Vile Donkey-isms: The Internet Never Forgets

Discussion of the many callous and thoughtless things Julia Allison has done in her life, plus links to relevant background posts below.

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(1) Tucker Max-Gate
(2) “I Was Inside”: Using a Family Member’s Traumatic Experience To Win An Internet Argument
(3) E-Mail To An Ex’s Fiancee
(4) “Keep That Helo In The Air, Babe”
(5) MacBook Air
(6) “I Was Highly Aware That I Had An Expiration Date, As A Woman.”: see also Expiration Date in the Glossary.
(7) Jack McCain’s Lawyer: and the Great RBNS Shutdown of ’11 (more here and here too)
(8) “The Home They Shared”: Breakup with a Guy after Five Months, Put out a Press Release
(9) Grandpa-Gate
(10) GriftcardGate
(11) “Old Folks Shouldn’t Blog!”
(12) Livetweeting Granny’s Final Days (and more here, here, here, and here)

(*) BONUS: More Donkey Insanity Chronicled here!