Donk, in a $35 Yandy getup, as Glinda the Good Witch of the North? This persona is a far cry from Halloweens past.

Speaking of witches, one of our girl’s attorneys sent us another image takedown. A second attorney is trying to subpoena our server to find out who runs this site. As you well know, your auntie Gilly is tech deficient and an engineer revamped and moved this site one year ago. He did once ask me in an email, “Who’s this Donk person?” But he’s never followed this blog; it was just a job.

Our site move and reboot was PAID for by readers who sent funds into the Paypal account of a lurker who’s been with us since Miss Advised. His name was visible to all and Paypal thanked him for his efforts by closing his account. All of this was well documented in several blog posts.

I’ve talked to our server on the phone once and have never even looked at our account info, but I will now. I would assume both the Paypal account owner and the enginner are listed somewhere on there. Best of luck trying to sue them for defamation!

We are a non-commercial blog that gossips about a public figure. I am confident we’ve been working within our first amendment rights here, but don’t have the time or inclination or the funds to fight any kind of frivolous lawsuits for us to prove that, so I’ve made the decision to shutter the site.

RBD was reaching the end of the line, anyway. As for Donk, she’s looking the best she has in years and Dodi’s looking much better than he looked one year ago. Maybe these crazy kids will make it work?

I’ll miss the clever comments and the great recommendations, and will probably get a little weepy-eyed whenever I pass a display of Medjool dates.

The site will be permanently closed and dismantled on Monday.

Update: We’re keeping the site temporarily open and readers informed while we fight this legal BS. Three longtime RBDers and I are working diligently to quash any subpoena sent at the behest of First Amendment haters. See comments below.


  1. Big SNIFF! I will miss all the great people here most of all, scarecrow.
    I’m hoping that whomever wants to will go over and pick up at Reddit. I know that closing down this site won’t stop the drama coming, because history has proven otherwise.

    As an FYI, the Electronic Frontier Foundation vetted and accepted our case and found an attorney willing to take it on, but it wasn’t someone willing to work pro bono. It just wasn’t worth it to go through all the fundraising mishegoss again and all the time and work on Gilly’s part. So on to Reddit it is, for anyone who wants to go over there and continue. Hope to see you there.

    • Yes, the EFF was great help but I’m not going to take food out of my kids’ mouths and am not about to ask a reader to run another Paypal fundraiser. I need a permanent vacation from reblogging-itis! winky emoticon

    • Honestly, I don’t think there’s a choice with a subpoena and filing in federal court. Just shuttering the blog doesn’t dismiss the filing. Without objection, the server will turn over everything requested and no telling how it will be used. I think everyone who has commented here has an interest in responding. This is a First Amendment issue. Can we post the subpoena and federal filing number, so someone can look it up on Pacer? At least see what the claims of the complaint are and what information is sought by the subpoena? There are time deadlines associated with objecting.

      • We have received a properly issued subpoena for documents in the following civil action: In re Application of Julia Allison Baugher issued by the United States District Court for the District of Arizona Civil Action No. 2:MC-19-00034-PHX.

        As a result, we are sending you this email notice as a courtesy so that you have an opportunity to object to the subpoena. The only way to object to a proper subpoena is by filing an objection with the court in which the matter is pending.

          • Thanks, bunny. We’ve got a great attorney heading off the old burro at the pass. I’ll keep everyone updated!

          • Where will you update us?

            Just because I don’t have a great understanding about these things….why are these current lawyers able to do things previous lawyers,cough cough Peter B, not able to do?

            If it’s pictures they are getting RBD on, then couldn’t pics just be removed with text remaining? Really, I am dumb about these things. Also, it is not lost on me that removing pics on years worth of posts would be very time consuming.I

            I’m so confused because first it was She Who Shall Not Be Named who was shutting us down, then she completely disappeared, we came back and now this.

  2. Very sad to see this place go, but thank you to all the cat people who have maintained the site/cite/sight over the years.

    And a note to JA: the Internet never forgets. If reblogging doesn’t happen here, it will continue elsewhere.

  3. thank you auntie gilly and all for entertainment over the years. the wayback machine should keep this archive alive for a little while, but for ongoing discussion, to the rest of the interwebs we go!

    one thing that irks me with the reddit site is the continual use of expletives in the rbd sub. while the occasional f-bomb has been dropped over here, it’s possible to have decent discourse without expletives; will take some getting used to.

    see you all on the other side. xo – mm.

    • Yes, the primary poster at Reddit is the same person who came in here twice and behaved as though we were 8chan and then went on and on about CK over at Reddit.

    • One good thing about Reddit, however, is that you can put people on ignore, so you can do that with anyone who annoys you like that.

      • But as you’ve noted, Grifty, it’s just so nasty in there, the opposite of RBD. I checked it out and retreated nearly immediately.

        • I get that. The subreddit isn’t moderated and it doesn’t have rules, so it’s no surprise what happened to it. It’s the Wild West.

          I’m on some politics forums over there that are 100% civil, because they have pinned rules and the mods don’t put up with any crap.

  4. Hmmm. It sounds like she could obtain all info through that subpoena….
    This isn’t Reddit & Reddit isn’t this. You cannot expect the same behavior or language for that matter. Also Reddit cannot be policed like a private blog. I found it quite funny that’s whomever started that sub-reddit tried to police talking about bat shit CK because contributors can do whatever or start a new sub-reddit. It’s quite simple. I will miss this blog but the clique was way past expiration date.

  5. Just kidding. I think we should be more worried about an unanswered subpoena…….you are kind of holding the bag on outing everyone here, no?

  6. See you at the Reddit, I guess! What tiresome people Judy Albertson’s squad must be.

    • She’s just desperate to blame someone or something for her layabout decade so she can boohoo how false and unfair it all is to the Marsons, and use bullying as an excuse to any prospective employers. It will only work until they figure out she really is a vapid gold digger who has been faking it all and sponging off of everyone else until she can land a wallet for a husband. Just like everyone else has, they will learn. Closing down RBD doesn’t change her personality, it just hides the truth from coming out a little longer.

  7. Teef
    A farewell from the deepest parts of the basement.

    * * *

    “Old Yeller Teef”. That’s what Momma used to call Uncle Bobby, who lived in the basement. During the ’80s, Bobby labored away down there, trying to create a social network that would connect personal computers to one another, but computing power just wasn’t up to the job, and all Bobby could do was make a small turtle dance across the screen. Had things been different, had Bobby been successful, then Momma could’ve become R to tha’ Z, if you know what I mean. Instead, she was just a mean woman with a razor- sharp tongue. “Ya gots to be careful,” she would say, “or you’ll become a digital nomad, just like Yeller Teef down there.”

    * * *

    A song:

    Hey ho, and away we go.
    Donkey blogging, donkey blogging!
    Hey ho, and away we go.
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    Thought he owed her then and there,
    ‘Cause he snogged a donkey!

    Hey ho, and away we go.
    Donkey blogging, donkey blogging!
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    Wrote the fiancée of his ex —
    Donkey blogging, donkey blogging!
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    Hey ho, and away we go.
    Donkey blogging, donkey blogging!
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    Reblogging a donkey!

    * * *

    “There are some things in the basement that should stay in the basement,” Momma used to say, to which Nutty Granny would always retort: “One donkey knows another by more than just its bray.” Nutty Granny was Momma’s Momma, and she used to make a fine hazelnut honeycake, earning her the nickname “Nutty Granny”, or “NG” for short. NG was a sassy ol’ lady. “Men can smell desperation,” she used to say. It was one of her two favorite sayings. In her youth, she was a relationship and advice columnist for some magazine or another, until a dispute with her editor got her thrown off the writing staff. You can see where Momma got it from. When NG used to cook, she would make the most awful stuff. I’m a pescatarian now, with a little chicken thrown in every once in a while, but even back then, I didn’t love the meat. The FeedBomb, we used to call it. I rarely tasted the pancakes, but I always tasted the passion.

