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Life must be a non-stop merry-go-round for Julia Allison Baugher, the unemployed but fun embodiment of love!

Fingernails & Erudition:

Because she says so:

The burning question: When in the hell is Alex Marson going to find the time to cure cancer?


  1. Donkers couldn’t possibly look any less sexy to kiss.
    Every fauxto of her kissing anyone backs me on this.

    Last but not least: WHO CUTS HIS HAIR?

      • Seriously. I realize at this point this may very well be a case of “look at this bitch eating crackers like she owns the place” but she really seems to be doing something very weird with her lips, and I too have noticed this before. Then again, I don’t have a whole lot of experience examining pictures of people kissing (partly because most people don’t take / post too many such pictures), so maybe everyone does that? Somehow I really doubt it, though.

        Tl;dr: so weird and off-putting. And so strange for someone who considers herself sex appeal personified.

          • It’s as though she’s Cindy Sherman creating a faux still of a Hollywood film kiss but without any awareness of the photo’s exaggeration of romantic ideals.

          • I think one of the things that make this so off is that she tries hard to make her face as visible as possible, so all the supposed passion goes into the pursed lips.

            And as always, who takes these pics? Because she took this as a selfie, I just don’t know how to go about my day.

    • Donk flies in Ryan Nickulas, AKA The Pelt Master, to work his magic on Dodi. No word if TJ Kelly is doing the good doctor’s nails.

    • His hair looks like it was cut with a bread knife, by a blind person, who was wearing boxing gloves at the time.

      • If Jules was The Man ((c) Taylor Swift):
        “What I was wearing, if I was rude

        Could all be separated from my good ideas and power moves”.

        • Donkey posted those lyrics two days ago and has received no comments and two likes from fans in the ‘stans. Remember, she has 5000 friends and 125,000 followers.

          As always, hire Julia Allison Baugher for all you social media needs.

    • I scrolled past, thinking Gilly pulled a terrible finger painting pic from google images to post as a joke. I’m just realizing that mess is her actual painting.

  2. So the Donkey, who used to behave like a 14-year-old, has now reverted to behaving like a 3-year-old (my 4-year-old makes much better art).

    She is a mental Benjamin Button.

    • How redonkulous to pose as if left-hoofed due to fauxtographing right-hoofed, but then again, Donkers “art” looks like it might have been collaborated by dueling bingo daubers held hostage w/ her back hooves, so…

      Stick to fauxto-chopping your back legs, Donkers!

      P.S. Donkey!

  3. “She took” him there. Not “we went to.” Very Donkeyesque choice of words. I’m surprised she didn’t say he was “in tow.”

    • That’s her strategy. Donk changes the masculine into his “best self” and wants complete credit for any positive qualities he possesses when it finally comes time to dump her raft ass. THEY OWE HER EVERYTHING! This was her M.O. with Phutureprimitive and with Debbie Stetler. After Rain ran for the hills for the final time, Donk would tell anyone who would listen that she made Rain the man he is today. Good luck trying to take credit for Alex Marson’s degrees and his lab, Donkey!

    • Yes, SHE. TOOK. HIM. for the FIRST time, he’s never been, can you believe?
      Who expresses like this? And he doesn’t want his face with a donk so why does she do this? Peeing on the ending remnants of the world’s greatest love again?

      • Has he issued a directive that he NOT be photographed with A Donkey? But she just can’t resist namedropping THIS MAN!! It is to laugh!

      • She took him to Esalen. She took him to Burning Man. She took him to the vet. She took him to the cleaners.

        He’s her object, her possession. She takes him places. They don’t go together. She takes him there.

        It’s very telling.

        • Again, when he dumps her, and he will, she’ll trot out these excursions as just a few of the many things she did to ensure his well being. She could have had a career but fill-in-the-blank’s perthonal growth was her top priority!

          • I gave up my dog Magic for you and my parents forced me to take responsibility for half-dead Lilly when I returned to California!

      • She ALWAYS does this: brags about taking [momsers or whoever] to their Very First [runway show or whatever.] Make no mistake — she catalyzes and mounts summits and creates crucibles like it’s her JOB.

        P.S.: Nice nozzle, DONKEY.

          • Same here. Just like quite a few of her pictures, it would make a good cover of a really dark novel.

          • I can’t help but think what dear Cuntbunnies would have done to that picture. Old boyfriends popping up out of the graveyard. And the embarrassed cat in the lower corner.

