Dave Morin Is “Grateful” For The Deadly California Wildfires


Donk’s been mostly silent on social media, but the 2020 activist/journalith found time to share this eyebrow raiser. Some of the comments are appalling.

“Although frustrating for many”? Did this bitch actually write that? I wonder how Dave and Cameron would feel if they had lost their homes, as friends of mine have.


  1. I’m so glad Dave doesn’t know anyone who depends on electricity to run their medical devices, or anyone who can’t just run out and replace everything in their fridge/freezer, or anyone who’s lost their home. Jesus fucking christ.

  2. Mmmmmm as someone who has friends and neighbors lose everything in the Woolsey fire (and there but for the grace of God go I), and who is now threatened by the Easy Fire, fuck you, David. And fuck you, Cameron. FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU WITH A RUSTY KNIFE AND A CACTUS.

    These fires aren’t FRUSTRATING, they aren’t an exercise in GRATITUDE, they are fucking TERRIFYING and LIFE DESTROYING and people DIE and people LOSE EVERYTHING.


  3. People have died because they couldn’t find power for their ventilators, Dave Moron. You are part of the problem, you utter douchebag.

  4. My 90 year old grandmother didn’t have power for her breathing treatments. I think it was partially the stress of all that, and the threat of fire, that led her to have two heart attacks this week. She literally can’t get insurance on her house and now she’s going to have to go into a home, finally losing the independence she has fought so hard for.

    My in laws are bracing for an evacuation because of the Kincade Fire, when they already lost their dream home two years ago in the Tubbs Fire.

    But real people with pesky problems like this aren’t interesting to the Morins of the world.

    • Unicorn Studded Rainbow Named Shirley (NOT "Julia Allison")- 1st Ever Commenter on the New Site! 🎉🎊🍾 (NOT Ali Shanti/Alexis Neely/Alexis Katz)

      I hope your grandmother feels better, and that your family gets through this safely

  5. Dave was complaining a few months ago on Twitter or somewhere that his house isn’t on solar yet because Tesla flaked on roof installation.

    • Thank god he has a gasoline-powered backup generator. Did he learn to whine like that in Montana, where I believe power outages and natural disasters are not unknown? Anyway, his concern for people who have been evacuated, or lost their homes and businesses, truly makes him a moral beacon in these dark times.

  6. I live in California. My friend suffered a heart attack (under the age of 35) and is hospitalized in a city under evacuation. These people need to think outside their own needs.

    • Unicorn Studded Rainbow Named Shirley (NOT "Julia Allison")- 1st Ever Commenter on the New Site! 🎉🎊🍾 (NOT Ali Shanti/Alexis Neely/Alexis Katz)

      I hope he’s OK!

      • Thank you. He is recovering from surgery and is doing ok. However, his family lives in an area in or near the evacuations so I’m sure that only compounds their distress.

  7. Just think of the loss of all those yoga mats that have gone up in flames and can no longer be recycled to make wine bottle stoppers. All of those crafty women out there now at loose ends. It’s a national nightmare!

  8. As a former Californian with friends and family in harm’s way, the whole situation is horrifying to me. But so many people seem desperate to normalize what’s happening. Denial? Cynical effort to protect their real estate investments until they can quietly sell and leave? Plant medicine? I really don’t get how people can treat the fires and outages as the new normal.

    • Mental illness and entitlement. It’s really gross using a natural disaster to draw attention to your wokeness while criticizing others. This is why these navel-gazers will never be anything more than grifters. Real leaders reach out and help victims in emergencies. Con artists exploit emergencies as opportunity to make it all about them and special snowflakeness.

  9. If either of these — the fires or the power outages — were routinely happening where I live, I’d be completely terrified for my family and my community. How could anything be more self-evidently a matter a life and death??

    • I can’t imagine that, at any time of the day or night, my family would have just fifteen minutes to flee for our lives, and that the fate of our home and livelihood would be threatened this way every fall.

      My friend who lives on flat land in LA says at biggest risk are the homes in the hills.

      I also heard a sad story that the poorer people who work paycheck to paycheck for the folks whose homes are being destroyed are also facing financial ruin because of losing business. The housekeepers, the gardeners, etc. And what about the restaurants and grocery stores and other businesses in the huge geographical areas that lost everything when their power was turned off? This is a tremendous humanitarian and financial crisis with no easy solution.

      • Unicorn Studded Rainbow Named Shirley (NOT "Julia Allison")- 1st Ever Commenter on the New Site! 🎉🎊🍾 (NOT Ali Shanti/Alexis Neely/Alexis Katz)

        But if the woos can find a way to make a buck off of it, then it’s all worth it!