    * * *

    Hey ho, and away we go.
    Donkey blogging, donkey blogging!
    Hey ho, and away we go.
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    Shacked up with Ol’ Jack McCain,
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    Well my friends, the song is done,
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    * * *

    Ultimately Uncle Bobby disappeared from the basement and Momma took up down there, writing her column, and later her blog. Uncle Bobby returned years later as Dr. Bobby, a renowned computer scientist with a degree from the University of Indiana (he loved that school) and another from MIT. I think Momma was secretly proud of him, and he was a success, yes he was. But he never made P-U Money (and nor did she), and his blog’s traffic was never what it should have been. Then again, nor was Momma’s. “Hackers!” She would shout. She was always blaming the hackers, Momma was. When it was later revealed that she had actually been hacked by the Staff of a certain prominent Republican politician, she took it with surprising grace. “Let it unfold” was all she wrote on her blog. Momma always knew.

    Professor Camping from the University called me the other day. Seems he’s working on a biography of Momma, and he wants to interview me for the book. Me, I’m not too keen on a book. I know with the show and all that there’s a whole lot of interest in the basement, but it just feels wrong. There are some things in the basement that should stay in the basement.

    * * *


    The fool is the mule with the little white dog,
    Who brays she’s the star, when she’s really a cog.
    If the cog is the star, then I’ve been misadvised —
    — Hard to tell truth when everyone’s lied.
    But I’ve seen the internets, and there on TV,
    The fool’s on the Internet, looking at me!
    But I’m on the Internet, looking at her —
    I’ve lost track of my tale, that much is for sure.

    With our guide TJ leading the way,
    To the home that they shared in Marina del Bray,
    We’ll eat Jelly Donuts (a little bit greasy),
    Keeping track of this tale is making me queasy.

    When a man is around, we’re on the attack!
    (And did I mention I used to date McCain scion Jack?)
    With a closet that’s full of all things pink —
    Where is the tale? I’m starting to think …

    Feel free to relax!
    Let’s not really care!
    This is just a greeting, like a hello in the air.
    Our principles will keep us from spewing the cray:
    Each donkey knows another by more than just its bray.

    * * *

    Momma’s been gone for a few years now, since an incident in March 2010 brought her out of the basement to face the critics. But I had a dream last night. In my dream, I was at Burning Man when Momma called the tent I was chillin’ in with all my new BM-BFFs. I answered the phone, excited. Someone snapped a picture. It was nice to hear her again. “‘Cakez,” she said (she called me ‘Cakez sometimes — short for “Cupcakes”, which I used to love until they started making me sick). “‘Cakez,” she said, “let it unfold. ‘Cause otherwise, you’ll become more useless than an eight-dollar grapefruit.” Momma always knew. “Let it unfold,” was NG’s other favorite saying. It was short for, “let it unfold with humility.”


  8. I love you all.

    Fuck Julia Allison Baugher.

    Long live Cunt Bunnies

    Greg bless Gilly, JP, Russian Girl, all contributors.

  9. Gilly, thank you & team for your (very) long years of service. I think of all the archives and jokes and deep discussions that live here, and losing it breaks my heart — is there a way to download the archives on our own for posterity? With (real) softness.

    • You can do whatever you want while the site’s open. However, Donk’s attorney is on the alert for images re: IP law, which is where the second attorney is trying to get us shut down. The subpoena has nothing to do with defamation. But if you doctor the image, then you’re ok. I find that hilarious. She can send us a DMCA takedown for that rainbow pasties at Burning Man fauxto, but there’s nothing she can do about Cuntbunnies’ gif of the same image with the addition of bouncing boobs.

  10. I’ve loved you all, but now it seems it’s time to go. I will remember you fondly. Blessings to Aunt Gilly❤️

    Love always,

  11. Oooo on the flip side, maybe this is Julia Allison Baugher getting ready for a WEDDING so all the illustrious guests won’t be googlin’ the bride? I would so love to see a Julia Allison Baugher wedding. To the dopey, yellow-teef Dodi.

  12. Hi everybunny its meep, Rollsshillsforclams!! It’s been a wile since I wrapped at you because I have been spending a lot of time in London. I even have an apartment there all by myself except for the roommates right next to Big Bent!

    The reason I am in London so much is because of the Brexiting which is changing lots of things to do with men in soots who want to flatten your banana. So I am over there with our family lawyers trying to “shift every brick in the shithouse” as Daddy says. That Boris Johnson person is really what the English call a cunt. Although they call everything that. They call jam that. Plus there is someone named Nigel Forrage who has orange teeth. I don’t mean orange teeth where you put a handful of candy corn in your mouth and then go up to your friends and scream AAAAH and pretend to vomit off your caps. It is more like what if Donald Trump’s skin was somehow also teeth. Yuck.

    But I do love the Duchess of Windex and her hubster Hairy! The Duchess is so pretty and her last name is Markle which rhymes with sparkle which is what pretty things do sometimes, at least the ones they have at Tiffany’s. And she is so nice to still be living with her Nanny, who looks like a such a nice lady and you can tell Megan thinks of her almost as her mom. My nanny was very gruff and used to yell at us a lot for flushing toilet paper down the Lou (that is what they call the toilet in London). English people do not flush toilet paper down the lou. Having been in a crowded tube more than once I am thinking maybe they don’t use it.

    Anyhow, I am back in New York for now and am sorry to here that this sight is closing down although Julia seems kind of boring now once you have become aware of the fact that Laura Loomer is just out there walking around, totally not getting reblogged at all. All you ladies have been so kind to me over the years accept for the ones who hated me (they are all probably very unhappy pimple) so I will miss you and hope that good things happen as often as good things can. Thank you to Gilly and Jacy and JD and Veronica for putting up with me and my attempts at humidor. And thank you Julia for providing endless Lollies over the years. I hope you and Dudley or whoever are very happy or whatever. Goodbye and Greg bless!!

  13. This is so fucked. But as said above, this is just yet another donkey scheme doomed to ultimately fail, since wherever a donkey goes, there she is.

    I have been in and out over the past couple of years browsing mostly the comments, since Donks doesn’t even have entertainment value going for her anymore, and it is truly sad to see this community go. I often think of how rare and lucky a thing it is (was?) for a group of people like the cat ladies to come together.

    A heartfelt thank-you to everyone who made this community what is was, and especially the ones who have been so kind and encouraging to random internet strangers like me. You all are truly the anti-donkeys the world needs but doesn’t really deserve.

  14. Unicorn Studded Rainbow Named Shirley (NOT "Julia Allison")- 1st Ever Commenter on the New Site! 🎉🎊🍾 (NOT Ali Shanti/Alexis Neely/Alexis Katz)

    Wouldn’t it just be awful if her ham-handed attempt to shut down the site and make her past go away turned out to become a classic example of the Streisand Effect?

    Her efforts could wind up making all of this (what she’s desperate to bury) even more well known than it is now.

    • The self-proclaimed catalyst for love doesn’t know my situation and if the lazy layabout is really planning on trying to take food out of my kids’ mouths, she may end up, once again, the third most hated person on the internet. Julie should have thought this one through.

      • Unicorn Studded Rainbow Named Shirley (NOT "Julia Allison")- 1st Ever Commenter on the New Site! 🎉🎊🍾 (NOT Ali Shanti/Alexis Neely/Alexis Katz)

        What amazes me is not only did she not think this through, but nobody around her has apparently warned her that this could unleash consequences she will hate more than she does this site/cite/sight.

        There are many people who could not care less about this sit and think it’s foolish. But if she pursues this, it will raise the hackles of many people who care about freedom of expression and despise bullies who try to shut it down. I personally know some in the media who would be outraged by this — and, as a bonus, likely remember her from her pathetic time here in NYC.

        Instead of hiding the archives of her years and years of awful behavior from the people she’s trying to impress, she may wind up making them more aware of who she is

        • As I noted above, if she’d just sent a damn email in the vein of REDACTED4, I would have closed the site down.

          If she’s planning on playing victim again, it will backfire far worse than it did after that ridiculous New York Post, a-fictional-character-ruined-my-life nonsense.

        • The problem is that she twists that commenting about the PUBLIC social media postings of a controversial reality show personality is “bullying” and “stalking,” yet it’s perfectly OK to violate the first amendment rights of the commenters, and file frivolous lawsuits against them that cause them financial harm.

          It really is the position of entitlement by people who think they should somehow be above the law.

          • Exactly. The hypocrisy is off the charts, and no one is demanding that she or Donk post publicly to billions, or that they visit this blog.

