Nisha Moodley PAID A Visit To Spearmint Rhino & Donk Defeated Medjool Dates (Again)


Just joshing! But isn’t Noodles BRAVE?

In other Donkey news, our burro has zapped the sugar problem, now and forever, or until she again finds herself wolfing down chocolate bars in the middle of Whole Foods.

I’m amazed and thrilled to report that I have successfully transitioned off of my biggest addiction: sugar. For the past 6 weeks, I’ve only consumed very small amounts in natural form every 7 days. (I consider being 90 percent off to have kicked it!) What finally pushed me over the edge was a trick my friend Wendy Yalom taught me. Imagine whatever you want to eat – that you know you shouldn’t – with maggots and mold all over it. Then connect your mind to the consequences of eating it (whatever those are), and focus on that intensely for a few minutes. It worked! I feel so much healthier … my skin has gained clarity, my moods are evened out. Life is honestly better without 90 percent of the sugar I was consuming, even the “natural” kind (dates, honey, dark chocolate). 💗 But don’t get me wrong – I know it’s a continuous process to make sure I don’t fall back into the sugar trap, especially when life gets stressful or challenging. Still, 6 weeks off is a huge victory for me. So … Tell me how you’ve kicked your biggest addiction!

Ah, yes. Visualization! Moldy Medjools! It works every time … or does it? Any suggestions for Judy?


  1. Unicorn Studded Rainbow Named Shirley (NOT "Julia Allison")- 1st Ever Commenter on the New Site! 🎉🎊🍾 (NOT Ali Shanti/Alexis Neely/Alexis Katz)

    She’s actually saying her skin looks better now??? Holy hell, it looks gross and greasy

  2. What about the latest “Sometimes I actually put on Western clothing.” selfie. Note to JA: That polyester suit and blouse (?) may have been purchased in the Western part of the world, but it was absolutely manufactured in China.

      • The bidness suit looks so cheap, quite similar to the uniform worn by the woman behind the counter at our local Walgreens.

        • Unicorn Studded Rainbow Named Shirley (NOT "Julia Allison")- 1st Ever Commenter on the New Site! 🎉🎊🍾 (NOT Ali Shanti/Alexis Neely/Alexis Katz)

          Looks like a Sansabelt

        • Umm … that suit is Theory from Bloomingdale’s, last season (summer?). I know because I have it too.

          Sorry, but I’m kind of offended by this.

          • Well, that’s unfortunate since it’s about jobless aimless Donkers going into a dressing room and taking selfie’s because she has absolutely nothing productive to do, and not at all about you. Yours probably looks lovely on you and the fact that she manages to make something expensive look like a cheap piece of shit isn’t going to change because suddenly if it becomes known that there’s an expensive label on it. She truly manages to make it look as basic as the crappy polyester shit that a retail chain makes employees wear. #DITS

          • I wouldn’t give it much thought since it looks like she was just trying it on in a store. File under scheme juices, along with all the recent pics of her inexplicably wearing pearls.

          • I wouldn’t give it much thought, Grifty and Brayella. WHY on why, also known as Huh?, is our resident troll and that’s a crappy polyester suit on anyone foolish enough to wear it.

          • Ah, silly me. Of course she’s just trying in on in a store. (In the background, is that the ridiculous bag we saw in the London pic?) In which case, i.e. in the case of a suit that has never been actually worn, yeah, that wrinkled sleeve is just sad.

          • Only a fashion victim cares more what fucking label is on it and what 1%er store it came from than how ugly and cheap it looks on her.

    • I’m not blind to the fact that it’s cheap, wrinkled, and probably deeply (*deeply*) uncomfortable polyester, but I’ll say I like the colors on her more than I’d expect.

  3. I lost count of how many times she’s “kicked” her addiction to sugar. Congratulations again. Enjoy your relapse.

    • I got off sugar for six months to see if it helped my arthritis at all. It didn’t. So I just have sugar now and then if I want some. Why is every gregdamn thing so difficult for A Donkey?

      • Because she has nothing else to occupy her time. This bint has never worked at a real job in her life.

    • Maybe she pulls that out at a certain juncture in a relationship as a tactical maneuver?

      The vacation shirt is … Beyond words or sense, maybe it is a Rumi poem extract.

    • I’m guessing it’s an older fauxto, though Donk gives no indication of such. She’s scheduled to return to Bali this December.

      • Nisha had a post up recently about being in Bali in 2020. Guessing they will go together.

        • “Noah, you take care of Macaw! I’ve got to have some bonding time with the laziest goddess on the planet!”

      • She did go up recently and babysit the feral monster per Noodley’s spreadsheet of suckers. So maybe this selfie w/her was taken then.

        • But she’s tagged the photo as Ubud, so I’m guessing it was during Nisha’s visit to Bali. Also, she looks less greasy in the Noodles faxuto.

  4. “Imagine whatever you want to eat – that you know you shouldn’t – with maggots and mold all over it. Then connect your mind to the consequences of eating it (whatever those are), and focus on that intensely for a few minutes.”

    I find this thinly-veiled approach to cultivating an eating disorder in one’s self, to be totally abhorrent. Again the woos manage to slap a coat of shiny sparkle paint on a tired, destructive old cultural norm and call it “evolved.”

    • Agree! Mentioned down thread before I read this. The irony of presenting oneself as so evolved… but resorting to some pro-ana shit like she’s 17 and it’s a week before prom.

