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Now, now


Listen, bunnies, we’re being heard! In a three-hour meeting!

From Mary:

In the interest of true lifecasting, I’m letting you know we are in a 3 hour meeting discussing the future of TMI by exploring our thoughts and your comments.

Our Lady of Earnest Apologies?


Oh Miss Asha, why have you gotten yourself into this mess? We’re still not sure what you did for the tech hedge fund or whatever it was that you worked for, and what really qualifies you to be a tech expert, but you seem likeable enough, regardless of your lack of professional gravitas. Your humble apology posted today makes us almost feel bad for you. But, um, when you say in your post that there needed to be transparency, actually BEING transparent right then and there could go a long way in remedying that. You did no such thing. Oh, well. Live and learn?

Here’s the post, bunnies:

RB: Meghan, Jan 14, 11:39am

I’ve avoided writing about the back end of our business for quite some time. My thinking initially was that running a website is like a stage performance and all the activity behind the scenes needed to just that— behind the scenes. After reading Julia’s blog post, I now realize that it may be beneficial to start talking about all that goes into running a startup. This is a particularly different kind of a startup because we are not just founders we are the content providers, dead set on turning NS into a network of many besides the three of us. Creating a community takes time, creating decent content takes time, creating the next site build outs takes time, all of which is a balance we’re still trying to manage.

We got slammed for the CES coverage, and I will take the blame for it. First of all, this was my first time covering a tech event with the girls and preset deliverable for sponsorship; normally I’m on my own with the freedom to blog tech all day long. That was not the case last week; I literally had an hour the last day of CES to check out the new product launches. Our shoots went longer than expected, both day and night. Call me naive, but I really had no idea that making 4 edited & 6 unedited videos would take so much time. It was like shooting 6 commercials in the span of 4 days. That being said, I’m looking forward to the end product and now know how I’d prepare for the situation in the future.

Guys, I’m really sorry, I let you down and I know it. There were so many parts of the equation that needed clarification; first off I should have explained CES to all the novices. I can’t imagine how annoyed some of you were with the lack of details on what exactly is the Consumer Electronics Show and why we were there.

Another issue that needed clarification was the CES Superlative site, it was put up as a way to get our readers involved in thinking about tech in an edgier more creative way. It was created for everyone, even if you were not at the event. My goal was to provoke a thoughtful discussion on which gadgets fit each category and why. Surprisingly, I did get some insightful submissions (I’ll post a little later), but I think next time we create a submission site we must provide more guidelines and examples.

My last issue with CES is transparency, we needed to explain our involvement and degree of participation (were we attending as bloggers, participants, paid reps). Fact is, I think we went to the conference for a multitude of reasons that weren’t entirely clear until we arrived. I’m not complaining, I think even with all the disappointment, it was a huge learning experience on what we can handle and what we can’t. The three of us are very capable, very driven women, but sometimes we promise more than we can deliver. In the past, I used to overextend myself with college courses and jobs until I burnt out. I don’t want to do this with NS, so next time it’s important to set realistic goals on coverage to my readers. I often have delusions of grandeur to be as informative and timely as an Engadget, Gizmodo, and TechCrunch, I must remind myself that these tech sites are staffed with way more than just one person. The bloggers on these websites are focused on one thing— blogging, which for me is not the case.

My last priority (which you’d think, should be my first priority) has been blogging, I’ve been preoccupied on how we can make enough money to build upon our following. I enjoy the backend, but it’s often hard to switch gears. As far as content is concerned, I’m still searching for my pace and beat, I’ll hit my stride sometime, but for now it’s a journey where all I can do is work harder. We have come so far, but still have a very long way to go, we’re learning from our mistakes, my main hope is that you too learn from our missteps, so you too can gain insight into your own life.

Rewriting History?


Why did Our Lady of Introspection just add four posts to her site that have been backdated to January 12? The thing is, we’ve been following Bunny-in-Chief’s logs, and they weren’t there before. So she wants to share the Trio’s trip to Zappos? Why not post it as new? Something smells fishy…And Zappos, oh Zappos. A company we actually like, getting into bed with the Trio of Banality? How can we warn you that this will not pay off?