  15. So essentially Julia Allison Baugher is JUST filing subpoena’s against Go Daddy to find out the identity of Gilly Blake?
    Again an instance where the laws are behind the technology.
    If this isn’t legal abuse, I don’t know what it.

    • She’s also trying to get a few other names but is using a subpoena (with no complaint!) that is applicable to entertainment law, such as illegal downloads but certainly not a non-commercial commentary blog! The nasty, unstable thing living with her mommy in Illinois obviously played a big hand in this nonsense.

          • May be possible to counter sue under a SLAPP

            strategic lawsuit against public participation (SLAPP) is a lawsuit that is intended to censor, intimidate, and silence critics by burdening them with the cost of a legal defense until they abandon their criticism or opposition.[1] Such lawsuits have been made illegal in many jurisdictions on the grounds that they impede freedom of speech.

            In the typical SLAPP, the plaintiff does not normally expect to win the lawsuit. The plaintiff’s goals are accomplished if the defendant succumbs to fear, intimidation, mounting legal costs, or simple exhaustion and abandons the criticism.

            Here is info on Arizona law:

            Seems it only protects petitioning and speech of government actions?

          • I just want to get the subpoena quashed and move on. If, like REDACTED4, Judy had sent us an email – she never has – and asked that we close the site, I would have been fine with that. I’m tired and have many actual responsibilities.

        • Grifty , I laughed entirely too loud at that — I have to wonder if we’re talking the same thing…?

      • What other names are there efforts to get? Those of commenters? Previous moderators? Thanks for being so open about what’s been going on and sorry for these headaches, especially when (if I recall) your own anticipated book is about to hit the market!

    • Yes, a subpoena issued under 17 U.S.C. Sec. 15(h) to godaddy to obtain Gilly Blake’s identity in order to protect Julia Allison Baugher’s copyright. An attorney swore to it in the filing. There is no complaint filed. It’s the same US Code that studios use to obtain the identities of those who illegally download movies and music without paying and/or to resell them. It’s all without a basic showing of the merits of any claim, as no complaint has been filed. It’s essentially an end run around the filing and claim requirements of defamation and all dressed up like a claim for stolen IP. And it followed a take down notice to godaddy that was honored, so the content she’s seeking to protect has already been removed. This is a concerted effort by more than one individual working together as part of a years long campaign of harassment that just recently started up, again. There have been multiple written threats and numerous harassing communications that haven’t ceased despite repeated requests. There have also been threatening misrepresentations to do harm to individuals both associated and not associated with this blog. Now, they’re targeting Gilly Blake individually. Both individuals have gloated publicly about their activities to shut down this blog, curtail the free speech of those associated with it, one even giving tips on how to impede the First Amendment rights of speech she dislikes by exploiting TOU of platforms but just as it had become personal a few years ago when one of these individuals impersonated an officer of the court in an attempt to get a mistaken commenter fired, it has become personal again by using IP law designed to protect studios, entertainment products and businesses that produce them, to target an individual blogger. Talk about “catalyzing a global movement for love.”

      The last time this campaign by these individuals started up, one was trying to land a US senator’s son. The same individual admitted that the other with whom she was working had called someone’s place of employment impersonating an attorney for said US senator’s son in an attempt to get someone, mistaken as associated with this blog, fired. Following these attempts to intimidate and harass those thought to be associated with this blog, the relationship failed and the reason for the demise of said relation, including unauthorized accessing and intercepting of emails, was leaked to this blog by those said to be in the US senator’s son’s own circle, according to the source.

      Since the demise of that relationship, several individuals associated with subsequent relationships have leaked equally troubling information concerning said individual’s actions that have been described as equally harassing and intimidating in nature. None of those subsequent relationships, however, have been near as prestigious as the US senator’s son until now. And, thus, now when said individual is trying to lock down a new man with prominence in his field, the campaign against the individuals associated with this blog has started up, again. One of the individuals involved previously has bragged about their now having multiple attorneys in multiple states with the sole aim to end this blog and target those associated with it. The current target of this campaign is Gilly Blake and obtaining her identity so that these attorneys can use it to protect the IP, not of a studio or artist, but the photos posted online and a book proposal for a book never written.

      That’s what’s absurd. In speaking with two attorneys, I was asked what company sent the subpoena and what’s the subject matter of the IP, film or music. I had to answer, “Neither, it’s an individual seeking to remove photos posted online to social media which have already been removed.” To which one responded, “So, it’s really a shut down attempt dressed up in a lost profits claim for IP without making a showing on the merits defamation or IP?”

      But, truth is this all about one individual wanting what she wants no matter what it takes. And this blog is seen as impeding what she wants and thus, she will ride her bicycle through the rain with her cake to the country club to get what she wants no matter who she must go over or through, anyone telling her no be damned. The fact that she hasn’t locked down a prestigious enough man before staring down 40 having nothing to do with this blog and all to do with her actions, as evidenced in past relationships when she doesn’t get what she wants and those individuals she runs over and through leaking her behavior to this blog, seems lost on her. I suppose she subscribes to the “it’s not so much the truth that matters but when and how you learn it theory” and when must be after she is married rather than before if she can only shut down this blog.

      But, just like before when she hasn’t gotten her way, it really comes down to her actions and the people she’s willing to hurt to get what she wants. She and the other individual appear to have no respect for anyone that doesn’t share their goals or who gets in their way. They speak of victimhood and sisterhood and rape and values while likening those they dislike to Osama Bin Laden, targeting other women, excusing their harassment and threatening communications with their own perceived victimhood while targeting actual survivors of incomprehensible violence.

      All this to say, yes, these are the newest developments in a years long campaign against those who comment and post to this blog. It’s an IP claim attempt to target Gilly and it’s not going away without her hiring formidable attorneys to counter this subpoena and quash it on its lack of merit and for what it is, an attempt to crush free speech these individuals dislike so that they will get what they perceive they deserve and are entitled to without the nuisance of First Amendment protection of the speech of others. No Barbie for you Gilly or your daughter. Time to fork out hundreds, if not thousands, that would otherwise put food on your child’s table, to defend yourself against having committed the unforgivable sin of having exercised free speech on a blog that made a couple entitled individuals mad. That is where we are, and there’s no getting around it. If Gawker was still around, this would be one for the ages to report. But, it looks like this blog may have its own Peter Thiel, but unlike Peter, this individual didn’t make her own money. It was supplied by daddy, so daddy’s little girl gets what she wants. And also unlike Peter Thiel, these individuals gloat and revel in their use of platforms and attorneys to shut down speech they dislike and ironically, they do it online. My contacts and entitlement Trump your Constitutional rights to express your opinion about me. Nah nah nah nah.

      It’s sad. And wrong. I hope cat ladies will rally around Gilly, knowing she has a family, and this is a personal legal filing against her. Otherwise, she and this blog will go down just like the Barbie and the birthday party and all the women who stood in either of these individuals’ way. And trust, there are many. I hope this will cause someone to put out the bat signal. It’s more serious than all the other tactics combined. And it’s bigger than this. It’s the principle of entitled millennials living entitled lives, taking what they want, no matter what or who gets in their way.

      • Unicorn Studded Rainbow Named Shirley (NOT "Julia Allison")- 1st Ever Commenter on the New Site! 🎉🎊🍾 (NOT Ali Shanti/Alexis Neely/Alexis Katz)

        What are the best, most effective ways to rally around Gilly? We cannot let Rollo Tomasi win

          • Unicorn Studded Rainbow Named Shirley (NOT "Julia Allison")- 1st Ever Commenter on the New Site! 🎉🎊🍾 (NOT Ali Shanti/Alexis Neely/Alexis Katz)

            I’m (obviously!) not a lawyer, but I’m wondering there’s even a subpoena if the objectionable material is gone?

          • Unicorn Studded Rainbow Named Shirley (NOT "Julia Allison")- 1st Ever Commenter on the New Site! 🎉🎊🍾 (NOT Ali Shanti/Alexis Neely/Alexis Katz)

            Again, not a lawyer so I may be asking dumb questions, but doesn’t a judge need to authorize a subpoena? How on earth did it get this far, based on nothing?

            And doesn’t she have to show some sort of tangible damages?

            I know that frivolous and downright stupid lawsuits get filed, but this just seems pointless. I cannot figure out what she’s trying to accomplish, other than use the legal system as a weapon to wield against legitimate critics of her public persona

  16. It occurs to me that when [JORDACTED] started sucking up to Donkers again must be about the time that she started this recent wave of surveillance again.

