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RB: Julia, Jan 14, 12:21am


See, Julia Allison CAN share the limelight! Here, she shines it on Meghan Asha Parikh:

Recognize anyone in this photo?

Meghan is featured in this week’s New York Observer story about early tech adopters.


RB: Julia, Jan 13, 8:47pm


Not. Even. Remotely. Fun. says Our Lady of Introspection. Oh, her troubles! Read on:

Sorry – I’ve been dealing with my travel schedule for the past five hours. I had plans to go to Tahoe from Jan 21-25 with Meghan Asha & Randi Zuckerberg, but I got an email today inviting me to speak at DLD (Digital, Life, Design), a prestigious conference in Munich, Germany, “which features digital innovation, science and culture and brings together thought leaders, creators, entrepreneurs and investors from Europe, the Middle-East, the Americas and Asia.” It’s also considered to be the precursor to the Davos World Economic Forum, which commences that Wednesday, January 28.

So, instead of skiing together, the three of us – Meghan, Randi and I – are flying to Munich instead! A bit of a pace change, for sure, but an exciting one.

The only issues are logistical, now. Because of my former stint on the Hill, I have two tickets to the Inauguration on January 20th (I’m taking Dan!), and I’m heading down there on the 19th to attend the Huffington Post Inaugural Ball. So now the question is: do I come back to New York, then fly to SF from NY, or do I just fly direct to SF from DC?

Men wouldn’t understand this, but the idea of packing for three trips – DC, SF, and Munich – at once, with baggage weight limits AND black tie events included? Not. Even. Remotely. Fun.

RB: Julia, Jan 13 – 1:00am


More fabulousness from our favorite trio. And Julia takes a not-so-subtle dig at the travesties of the airline industry (just Draconian, I say):

Meghan had to repack her two ginormous suitcases four times – at the curb – to get the weight under the draconian 50 pound limit. WE PACKED A DROBO, PEOPLE! Weight limits shouldn’t apply.

A Note to Charlsie


Can we call you Charlsie? We don’t know much about you, but we do enjoy reading the QOD, if only because it’s the only venue where NS readers can revolt against our Trio of Banality (until now, that is). We’ve learned that you’re the intern, responsible for deleting comments and probably scooping up Lily’s poo, but beyond that, you’re a mystery.

Oh Charlsie, we feel for you. Why are you there? Get out while you still can. We know, the economy sucks, and the media is dying. But Julia Allison is not the road to world/media domination, despite her claims to the contrary.

Turn around now, and erase this from your memory (and resume) before it’s too late.

RB: Julia, Jan 12 – 8:46pm


More conversational wit and witticism from Our Lady, bunnies:

* Me: I just want a couch like THAT! [gestures towards giant L shaped couch in Palazzo suite]
* Megan Alagna: Yeah! It’s super wide so you could have sex on it.
* Me: Uh … I wasn’t thinking sex. I was thinking naps.
* Megan Alagna: I was thinking sex, because I haven’t had it in six months.
* Me: HA.
* Megan Alagna: Then again, you haven’t had a nap in six months.
* Me: This is so very true.