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Tacky: Meghanaise Proposes To Her Very Own Dodi On A Podcast

From wemetatacme, a podcast about millennial dating, on IG:

A month or so ago, I got an email from a woman who told me her and her boyfriend had met at Acme. I loved to hear that obviously, but nothing could even prepare me for what she said next. @meghanasha told me she wanted to PROPOSE to her boyfriend ON OUR PODCAST! Safe to say this way the best episode I’ve been a part of to date, and you don’t want to miss this. Thank you so much @meghanasha and @levbrie for including me in your love story!


Andy Whorehol writes:

As long as we’re on the subject of former flames/friends within Donk’s orbit who end up finding success in love and business after escaping Donkland, it amazes me to see how former sister Megs/Pointy has particularly flourished. She finally ‘founded’(remember Julia’s founder fetish?) a big business of her own, thriving in NYC still, and now getting married soon. I kinda raise my eyebrows over women proposing marriage to their men, but after seven years together, why the Hell not? I could see Donk totally stealing this idea.

From Unicorn Shirley:

As for Pointy, I saw her in my former synagogue maybe 5 years ago (maybe a little more). She was there briefly on one of the High Holidays, seemed to know some of the younger women who were there (the kind who only show up for the High Holidays), and was waving at someone in the men’s section. I remember she was wearing a “trying to hard to be boho chic” outfit and made the mistake of whipping out her iphone during services.

For greg’s sake, don’t tell Toledo and her Aussie buddy!

As for Meghanaise, at least she didn’t marry herself at Burning Man.

Thanks to the RBDer who sent along this announcement.

A brunette sandwich a la Dodi, Donk, Myka.

That’s DOCTOR McCain To You, Donkey!

Goodness, such a dashing couple! Quite a contrast to the CRISPR and his layabout Coobie:

A big thanks to the RBDer who sent along the doctorate alert!

Alex Marson, Superstar & Julia Allison, Bum – The Phabulous Phuture of THIS COUPLE!!

Dr. Dodi Dadbod is among the “brilliant minds” speaking at the WSJ’s Phuture of Everything Festival later this month.

You KNOW Donkey is tagging along for this spectacle. “Yoo hoo, Olivia Wilde, I just loved one of your movies! Which one? Oh, I seem to have forgotten the title and now I must dance for my partner during his presentation on magical DNA!”

If anyone thinks Donk isn’t riding Dodi the Meal Ticket to the finish line, they’ve lost their fucking mind.

What’s our burro doing professionally? Apparently nothing, other than posting nonstop on FB. Everything from giving hosannas to Jack Dorsey for being Silicon Valley’s answer to Gwyneth Paltrow – vom in the shower – to microdosing going mainstream. She’s also allegedly tagging Dodi a lot. One of our tipsters indicated Donk is posting so often that she’s unfollowed her on FB.

Donk also appears to be AWOL from this year’s HIVE shitshow. As mentioned previously, she’s not on the schedule, nor are Dadsers and her woo comrades. How odd! What went down in Allistown? I did note Ryan somehow managed to snag Marianne Williamson for the keynote. I wonder how much he’s paying her. Presidential candidates don’t come cheap, even those way at the bottom of the barrel.

To the epsilon minus in Toledo who was clutching her pearls over the effrontery of photos snapped inside a church and insisted this site was being shut down by the Baughers, as it should be, are you forgetting who established this precedent? Enjoy our weekly post!