  17. I heard through a very reliable source that the lawyers Bunny has hired will be able to get ALL of the information from the subpoena from Gilly’s and GoDaddy’s records, including IP addresses of ALL commenters and their names.

    It’s about to get REAL up in here. All commenters may want to talk to legal counsel as defamation suits could be imminent once they discover your names.

    • Really, Christine? That’s horseshit and you know it. The subpoena isn’t even asking for IP addresses, which don’t contain names anywoo. Why don’t you post another list of the IP addresses of folks who visited your pathetic website? The list you did end up posting contained the IP addresses of people who had visited during the last ten days, when RBD had been down for six of those days and the link posted here to your website had been removed two weeks prior!

      Looking forward to seeing you as maid of honor at Donk’s wedding.

      • I wonder which one of her *wink wink nudge nudge* multiple personalities *wink wink nudge nudge* will play the maid of honor…

        That little charade wasn’t even remotely convincing, Christine. What’s the point of that, anyway? Is it something you put on for continued SSDI? Is that why Donkers uses you as her henchwoman, because you would be too unfit *wink wink nudge nudge* to stand trial? You don’t really think you’re going to be in her wedding, do you?

        Oh, honey… bless your heart…

        • I didn’t even see your “bless your heart” comment! Great minds think alike. Or rather, functioning adults think alike ;-).

        • That Nebraska homemaker with five kids who watched Miss Advised twice and commented in here four times about Donk’s prom dress obsession had better lawyer up! #firstamendment

      • Gilly, let Christine Kelly post her threats and intimidation. Let her other threatening comments through, all of them. They demonstrate her connection to, knowledge of and work with Julia Allison Baugher and these legal proceedings, and that contrary to the sworn legal filing by their attorney, to the clerk of court, this has nothing to do with protecting the IP images of a few non-commercial photos but rather it is a campaign of harassment and intimidation to silence free speech without the required legal filing in defamation and showing of probable success on the merits to issue a subpoena in the discovery process of a filed case.

        Christine Kelly’s numerous public postings, including screen shots of her written communications with Julia Allison, demonstrate her personal involvement in this legal matter and reveal that the sworn filing with the US Federal District Court in Phoenix is factually false on its face. She discloses, what is obvious, that this isn’t about the IP interest of a few dozen publicly posted non-commercial photos being criticized on a not for profit blog. This is about subverting the process of the US federal court system, designed for studios and record labels to protect their IP from commercial exploitation, to instead silence free speech that two overly privileged millennials with entitlement issues don’t like. These comments and all the other dozens of threatening, rambling emails sent at all hours of the day and night and numerous social media posts, including her own written communications with Julia Allison, will make ample evidence for the balancing test a judge will perform that this has nothing to do with IP as sworn but is merely the personal destruction campaign of two out of work women with too much time of their hands, one who has shown no respect for anyone and anything that doesn’t bend to her will and compared or referred to those who don’t do as she demands as terrorists, including Osama Bin Laden, and Nazis, including Jewish individuals.

        I always knew Christine would end up crossing the wrong person with her ceaseless internet postings exploiting those she doesn’t like and who don’t do as she demands all hours of the day and night in her written threats and harassment. I just didn’t realize it would come so soon. I wonder if she’ll try to claim friendship with RZ as her privilege for violating other’s rights to free speech in a legal filing as she does so often on social media. “Look at me. I can do whatever I want to you, your family, your job and your life because I once knew RZ and just love my bestest friend Julia Allison so much so that I’m willing to commit a crime by impersonating an officer of the court hired by a sitting US attorney’s family in an attempt to get a stranger fired who I mistakenly believed said mean things about me and my friend. I know free speech and the law and all but it doesn’t apply to us because we know RZ and are special little snowflakes who will rip your lives apart if you don’t do what we demand right now and take down those mean things. Also, rape. So, I get a free pass for life.”

        What’s really sick is that the women and individuals she harasses and threatens are parents to small children and many are survivors of actual unspeakable violence. But, that doesn’t matter in the whole “advocacy” schtick because it’s only a means to an end. All that really matters is getting their way and silencing anyone they don’t like any way they can, constitutional rights and proper legal proceedings be damned.

        • I adore you! No seriously, I have mad respect for you and if you name your charity of choice, I will make a donation in your honor right now, because that’s about all I can think of at the moment. <3

          • Gah, in retrospect, I feel like that sounds so weird — I was giddy af because your post is so illuminating and puts all the wrongness of this into such optimistic perspective — Donkers and crew should be quaking in their boots by now, which is what has me wanting to do something, anything, to commemorate the occasion. I hope that makes sense…

          • Brayella, were your kind comments directed toward me? I didn’t want to assume as they were very generous. If they were by chance, I have a cause I could suggest. It’s the Gilly Blake legal defense fund. Not a well-known cause but a valid and timely one.

          • Yes, they were directed toward you because I wanted to do something immediately and didn’t anticipate there being a way to help Gilly so soon — having just read your latest entry below, I will certainly do whatever I can, and immediately.

      • I hope the mods file a complaint against Donkey & her attorney for abuse of legal process, harassment and extortion. Notice I didn’t say counter suit as donkey did not file a complaint. Go Daddy should toss this instantly. I, for one, will help their efforts however possible and will encourage the mods take legal action against all involved. And trust, I fight to win and take no prisoners. In fact, I help put a few in prison.
        PS, sis, I’ve been down this road personally and your threats are just that, threats meant to intimidate people into silence. Go Daddy will not release this information unless it’s court ordered; and, even then it’s limited in scope.
        Kick rocks cunt.

    • The reliable source is her neighbor’s dog who surreptitiously speaks to her in Pig Latin on Tuesdays as the sun goes down. He is the best source of legal advice ever!

      • well, at long last I’m all caught up on the many, many exploits of dear Christine. And yeah, bless her self-important and contorted little heart. All my sympathies, Gilly. I had no idea. Now, sigh, I do.

    • Excuse me, but Jahaaaaaaassss is in awe of Julia’s towering intellect.

      I know: drugs are bad, mmmmmmmmmkay?

  18. Hell, yeah!

    If we can contribute in any way, let us know.

    We can always get around the Donkey’s abuse of ToS the low-tech way: by mailing money orders to a PO Box.

  19. For what it’s worth — which probably isn’t much — I live outside the US and don’t really have any reason to fear being associated with RBD or harassed in any way, seeing as I work for myself and the vast majority of my professional contacts don’t even speak English. I would like to see someone try to harass me using frivilous US-based lawsuits and their one language. So if there’s anything I can do on the non-anon front, just let me know. Again, I doubt it’s useful, but just on the off chance.

    • Me too. If there’s anything I can do from NZ let me know.

      My Director at work would think it hilarious to be contacted about me making comments on this website, outside of work hours, from my non-work-paid-for devices. He’s in town this weekend so I might just tell him about it.

      He already knows that I follow Sarah Tondello’s hate site on reddit & asks for updates whenever we get together cos he thinks she’s a weirdo too. Lol.

      • Lol funny story. I posted that comment & my mobile immediately rang with a number I didn’t recognise.

        I was like “fuck they found me super-quick lickity-split!”. But it was only the pizza delivery guy who was at the wrong house!

  20. Solidarity, Gilly.

    This is really making me regret commenting all these years under my full legal first and last name, attached to my personal and professional email address.

    You know what’s weird? How when this all began, I felt like wow here is the peak worst example of certain bad things in our culture. what absolute buffoonery. Everyone recognizes this as shallow horseshit. And as the years went on, every fake, shallow, gross element parodied here (woo culture! cults! spon-con cons! grifters!) has only grown and intensified, to a degree beyond my wildest nightmares.

    I’ve been here much less since the election from hell, because I have spent much more time being angry about politics. I thought things here had wound down naturally. Now I sort of feel like hmmm maybe I will set a phone reminder and devote ten minutes every day to posting about her worst moments on reddit. smiley face, bunnies!

    Oh and hey maybe this was discussed but I wondered if the author of the novel Bunny was a cat lady. I won’t put her name here.

    • Yes, re the author. We have at least two other prominent writers in here.

      I agree about the detritus of American culture intensifying, from microcelebrity to the woo grifters, and finding its way into the basement.