    • While the Morons live in the “country,” it’s not the “real” country. It’s the rich people country, not the poor people country, and someone is supposed to be looking out for you, to ensure that bad things don’t happen to rich people. Anyone who’s lived through the Oakland hills fire or the ’89 earthquake– not newcomers like Dave Moron– knows that bad things can strike at any time. Don’t worry, Dave, if you have to evacuate, you’ll be at a nice hotel or a tech bro/woo friend’s McMansion. You won’t be sleeping on the floor of the community center.

      I’m not saying that rich people should take loss of property in stride– I’m pretty privileged myself. It’s the attitude of being a tech guy in a McMansion who can’t get cell phone access one day, and suddenly he’s this humbled, suffering Regular Person who can appreciate What’s Important and needs teach the rest of us how very blessed we are. It’s the ominous, self-pitying “Imagine waking up…” Fuck that. Even in the OMG Bay Area, there are plenty of people who don’t have cell phones or internet. They didn’t evacuate because they didn’t get the message. Or they couldn’t afford to buy gas this week. Or they can’t afford a car. They don’t have insurance. They used to know their neighbors, their neighbors used to look out for each other, but now their neighbors are a bunch of tech bros who might as well be strangers.

      Whenever we have a planned power outage, I have a few older neighbors who are wandering around, asking, “What just happened? My power went off. I thought I’d paid my bill. Tingo, do you have power?” and I tell them, yes, it was planned and I received a voicemail and a text about it. Congratulations, Dave, you now know the freedom of being untethered to technology! Isn’t it wonderful? There are people who can’t make rent or their car payment or buy food because they didn’t get paid because the power was off at their job or gig.

      If you look outside your Marin bubble, you’ll see some really inspiring free spirits who live in RVs parked on public streets… such fun, carefree hobos they are! Maybe you could buy a $100,000 custom Airstream trailer to be more like them! If you want to experience “what really matters,” take your family on a camping trip to Montana with no cell service. You’d probably still bring 4 iPads and back-up chargers.

  10. They really help you appreciate those who have a modicum of personal hygiene.

    And I forgot what country California is in. Thanks bro.

  11. If the mobile networks in his community are out, how did he post this? Did he go get out in the traffic of people who are definitely needing to make a run for it, and get in the way so that he can go to a place with Wi-Fi and make his whiny Facebook post?

    For that virtuous loon feeding her family by candlelight, WHAT is she feeding them? I would be surprised if she can operate a manual CanOpener. And while I do not know what is up with Siri’s random capitalization, fuck that too, right along with these asshats who’ll exaggerate lives lost into the “millions“ while missing the actual tragedy unfolding all around them because… Because why? Because it’s far less sensational a number?

    These people are so fucking tone deaf.

  12. Imagine waking up in the morning. Your apartment is cold. You turn on the heat but nothing happens. The lights won’t come on. You are 77 years old and use a walker. You make your way to the dark, windowless hallway. You cry out for help, but the property manager is nowhere to be found. Your neighbors– some in walkers and wheelchairs– mill about, unable to use the stairs or elevator. As night falls, some are afraid to leave their apartments. One neighbor tries the stairs, but falls in the dark and is unable to get up. Your 80-year-old neighbor informs you that the front doors of your supposedly secure apartment building have come unlocked in the power outage. Anyone can walk right in.

    You are confused, you feel on edge, you feel unsafe. Several different agencies oversee your low-income senior housing complex. You paid your rent– how could they leave you so vulnerable? Didn’t all those people who work with computers say that they were making the world a better place? You feel slightly grateful that you use a walker and not a wheelchair.

    This is your reality if you are a low-income senior in Novato, California, America.


  13. Throwing this out for discussion– has California fallen significantly in the past 2-3 generations? It seems like a pretty tough place to live for an average person, esp if you have a family. It seems like certain parts of the states (the ones with well paying jobs) have oppressive traffic, cost of living, and quality of life. But I could be wrong.

    (This really had nothing to do with Dave M’s comment, sorry for the OT)

    • When my young relative moved to orange county about 10-ish years ago for a lateral career move, he got a $60,000 cost-of-living raise just to make the move from a neighboring state — I would be very curious to know what that same adjustment would translate to in today’s dollars.

    • “Fallen”? That is an odd choice of words. Especially when talking about how a state is overcrowded and housing prices have gone up.

      I would agree that the LA, SF, and San Diego areas are overdeveloped and overpopulated and that the traffic is crazy. The effects of forty years of state and federal reluctance and refusal to invest in infrastructure are showing in California now, but similar infrastructure crises are likely in much of the US.

      • There was that awful gas pipeline explosion near SF airport a couple of years ago that was attributed to ancient infrastructure. I can only imagine what a really big earthquake would do through these densely populated areas, with all these old natural gas lines.

