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Typecasting 101: Julia Allison & The Dance of Insanity


Per Skankatron 3000B:

Five years ago, my definition of success changed drastically. Whereas before I had been focusing on achievement in the traditional realm (and achieved it repeatedly only to find it rather empty), I decided I would change my definition of success.

I would know true success when I was invited to dance on stage at Burning Man and successfully did so. It’s representative of so much that’s right in my world when it happens and this is now the third year I’ve experienced it. It hasn’t gotten old and doesn’t feel empty one bit.

I’m not the best dancer, but my heart sure is in it and thanks to my partners (Jess Johnson last year and Myka Mclaughlin this year) I do okay. And it feels awesome so I don’t care that much how it looks.

This picture is the Camp Mystic dancers in the green room (the Mystic Flyer, envisioned by Timothy Johnson and Jennifer Russell and carried out by amazing Mystic crew).

We were just getting ready for our ‪#‎burningman2015‬ performance “Radical Reflections: The Shadow and Light of the Looking Glass”

Each of us embodied a unique reflection of the dimensions of life: mind, body, spirit, heart, time, and life.

Myka McLaughlin and I danced addiction/pleasure. That’s my addiction face in this picture. wink emoticon
Sonya Stewart and Julia Maryanska danced heartbreak and union
Adelle Juliet and Julia Allison danced wisdom and insanity
Jena la Flamme and Techa Beau danced crisis and serentiy
Mia Cara and Jess Johnson danced time, patience and ease
Jennifer Russell and @shanti danced life and death.

Narration and poetry by Stacey Morgenstern (not pictured) and hopefully she’ll post the poem she wrote to host the performance.

Thanks, Ali. I can’t wait for that woo-tastic poem. So happy that you found “true success” for the first time once again. How many times does this happen per week?

This is the adolescent crap you’re bankrolling, Peter Baugher?

This just in: Shanti finds Julia Allison possesses “significant neurological abilities.” Like telekinesis? Jesus, Skankatron, no matter how much you butter her up, Julie’s never going to give you Robin & Petey’s retirement savings.

julie dance


Donkey Acts Like Jackass At Bear Kittay’s Nuptials


The birdies keep chirping. From TutuMuch:

Long time lurker, first time commenter, because–you guys–I WAS AT BEAR’S BURNING MAN WEDDING. Everyone was instructed to wear white, and as expected Julia looked ridiculous in a wannabe ballerina costume that included: a big white tutu, white stockings, white leg warmers, a glowing boa, and a very bright light belt (almost no one else was wearing lights and hers were way too bright). When I first arrived at Red Lightning I expected to find her sitting in a recessed area where most of the friends and family were hanging out but instead she was just kind of roaming the room by herself. Part of the wedding included an open stage for friends and family to dance and perform. Julia of course rushed to the front of the line and then retreated. Over the course of the night I saw her coming and going from the line area. Avocado performed a song, and I never saw him interact with Julia.

I overheard her say something along the lines of “Are you fucking serious?” directly to the beautiful bride in regards to how stunning her dress was and then Julia proceeded to point out that she had lipstick on her teeth. While I was there, Julia spent most of the night alone, occasionally stopping to briefly greet random people. I caught Ali Shanti pacing around multiple times and never saw her interact with anyone either.

Julia just looked so out of place the entire time. Everyone was wearing more mature clothing and she stuck out like crazy with her bell tutu skirt and lights. Anyway, thought I’d share!

A Former Woo Spills About Con Artist Ali Shanti, Fumes Over Julia Allison


We’ve got birdies! From FormerlyWoo:

Hey All! I’m a (now former) lurker and woo that was involved in one of Ali Shanti’s programs and worshipped her and her “movement for about a year (that was hard to admit)… I was so pissed off and realized how completely delusional I was after that year was over (and my head clear) that I googled “Alexis Neely scam” and this wonderful paradise came up. I’ve been reading and loving it since, and fully intended to remain an observer, but the recent post about Julia and what she did to CL, and Ali’s nosing her way in makes my blood boil. I’ve developed a new hatred for Julia Allison that actually didn’t exist before.

I am so glad that this site exists, especially because what you guys say here is so spot on and real. While I’m still “woo-y” in that I don’t really like a ton of negative comments/profanity I completely realize that there is no other way to say it. Plus, it is fucking funny. And Ali especially (again, not totally familiar with Julia but getting there) needs a big dose of reality.

Rant: She is everything that is wrong with the online business world – shilling a program that I found I could actually recreate in Excel, along with find most of the information online… for free. And because she’s so “busy” on the playa or wherever the fuck she goes, there was one coaching call in a month where about four people get to speak about… well, how confused they are. Then, because there’s only one call a month, you’re completely confused about how to apply everything, your calls for help have been unanswered, etc. you ask for a refund.

