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RB: Julia, Jan 17, 1:11am


Julia has really evolved. No repeats of that Jakob and Julia stuff. She shares her new governing philosophy on dating and blogging:

Conversation with Date Tonight. It was our 2nd, and I was home by 11:30, sharp! (Thanks to Matchmaker Amy Laurent. Nice work, Amy!)

FYI, Current Policy on Romantic Disclosures: 1) No names or identifying information will be disclosed without prior written (email/text) approval. 2) I reserve the right not to tell you about dates who request that I tell you nothing. and 3) I’ll think of this one later.

The gentleman I dated last summer/fall asked me to keep him off the blog entirely – not even the vaguest of vague mentions, and I kept my word until we ended things (and he gave me permission to explain the situation). We’re good friends, so I think I handled things well – and he agrees.

Actually, I haven’t had a problem with any guy getting upset about anything I’ve written here in a long, long, long time (almost a year). The weird thing is, it’s the readers (who aren’t involved!) who get upset about it, preemptively, on the dude’s behalf. This is just a friendly note to let you know that I gots the sitch under control, yos. 🙂

RB: Julia, Jan 16 – 7:39pm


Julia, is this the best you can do with your lifecasting? I mean, this new post is such a bore:

Where’s the Monster dog been hiding?!?

She’s super-shaggy and in dire need of a fur cut (at least aesthetically) … but I don’t really want to give her one now, because that coat keeps her warm! I may wait until March. Of course, by then, she’ll be half fur, half dog. But that could be amusing.

RB: Julia, Jan 16 – 7:28pm


There is something SHOCKING about this photo, bunnies! Can it be true? Are we seeing Julia’s other cheek?

My date outfit for tonight, IT’S-FUCKING-FREEZING VERSION.

Juicy Couture jeans (with red J. Crew tights underneath, not that my date will ever see those), Banana Republic tank top, James Perse LS tee, H&M faux fur vest. I want to put on a turtleneck too, and maybe a scarf and hat and gloves, and keep them on the entire date, but I have a feeling I wouldn’t get asked out again. Whatever, at least I’d be warm.

DAMN, it’s cold.

RB: Julia, Jan 16 – 6:55pm


Do you think the Tumblr boys sit around patting each other on the back because Our Lady of Introspection is “so, so proud” of them? Because she is. This post proves it:

Introducing: Tumblr v5 from David Karp.

I am SO proud of David’s team for pulling this together. I’m incredibly lucky to be working with you guys 🙂

Congratulations to David and the entire Tumblr team. This product just blows my mind. I’m so, so proud of you guys.