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Interns & Other Exploited Workers

38-Year-Old Toddler Loves “Fun” Rainbows With Colors (Bright)

News Flash, Judy: Rainbow clothing has been "on trend" among gradeschool children for the past several decades. Apparently you and Jack McCain's lawyer didn't...

Friday Free-For-All: Donk, la Fraud, Jordacted

Throwing this post up quickly! I'm sick and need to get back in bed. A reader sent along the above photo from Donk's Pinterest page....

Another Call For Unpaid Interns

Julia Allison 50 minutes ago near San Francisco, CA NEED! INTERN (summer) transitioning to ASSISTANT (fall) – could be virtual, would prefer Bay area Does...

Donks Seeking Yet Another Indentured Idiot

How many times do I need to say this? You need to pay these people, you fucktard.