      As for your comments, we begged you NOT to use your real name and bidness email. Seriously, there are over 750,000 comments in here! Do Julia and Christine next plan on going after yahoo commenters that they disagree with? Lord knows CK has time on her hands.

      • My name is actually NOT Dusty Documentary, nor is my email address “documentary@aol.com.” Don’t worry!

        You’ve done everything right by lampooning a group of shameless buffoons and keeping us all entertained.

        I will also donate if/when that is something that could help.

  21. Christine Kelly is Julia Alllison’s Rudy Giuliani. I hope Donkey realizes what huge pile of shit she’s stepped in now.

    • That Bunny Bingo IP is indicating the Netherlands! Though the comment is pure Christine. Whoever it is also left six other vicious, threatening comments that I sent to the trash. I’m wondering if I should retrieve them. Isn’t the commenter paying attention to Judy’s pleas to stop criticizing anything and anyone forever?

      • VPN. That’s what she advised all of us we should have had to protect ourselves from her and Julia. Didn’t she mock readers for not having one? I guess folks that don’t go around targeting individuals in campaigns to silence them don’t think about VPN’s and other methods to cloak their threatening and harassing communications.

        • Oops, a duh moment, but then I’m not as tech savvy as zeitgeist-setting Christine, nor does my social life consist of going to Halloween shoppes with my mother.

        • So, Dodi D’oh! is Reasonable Man and she is settling…?

          ’ This man is a very reasonable choice, and I’m at a place in my life where reasonable is very sexy.’

          Do Z-list / micro-celeb / has-been / attn hoes (or in some cases, their Dad$ers) pay to self-submit vanity piece press releases for online publication?

          • Unicorn Studded Rainbow Named Shirley (NOT "Julia Allison")- 1st Ever Commenter on the New Site! 🎉🎊🍾 (NOT Ali Shanti/Alexis Neely/Alexis Katz)

            Yes. And it’s likely part of the plan to flood the Googles with positive results toward the top and push down the less glowing ones

          • I don’t believe Dodi was Reasonable Man. I thought that was confirmed before. There was a different Reasonable Man before The Dadbod entered the picture.

          • LRC — that’s the impression I had as well — no surprise this journalith can only come up with the same words to describe her love as what she had used on a wallet she (presumably) did not want (or was it the other way around?)… uhm, er, oops?

  22. I am really sorry about this mess, Gilly. However, the damn commenters here never fail to entertain! I need a damn like button because my words do them no justice.
    Is there anyway to start a donation that cannot be f’d with? I know I am not alone when I say I would have no problem making a donation for the cause.
    In the meantime, I am enjoying the fact that this has only ramped up the posting on here & Reddit. Birdies are going to sing….

    • We’ve got a great legal team working on this, KKL. I’ll let you know if there’s any plans for a safe donation and thank you so much.

      As I noted above, Julia Allison is unaware of my situation and attempting to take food out of my kid’s mouth might not work in the way that she was hoping. The self-proclaimed catalyst for love might find herself, once again, the third most hated person on the internet.

  23. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I would’ve stopped reading RBD long ago if Enlightened Spiritual Julia had ever once so much as apologized for the horrible things she did to countless people in her NY media days. From spreading lies to discredit people to scheming to steal other women’s boyfriends and husbands, she was truly not a good person. Claiming she regrets pretending to be Carrie Bradshaw for a decade is really dodging the actual problem.

    • Unicorn Studded Rainbow Named Shirley (NOT "Julia Allison")- 1st Ever Commenter on the New Site! 🎉🎊🍾 (NOT Ali Shanti/Alexis Neely/Alexis Katz)

      She regrets that she didn’t end up like her idol — famous and married to a rich guy

    • That New York Post interview or whatever it was last year turned Julia Allison into the laughing stock of the media for at least 24 hours. What if she’d modeled her life after Cersei Lannister? Oh, the horror!

  24. I can’t stop thinking about how JA is employing a member of the Leopards Who Eat People’s Faces Off Party, without realizing she has a face. It will be her own face next, as every pattern has ever taught us.

  25. I stand behind Gilly. I have no need to fear being outed and will do so willingly if asked nicely. We did nothing wrong, and I will kick in for defense funds if necessary.

    I agree that we need a like button, for Greg’s sake.

  26. I’m late to the party, but re: the donkey’s claims of copyright infringement by her photos being posted here: I’m just a super-amateur photographer but my understanding has always been that copyright isn’t held by the owner of the device on which the photographs are taken, but rather remains with the person who actually hits the clicky thing which makes the device take the photo. So, like, back when Perez Hilton was MSPaint-ing dicks spurting semen on photos of the celebrities he was trashing, it wasn’t (only) because he was a gross asshole, but because the people who took the photos actually had a monetary interest in the use of the (original, unaltered) photos, and also pockets to back up suing anyone who used the photos without permission/payment. So unless the donkey clomps around with copyright release forms in her saddlebags, and asks every person she annoys into taking a photo of her to also immediately sign to give up their copyright to her, she has no standing to claim copyright over alllllllll the photos ever posted on here, only maybe a couple dozen selfies.

    I could be wrong, as I don’t play a lawyer on the internet or in real life, but I don’t think so. Regardless, I realize that there are smarter people than me on the case now, but just wanted to point this little detail out.

    • Ahem, her name is now Alexis Katz. She even posted this ridonkulous video in which she put on a pair of boots and “walked” into her new name. Only in Wooville.

  27. Her The Reimagine Factory was dissolved after travel to Bali as a cat lady surmised that tax write offs was the purpose, she was all three of the officers for that, according to public docs.
    It was not a non-profit but a shareholder entity.

    The other entity is called “Upward Spirals” she is secretary according to public documents.
    CALIFORNIA CORPORATE NUMBER C4198591 https://businesssearch.sos.ca.gov/Document/RetrievePDF?Id=04198591-25242534

    A lawyer for the same firm as the founder incorporated it. Blah blah “mission” is here: https://businesssearch.sos.ca.gov/Document/RetrievePDF?Id=04198591-24934776
    Not listed with IRS as a 501c3, so there’s another linkedin exaggerate

    Maybe prenup requires clean internet presence that does not bring disrepute to docs investors etc etc

    No need to post if not wonted on this thread, sub basement good too.

      • And the navy or charcoal suit we advised?
        (That was you, right?) Hope that worked out for you!

        P.S.: I miss Fashion Girl. And also I will be very sad if I lose my job (which funds my 3-ply cashmere pullover tunic acquistions) as a result of my history of DEFAMATORY commenting about A Dumb Donkey’s hideous rayon schmattas and mylar Al Pacino chaps. Oh, the irony. Guess you WIN, Donkey.

  28. Okay, I think we’re down to the wire, so I’m just going to take up my own request and put out the bat signal myself. *climbs onto roof, dusts off knees, turns torch light on*

    Gilly needs help. She needs a retainer. She had a looming deadline, and when I say a looming deadline, I mean the tightest I have ever encountered in more than 15 years of practice. Right now, she has one day. One single day to find counsel, retain them, get them up to speed and have them file a motion to quash in federal court in Arizona.

    This is due to GoDaddy waiting 20 days, from the day they were served with the subpoena to provide Gilly’s identity, to notify her. They waited 20 days to notify their own customer that someone had filed for a federal subpoena to identify her. 20 days, she could have used to prepare to protect herself from the irreparable harm that Christine Kelly has threatened in writing for weeks that she, Julia Allison and their attorneys “in four states” will wreak on Gilly, this site and all its commenters once they obtain what they’re after. She has sent written correspondence and posted publicly online how they (she and her “best friend Julia” Allison) intend to harm Gilly, this blog and the visitors/commenters of it. She has named the claims they intend to bring and the damages they intend to pursue which contradict the sworn filing in the subpoena. But, these are the same people who have impersonated attorneys and/or had friends impersonate attorneys on their behalf, called the places of employment of those thought to have commented here attempting to get an individual terminated, threatened criminal proceedings for online free speech they dislike, been reported to have accessed others email accounts and attempted to communicate as those individuals, have used connections in tech to try to silence free speech online and publicly discussed exploiting TOU to get speech they dislike removed. So, if I had to choose between what was sworn in the filing will be done with the identifying information they seek and what they’ve written and posted dozens of times will be done, I’d put my money on the later.

