If Julia Allison Can Have Someone Polish Her Wikipedia Entry, RBD Can Have Someone Update Our Background

Is that Morrocanwear’s favorite Bottom Picture I spy with my little eye?

An anonymous RBDer made “this humble offering,” thinking we might want to update the background, which has remained the same since our dear Cuntbunnies’ untimely passing. I think it’s a good idea and will install the new background tomorrow morning. So glad this creative catlady was able to get Neon Donkey and Playa Donkey in there!

Fluffer noted Donk’s Wiki page has been undergoing a constant flurry of edits and revisions, as well as a new protected status. What is our scheming burro up to? Here’s the new career section:

Allison worked as a legislative correspondent for Illinois Republican congressman Mark Kirk in the 107th Congress, later, during the 2004 election, contributing political commentary for Comcast TV.[5]

She worked as a columnist for amNewYork, and for one year she worked as an editor-at-large for Star magazine, where she did not do any editing per se,[citation needed] but instead appeared on TV as a representative of the magazine. In 2007, she joined Time Out New York as a columnist, a position held until the summer of 2009. She also had a monthly column in COED magazine. She became a nationally syndicated technology columnist with Tribune Media Services[6] and had a column on love in ELLE.[7]

Her writing has appeared in newspapers and magazines including The New York Times,[8] New York Magazine, The Guardian[6], Cosmopolitan, Maxim, New York, Teen Vogue, Men’s Health, Seventeen, and Capitol File. She also did party coverage for the Huffington Post.[5][9][10]

She co-starred on one season of the Bravo reality show Miss Advised in 2012, and she has made occasional appearances on Fox Business’s Happy Hour and Fox News’ Red Eye show; and regular appearances as a commentator on Fox News segments, CNN’s Reliable Sources, Headline News’ Showbiz Tonight, and Glenn Beck news-commentary show.[11][12] Other appearances include E!, MSNBC’s Scarborough Country; Montel Williams, NY Residential, The Wendy Williams Show, and MTV’s It’s On with Alexa Chung.[13][14][15][16] Local media appearances include New York City’s Fox 5 and Sirius radio. She co-hosted NBC New York Nonstop’s TMI Weekly, which is jointly owned by Next New Networks.[10][17][18]

She appeared on the July 2008 cover of Wired magazine’s in August 2008,[19] and the February 2008 cover of Time Out New York. In June of 2018, Allison was interviewed for the New York Post[20] about moving to NYC and taking on the persona of Carrie Bradshaw from the HBO series Sex and the City.

Allison’s public speaking appearances deal with new media and marketing, and engagements include Digital Life Design (DLD) conferences in Munich, Germany; at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts; and at Wharton business school on female entrepreneurs.[4][21][22][23] In addition, she has worked with various brands, including as a spokesperson for Sony until early 2010.[24]

What, no mention of her fabulous year as Coobie’s self-proclaimed spokesmodel?


      • I know there’s nepotism and back scratching in big business, but that page is absurd. No one would take that seriously. Even on LinkedIn, you have more checks and balances. Doesn’t it undermine the reputation of the site to permit such blatant exploitation for personal purposes? Might as well put her in Merriam Webster’s complete with flattering PR photo and personal statement. Fcuk. You look like a joke when you do that shit. Even publicists shy away from such nonsense.

      • They might as well list links to her social media pages and run revenue-generating ads for her across the masthead.

    • Seriously. Her last gig is a failed reality show seven years ago. Must be miserable to waste her entire 30s with nothing to show for it. No resume, no retirement account, no ring, no kids.

      • Haha, but you forgot the single (very timely) article in 2018 about Sex and the City. It somehow makes it more glaring to have a bunch of dates around 2008-2009 (for things we all know were poorly executed) and then a single one ten years later. “So, Julia, looking at your resume it appears that you were out of the work force for ten years. Were you raising a family? Taking care of an ill family member?” “Oh, I was a dancer for a couple of fourth tier djs and I ran a car wash bra scam.”