      • Unicorn Studded Rainbow Named Shirley (NOT "Julia Allison")- 1st Ever Commenter on the New Site! 🎉🎊🍾 (NOT Ali Shanti/Alexis Neely/Alexis Katz)

        I wonder if Dadsers will get as angry as he supposedly did when she used his card to take Devin Stetler to Europe and bought herself a ring?

        • Are you kidding? It was probably his idea. He wants this wedding to happen more than he’s likely wanted anything, ever.

          • Unicorn Studded Rainbow Named Shirley (NOT "Julia Allison")- 1st Ever Commenter on the New Site! 🎉🎊🍾 (NOT Ali Shanti/Alexis Neely/Alexis Katz)

            If Dadsers has a functioning brain, he’s not going to encourage his burro to take a guy like Son of Sam to a wacko fest, or whatever the hell it is

      • I highly doubt it. Donk isn’t dating another dirtbag DJ. I’m sure Dodi could afford a hotel. After all, he has taken her all over the globe.

      • Right? I’m 3 months younger than her and regularly get carded to buy alcohol. I’d bet real American dollars that she’s been offered a senior discount at the Willemette Pancake House.

    • Now I understand why she’s been wearing sunglasses in all of her recent photos. Those bags under her eyes might be par for the course for mothers in their late 40s. Not normal at all for a jobless and childless 30-something.

    • I wondered if Donk could be angling for a position at Esalen but then I remembered that she has no credentials and no realistic goals.

        • Ha ha, fucking a super married dude with a wife who has a very successful business and almost certainly lawyers out the wazoo would be MEGA on brand for our Donkey.

          • I don’t think Brit’s business counts as “very successful” now that Facebook algorithm changes have tanked their traffic and they had to lay off a ton of their employees.

          • Yep, I didn’t know that when I posted the above. Still, Judy is nonetheless a downgrade from Brit no matter how you slice it!

    • Tech bros ruin everything. Silicon Valley money pretending to be enlightened. Getting on the board so he can host private events. Tho thpiritual.

  4. She sold this as a networking event to get research donors and all the got as a kindergarten finger paint picture for his lab. Imagine someone asking him at work how old his child is, and he has to explain it’s from his 36-year-old girlbeast.

      • By the time children are about four, they stop making a big brown mess of their paintings and begin working on figural art and experimenting with shape, color and design. I literally can’t imagine an adult doing that sort of mess, unless they were extremely self-consciously attempting to be the embodiment of “childlike wonder” or something equally idiotic.

        Also, a special shout out to Britt for providing all those stupid tools, but the cheapest looking paper and crummy washable tempera in tiny amounts. I have too much respect for the artistic integrity of preschoolers to have them work with those kinds of materials.

        • I have to wonder just how fucked up her very early childhood had to be. Not to get all psychotherapist but this constant Peter Pan-like fixation on childlike behavior and constant denial of real-world responsibility is pathological and it seems to be getting worse with age. It isn’t just a occasional sideline of blowing off the steam of being an adult. For her it’s a systematic regression that never lets up.

          • Here I am in my umpteenth onesie! We’re singing songs and having a slumber party for my birthday! Let me just maneuver my selfie stick and we’ll all get in the picture! Work shmerk, but I’m doing a new PROJECT! Life should be all about FUN!

            Indeed, the older she gets, the more she childlike she becomes. It’s quite creepy.

          • *armchair analysis ahead* I think it may be because in her 20s, she was still mentally “belated” enough to have the mind of a real (insufferable) child, so Serious Business Lady With Briefcase and Sexy Sex It Girl About Town had all the attraction to a novelty that an actual 13-year-old (who may or may not simultaneously continue to love pink and ruffles and tiaras) may feel.

            Now that work and sex are no longer exotic (of course, to normal people her age they have stopped being exotic about two decades ago, but then again, permanently “belated”), these costumes are no longer as fun as they used to be, so may just as well focus on pink and rainbows and onesies and finger painting. Probably helps her feel less like an old, old spinster, too, which I suppose burns much harder now than before her expiration date.

          • /armchair analysis ahead
            I think it goes back farther than that, and she’s hinted enough to her childhood ‘trauma’ to speculate it’s because her mother didn’t pay her enough attention, in the way that she felt was enough. She has gone into a lot of detail about NGMB doting on her, having ‘unconditional’ love, and taking her to ballet lessons, etc. but very little about how she related to Robin. We hear the story about the stolen Barbie and the birthday party she threw herself at the country club, and they all sound like bratty things. But maybe she just was actually neglected.There has to be some reason for this arrested development. It’s clear she’s fixated on behaving like a pre-teen and thinks now that this is some source of pride.

