Dodi’s Refrain: “My Girlfriend Julia Was Wondering … “


A burro wants what a burro wants.

Dodi’s colleagues are rolling their eyes at the many sentences beginning with “My girlfriend Julia … ” As if they could forget her name, or give two shits about A Donkey’s demands regarding fill-in-the-blank. It is to laugh!

Speaking of demands, our girl, who just shared a FB post about being pregnant nine times(!), is allegedly pressuring the good doctor to move to Marin County. Is 55 Wildwood Lane available?

Personal to Judy: Your neighbors in Marin will still expect you to take out the garbage and recycling.

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Bottom Retro Video! Another masterpiece from Ser Donks:


  1. This is from when Donkers was with Davidiot, right? That GIF is hilarious, and I am racking my brain trying to remember the whole of that purple sign post said…

    OT: Watching MODERN LOVE (streams on Amazon prime) and of course I thought of Donkers because anything Gawker-related does that and I had noticed that Choire Sicha is an executive producer of the show (A pretty good show, I might add!)

    Back to present day BEAST OF BURDEN LOVE — I wonder if he also says things like “we don’t like sugar” or “Amy’s canned chili gives us gas” — that whole tell / tale / tail of dysfunctional relationships where one half abdicates all opinion-forming of preferences to the other.

    • He allegedly refers to “wellness experts” from Julie’s tribe of con artists during conferences with his researchers. More eye-rolling ensues.

      • That’s so embarrassing for him!! He works in science, woo nonsense is the antithesis of medicine. Wonder how long until they get him into crystal healing. Maybe UCSF will claw back his MD.

      • Unicorn Studded Rainbow Named Shirley (NOT "Julia Allison")- 1st Ever Commenter on the New Site! 🎉🎊🍾 (NOT Ali Shanti/Alexis Neely/Alexis Katz)

        I wonder if he woo-spews to his family. And if so, what they think of it.
        Any idea if his parents would be down with it, or go into Cindy McCain mode and hustle her outta his home?

  2. I was wondering how long it would be before she was lobbying Dodi to move to Marin. Such a selfish ass she is. He has a ten minute commute at the most right now and even the southern end of Marin would easily make this more than an hour each way.

    • Oh, I know! So selfish! Like many a research scientist, Dodi works 12-hour days and needs that quick commute from home to the office. Meanwhile, the lazy layabout can’t even remember to take out the trash.

    • There is a wider choice of good public schools there; would fit in with Donk’s lock-down-the-doc-with-a-burrito agenda (Donks herself being a shining example of what an upscale suburban public school education can result in.)

          • I am not! Just saying, someone else noted to keep custody of any prophylactics too! Her breeding would be absolutely horrific barring some last second epiphany of her life, which seems more and more far fetched.No Vwles started a Parents Kiting in the Bay group he is so lonesome while Noodles jet sets on the purse strings of her “sisters”

          • She didn’t get knocked up at Burning Man. That was during a visit to his place, which I think was a trailer in Utah or something. Not that it really matters. It does make me wonder how many women get pregnant at BM, though.

    • What would be the reason for her to want to move to Marin? I would think the cache of living in SF would keep her there.

      I can’t imagine she cares about public schools. Her spawn will go to private schools, I’m sure.

      • It’s too cold in SF for her to run around in public half-dressed like she’s been used to for the past few years.

      • Per her manic FB posts maybe she wants to get away from the %G towers or go live more sustainably or ride a horse or isolate him more

    • Assuming his lab is where all the other USCF bioscience labs are, he’s probably in their Mission Bay campus, not Parnassus, so he’s probably already at a ~30 minute commute each way depending on whether or not he commutes during rush hour. Crossing market can be a trainwreck.

      If they moved to Marin he’d easily be at an hour + each way. He’d be crazy to let her convince him to move to the north bay. There’s really no good commutes to Mission Bay bc BART and Caltrain aren’t walking distance, most people take the shuttle from the nearest train stations. Least worse place to live is Dogpatch or Peninsula.
      source: work there

      • A guy I interviewed with for a job in Silicon Valley lives in Mill Valley and has an hour + commute. He has a wife, kid, dog. He basically said it was killing him.

        • If he is pressured into a Marin move, there went Dodi finding the time to cure cancer. The world thanks you, Mulia!

        • I commute less than 10 miles and if I go during peak rush hour some days it kills me. Bay Area traffic is the freaking worst. It looks like his new oncology startup is actual in South City (SSF) near genentech etc, so if he moved to Marin that would be extra horrendous commute. I bet if she does wear him down to move to suburbia they’ll end up somewhere on the Peninsula. Remember when “A Man Who Wants to Live in Palo Alto” was on her insane 77 point “must have to date me” checklist? C’mon Dodi!!!