      • Did you know you could also eat lots and lots and lots of it then vomit it up? Or, you could just do things in moderation but then how to post about it on SM? Life so hard.

  5. Western clothing? Then what the fuck has she been wearing all this time?

  6. What’s up with this new eye bag sitch Donkers has going on? It looks like a caterpillar has burrowed under one or both eyes, depending upon which fauxto one looks at. Is that an InstaHam filter? A Mejool maggot?

    I need clarity!

    • @brayella eye bags = prolapse. Genetic, happens with age. Also happens when there’s lots of alcohol in the system.

      • Oh, I know all too well the perils of age and lot’s of _w/e_ on one’s appearance but this is looking like… I don’t even know what… A procedure gone wrong? It’s looking so… Prominent. And asymmetrical.

        • perhaps botox damage to the facial nerve leading to ass-symetry?

          – originally that was a mystype, but i’m leaving it there.

  7. Donkey, here is some free advice since Wendy’s suggestions isn’t sustainable. Eat fruit and naturally occurring sugar in small amounts as a lifestyle change. Don’t have added sugar in the house. Whole Foods only. Depriving yourself of sugar completely will only cause a binge. You’re welcome.

    • Or just switch to stevia and just eat low glycemic fruit like berries. It’s the high glycemic fruit that starts setting up the cravings because of the insulin response. Those medjool dates are so sweet and so high in fructose they make my teeth ache just looking at them. It’s not the dark chocolate, Donkey, it’s the stupid giant package of dates you hoover.

  8. I can’t believe someone so evolved and aware would still be struggling with the basic bitch issue of sugar addiction. Fuck I’ve beat heroin and nicotine and cocaine…. even best cocoa extract. And I’ve never been allowed to step foot in Esalen. I also am a self made millionaire from a rust belt town, so I guess fuck you too Smellsberg – in fact fuck your extra hard you phony kid hating motherrfucker

  9. I never noticed her wonk eye until now. A decade of gawking at this ho and I’m still discovering deformities. Distinct lack of symmetry there. (If you remember her boasting about her “perfectly symmetrical” tits, take a shot.)

  10. With softness, what has she done to her face? It’s like… all of a sudden the dead eyes are closer to each other and the forehead is so… tall and wide and botoxed… it’s so aging.

  11. Also, celebrating overcoming sugar b/c you have to think of it covered in mold and maggots sounds like some pro-Ana shit they shouldn’t admit to. It is far from “the healthy Judy I am today”

    • She actually posted a picture of her in a t-shirt that said VACATION and said she was Monday morning dreaming. HER WHOLE FUCKING LIFE IS A VACATION!

      • Oh, fuck me! I missed that! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. Julia Allison is a lazy layabout who does nothing, but Julia Allison wants another vacation from … Julia Allison?

    • Ha ha, the woman who derides “Western clothing” and rages about life in the US, wets her metaphorical panties at the sight / cite / site of a luxury car.

      Tho enlightened….

  12. Someone is on a posting spree!
    Julia Allison
    1 hr ·
    I have a Flora Grubbs (aka “the plant store”) addiction.

  13. Long time listener, first time caller.

    I think Julia is pretty, but damn she looks out of it lately. This isn’t meant as any kind of image or body snark. For someone who is, well, image-obsessed, it’s surprising. It’s not uncommon to lose weight at burning man, but she seems very thin. I hope she’s okay.

    • It IS surprising that an image-obsessed person would post extremely unflattering pictures of themselves, but she has been doing it for many many years, along with broadcasting her extremely unflattering behavior. This is known as the Judy Paradox.

      • Hi Helena, sorry I missed your shout-out to me/Futurama in the previous post! I’m giving a conference paper this weekend & my kid’s OTT birthday party is the week after that, so I’ve been too busy to check in on the basement.

        Hope you catladies are all hanging in and doing well. I can’t believe Dodi’s still in the picture, especially post-Burning Man. I am having a lot of trouble understanding this relationship; what the hell is he getting out of this?

        I know he has some friends who are anti-Donk, but I can’t imagine that’s going to make any difference. My experience is that friends’ advice on romantic situations, even if requested, is almost universally ignored. For example: I had a friend who asked me if I thought it was a good idea that she quit her job, sell all her stuff, and move to Italy to be with a guy she had met there & spent four days with. I broke my usual ‘no comment’ rule and told her that I did not think this was a good idea. She agreed, but did it anyway. Now she’s back in the States with a child & the dramatic Italian romance guy is in the wind. No real point to this anecdote, just that I don’t think Dodi’s friends will manage to talk him out of *anything*.

  14. I mean this sincerely: she should be ashamed of herself for promoting what is obviously an eating disorder, rather than getting help for it. She is nearly FORTY. Grow a conscience, JABA, for fuck’s sake. Being sick isn’t a crime, but using that sickness for attention is, and she knows exactly what she’s doing.

    • Seriously, I should read comments before I post. Next Julia will pour an entire salt shaker on her food to prevent overeating.

  15. “Imagine whatever you want to eat – that you know you shouldn’t – with maggots and mold all over it.” Hello eating disorder handbook. Call me crazy but wouldn’t recent desert activities possibly account for sudden weight loss?

  16. Can we talk about her forehead?

    Is it me, or is it looking positively flammesque?

    I can see that years and years of hanging heavy plastic pelts from her actual hair may lead to hair loss.

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