            It’s that abnormal psychology thing that always draws me in to her drama.

        • As a hobby painter myself, the state of those paint brushes was bleak. Like preschool kids stabbing the brush at paper bleak.

  5. OK so I am still wondering who this post is for, and why.
    Not so much that they went to this thing, but her need to document it.

    * First, to stake a claim that she was the FIRST to TAKE him there. That this was some profound and monumental gesture on her part.
    * (Next, because it’s a humblebrag.) Look at these important people I know, and I TOOK MY MAN there to show him how important I am for knowing them. And look! Photo proof of it!
    * And look! We are at Esalen being CREATIVE and WHIMSICAL, here is a picture of my glitter manicure next to some paint. Aren’t I important and special!
    * Look at what I painted! I am Rainbow so I mixed ALL THE RAINBOW COLORS TOGETHER for a profound statement! And then I signed it with my special name for myself that I came up with all by myself! And I took pictures of this for posterity! Now let us chant some vacuous self-help bromides as a cherry on the sundae!
    * Now let me pose for a selfie with my big pet dog I took to Esalen! Please pat me on the head!


    Dating her must be like being with someone developmentally disabled, 24/7.

  6. How is he getting all this time off? Someone in my family heads a lab at a research university, and he barely manages to get three weeks of vacation a year.

    I know this is the least weird thing about the Transformation of Dr. Latka, but it bugs me so hard.

    Also, Esalen. And the Morins. I do love that her crapft empire flourishes while his Path nonsense went full Hindenburg, though.

      • Ah, alas. Well, she had a longer go of it than many of these ladybosses! Who will teach us how to wrap gifts in used pantyhose now?

        • Brit’s on-camera presence is even worse than that of dear donk, just horrid, and I’m amazed Moron + Co has lasted this long.

          • I’m surprised it got funded in the first place. I think they were looking for the next generation of Martha Stewart, and she was just handy, lacking nearly everything that went with Martha Stewart that made Martha Stewart Martha Stewart.

    • My question too, Albie. One of my best friends has a lab at Cal-Tech, supervising several folks, and he’s lucky to get the afternoon off.

      • He doesn’t seem to have a startup? He has a lab at UCSF and works in some institutional collaborations like Sean Parker’s cancer institute.

        He has a colleague at the latter called Zena Werb, which is an absolutely fantastic name.

        Doctor Doctor Dodi has a very sound Wikipedia page, which oddly was created by a current or former Yale student whose only other Wikipedia edits are about Incan architecture, which edits were part of a class at Yale. Said student is not great at Wikipedia, technically (the article itself is competently written).

        Relative? Somebody Judy paid? How would she know the kind of Yale student who could pass a course on Incan architecture?

  7. Feynman was relaxing in a pool at Esalen sometime in the 60s, taking in the scenery and thinking about the tides, when he was interrupted by a reflexology quack playing with a woman’s foot and diagnosing a pituitary problem. Feynman said you’re a long way from the pituitary gland and both just stared at him. Welcome to Donkey World, Dodi.

    • Esalen also figures in the story of Manson and his family, and I wasn’t at all surprised to read a reference to it yesterday.*

      *bodies in the desert

        • I was listening to a great Flophouse podcast about the (sounds unbelievably terrible) movie The Haunting of Sharon Tate, and every time they mentioned Terry Melcher, I kept expecting them to say that he was Doris Day’s son, but THEY NEVER DID!

          What is wrong with kids today, even?

          • Never? Then they hadn’t done their homework. Re: Melcher, I hadn’t realized just how successful he was as a music producer until I read Tom O’Neill’s Chaos.

            I’m passing on The Haunting of Sharon Tate thing – it’s streaming on amazon – but do want to see Charlie Says, because I like director Mary Harron very much.

          • Hilariously, even *I* know whose kid Terry Melcher was, and I don’t think I have ever seen his mom in anything. I learned that from the same book from which I first learned about Sharon Tate and Charles Manson when I was a teenager, here on the other side of the Atlantic and decades after it happened.

          • Terry Melcher produced the Beach Boys’ hideous song Kokomo. I mean, he should have been Manson’s cellmate for that kind of bullshit.

