Jesus H. Christ, Noodles!


I just kant.

News Flash: Jesus never said, I wash their feet because they PAID me thousands of dollars to eat couscous, gyrate like willow trees, and sit atop my hand-embroidered cushions in Woovana.

Loony Jesus goes on and on and on, engaging in more navel gazing about, boo hoo, having to leave inexpensive Ubud to return to her tree house in California, where it’ll cost her more money to be pampered. I don’t have the energy to go on.

Now wait, is Noah No Vowels still in the picture? I haven’t seen anything about him in eons and their “three-month commitment container” ended long ago.


  1. And Jesus took a Selfie, and it was blurry
    So he took another.

    Shallow as the rest this dim witted phony one. Yet more holier than thou, a fascinating combo, I’m here for As the Woos Turn

    No Vwls Started a single parents that Kite Surf in the Bay Area fb group or something like that to get someone his own age that has a real life

    • I looked at the page. it doesn’t look like he is trolling for a new gf. It looks like he straps the kid to his body and kite surfs in frigid cold SF Bay, and is looking for other people who want to risk their kids’ lives that way too. I don’t know too many moms who would sign up for that unless they are triathletes in training or some such thing.

      • He’s supposed to be a dim bulb and as woo-y as the rest of the tribe, so no surprise No Vowels would engage in such foolish, irresponsible behavior.

        • He’s all about outdoorsy adventure stuff so this fits. I bet he’d move back to his little Utah Airstream if he could, but having the child probably put the kibosh on that.

  2. All I read was “I’m on vacation and I don’t want to adult in reality and these are my excuses”

    It’s so much easier to be a self absorbed sanctimonious SISTERHOOD twat than to be a selfless ACTUAL activist working in the heart of the ew gross CiTy with Ew GrOsS homeless people. That pretty much defines these escapist woo fucks who can never walk the walk about “serving others”.

    Just can’t. Fuck off nisha.

    • I came across this whine that Judy wrote in 2015 and understood why Nisha refers to her as a “dear friend.” Birds of a feather and all that. Judy’s “activism” since posting this appalling claptrap has consisted of sharing links to social concerns every few days on FB. SO BRAVE!

      “I cried for quite some time when I watched this video.

      I am surrounded by people who have EVERYTHING – millions of dollars, several homes, many cars, anything they want – and I watch a video like this, with people who have NOTHING. NOTHING.

      I don’t know how to say this in an eloquent way, and it feels so obvious to me that you might not even be moved by these words, but here is truth:

      This level of disparity is WRONG.

      Why do we live in a world like this? How can we justify a world like this? I write this with tears running down my cheeks.

      I am donating to this campaign but I’m also going into an inquiry of how I can change my life more dramatically …

      To be cold and wet and homeless in a new land, with no food or water – can you even IMAGINE how terrifying that would be? Why are we living in our McMansions and shopping at our malls when there are human beings in the world suffering like this?

      Let’s open our borders. Let’s open our homes. Let’s open our wallets and give.

      We are only as safe as each human being is safe.”

      As she owed Rain 4k for months, I doubt Judy was opening up her empty wallet.


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