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Pillowgate: Jess Magic Turns Thief, Engages in Balding Twin Sandwich

Thanks, Jaahass, but no thanks. We’re well aware of the action that stained throw pillow has seen. From Devin to Rainy and beyond.

Does Judy know you snatched her beloved cushion? No? Then please ship the cuddle pillow to your soul sister in San Francisco immediately so that we aren’t forced to contact Dadsers.

Looks like white folks had a lot of fun at Bali Smell Fest 2019. Judy’s presumably still upset she wasn’t co-hosting this year. Not because they didn’t ask her back, but because the eastern mystic sacrificed her personal happiness to live off with Dodi & feeble Lilly in NoPa. Such a role model for the woo community!

Poor Judy even missed out on Jaahass harmonizing with the balding Bali twins, Nan & Bert, and another goddess along for the ride. Fiiiire, fire, fire, fire, fiiiiire!

Bottom Picture! At least someone responds to her FB diarrhea:

Scolds: Purity Donkey Hasn’t Eaten/Drank Fill-In-The-Blank In 55 Years

Jesus, woman! I know Eve Marson, Dodi’s sestra, produced FED UP, a fine documentary about food toxicity, but give it a fucking rest.

Also, Passive Aggressive Donkey Is Passive Aggressive:

Bottom Pictures: Sugar is poison!

caught in the act


Devin Stetler, Riverbank’s weed entrepreneur and former Donkey base model, is definitely NOT married, out for anything he can get, and supposedly an asshole.

Among his OkCupid profile pics:

Wasn’t the snap below taken by Donkey? Sorry for the small size and poor resolution.

Bottom Video! Straight Devin and equally straight Rasmus Leo Foyer re-enact the finale from “Dirty Dancing.” No one puts Debbie’s orientation in a corner! (Filmed by Michel Madie, Foyer’s straight husband and grandfather)