  3. Post -avo love interest, now he’s her collaborator and DJ she can dance Her binterpretive dances for/with/to…all too Human, ever the guacsmaid…

    • This way, she hopes to get her name on the mortgage, and the house in the divorce. It’s all calculated. Have him make this move while still in the honeymoon period, and lock him in.

      Hope he starts thinking with the right head pretty soon.

      • I’ve sort of come around to the perspective of if he wifes her up, ESPECIALLY if he gets no prenup, then he gets what he deserves.

        He’d be a true idiot of epic proportions to put a ring on financial succubus Donkey. Their divorce would be **SO** epic and full of drama, I’m almost excited for it. Has she EVER had a non-travesty, simple low drama breakup??? And that’s just from all her random boyfriends!! Imagine how psycho she’d be during a divorce.

        • Under California law, she wouldn’t be entitled to much. Any companies he founds (I believe he has two currently based on a quick google search) before he marries her are considered separate property. As is inheritance, so she won’t be able to touch his family’s $. Given that Dodi’s salary at UCSF is minimal, unless he founds new companies post-marriage, she won’t be entitled to much. Her best claim would be spousal support to maintain her lifestyle, but that only lasts for half the length of the marriage.

          • Unicorn Studded Rainbow Named Shirley (NOT "Julia Allison")- 1st Ever Commenter on the New Site! 🎉🎊🍾 (NOT Ali Shanti/Alexis Neely/Alexis Katz)

            Very interesting – thanks!
            Hypothetically, if they (shudder) marry and he inherits money during the marriage, she would have no claim on it, even if he spends some of it on her before a divorce?

          • “My feelings on this subject: If $ is important to you, best to make it yourself.”

            ^ that is such great advice. I’m happily married for many years but kind of have realized over time especially when watching beloved family members age and die that we’re all basically on our own in the end anyways. You have to be able to depend on yourself because who knows- your loved one could get hit by a truck or any random crazy unexpected thing could happen. It’s basic common sense to have your own affairs in order and have a plan for “what ifs” and worst case scenarios.

        • Unicorn Studded Rainbow Named Shirley (NOT "Julia Allison")- 1st Ever Commenter on the New Site! 🎉🎊🍾 (NOT Ali Shanti/Alexis Neely/Alexis Katz)

          So far, he hasn’t put a ring on her hoof, so maybe he’s not an idiot. Or that much of one?

          • Even if he inherits family $ while they are married, she would not be entitled to it in the divorce, particularly if it stays in a trust structure (which it should for tax reasons). This is why Jenna la Flamme likely walked away from her second marriage with very little $.

            My feelings on this subject: If $ is important to you, best to make it yourself.

      • That’s what I was thinking. What benefit would she get from a new persona as Nature Donk? She has already said she hates the city AND hates the suburbs… so why move to the burbs? To isolate Dodi? To get her (third) nose farther up the Morins’ buttholes? What would she do all day while Dodi was at work?

        • The only thing I can think of is that she wants a big house again. That house she was in with ILYRAIN was something like 4000 sf. She thinks a big house is a status symbol, and Dodi’s place is less than half that.

          • All that upkeep? For two people? Once a suburban hick, always a suburban hick.

          • Ha, Grifty that “We’re looking for a home in SF and a bevy of personal assistants!!! PM me if you know anywhere fantastic or anyone wonderful to work for us!!” post was All Time Classic Donk. She was sooo delusional, I wish I’d saved the text. Didn’t she say she was looking for a $1-$2 million dollar home and also an assistant to handle her philanthropic endeavors or something? And all the while they couldn’t even afford rent because they didn’t have real jobs AND ALSO she had all those evictions on her record from illegally airbnbing her apartments to make rent to begin with?

            She is such a delusional liar. I mostly watch the Donkey Show because I’m just gobsmacked at how long she has been able to coast along on life with no actual intelligence, skillset or talent or hard work solely by lying, facade and powering herself along on the fumes of her own bullshit.

          • Goodnight Wangs — Donkers is is a delusional, narcissistic pathological liar who is quite literally a ‘case and point’ ::waves at MMBH:: text book Dunning-Kruger action figure — D’oh!d$ter would be well-served to take note how comparable this particularly odious stable genus is to a certain self-proclaimed, self-serving stable genius before he gets on the hook contractually for a stall that she’s probably already devising ways in which to kick him out of if he doesn’t put a ring on it — at the very least, he needs to demand her tax returns of (minimally) the last three consecutive years before capitulating to this broke-ass layabout who is going to make him take the trash out when she has done nothing in the 15-16 hours that he’s been gone on any given day ending in a “y”.

