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Vacations from Vacation-itis

Updated: Julia Allison: Forever Running Away on Daddy’s Dime

Furnished Airbnb stall for rent! Must appreciate inspirational slogans! I'm seriously considering traveling extensively for the rest of the year, potentially starting in June ......

Up, Up & Away as Donkey Defaces Her In-Flight Magazine

Look out La La Land! A braying, clomping donkey is descending upon your city: As much as I hate to admit it, I sometimes miss...

“Costa Rica, all girls, all fun … “

Sisters in Grift! From Annie Lalla's "pimpin'" fauxto album: Edgy! Annie & sister Sacha share a moment alone, presumably before an hour of MDMA-fueled family therapy:

Another Brave Day of Self-Indulgence and Sloth in a Tropical Paradise

I still prefer this Donkey pool video, which I believed inspired the nickname and the use of the word "bray" to describe her voice/laugh: https://vimeo.com/1414021

Forever Lazing On Peter Baugher’s Dime

Julia Allison, hard at work editing her book, strikes her most natural pose, that of sloth, during lady-loving-lady time in Costa Rica.  Why isn't...