Here they are, for your pleasure:

January 12 – 9:20am

Zappos has shelves and shelves of inspirational, self-help and business development books (my favorite combo!) which they give away for free to visitors. I lugged about 50 pounds of books back home to NY, and yes, “First, Break All The Rules!” was one of them. Although I’m pretty sure I’ve mastered that step. har.

Speaking of books, get ready! We’re going to launch the NonSociety Book of Whenever The Hell We Feel Like It Club starting in February after Fashion Week, when Version 1.5 is up and running.

January 12 – 10:34am

Hula-hooping it up at Zappos. The young woman who gave us our tour told me that she was actually asked to hula-hoop during her employment interview. Now THAT’S the kind of company I want to work for!!!

January 12 – 11:05am

NonSociety at Zappos, the single kindest and most enthusiastic company I’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting. I’ll tell you more about them tomorrow, but suffice it to say: WOW. Just, WOW.

RB: Mary, Jan 14, 11:20am


The Handmaiden of Passive Aggression posted an interesting note this morning defending her promotion of the Yummy Tummie. Everything about the post reveals how little the NS trio know about actual journalism. But here’s what really pisses us off:

Surely you know when magazines suggest products they only do so for the advertising dollars. Do you write angry notes to them when you purchase their “recommendations?”

Surely we don’t, Mary. Some of us are REAL journalists who have REAL integrity. What we’d like to know is what expertise or qualifications allows you to make such comments–and, for that matter, on anything you talk about? Nutrition? Ish, please. Fashion? Don’t even get us started. The idea that Mary is qualified as a stylist or “style expert” is a big joke.

Read on for the whole post:


As you know, we taped a TMI episode where I suggested Yummie Tummie as a method to smooth out your curves. Some of you purchased the $72 product, some of you didn’t.

Those of you who did buy the tank and are unhappy with its effects seem to be pretty upset with me. Hmmmm….

I should have explained this a while ago, so let me tell you now how my product endorsement works:

1. I buy something new or PR reps send me their products/clothes for free.
2. I try them. Sometimes I have my friends test them too.
3. I tell you what I honestly think in a blog post or mention it on TMI if relevant to my topic.
4. At no point does money exchange hands (If it does, I’ll let you know. Look out for the word “sponsor”).

I cannot pay rent or any sort of bills with these reviews. They are just a resource for you.

We are all different sizes and shapes with different chemical make ups so products that work for me, might not be the best for you. All I can offer is a genuine opinion about my experience, how I think it would add value to your life, and any issues I might have with it.

Surely you know when magazines suggest products they only do so for the advertising dollars. Do you write angry notes to them when you purchase their “recommendations?”

Because I have bags full of products, I usually only write about things I LOVE or HATE. Middle of the road stuff I only take the time to talk about if I feel like people use it and maybe shouldn’t.

A quick note on SPONSORS: NonSociety doesn’t team up with sponsors we don’t genuinely like. We would look like assholes if we shilled products that suck. You can’t think we really do that? There are too many things we love to promote stuff we don’t believe in.

AND FINALLY, if you have a problem with Yummie Tummie, tell them. They are really nice people, and I’m sure will let you send back the product. I can’t make a promise, but if you’re upset enough to post on QOD, then I believe it’s worth the 10 minutes to let them know your grievance.

I hope this clarifies some issues for you. Should you have any other questions, you know where to find me.

Like Readers, Like Lifecasters


Here is what commenter Carly has to say about the onslaught of vitriol against NonSociety:

Oh lordy people, why so critical?!?! I wanna see you do what the girls do day to day and still manage to pump out great material. If you dont like what they do why in the hell do you put yourself through the agony of coming to the site – I just don’t get it?! And did you ever think that the reason they blogged about kodak is because they sponsored the girls to go to vegas and cover CES. Oy Vey… you people are just too much!

We…we have no words. Will someone please explain to Carly the 4390689406 things wrong with her statement?