        • I agree, and also what Shamalamadingdonk says below. No one with real credentials would list all their 37 precious “appearances” on TV that no one remembers (because at the same time, 685 other dumbasses were “making appearances” on other channels and other shows, and no one remembers those apperances or dumbasses either), and that, obviously because there was no there there, never amounted to anything. And, as you said, even with all the puffing up and omissions and outright lies and the patented Donkey “LET’S DO THE TIME WARP AGAIN” technique (“it’s just a jump to the left…”), the article still doesn’t do a very good job at disguising that since the one-season reality show (and how many journalists, commentators and columnists consider appearing on a reality show WORK? except wait, it used to be documentary series, no? what happened to that?) in 2012, there’s been NOTHING. BTW, being quoted in an article is not work either, but lol OK Judy, you sure showed everyone in 2018!

          • And I am now laughing at the idea of an actual tv pundit listing all of their thousands of appearances. Also, they all have other real jobs. Like journalist, lawyer, head of a think tank, college professor, author…

          • Thanks for pointing out something I missed, which is Donkey taking credit for the 2018 article when it was an “as told to.” Very likely she submitted it but it had to be rewritten because it was so bad, just like the NYT online fluff piece about Burning Man that took her six months and as many revisions before they would print it. And they’ve never published anything by her again, for good reason. The newspaper biz isn’t doing great these days anyway, so who can afford to hire a writer that takes six months to get a 500 word piece written well enough to publish?

            But hey, Donkey, by all means put that stellar accomplishment on your Wikipedia page! And tell us again about how you ”spoke” at MIT in an empty room by posing at a podium! Maybe Donald Trump can hire you since your ethics about inaccuracy and embellishment are so similar! I hear he has some vacancies!

          • He could put her in charge of purchasing Greenland. She would get Dadsers to sign the cheque and then she’d try to auction Greenland off for twice the sum he paid.

            I’m kind of bummed that no one is picking up on my brilliant Rocky Horror Picture Show reference, seeing as I’m the last English-speaking person in the world who saw the movie for the first time just the other day and is thus now full of feels.

          • Whenever I’ve been asked to do an “as told to” (and yes I have a real full time job, successful, great benefits, published books, etc.) the format was them hiring a writer to interview me. So I am not sure she actually would have submitted anything.

            I remember talking with a TONY editor years ago who said she was a nightmare to work with, turned it shoddy work that needed to be cleaned up, but that they kept her around because for a while her columns brought pageviews.

          • I remember they’d publicly solicited readers’ anecdotes on the subject, so I just assumed she wrote in because it sounded a lot like her in places, but maybe someone who remembered her reached out to her first.

          • lol bitchface, in all seriousness, that instantly became my favorite quote!! I’m very tempted to end all my emails with “It’s not easy having a good time….”

          • “. . . at Wharton business school on female entrepreneurs.”

            She makes it sound like she — a person who has never run a business– was lecturing to matriculating students. In reality, she was one of 6 women on a panel about starting your own company, AS IF NON-SOCIETY WERE A COMPANY. That panel was one of like 8 different panels, at a Wharton-adjacent conference AT A HOTEL. She did NOT speak “at Wharton.”

            From her self-bio on the conference site: “her WIRED cover outsold every other issue in the last decade, save three” and “was the youngest legislative correspondent on Capitol Hill during the 107th Congress.” Oh honey. Compare her to the other women on the panel: “a former practicing attorney,” “was able to increase female revenue by more than $4 billion,” “co-founded and led TurnTide, an anti-spam technology company. TurnTide was acquired by Symantec for $28 million only six months after founding,” “earning her MBA at Wharton,” “managing director of Wharton Entrepreneurial Programs,” “an MBA in Financial Management”…

            And Donk is on the panel to speak about the… side-scrolling Tumblr she and her friends use to discuss the boys they’re dating???

