank you for the immense gifts you brought to my life. Paul, Diana, Nan, Keith, Cydney, Robert and E thank you for being such integral parts of our lives as a couple.

And thanks to you who are reading this for the support and kindness for both me and Michael. While I think we are both doing well, extra love during a time of transition is welcome.

Yo, Skankatron, there’s still time to thank The Academy while you’re transitioning. Think she at all regrets that umpteenth Burning Man orgy? Naw, Ali always cums comes first.

Bottom Picture: Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce, special orders don’t upset us!


Update: As some of you have mentioned, Jena la Flamme has been posting non-stop, including a primer on anal sex, and seems higher than a fucking kite. Did she get half of Smellberg’s drugs in the settlement? This just in:

If I was permitted to have one message to the world, and one only, it would be:
“Feel your animal.”
Your animal has not all, but many of the answers you may be looking for.
So feel her.
Feel him.
And then feel more and more still.
There is boundless wisdom within.

Really? That’s her one fucking message to the world? And Jesus H. Christ, what rotting animal carcass has she plopped atop her balding head? #pleasurableinsanity


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