    After waiting 20 days after they were served to notify Gilly of the subpoena, GoDaddy turned around and provided her only three business days (from the day she notified them of her intent to retain counsel to quash) to provide them with the written filing. Three days, that’s it, which equated to only one week after they notified her of the subpoena to find counsel, retain them, get up to speed, file a motion to quash in federal court in a state she with which she has no contact and provide them with the a copy of the filing.
    That all the result of the machinations of the catalyst of a “global movement for love”?

    Julia Allison doesn’t like criticism (something this country constitutionally protects, awards a Pulitzer and carves out as acceptable fair use to IP rights), so she uses a woman like Christine Kelly to help her silence it as well as “attorneys in four states” they brag about in threatening correspondence, and all this from a woman who proclaims to be a journalist. Bullying, threatening, intimidating, attempting to get someone terminated from employment, exploiting TOU violations, harassing, filing take down notice after take down notice for non-commercial criticism and parody of IP are all acceptable and justified? But, Greg forbid someone exercise free speech online and criticize Julia Allison Baugher or her sidekick and “best friend” Christine Kelly. The mind that can justify these tactics against constitutionally free speech all while proclaiming to be a catalyst for love astounds me.

    We are talking about a parent to small children, one who cares for extended family who have suffered unspeakably, things that both Julia Allison and Christine Kelly with their date rape allegations do not begin to comprehend. I cannot reveal more so as to protect the innocent, but suffice to say, if these two self-entitled, overly-privileged, unemployed, unmarried, childless millennials succeed in their campaign to destroy the free speech they dislike and those that they are targeting, thus revealing who Gilly and her family are, Julia Allison will be the one ashamed. Peter and Robin Baugher should be aware. Their burro’s campaign of personal destruction against her critics always circles back to their burro. The truth that Julia Allison attempts to silence here will only grow. The story of the outing of Gilly Blake and this online community for exercising free speech will be bigger than this blog. Who everyone is and their connections back to Julia Allison may even bring Gawker back. Just as recently that the source of her antics with Pancakes and Pancake’s family was Pancakes, harming Gilly and her family by targeting them will end in more truth being known. I don’t think Peter and Robin, their burro or her attorneys “in four states” have sat down to consider who they’re targeting. I think they actually buy the whole cat ladies in the basement image of anonymous commenters. What they likely don’t get is that real kids playing video games in the basement don’t care about overly entitled children stomping their way through life because they are overly entitled children themselves.

    That all said. Before we hand over the internet, the Constitution, the First Amendment, fair use, criticism and parody, this blog, its readers, its commenters, Gilly and her family’s grocery money, we might try standing up to these two childless, unmarried, unemployed millennials who think none of the protections enumerated above apply to anyone who deigns criticize them and their actions, which have harmed others. We might want to consider coming together to protect those rights. Namely, Gilly needs help with the retainer to respond to this subpoena issued to “protect IP” but what we’re all acutely aware, according to Christine Kelly’s dozens of written communications over the last few weeks, is designed to destroy “Osama Bin Laden” as they have referred to Gilly, this non-commercial blog, the commenters and the “criticism” they’d like to outlaw over everyone’s Constitutional rights and protections. I don’t know how logistically it can work, but I know Gilly needs help now and before the GoDaddy chosen deadline of tomorrow afternoon. If you have a connection to Gilly or any known commenters here, please reach out. New and unknown individuals are difficult to verify given there have been attempts to misrepresent others recently and in the past as well as attempts, some successful, to interfere in fundraising for this non-commercial blog. But, older commenters know each other, much better than I do, and could reach out to one another and hopefully find their way back to Gilly. It’s not a good time to make new connections given everyone is on edge with all these filings and threats and misrepresentations. But if you know a commenter in real life who knows another who may have once known Gilly, please reach out. Many of us care for elderly parents, young children, extended family and friends, and thus cannot call daddy to beg for money to get what we want or even what we need in emergencies. In fact, I would venture most of us are the one’s our family and friends call for help. I don’t know much about Gilly, but I know she is that person in her family. I have been, too. I have the daughter of a childhood friend staying with me right now as her father is hospitalized for stage four cancer. We take her back and forth to the hospital every day, and unlike our illegal AirBnB’er, we don’t charge her for it. And the one other commenter who I ever corresponded with previously was, too. She donated $300 to my kid’s pup’s crowd-funded vet bills after the pup was hit by a car, and she did so anonymously. So, I know. But, if we can’t get legal representation to protect online free speech when it is threatened, there’s not much point of even having it.

    • Can an attorney also file an immediate injunction to extend the response time? I hadn’t realized Go Daddy held on to the information for 20 days BEFORE letting Gilly know.

      • JFA’ing. Please let me know where I can donate. This is much bigger than just Julia and latest nutbag accomplice sidekick whose name I don’t even know. They’re trying to retaliate against someone by abusively obtaining their identity for what purpose other than targeted harassment? This type of abuse of legal process used to intimidate, threaten, and ultimately extort people supporting free speech (First Amendment) is becoming all too prevalent.
        Donkey could change her unethical behavior but chooses to attack those exposing her abusive unethical behavior. Interesting choice. She may just get *fame* yet but not how she always envisioned it. Journalists especially, are not looking kindly on people who abuse copyright and freedom of speech. She previously tried to get the site taken down without success. THIS is the story I’d think many journalists would be interested in revisiting almost a decade later. Reach out to contacts!
        I’d also encourage those with Twitter accounts to repost, as Twitter is a news outlet.

        • You put yourself on the line for us, Gilly. I think many of us feel like it’s the least we can do, and it’s frustrating not to be able to do more.

        • Unicorn Studded Rainbow Named Shirley (NOT "Julia Allison")- 1st Ever Commenter on the New Site! 🎉🎊🍾 (NOT Ali Shanti/Alexis Neely/Alexis Katz)

          This is an outrage. And I believe this will wind up doing far more damage to Julia than to anyone here.

          If she’s doing this to try to hide her years and years of abusive and twisted behavior, I’m surprised nobody around her (parents, the attorney/s involved in this) hasn’t warned how this can backfire and make her more famous than ever. And not in a positive way.

    • Oh my god, are you INSANE?


      You sound UNHINGED. We’re supposed to pay Gilly – who has chosen to spend ALL of her free time and probably a lot of time that should have been devoted to her children (child) and husband BEING AN ASSWIPE publicly without identifying herself?

      She is absolutely liable – and for a LOT of money. This will very likely ruin her career – and she deserves that. She’s an asshole. If she truly cared about her husband or daughter she would spend time with them and not on a incredibly unintelligent website for losers with no ACTUAL friends.

      btw, we look forward to your divorce. Party??

  29. I have been wracking my brain for ways to send money without outing Gilly or the commenters. As a lurker no one knows me so that avenue won’t work. But what about online gift cards? I know it will add steps to the process but can’t they be sold for cash online?

    • We’re working on a way to donate. I never thought of online gift cards. I’ll pass this along to the others working on this and will let you know ASAP!! Thank you.

      • I am happy to open a bank account in New Zealand and send you the details privately so you can pass them along to people who would like to donate. I will email you. There will be a small loss in international fees but it’s only NZ$27.00 for each donation, sometimes less.

  30. I wrote some fairy fucked up things here and did so comfortably as I was anonymous. A lot if it had nothing to do with JA and sort of a conjecture on all rich kids who believe they are special and talented when in fact they aren’t. I suppose there is a time to walk away and the smartest investors, lovers, friends, enemies, etc seem to know when is when. Is now when for you? It’s when for me. While I enjoyed this site because life is hard and it’s good to have a place to complain and release some frustration, I would be giving JA too much if I said she were the reason behind most of what I wrote. Good luck to all of you. I’m sure she just wants the site taken down and then all the legal will stop. Ce la’vie.

    • Legal may or may not stop if the site is taken down. However, right now we have no choice but to keep the site open and respond with a motion to quash.

    • Look, I think we’ve all known for a long time that JA is over. She’s old news, in the face of bigger, brighter (and younger) narcissistic scheming fameballs like Caroline Calloway. Gilly has strained and struggled to keep posts coming, in light of Donkey’s old-hat status. But I think most people have stuck around because the community here is top notch.