          • Also, same love on Mary Harron. I Shot Andy Warhol is godlike imo. Plus I saw it at the Manor Theatre in Pittsburgh, a favored haunt of Warhol in his teen years, so it was WOOOOO!

          • I love Lily Taylor, though I can’t remember when I last saw her in something. Re: I Shot Andy Warhol, John Cale’s score is wonderful and available on CD.

  8. The only time she was there was with ILYRAIN and a few other woo girlfriends, for some fourth of july thing a couple years ago. She wore some unfortunate looking American flag print leggings that emphasized her ample southern region, and was photographed leaping in the air, as she does.

    • Broke, mentally unstable, squater looking for free lodging for self and +1. If space only available for me, I will dump +1 pronto.
      Second ad: Looking for new gf in LA area

    • So he went from the $7m house in SF to crowdsourcing for roommates on the Internet?


      What is WRONG with the woos?

      • You know he’d argue about the chore wheel, and she wouldn’t clean her hair out of the shower drain. Hard pass.

        • And they’d be screwing on the way to the refrigerator, just like Jena and Sacha, and you’d have to put your face into your breakfast while insisting that you don’t want to document the greatest love the world has ever known with photographs and/or join in.

  9. This is the RBD thread from her last Esalen trip, in 2016. An $85 event (per a previous thread), so if she was insinuating to Dodi now that she’d indulged here then in high style, she’s braying lies as usual.

    And what a great RBD thread, catlaides on fire. This was apparently when she’d gotten back together with ILYRAIN after a breakup, but we didn’t know it at the time, and speculation was rampant. Bonus links to some other good stuff including Judy trying to hog the spotlight away from a hula hooper at Esalen.

  10. There’s nothing worse than the failure LSD has laid on the entire sector of boomers who founded and continue to flop around at Esalen. And it’s comic Donkey has fallen for the same honey trap as the lies the counter culture sold a generation of burn outs.

    Esalen is the biggest rich-kid installation art in the world. It’s like Disneyland for hippies, but what’s worse is it is not considered escapism. These people believe they actually control the world from some green stretch of coastline along the Pacific Ocean. The arrogance of the Tim Leary’s and Terence McKenna’s sucking on their loopy doopy psychotropic drugs, dreaming of how the human race is going to evolve into a being of light… on December 21, 2012… when the Mayan calendar ends…. only nothing happened. No big global eye opening. Just more war, more poverty, more of the same.

    Esalen was probably a CIA guinea pig environment for a while, and many of the people involved were probably agents for those spooky fuckers, much like the bizarre Murray experiments that fucked up the Unabomber. But what is Esalen now? There’s nothing worse than some wrinkled old hippie in a rainbow speedo (or no speedo) sitting in a hot tub talking about vibrations. It’s old, old old old old. It failed failed failed failed. Esalen is a piece of land, I guess. A beautiful one. I am admittedly resentful as I was an early psychonaut in the 1990s and while traveling around never had the money to even get in. I slept under the redwoods and tripped my way up the coast to the Oregon hot springs, no deep state connections or daddy money to get high with the “intellectuals”, so busy smelling their own farts. And that Esalen was one of the founder’s fucking grandmother’s land is hilarious. They act like they’re curing cancer. But no, cancer still exists – just ask Terence.

    • Esalen benevolently opens its hot springs to the public for two hours each day. For the low, low price of $35, you can take a dip between 1 and 3. That’s 1-3am, by the way. What a crock.

      • Yes! That is correct. I can’t believe I remember this. I recall considering the practicality of trying to pull that off. What with hitchhiking one summer, driving the coast one fall / winter in a car, traveling with someone else one season…. I remember thinking about whether or not to push to make it. And I remember immediately being forever turned off by the opportunity. Any elitist fuck organization that would actually offer 1-3 AM to the lower caste like me (at that time) may as well be the Trump Organization level of awful. Whatever enlightenment the organizers / controllers / owners of this place have attained, they have immediately proved themselves worthless by identifying themselves / their org as a pyramid scheme that happens to have a nice patch of earth and some heated swimming pools (natural or not that’s what they look like)… add access to some good LSD and you have a business plan? I’d rather trip my balls off in downtown Reno, Nevada. Fuck Esalen.

