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The Future of RBD?

My dear bunnies, Donk has gone dark on FB and doesn’t appear to be posting on IG. In addition, we seem to be having difficulties with posts and comments showing up, primarily if readers are not logged in and are using Chrome on a desktop or a laptop. As for yours truly, I am facing some monumental work and life changes in the next couple of months and won’t be able to monitor the blog on a daily basis.

So, where do we go from here?

Would someone(s) be interested in taking over moderator duties? Should I shutter the blog? Perhaps keep it open and post once per week or every two weeks? I will not be able to post on a regular basis, both because of outside exigencies and the current lack of content.

Your thoughts? Let them unfold …

Christopher & Sophia Life, AKA Cory Tanner Glazier & Adelle Juliet, Gear Up For Presidential/Vice-Presidential Run

Dream presidential ticket Christoper & Sophia Life, Wooville’s answer to Randy and Evi Quaid, have 145 “One Nation” YouTube subscribers and are ready for the rubber chicken circuit. Heck, these spunky kids even have a campaign song courtesy of Joe Muscatello, who’s channeling the eyes of Laura Mars and the music of Katy Perry & Britney Spears. (I’m somewhat obsessed with this awful song and appalling video, which contains images of Martin Luther King, Jr. intercut with Muscatello’s “Glamour Shots” poses, well, not as obsessed as I am with Julia impersonating Al Pacino or Kc Baker getting ready to flash the camera, of course, but close.)

Someone was furious with us for previously revealing Christopher’s presidential run – I finally sent the emails to the spam file – but one needs to make such an announcement before it’s too late and we simply wanted to help out.

There is some concern regarding the less-than-innovative party name, One Nation. You try finding these brave souls on Facebook or YouTube among the many pages and channels also named One Nation!

Might we again suggest Mulia Mallison for ensured visibility and all your PR needs, Cory Christopher? This catalyst for love’s latest FB post had no comments and three likes, from Ayub Khan, Ashish Kashyab, and Wali Rahman. THIS IS SOCIAL MEDIA SUCCESS!!

Next up, HIVE’s aya-fueled mental meltdown.

We’re Back … From Wilmette?!

Sorry we had to shut down for a few days, bunnies. Your dotty aunt Gilly uploaded the SSL certificate but didn’t know one had to install plugins to do so. Things went a little kablooey! Some changes have been made to the front page but hopefully folks can comment again without running into difficulties. Please email me if you encounter any problems – gillyblakejourno@yahoo.com – or leave me a note in the comments to this post.

SO, I’ve been visiting family in Chicago and my aunt Christine Life (not her real name), who lives in Winnetka (she really does), asked us to Easter services in nearby Wilmette. I adore my aunt so said yes. It wasn’t until we were nearly there that I began thinking, The First Congregational Church of Wilmette?! Don’t the Baughers go here? Could my beloved aunt be taking me to the house of worship that Julia defiled with her kinderwhore costume?!

I quickly googled the church and the Baughers. Yep, we were heading towards hell and I couldn’t utter a word. I was able to take a quick video as we neared the church, angering a few family members with a disparaging comment about the overwhelming whiteness of the neighborhood.

It was entirely white inside the church. Our large party scrunched into a pew. My eyes were darting right and left. And then it happened: Robin and Peter arrived. They made the pew rounds and my heart went into my throat when they began talking to my aunt! Would Robin recognize me? I pretended to be going over the elaborate program notes with my daughter. The Baughers began making their way towards the front of the extremely dark, dreary church. Whew!

When the Baughers were speaking with my aunt, I heard them mention something about meeting Britt and Allie for brunch. I later asked my aunt Christine if they had any other children. “Yes, some yo-yo on the east coast. I’m not sure what the story is, but everyone just shakes their heads.”

After services, I successfully made the case for having brunch at the world-famous Walker Brothers Pancake House. Off we went to the RBD landmark. My vegetable omelette was indeed delicious and everyone had a side of pancakes!

I haven’t said a word to my dear aunt about our burro. Should I? I suspect everything may blow up in my face after this post goes up.

Enjoy the Easter gallery!