      At least that’s why I still pop in. I don’t even post much, as I don’t feel I have too much to contribute, but it’s comforting somehow to be able to swing by the comments late at night when I can’t sleep and get a few genuine laughs off the cleverness of the RBD community, as well as to read through the OT comments, where people share so much advice and support for each other. I’ll say it if no one else will — the subreddit is a poor replacement for RBD, because it’s not really about JA. If I just wanted to read random snark, I’d choose a far more interesting target.

      • Definitely old news but some of the commenters are old friends now and several I know offline. I’m sticking around to see if Donk ties the knot with Dodi, who really is the most impressive JA suitor in many a moon. I want to see those damn wedding fauxtos!

      • I withdrew from the subreddit and deleted some posts because it’s become a cesspool. There’s a bunch of disgusting incel crap up there now.

        • It’s really gross. I feel sorry for the well intentioned cat lady who started it. The psycho who stormed in and took over….I just want to scream “you don’t even go here!”

          • I ignored him/her but s/he keeps creating new identities.

            I belong to several other Reddit subs on different subjects that have pinned rules and are actually moderated, and things there are informative and peaceful.

    • What a sad life you have, full of insecurity with a desperate need to feel superior. So much so, you’ve conflated your opinion or preference with facts and reality. Fortunately, the courts don’t care about your opinions or preferences. They care about facts, which is why parasites like yourself can only function by using abusive tactics.
      Know what’s fun? Watching unethical often illegal, abusive, schemes like this one backfire…famously…publicly…and with substantive, life-long, unintended, financial consequences for the abusers.
      Know what the best part is? When abusers, have the chance to just walk away & don’t. They foolishly and predictably almost undoubtedly double down, escalating their criminal behavior. That’s when what started out as a silly game ends with Feds and criminal charges.
      Ask me how I know?

        • Did you know last year someone who did something similar to what Julia Allison Baugher is attempting to do, went to federal prison for circumventing the law, making false claims, and forging documents to remove negative truthful information from the internet including illegally Google deindexing. That includes illegally image Google deindexing. Yep , that’s a thing. And shady attorneys think they can file subpoenas without filing complaints or filing and not serving complaints to illegally obtain court orders to remove negative truthful information.

          Judges hate these people who think they don’t have to have ethics because they can hire attorneys instead.

          It’s a growing trend that free speech attorneys and First Amendment attorneys are starting to take these case on appeal pro bono because they know it’s creating NEW case law.


  31. Gilly, you are liable for A LOT of money here – copyright infringement is HIGHLY protected in this country, and it doesn’t matter if you take it down (there are statutory damages you’ll be liable for – especially for posting the book proposal). I would RUN if I were you if you care about your career or your family at all.

    • Thanks, Christine for your idiotic and poor reading of the law from your Momma’s house! Go post to FB, dear! Actually, copyright law is the least serious intellectual property law. The copyrights are NOT even examined. It’s not like the Patent Office, you freaking fool. I can register 100 images for cheap tomorrow and it doesn’t mean anything in terms of litigation in most cases.

      Don’t even reply to loser Christine at this point, especially as it relates to anything legal. She’s just too stupid to acknowledge at this point. Get help, nut job!!

    • Massive settlements? How thoughtful of you, Christine. This is a non-commercial blog about a public figure with a history of trying to settle scores, real and imaginary. Won’t you feel like a good SJW if I’m unable to provide for children and a disabled family member who testified against her attacker and put him behind bars for the rest of his life? May you and your “best friend” continue to enjoy your entitled existence and be sure to sleep until noon each day.

      • Not very non-commercial if you had a Patreon and a PayPal account – is it now, mmmm hmmm? WITH SOFTNESS, bitch!

        We can’t wait to see what your daughter looks like … wouldn’t it be fun if there were a blog all about her? I’m sure you would LOVE that! Non commercial, of course.

        • Hope you and your daughter is ready to be served up to 4 chan, dear heart.

          Your flaccid penis (does he even have a dick at all??) hubs too!

          • Grifty had it right when she said you are Donkers Rudy Giuliani… Make that henchman Roger Stone and Roody Colludy rolled into one… unless you are going for a brayfecta and want to add a Michael Cohen to your special blend of insanity, since you’re playing threatening lolyer too…

            Talking about serving anyone up to 4Chan, much less a child!, shows Dodd’s Friends and family exactly the caliber of Donkers and her ilk, so yeah, that wedding you weren’t going to be in anyway, keep talking… Let’s see if that ever happens, thanks to you peeling off a few more layers of the onion.

          • Brayella, crazy Christine recently wrote a post about loving Rudy G and wishing she could have dinner with him.

            Maybe they will get to share a prison cell. Or a rubber room.

        • What the fuck. I have never seen someone be so nasty, and that is saying something. But I suppose that’s how someone ends up unemployed and alone, raging at the world from a keyboard at their mom’s house, after seeming to have had every advantage and a whole lot of undeserved media attention handed to them early on. Imagine how much worse things will continue to get if you don’t at least start trying not to be so much of a cunt.

          I mean I had no idea who this has-been was, so I did a search, and of course nothing came up but RBD, because she’s kind of more of a never-was, but the catladies were so kind at first, saying they hoped she got help for her obvious mental health issues. Well. She didn’t.

          • Is this really Christine??? I just cannot believe how absolutely vile and disgusting the posts are……..I am truly shocked.

          • She uses VPN so we can’t be sure it’s her. However, at one point, Christine was sending me upwards of 20 emails per day.

          • Is the writing style & language similar? I knew she is beyond coo coo but this person sounds dangerously unhinged.

          • Although dumb as rocks for telling us that we should have used a vpn. Kind of like when my child says “Mom, you no come in here, ok?” and I go in there and he has emptied a whole container of powder. He is 2 though…not 38.

          • Get a load of Miss Projection here. Such entertainment on her Facebook with all the imaginary conversations with Elon Musk and Kanye West and reveling in glory days when Randi Zteef and other Dlisters used to glance her way in her little gofer job. A person who posts 100 lame things on the Book or Face a day and brags about watching endless reality shows in her glass house should not be throwing stones at anyone. Go cash your SSDI check take your meds and mind your business you vile piece of excrement.

          • Unicorn Studded Rainbow Named Shirley (NOT "Julia Allison")- 1st Ever Commenter on the New Site! 🎉🎊🍾 (NOT Ali Shanti/Alexis Neely/Alexis Katz)

            A certain nutter should be made aware that the 4chan denizens most definitely do not appreciate being used as weapons. Especially when attempted by psychos and even more against innocent children. People who try that often wind up in the crosshairs themselves

          • Oh, it’s Christine. We have evidence of that with or without her VPN. But, her use of the VPN, as protection in her mind, allows those here not privy to the extent of the harm she’s capable and has been wreaking to get a glimpse of it. She, in her association and coordinated activities with JA, presents a real threat to Gilly, her family and her children’s welfare and safety. Christine Kelly isn’t all bluster as she has insisted on proving to anyone who crosses her. She should be taken seriously, and all precautions, including legal protections, must be taken by those she singles out. Whether she is truly mentally unstable or spitefully pursuing those she targets (whether they be institutions, organizations, universities, companies, bloggers, readers, commenters, physicians, hospitals, attorneys, legal departments, families, individuals or those she mistakes for other individuals) isn’t the issue. The bigger threat is that she openly opposes state and federal legal protections and rights of those on her list, including Constitutional protections. She’s publicly declared that they should be abolished. So, the bigger issue is how far is she willing to go in violating those legal protections she wants revoked?

          • Screenshots of Teefs, while shouting “Teefs, Teefs! I was Miss Frizzle too!” to the sound of deafening silence is absolutely the sign of sound mental health. WhyTF haven’t any of her family stepped in? Her FB alone is enough to have her committed. Every f’ing story is a tall tale!

  32. The moron who alleged that anyone who has EVER made a comment on here and IF “proven false” can be sued for defamation:
    1 CA has a one year statue to limitation on defamation claims (as do most States in US).
    2 Comments are negative and truthful which is why Julia Allison Baugher has unsuccessfully tried to get the site permanently removed. Negative truthful information is not defamation.
    3 Any attempts to intimidate, retaliate or dox ANY poster on this site; and, pathological false claims in an attempt to bolster Julia Allison Baugher’s position are preserved as threats. If threats continue to escalate to criminal threshold (threats against alleged children), they’ll be turned over to federal authorities. VPNs are irrelevant to FBI.
    4 All accomplices eventually become victims. The insecure, desperate to feel superior person who is defending Julia’s unethical actions & threatening & intimidating people, if you’re doing this with her blessing or worse the blessing of her attorneys, you’ve put all in legal risk. If you’re doing this of your own accord, do not expect anyone else to legally protect you.