        Another thing, if you are gonna get high on LSD or psilocybin, or even DMT, please stop pretending you are on some quest or that what you are experiencing is profound and educational. You are getting high and experiencing something similar to everyone else who gets high on the same drug. If I do heroin or meth or coke I am not more spiritual or increasing my own humanity or coming in contact with anything less profound than you are. Drugs fuck us up in different directions. You aren’t special because you ingested something and it made you feel a certain way. You aren’t a causal agent for change or stopping an Israeli settler from running over a Palestinian 9-year old in the West Bank at 3 AM. You aren’t helping human trafficking in Bangkok or even poverty in West Virginia. You’re a fool getting high and being amazed by the experience billions of humans have had. You will sober up, you will stop feeling that we are all connected, and you will avoid the homeless man asking for spare change on the corner just like everyone else.

        • Because most of these loons in her sphere come from privilege, the irony of this is lost on them, but you’ve nailed it, and the obvious dichotomy is just another reason why this blog thrives on. No matter how much love and light they preach, they never make it to gaze out beyond their own navels. I have one of these phonies living right next door to me, and she’s the exact same way.

      • I can remember more than once imagining the feasibility of making that window work with my insane travels, hitchhiking one summer, driving a beater one fall, another one being driven by someone I knew. I do remember immediately rejecting this place based on this offering. It smacks of a pyramid scheme.

    • My mother was a hippie and when I mentioned Esalen to her in relation to this blog, she just rolled her eyes, indicated the place was a sad haven for druggies back in the day, and no, she never went. She was also amazed to know Esalen is still operating and with remnants of the original hustle.

    • YES! All of this. As the child of fried Boomers with out-sized impressions of their own significance when they were just born in the right place at the right time (late 1940s in the Bay Area), I am so fucking sick of hearing about the (failed) social experiment of the 60s “counterculture” as if they did me some kind of favor. I reached my breaking point as a teenager and swore off watching any more documentaries about the 60s narrated by Peter Coyote, which got awkward when he showed up at a pool party at my parents’ house when I was in college. The 60s were not great, Bob and I’m so exhausted by the Boomer mythology. Thank you for your time.

      • One problem I see today though are people who brand “boomers” as some monolithic entity that all acted the same way at exactly the same time, and they were all bad for society.

        Some of us boomers were only young teenagers in the 1960s, and a lot of the very positive things we and others did then didn’t bear fruit until later decades. Blaming boomers for what happened in the 60s is like blaming millennials and those younger than that now (not sure what the new generation is called) for Trump.

        Mindless boomer bashing by the young is one of the naivest and most ridiculous things I see these days. Every generation blames the previous one for its problems, and every generation in its youth refuses to acknowledge that there is no single generation responsible for anything.

        • Unicorn Studded Rainbow Named Shirley (NOT "Julia Allison")- 1st Ever Commenter on the New Site! 🎉🎊🍾 (NOT Ali Shanti/Alexis Neely/Alexis Katz)

          As a GenXer, I’m perfectly happy blaming millennials for much of what is wrong. Care to join us?

        • I absolutely agree with you. I guess I was speaking to a certain subset of boomer with a particular attitude and experience, rather than the current internet trend of blaming all boomers ever for all our current social ills. I also just really dislike my parents and my dad once made me watch Gimme Shelter nearly frame by frame to see if he could spot himself in the Altamont crowd. A lot of positive change was germinated in the 60s and I’m thankful for that as a cuspy GenX/millennial; I’m just exhausted by the narrative of people who were just there to tune in/turn on/drop out rather than effect actual social change.

          • I think there’s an asshole subset in every generation. And a decent subset too. Donkey’s friends pretend to be hippies but they don’t care about anybody but themselves. Meanwhile a bunch of ex-hippie boomers and millennials and people of every age are working here at my local podunk airport right now to gather and fly supplies to the Bahamas and evacuate the victims. And not a word about this from her “tribe.” Thanks for understanding and clarifying. 🌺

  11. Me (a southern woman-of-a-certain-age, who works where lawyers go to die, and thinks movies with concessions is a nice night out) and my 70-year-old retired, working class neighbor from upstate NY (who rejects all southern courtesies and likes to yell things like “I don’t drink that gut rot” when our local paint-by-numbers studio gives her a complimentary bottle of whatever Delta Airlines rejected for their international economy cabin when they screw up our reservations) like to frequent the wine & paint franchises in our area, where the upwardly mobile send their twins, their friends and nanny to paint a llama with flower crown and corrective lenses or the local moms’ group does a poppy field drip-painting for breast cancer awareness, women’s empowerment or both. These are activities that women without desk errands used to fill with lights after dark night at the animal prison or food drive day at the circus until those became suburban socially unacceptable. Suffice to say, it’s not OMG! downtown condo sophisticate. Rather, it’s the place the dotty aunt takes the twins while mom and dad are “at a meeting” aka couple’s counseling or “on a trip” aka rehab and where the 6-year-old twins tell each other when one is getting more attention from the instructor than the other that “it’s not all about you” (an actual scene witnessed).

