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A Note to Charlsie


Can we call you Charlsie? We don’t know much about you, but we do enjoy reading the QOD, if only because it’s the only venue where NS readers can revolt against our Trio of Banality (until now, that is). We’ve learned that you’re the intern, responsible for deleting comments and probably scooping up Lily’s poo, but beyond that, you’re a mystery.

Oh Charlsie, we feel for you. Why are you there? Get out while you still can. We know, the economy sucks, and the media is dying. But Julia Allison is not the road to world/media domination, despite her claims to the contrary.

Turn around now, and erase this from your memory (and resume) before it’s too late.

RB: Julia, Jan 12 – 8:46pm


More conversational wit and witticism from Our Lady, bunnies:

* Me: I just want a couch like THAT! [gestures towards giant L shaped couch in Palazzo suite]
* Megan Alagna: Yeah! It’s super wide so you could have sex on it.
* Me: Uh … I wasn’t thinking sex. I was thinking naps.
* Megan Alagna: I was thinking sex, because I haven’t had it in six months.
* Me: HA.
* Megan Alagna: Then again, you haven’t had a nap in six months.
* Me: This is so very true.

RB: Julia, Jan 12 – 7:24pm


Hi bunnies! A cryptic conversation for you to decipher:

* Me: I’ll look it over before you send it.
* Megan Alagna: What, you gonna give it the JA seal of approval?
* Everyone: [hysterical laughter]
* Megan Alagna: That’s because I’ve just spent six straight days with YOU.

What does it mean?!