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RB: Julia, Jan 15 – 6:42pm


Comedy gold:

Me: Is it okay that I wear the EXACT SAME OUTFIT on every single first date?
Lilly: [licks the ground]
Me: I’m going to take that as a “yes.”

RB: Julia, Jan 15, 5:46pm


Someone needs to get Julia Allison her own comedy show. The conversations between her and Mary Rambin are simply side-splitting:

Mary: See how good that necklace looks on me?
Me: Yes.
Me: Did you steal it?
Mary: Of course!
Me: [LAUGHTER] I still haven’t worn it, though!
Mary: You’re never going to wear it. It’s too cool for you.
Me: I don’t have a comeback to that.

RB: Julia, Jan 15 – 5:34pm


Julia feels special today, because some dimwit has been tricked into going on a date with her. And he’s sending her a chariot. But Mary dates too!


Taping a podcast with Jules about sex. We have a few things to say on that topic. Well, if you give us a forum and a topic, we’ll talk your ear off. Shocking, right.

We’ve been on the phone doing this fun interview about sex and dating (it feels like we’re just chatting with a girlfriend), after taping our next four TMIweekly episodes from 12-4 pm.

On my agenda tonight? 1) Cleaning my apartment 2) The Gym 3) A date!

RB: Julia, Jan 15 – 4:48pm


This is some really riveting stuff:

Mary: Do you have the number?
Me: No.
Mary: Oh.
Me: Do you have the number?
Mary: No.
Me: Oh.
Mary: Hmm.
Me: Hmm.
Mary: Hmm.
Me: This is a dilemma.

RB: Julia, Jan 15 – 4:41pm


More hilarity:

Mary: Oh my god, did you just friend [redacted] on Facebook?!?
Me: Yes!!
Mary: Oh my god! You’re stalking my dates!