  33. I’m dead serious. Take my fuckin’ money. These fuckheads are so off their rocker.

    GILLY, I hope you leave and report to the FBI any threat against you or your family. The line has been double crossed.

    • Please contact a Gilly. Everything is needed right now. Every little bit. Some attorneys are working pro bono, while others cannot. It’s those who cannot that need to be paid. There’s a deadline.

  34. It should be known that the current subpoena seeks Jacy and JP’s identity as well. I don’t know if they can be notified in time to properly protect themselves. GoDaddy is being threatened by JA’s attorney with a motion to compel. As such, GoDaddy has given Gilly only two business days to get the federal motion filed before they’ll produce everything requested. This is after GoDaddy sat on the subpoena for twenty days before notifying Gilly of it. GoDaddy’s own TOS promises “prompt” notice to their customer, which they interpreted as twenty days in Gilly’s case. But, when she notified them of her representation and requested just ten days to file a response, they refused and gave her only two business days. Two, as in one, two buckle my shoe. They think 20 days is “prompt” notice to their own customer, but 2 business days is adequate to file a motion in federal court in a foreign state?

  35. BAT SIGNAL. If anybody is interested in helping Gilly but possibly spooked about posting during this mess before it’s resolved, you can respond to her tip address to ask how. Longtime catpeeps will know how to let her know you are legit. The need is there big time right now. Legal fund donations are needed. Spread the word. Their claims are baseless but require a legal response to quash.

    Please know this too will pass, just like the 2011 debacle passed.

    • Speaking just about myself, I think that, if I had a friend who wanted to be famous and lived like a public figure— including joining a reality TV show— and I came across commentary that was less than flattering about this friend, I would probably ignore it.

      I’d like to think that I wouldn’t want to keep reading something like that about a friend. I don’t think I would do anything to draw attention to it, or to give it more page views. I might even tell my friend, “I haven’t come across that site… I wouldn’t read it if I did. I’m sure nobody pays any attention to it anyway.”

    • Yes, and that assault against the blog was timed at about the same time as this video of Donkey presenting at SXSW about her “haters” and what she perceived as bullying, how anonymity on the Internet should be prohibited, and how the government needs to hire cyber police to track down people who say mean things to other people.

      So basically, Donkey has been attacking the first amendment and SCOTUS rulings since 2011, has now clearly shown a pattern of harassment of the people who run a blog that focuses on fair use commentary, critique and parody. And both she and the crazy person are posting about being nice to each other all while the crazy person is here posting actual dangerous threats, something this blog has NEVER done or espoused. All because some people who met in the Gawker comment section created a blog about someone drunk on internet fame, and pointed and laughed at her antics.


      • I have to add to this…watch and listen to this video. She explains illogically and without any proof) that big celebrities are *immune from hearing critique of themselves online* because the public doesn’t have their email address to send them nastygrams. (She seriously said this.)

        INSERT HERE the COVER of Time Out NY where a smiling Donkey is giving out her PHONE NUMBER and inviting people to call her.

        And she wonders why people wanted to POINT AND LAUGH and see what dumb thing she was going to say or do next, because she never stopped publicly feeding those stories, pictures, videos or trying desperately to get a Bravo show. You court attention, you get it, but you can’t expect that when you do so many stupid and narcissistic things, people aren’t going to LAUGH AT YOU and parody your lifestyle.

        I swear, she’s like Donald Freaking Trump saying that nobody in the mainstream press says anything nice about him. As has been said here before a million times, the key is to stop being an asshole, and to keep your private life private. You cannot have it both ways when you put all this stuff out in a public medium.

        • She runs to the media when she marries herself at Burning Man, she runs to the New York Post to declare Carrie Bradshaw ruined her life, and she attends her one millionith woo navel-gazing retreat and tells the world how THIS TIME she’s been transformed. No wonder folks point and laugh!

          • It’s utterly bizarre that after this many years, she has failed to understand that by seeking to become a PUBLIC personality means that you lose anonymity. You forfeit anonymity when you accept money to publicly sponsor products (both real and imagined sponsorships). You forfeit anonymity and privacy when you tweet, blog, and stream videos of every intimate detail of your life, every inane thought, every family Christmas photo, every lip dub…

            Julia Allison signed up to be the subject of a REALITY TELEVISION PROGRAM. People who don’t want to be the subject of discussion DON’T TRY TO BECOME REALITY TV “STARS.”

            People who don’t want risk being discussed, parodied, or ridiculed do not seek to become celebrities!!! It’s just that simple.

            People who discuss a public figure on a reblogging site are not breaking any laws! It’s absurd that JA or any of these other ridiculous characters is so ignorant to assume that they have the right to both market themselves for profit and then censor, intimidate, and threaten their audience. Disgusting.

          • The other head-scratcher is that on “her” Bravo show, she TOLD THEM about this site and even had them feature it on the show! There was even a brief camera shot that showed some of the comments and commenters’ names! And this led to a spike in readership here which is shown clearly over at the Internet Wayback Machine,smith many of the new readers becoming regular posters and lurkers!

            Come to think of it, she didn’t get a license to show RBD content in the episode, and therefore violated our copyright by using our content in a commercial program! Time to sue! (Donkey logic)

          • She also wrote and massively distributed that press release about breaking up with Jack McCain, and exaggerated their relationship, and then name-dropped him on the Bravo show like some trophy she owned. This is the behavior of someone who wants privacy?

          • You mean the very Julia Allison Baugher who values and respects privacy so much that she had herself and her housemate evicted for illegally renting out her bedroom to strangers on the internet?

            The very private and respectful Julia Allison who SWF’d a fellow woo “sister” and put a very emotional and very shitty conversation on speakerphone without her knowing?

            The super private Julia Baugher, daughter of lawyer Peter Baugher in Chicago who broke into Jack McCain’s email account and harassed women on his contact list and was removed from his house by Cindy McCain for being a total psycho who moved herself into her son’s home in Coronado?

            The privacy advocate who outed other people’s major health issues and her own mother’s assault for her own benefit?

            Julia Allison Baugher sure is all about being a pirvate and respectful individual on her kiss and tell “dating column” and reality tv show where she sexually harasses men and stalks them across the state like she does with her boyfriends who promptly dump her for that kind of behavior.

            Hmm…no that can’t be our Burro. She’s just too private.

          • Unicorn Studded Rainbow Named Shirley (NOT "Julia Allison")- 1st Ever Commenter on the New Site! 🎉🎊🍾 (NOT Ali Shanti/Alexis Neely/Alexis Katz)

            When she name checked RBD on that “reality” show, I still believe she thought the place would be overrun with ardent white knighting for her.

            It also made me think of the (thankfully!) former JIML who never shut up about the unflattering (and supposedly untrue) Gawker piece about her nor the even more unflattering way her sibling based a character on her in a movie the sib wrote.

            Out of loyalty, I never looked up those things. But after I’d realized how she played me, I did. And WOW. I couldn’t imagine why she wanted me to know about that, but she she certainly made sure I did.

          • Note that JA has tipped this blog on more than one occasion and she never asked me to close up shop, which I obviously wanted to do.

            Sorry that I can’t just shutter the place and walk away now. If she’s hoping this legal action, AKA “project,” ends in wealth and glory, she’s in for a big surprise.

          • That’s right, she tipped this joint when she wanted us to think that she was dating jelly donut or destorm powers.

            Times like this when mods cross-referenced her ISP readily known from emails she willingly acknowledged sending that coincidentally matched tips and Wikipedia modifications — for a lady in tech, she sure did not understand the electronic trail she was leaving, solidifying her not-so-stealth activities.

            Oh, Donkers… bless your cold, black heart…

            And Looney CK… criminally insane is no way to go through life…

    • More info: the software is $20 but it then requires a subscription. They have a month to month for $5 and other plans available. Good for up to 5 devices.


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