Geriatric Jim Carrey And Albino Marie Antoinette Celebrate For The Glory Of Satan

    Also two ladies are seeking investment for something.

Oh My God, We Have Set A Commenting Record

And I have been too busy running errands at my desk today to even fully follow what's up with Donkey. Could someone please explain this...

Donkey Developments

So for the first time, Donk has divulged some state secrets. As we already knew, it was indeed Lasagna who linked Codename TK's true...

Even Lasagna Now Openly Mocking Donkey’s Embarrassing Fashion Week Ensembles

Headed to Lincoln Center wearing a dress involving a collar which I can only describe as ... Faux leopard fur? #ThingsINeverThoughtIdTweet about 2 hours ago...

Intern Jonathan Turned On By Granny Panties

Intern Jonathan is very happy watching this show ;) Is she trying to make Intern Jonathan sound like an immature douchebag?