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Devin Stetler, Riverbank’s weed entrepreneur and former Donkey base model, is definitely NOT married, out for anything he can get, and supposedly an asshole.

Among his OkCupid profile pics:

Wasn’t the snap below taken by Donkey? Sorry for the small size and poor resolution.

Bottom Video! Straight Devin and equally straight Rasmus Leo Foyer re-enact the finale from “Dirty Dancing.” No one puts Debbie’s orientation in a corner! (Filmed by Michel Madie, Foyer’s straight husband and grandfather)

“Challenging” Website Update

We had a plug-in update causing site problems, so our host insisted we remove the plug-in. Unfortunately, to do so we first had to restore the site to April 3, losing some “Christopher Life for President” comments and the post in which Katie Boyden praised Donk’s “challenging insights.”

We’ll be back tomorrow with a new post on one of Donk’s old flames.

To tide you over, enjoy our burro performing the classics …

Hail To The Chief: Christopher Life, AKA Cory Tanner Glazier, To Announce Candidacy For U.S. President

God Bless America! Ali Shanti, Patricia Ellsberg, Isabella Braveheart (or whatever she’s calling herself these days), and Mr. & Mrs. Coresters are proclaiming themselves “the future of political party.” Does that future include bad grammar? If so, your aunt Gilly is out!

One Nation Under Delusion

The country’s political future might also include Christopher Life in the Oval Office. A tipster tells us the long-lost Gibb brother is poised to announce his candidacy for president. No word yet on his running mate. Perhaps wife Adelle Juliet, who is changing her name to Sophia Life. No joke, bunnies.

Check out Cory’s platform. His voice breaks into a near sob when a title card announcing a “safe space to heal our pain & divides” pops up at the at the 13:40 mark. Dear God, the grammar alone is enough to disqualify him!

Is Judy Albertson on board here? Has Cory Christopher promised her Secretary of State in exchange for a hefty Baugher donation? She did, after all, bring him home to meet Momsers, whom one would guess was hit up to invest in the ill-fated MediMeals operation.

Donk cheered on Christopher and Adelle Sophia (sorry, this name change is so new!) for being homeless and living out of their Tesla. I would hope other friends and parental units are a bit more concerned. I can see these two ending up like the Randy and Evi Quaid of the aya-and-cacao set. “The woowackers are after us and we had to escape to Bali!”

Bottom Picture! Kate Smith shows Cory & Adelle the exit. Oops, did it again! Kate Smith shows Christopher & Sophia the exit.