        I lived in San Francisco in a cool 1915 apartment on Nob Hill, and ended up moving to Palo Alto after the 1989 Loma Prieta quake, which scared the shit out of me. I didn’t want to die under a pile of bricks or in a gas fire. California is a wonderful place to live, but once you live there, you realize there are a lot of drawbacks. These have surely gotten much worse since I moved away 20 years ago too. I could never afford to move back even if I wanted to.

    • I don’t know how people do it, unless they bought their home years ago, inherited money, or work in tech. (I’m darned lucky that I check 2 of those boxes.) The cost of living is outrageous; it’s very crowded and people are always busy/stressed; and there’s a skewed sense of reality when McMansions and Teslas are the norm. I know plenty of 2-income, professional couples couple who can’t afford to buy a house or have children.

      There’s a huge homeless population, with tent cities and streets lined with RVs. Parts of Berkeley resemble third world slums. The official aroma of San Francisco is urine. The BART system (transit system like the MTA) gets so clogged with human feces that the escalators stop working. There’s simply not enough supportive housing, and you can’t make people accept services. Car break-ins are constant, because people are desperate; not just in the city, but in the “safer” suburban neighborhoods.

      I checked the real estate listings for Donk’s beloved Palo Alto, and there is exactly one listing under $900,000– it’s a 682 sq.ft., 1 bed/1 bath condo on El Camino Real (busy street lined with fast food restaurants) for $848, 000. If you can stretch your budget to $1 million, there are two more condo listings. In all of Palo Alto. That’s what it’s so puzzling that An Unemployed Donkey can live in CA at all.

      California (I’m speaking of the Bay Area specifically) is completely different from 2-3 generations ago. Monster houses dot the hillsides, agriculture is all but gone, and there are just too many people everywhere you go. I doubt that a teacher and firefighter, for example, could never buy a house and raise a family in Silicon Valley.

      I still love it, but sometimes I don’t recognize it. PS. DONKEY GO HOME.

    • Turns out that “the fifth largest economy in the world” is in shambles. The quality of life is decent for the 1%, but the rest of the state suffers. Here’s one tiny example: most of Stanford’s employees can’t afford to live anywhere near where they work. So the Stanford-branded buses leave Stockton at 3:30am.

      I have a friend who was recently highly recruited for a prominent position at Berkeley. He’s now desperate to get his old job back. Now that he’s on the inside, he sees that a university simply cannot function if it has to shut down and cancel classes several times a month throughout the fall term.

      This house of cards is about to collapse. Hard.

    • one of my central valley consultancy clients (the people referred to a few posts back) are contemplating a move out of state. permitting for one of the improvements discussed is just south of $1m; will cost them a tenth of this in a neighboring state.

    • I’ve traveled through a lot over the years, finding it exquisitely beautiful on one hand, and also an overwhelmingly unattractive place to live. The culture swings radically to the left, and the right. There does seem to be a big divide between north and south in terms of landscape, climate, mindset, which is interesting.

      When Jerry Brown was governor there was the “too big to fail” philosophy behind the state.


      But ultimately the social challenges are what seem insurmountable to me. Homelessness is in dire straights. Dissolution of the middle class is insane. Where will the physical education teacher live if a studio apartment is $4000 a month? Will he/she commute 2 hours each way to make a teacher’s salary?

      Add forest fires, earthquakes, crumbling physical infrastructure, and it adds up to a nightmare. Good luck Gavin Newsom! A good example of not understanding Californians is how they voted for a governor who once fucked his best friend’s wife, but yeah he might become president someday:


      • Hmmm, I seem to remember the best friend’s wife from a really trashy, little-watched reality show from a few years ago, called Miss Advised. A crazy as it sounds, she and her pal Emily (one of the “stars” of the show) were actually the more normal ones! There was this other woman, an insane braying lunatic with a fake job as a “journalist” (they had to make up a fake job for her, just for the show!) who was so desperate and annoying, she actually had a website mocking her!

    • I just accepted a job offer in San Diego. I was also in the interview process in Silicon Valley. I bailed on the Bay Area because I couldn’t see living in SV or taking a company bus from SF an hour every day. San Diego seems livable to me, but I spent 17 years in NYC. We’re currently in Minneapolis and it’s been a real mixed bag. I’m psyched about SD. It’s a good size, diverse, and sunny. Wouldn’t live downtown. We don’t have kids and have always been renters. I don’t find the rents that shocking. The increase I’m getting more than makes up for the cost of living.

  14. Guys, who cares about devastating fires when there are things like Halloween going on? JA just posted a pic of herself on Instagram in full babydoll princess getup. Insert vomit face here

  15. She couldn’t resist posting a Halloween joint. Please juxtapose with the slut (no judgement) and the condom fairy and whatever other ones.


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