Bicoastal Birthday Bash

2009, 2010, 2011



Julia’s 28th birthday was celebrated on both coasts on February 27 (in San Fransisco at Rosewood) and 28 (in New York City at IMI Club in Bergdorfs and planned by Mary) in tandem with Randi Suckerberg (JABa friend-of-convenience and sister of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. The party was first announced on November 26, 2008.

Event Photos
* Brian Solis San Fran photos
* Ziv Gillat San Fran Photos
* Random Night Out NYC Photos, Jowlia-approved
* Guest of a Guest NYC Photos, Jowlia-approved
* Fauxtographer’s San Fran photos

During the San Fran leg of the journey, Randi’s friends presented her with a birthday cake reading, “Happy Birthday, Randi.” The gratuitous over-photographing of the event caught what was surely a horrifying moment in Julia’s life: her face lit up in mock surprise as the cake was brought out then fell when she realized only Randi’s name was on the cake. She quickly recovered, only to feign “stealing” the offending cake, then blew out the candles while Randi was still drawing in a breath. Before the moment was over, Julia actually reached out and licked the side of the cake, completely ruining it for everyone else at the party.

Later that night, Julia posted a photo of the cake on her liecast, cropping out the name on the cake and acting like it was her her cake all along. Humiliating, especially with hundreds of photos of the offending cake floating around the Internet. The cake was baked especially for Randi by Facebook’s pastry chef. The term Cakegate was coined by FormerGawkerEmployee.

Julia and Randi borrowed (bought?) two Betsey Johnson dresses for the occasion, one in sky blue and the other in bright pink. During the San Fransisco leg, Randi wore the pink confection, while Julia wore the pink dress during the NYC leg of the celebration. The blue dress was a smaller size than the pink dress.

A NonSociety reader also made them matching pink and blue headbands for the occasion.

Initially, JABa and Suckerberg sent invites the day before the San Fran leg of the madness, but did not include the location of either party on the invitation, noting that, “we really can’t have this out on gawker/the internet in general.” They released the locations the following night, literally 3 hours before the first party was about to start.

PINK vodka sponsored the party, and the San Fran leg of the celebration featured a special birthday cocktail, made with PINK, muddled strawberries and basil.

Virgin America also sponsored the parties, flying Randi and Julia (and probably Meghan, as well) back and forth gratis.

These parties were held in support of two charities: Women for Women International (represented by the color pink) and Charity: Water (represented by the color blue). Scott Harrison, CEO of Charity:Water attended the first night of the bash.

Keeping with the charities, guests were asked to wear pink or blue, but almost no one did (not even Meghan). Sad.

It was never released how much money was raised for either charity.

RBNS Personalities
The Bicoastal Birthday Bash inspired several new RBNS commenter names:
* Bicurious Party Hat
* MaxiPadHead

The party also brought us a delightful new character and semi-regular RBNS poster:
* Michael McDonald (real name Wm. Marc Salsberry; also known as Fauxtographer and Photog the Pauper)

Birthday Bridesmaids
Julia kicked off the birthday madness on February 26 with a very special wish, coining a new and horrifying term that thankfully hasn’t caught on as a national trend:
I wish there were Birthday Bridesmaids. Next year.


Bicoastal Birthday Bash Feb. 26-27, 2010; NY and SF

* SF party pictures, also viewable here
* Commenter clompingchomper was at the SF party
* Someone went to the trouble of making custom tube socks for Julia and Randi. I’m sure she was treated similarly to an attendee at last year’s BBB, who made custom headbands for Julia that were subsequently tossed.

* Gawker’s NY party coverage
* NY party pictures from Mo Pitz
* NY pics from Nick McGlynn
* Yeah, here’s Prom King
* A sycophant’s take on the NY party

* Tweets from @sarcasticmeow, who apparently crashed the NY party. Earliest is here, last one is here.

* Pilot is the New Keynote was representing RBNS at the party (along with other anon catladies), and posted a bunch of comments on these RBNS posts: Dispatches from the BiPolar Birthday Bash, and Let the Birthcray Commence!. Pilot’s comments start here.
* No pics of Prom King yet… all has been quiet on the Twitter and Flickr fronts. Guests at the NY party (at The Gates) included Gawker’s Blakeley and James Del, Adrien Field, Chris Serico, Nick McGlynn, Brian Stelter, Cary Randolph, Rachel Sterne, Lindsay Kaplan, Chet Gulland, Justine McCarthy, Dr. Bobby Buka, the ineffable Alexander Marquardt… and Meghan, Jordan, Kendrick, Julia’s parents, RandiZZZ, and Prom King. Katrina and her husband apparently didn’t show.
* Lindsay Kaplan tweets: Julia Allison’s birthday party. Pinker and smaller than expected. That’s what she said. (@ The Gates w/ @blakeley @simplychicpr @nmcglynn)
* Alex Betancur tweets: Facebook Party (@ The Gates w/ 3 others)
* The Cajun Boy tweets: Anyone else not friends with Julia Allison & Randi Zuckerberg getting Facebook invites to their bday parties?
* Loren Feldman tweets: Julia Allison and Randi “Tetracylene” Zuckerberg have a joint B’day party. Here’s why.
* Finally, there was a clusterfuck in the chatroom. Thanks to all who joined!
* Julia closes the NY party with this: Finally snuggled in bed with Prom King – up in 4 hours for my flight to Part #2: SF of @randizuckerberg and my Bicoastal Birthday Bash!!

It was the most how fuck party I’ve been to, and yet so very boring. My takeaway from tonight: Her parents are light years away from ever holding her accountable for her bullshit. Stick a fork in this hooker — she is DONE.
“Pilot” is the new “keynote” 1, 2, 3