The Internet Never Forgets

Julia: So Nice

June 3, 2010

If there’s one thing that pisses me off, it’s when Donkey tries to advance her bullshit fantasy that she is a NICE person and we are simply angry, sort of sad adults who despise her for no good reason despite all the lies, the brazen greed and the nasty games she plays with exes and their new partners.

Tool always forgets that her re-re cray-cray has been forwarded around for years via e-mail, text, Facebook message. Hey, Zuckerberg ass-kisser and Internet privacy expert: If you want your lunacy to remain private, don’t put it in e-mail!

Here’s her recent reply to an ex who ordered her to stop bothering him. I have received it several times from friends of the couple; I have redacted the names of the people involved. Kindly, she sent it to his girlfriend and asked her to pass it along. Because she is such a nice person!

Julia Allison at 8:10pm
(no subject)

Since [REDACTED]’s email doesn’t seem to be working, won’t you please forward this along to him?
This will be the last time I contact you – or him.
Good luck in the future.
Thank you.

Wow … the first time I’ve heard from you in 2.5 years and this is how you choose to address me? You sound disproportionately angry.
[REDACTED], I haven’t called or texted you in two years. I don’t even have your phone number! And I haven’t emailed you in over a YEAR! I facebooked messaged you in December – once, to ask you to give me closure, and once to wish you luck in your engagement. I haven’t physically seen you since June of 2007. Even by the most liberal definition of stalking, you would have a difficult time proving that case. 🙂
I also replied to your fiancee’s facebook message by telling her that I would take down any mention of you if she wanted – but she never replied.
I think I’ve been pretty reasonable. I’ve always said nice things about you and I’ve always told the truth – we loved each other, we were very serious, and I made a lot of mistakes. I don’t think anything about my behavior is horrible. These are my memories, too. Perhaps you’re embarrassed because you overlapped [REDACTED] and me? Because we were still sleeping together and you were still telling me you loved me up well through the summer of 2007, when you were dating her? I assumed that she knew that, but perhaps she didn’t.
I’m sorry you’re upset, but you could have dealt with this in a much more reasonable manner.
I’m actually exceptionally grateful that you finally responded – at least I can move on now!! I wish we could have been friends, but I have my answer. Thank you for that.
Good luck in your future marriage to [REDACTED]!
Take care of yourself,
PS. So does this mean I’m not invited to the wedding? 😉

And a little addendum about her equally demented enablers who still remain her friends — something the blondes could not bring themselves to do, largely because of this bullshit. She wrote a long message to this same ex, and forwarded it around to her friends asking them why they thought he hadn’t replied. And instead of someone saying: Because he’s obviously not into speaking to you, so LEAVE THE FUCKING GUY ALONE, their replies were along these lines: Don’t worry, Julia. He hasn’t replied YET. Give it time!