The “30 day no questions asked money back guarantee” is a complete scam – it’s actually up to Ali’s discretion (though we all know she has none), and you have to SHOW YOUR WORK like you’re in kindergarten. Needless to say, I didn’t make the cut and get my $1000+ back. I was livid. I thought I had made “friends” with the other members of the group, but as soon as I posted about how upset I was, they turned on me. I was a fucking dead carcass lost in a sea of hyenas. I got threats from some people. Then, she turned it into a blog post about a “negative” person and the importance of clear refund policies. After that, I reached out to one of her customer service representatives on Facebook to apologize, and learned that most of her original staff had left her. I heard a rumour that one of the other customer service reps was just dumped without any word from Alexis. Over an email.

I never followed Alexis, friended her on Facebook or anything, because if I did it would probably leave me super nauseated. I cannot believe that I fell for her shit, and she’s still parading around the world acting like she gives a fuck about environmentalism, business, other people, etc. when she’s really in it for money and herself.

Anyways, thanks for the space to rant. I’ve directed a few other former Eyes Wide Open life ‘investors’ that are just as upset as I am here, so they may be commenting themselves. Glad I found you guys.

And, CL, please please please don’t let Ali have any kind of involvement in your life. Best of luck to you, and sending you a TON of love and support.

FormerlyWoo responds to Grammarian’s query: What about Skankatron’s pitch didn’t sound screamingly fraudulent from the get-go?

@grammarian – great question! I’ve asked that of myself several times. I saw it on a family member’s Facebook, and I got so caught up in the moment that I was like “okay I’m going to do this and I’m going to do it for myself!” Because that’s her schtick – do this FOR yourself, invest in yourself, blah blah blah and I was so vulnerable in that moment. Oh, and they call you if you’ve abandoned the cart and talk you into paying. The girl I spoke with (no longer with the scheme) actually walked me through the ordering process, so it was hard to say no.

I still get caught up in the “coulda woulda shoulda” thing – shoulda said no, coulda Googled her first, etc.

No need to keep beating yourself up, FormerlyWoo.  Ali Shanti is a professional con artist and well skilled at guilt tripping marks into feeling they are at fault if questioning Goddess Shanti’s methods. I hope she goes to prison.

Updated: Carnival of Whores, Starring Ali Shanti


A picture is worth a thousand words. If the shantress had a sense of humor – none of the woos do, nor do they seem to understand irony – she’d be in on the joke here. Alas, Ali is too busy wallowing in the miracle that is Burning Man and patting herself on the back for having hosted a parenting discussion with her adopted son:

We hosted great talks this year, featuring Annie Lalla, Eben Pagan, Jennifer Russell, Bryan Franklin, Layla Martin, Jules Cazedessus, Nimitae, Phutureprimitive, Josh Zemel, Random Rab, The Human Experience – David Block, Ayla Nereo, just to name a few. Michael Jacobs and I even did our first talk on parenting with the support of Stephen Brooks and Norman Brooks.

No tip o’ the tutu to thundercunt Julia Allison and no mention of Wednesday’s dance spectacular. Not when Ali, once again, must toot her own horn: she is marking her first year as an adult!

One of the reasons the pilgrimage to burningman‬ is worth it is because i am able to mark my growth and evolution from one year to the next.

This year, the most marked growth appears to be that I have moved beyond codependent relationship.

This man has showed me how to love fully, interdependently without codependency.

When he wanted to stay at burning man, even though I had to fly off playa on Saturday to get back to kids and businesses, I was a full yes to his desire.

In the long past, I would have not been so gracious. I would have pouted and complained and bitched that he wasn’t coming with me.

Or perhaps, a couple of years ago, I would have said “fine”, but it would have been one of those arms-crossed fines that aren’t really fine. And I would have secretly and quietly pouted.

Last year, I moved heaven and earth to stay on playa for extra days to be with my lover, putting off kids and work because I couldn’t bear the thought of separating.

This year though, it’s 100% different. I’ve grown tremendously in the last 6 months.

This burning man may mark my first year as a true adult.

Blah, blah, blah – so much for Ali’s promised critique of Burning Man – and it all ends in a steaming pile of nachos:

Update: Is Burning Man worth it? Of course it is and the first reason is synchronicity! Ali, stinking up the Reno airport, screeches about the amazing creativity of BM – “my name on the playa is Queen Shanti! – and whines about having to return to the “default world.” Poor wittle 16 year old.

“Yes, yes, yes, Burning Man was worth it, once again. Next year I have big plans. I really want to make a documentary. Michael and I gave a workshop on parenting and it was so good and there were so many people there!”

Then Queen Shanti had to go home and fake being an adult and a parent, while newly anointed parent Fozzie stayed behind. Shouldn’t the ex-husband have given this talk? He’s the one who actually takes care of the kids on a daily basis.