            I wonder if she is trying to isolate him from his people…

  4. Unicorn Studded Rainbow Named Shirley (NOT "Julia Allison")- 1st Ever Commenter on the New Site! 🎉🎊🍾 (NOT Ali Shanti/Alexis Neely/Alexis Katz)

    Rhythmless stump

    • I realized I never watched any of her dance videos with the volume turned on.

      I was laughing at her “dancing” before but now that I hear the music she’s dancing to I’m howling.

      Rhythmless stump is most accurate

  5. Oh dodi…think about it.
    All those nights of being alone with just you and a hee hawing temperamental donkey with endless demands and your nearest friends are 45 mins away in the city. You’ll be dragged to Marin hot tub parties with gross cougars and sun burnt beer bellied BMW salesmen and one day you’ll wake up to see her trying to impregnate herself with a used condom.

    Get out now.
    Don’t have kids.
    Don’t get married.
    Her parents are going to make sure you pay so they don’t have to in the divorce.


  6. Son of Sam Dodi in the news. Donk is never ever going to let go easily of this one and Momsers no doubt is on the case with Pops to not F up the deal, even if repeated threesomes with Duran Myka are required or Petey himself on a couch!

    “ArsenalBio has exited stealth with $85 million to discover and develop cell therapies. The biotech aims to differentiate itself from the ever-growing pack of cell therapy startups with technology that enables the insertion of large DNA sequences without the use of viral vectors.”

  7. Hey, y’all remember when Donkers jumped the gun and hired her own promo magazine announcement for the tribune gig that Dad$er got her?

    I was reminded of that when I saw a blurb about Monica Lewinski’s docu on people who’ve experienced public shaming and then remembered the recent cryptic LiedIn I mean LinkedIn. While I am not seriously thinking that Donkers would be featured, it would be typical Donkers to do some such all over again. And again.

    But if she really did have *something* lined up in 2020?
    #HBrayO #Donkumentary #TheyStillCallMeDonkey #Daddy!

    • I think Bravo should film a new documentary series titled “They Still Call Me Donkey.” Imagine, Mulia truly becoming the reality show personality you truly love to hate while she does nothing, gets up around noon, goes for a massage, pesters Dodi on the phone, plans for “their” conferences, goes to dirtfests … Meanwhile, the good doctor tries to discover the cure for cancer. If only his selfish girlfriend would give him a moment’s peace! The ratings would go through the roof.

      • I’ve always thought if Donkey ever embraced her true evilness, came to terms with herself and her true nature and just realized She is the Person Everyone LOVES TO HATE she would truly become a national celebrity like she craves.

        Just, own your shit, Donkey. Realize you are a Tila Tequila or Pauly Shore or DJ Pauly D or whoever along those lines of people who are famous for being horrendous and just OWN IT.

        A show like Gilly mentions where she was portrayed as the Big Evil annoying person everyone hates would be a surefire hit.

        • Unicorn Studded Rainbow Named Shirley (NOT "Julia Allison")- 1st Ever Commenter on the New Site! 🎉🎊🍾 (NOT Ali Shanti/Alexis Neely/Alexis Katz)

          DJ Pauly D is apparently a good guy and works hard at the DJ thing, and is successful at it.

          Donkey could NEVER embrace her awfulness, because she has always DESPERATELY NEEDED to be the woman every man wants and every woman wants to be.

      • Have said before this is her only hope actually.

        Or a total epiphany and a book about her new awareness and real change.

        The latter has zero chance of happening.

    • Monica Lewinsky is one smart cookie and I bet she could see straight through Julia’s facade. Especially since Julia has a history of betraying people and throwing them under the bus, and nobody’s going to be more averse to that than ML.

      And if that failed, she is also close with a few people from Julia’s NY media days and would probably be warned to stay the hell away from her.

    • Lol… if I knew how to make a gif of Donkey and Elaine doing their dance moves side by side I would just for you because you are SO RIGHT!

      At least Elaine has rhythm. I don’t understand how she is SO OFF BEAT. Like, that song literally has prominent key beats that are repetitive and always on the same timing. It’s easy to predict when the key beats are coming. Whyyyyy does she keep hitting her tacky lame Donkey poses and wrist thrusts and janky arm whip things (she dances like a car lot inflatable wacky arm guy) completely before or after the main beats??

      I’d almost thing there was an audio delay and she really *was* on the beats, we just have a bad video glitch except this happens in every post where they have videos of her dancing. She really, truly is this pathetic. All the more funny tho bc she thinks she is such a talented “dancer” lulz lulz lulz


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