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The Blondes

This is presumably Jordan Reid’s new beau, the Tinder hookup she just met. They’re “truly, madly, deeply, reciprocally” in love, though wasn’t she was in love with a Malibu real estate agent just eight weeks ago? Her kids must be enjoying the see-sawing, when they’re not being exploited for page views.

Big Phony: Cryface Jordan Reid’s Therapist Finds Her Client “Least Authentic” Human Being On The Planet

Updated: Future Secretary Of Lipdubs? Myka McLaughlin, Donkey’s Non-Lesbian Lover, Joins One Nation Under Woo

"One Nation offers relationship, community, and a gallon of aya in every pot! I say we make a communal lipdub to 'Power to the People' as a show of support for Cory, er, Christopher!"