    But, let me tell you. All of us (the snarky twins, the dotty aunt, the sass-talking retired neighbor, the fundraising, empowerment moms and low-functioning lawyer) painted wall-worthy canvases compared to donkwit’s work. Seriously, if one of those first grade twins had smeared their paint around the canvas and written art at the top, even the dotty aunt would’ve taken her outside to discuss “your attitude young lady” as well as “the very real possibility of losing your iPhone for an hour”, something maybe someone should’ve done for donkey a long time ago. Also related, you’re not so special, you deflated bag of flaccid fillers, when the children of middle America are spending their Saturday afternoon doing the same gregdamn thing, but half the expense and pomp-n-post to better result, before they head over to Chic-fil-A to instagram it.

      • “I’m so mad at mommy and daddy for sending me to a great high school and paying for my prestigious university degree when my brilliance would have truly burst forth had I not been formally educated and so I’m going to make mad little swirls over and over and over again!”

  12. Y’all, this painting shtick is just cementing my opinion that Caroline Calloway is 100% Donkey, Junior, down to blown book deal, consolation fauxtoshoots, parades of ex-boyfriends, open-mouthed sobbing on social media…

    • CC is a pointless, narcissistic attention-whore with no there, there— but she’s still miles (oops, kilometres) ahead of Julia Allison in that her outfits are as trashy (oops, rubbish) and her apartment (um, flat) isn’t straight from Pottery Barn for Toddlers.

      What’s funny is that, in all the discussions of CC as a social media phenom, nobody has made a comparison to Julia Allison— not because there aren’t glaring similarities, but because nobody remembers or cares about Julia Allison and her self-brayed social media “expertise.”

      • I had no idea who this person was until I read these comments, but I put “Instagram Influencers” on the same level as child molesters.

        Speaking of IG trash, who’s playing Olivia Jade in the new Lifetime movie about the college admissions scandal? So pleased the network hired two leads who can’t act!

        • I love a Lifetime movie. Actors who are just slightly to the left of attractive, poorly acted, terribly written, directed by someone’s unemployed nephew. This one sounds particularly fantastic. I love when they are based on recent headlines! I’ll have to record it to watch it again with my kids when they are home for the holidays.

          • I love it when Penelope Ann Miller yells at her hubby, “You knew the consequences!”

          • Who is the one that actually sounds somewhat like Felicity Huffman? I’m guessing that is why she was picked, and not for her acting chops?

  13. Forgive me I haven’t commented in years but just had to say that pic looks like classic Judy cryface. That and the combination with a pic where he won’t even turn around and cheese with her for the camera? I’m curious how this trip really went down.
    Also, high fives to you all who are keeping this place afloat. Ive been reading off and on since the NYC years. Good times.

    • If I had a heart and could spare a single molecule of empathy for Julia, I might actually feel bad about this. She would probably be happy if her “love” would pose for a few photos and applaud her pathetic attempts at being an artist/ singer/ dancer/embodiment of joy. But all of them (except poor, deluded Devin, the bracelet model) won’t even give her a selfie.

  14. It pains me to tell you this, Albie, but there are a squazillion bloggers and you tubers in the suburbs of Omaha who are working on even worse ideas at this very moment.

    • Ugh…this was a reply to Albie asking who would teach us how to use pantyhose as gift wrap. No idea how it ended up down here.

      • I’ve spent the past year teaching myself a craft that can either be rudimentary or very difficult and refined — I’m talking about classes and private workshops and 14 hours a day, month after month — and I read this and thought, “I could absolutely figure out how to wrap *anything* with pantyhose.” It sounded SO SIMPLE AND EASY, Morrocanwear, like something I might want to do. Good lord.

  15. Esalen has another painting creativity workshop coming up on December 1-6, in case any of you want to catch it.

    The workshop cost so $725 to $6300, plus a $50 materials charge. Cost depends on the level of accommodations you select. From sleeping bag on up. I wonder which one Dodi sprang for?

    Act now though, because spots are going fast! Here’s a link to the accommodations page.


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