          • This. I remember when I discovered Donk in summer 2010, and she kept talking about her business, and then there were these pathetically bad videos of her braying about boys over the other two, and I thought, “OK, so here she is having some lame-as-fuck fun with her vapid friends, but the business that she plans to sell at some point is WHERE????” I really couldn’t clock the fact that THIS was supposed to be the business. How naïve I was.

            Plus, of course, she really does some kind of demented time warp with this all, pretending that 2008, as lame as it was for her, is happening now, the TMS and “ELLE” columns either lasted for years or are still going on, etc.

          • The “Wharton” event was something in a nearby hotel, and it was open to the public. And I am pretty sure it was free, or very low cost because I was planning to drive down to attend, but it snowed that night. Her speaking at Wharton is like me doing research at the local ivy league university this morning, when I was in fact looking at cat videos on Reddit at a coffee shop near that university.

          • Wasn’t the Harvard talk “Harvard-adjacent”, too, and not affiliated with Harvard? Part of a HIVE event that just happened to be in a Harvard rec center of some sort?

  1. Pretty sure real journalists and authors and media personalities (ones who work) don’t have Wikipedia entries like that. How embarrassing to have all that padding and minutiae.

    • looks like she’s trying to reinvent herself as a media specialist (again).

      a winchell (or lippmann), she aint.

    • Any controversies surrounding a media personality are usually listed on their wiki page, but not a greg damn thing here about Judy’s legendary BS.

      • This. I was going to say the same thing. Hoya, medstitute, fake mic at fashion week, all were documented. I don’t know why Hoya and medstitute got removed because they had citations. Maybe it is because she was able to build a case that she was being “bullied” by this entries? Or was she able to pull strings behind the scenes again?

  2. the sony gig she was fired from for dissing them and using apple products.

    she forgot cheesy skillets. and seaworld.

  3. @Gilly: I want to see the version of her Wikipedia page that CFD, custodian of her inconvenient memories, would compose.

    • Conspicuous by its absence is any reference to Pancakes. Also, why didn’t she include anything about presenting at Hive? And where is the link to the Bigthink video on making “fuck you money”?

      • I am most curious as to what went down at HIVE. As [REDACTED3], Judy’s college roomie, told us, she quit as second-in-command because of limited or no benefits. Perhaps that led to some sort of falling out between Judy and Ryan, though he and Faith Shorney still respond to her FB posts.

        • Maybe Donkey wants to distance herself for HIVE secrets REDACTED3 may have told her about. But then again, Allis did facilitate the Greatest Love Ever Known Version 4.0, so she wouldn’t want to bite the hand that fed her a Dodi.

  4. It might be a service if we had a post where we provided pertinent information she left out. For instance, that her Tribune Media Services job ended after just a few months because she was doing a terrible job writing about herself instead of social media, and it had only been syndicated in a handful of publications. The Hoya plagiarism scandal is also absent, and so is the fact that she got a book contract that she did not fulfill and had to pay back her advance. The speaking appearances have been exaggerated to an absurd degree. And so on.

    • And that the “column on love in ELLE” was really a column on ELLE.COM tied to the Miss Despised fiasco.

      Also, Julia Allison, Julia Allison, Julia Allison, Julia Allison, Julia Allison, Julia Allison, Julia Allison, Julia Allison, Julia Allison, Julia Allison.

    • I think it would be a good idea if someone with writing access on Wikipedia went in there and tried to edit some of the BS and add some of the truth. We can do that in here, but RBD’s next entry will be about Dodi’s friends reacting to Donkey. This Friday, kittens!

  5. The scheme juices are flowing.

    Is she preparing yet another soon-to-fail comeback?

    Or has Dodi bought her the platinum package on one of those online reputation services and they don’t have much to do, so they keep editing her Wikipedia page over and over again?

    My favorite Donkey wikipedia page of all time is:

    The medstitute will live on, in perpetuity, throughout the Universe.

    • This makes me think Dad$er paid for a Donkapedia varnishing:
      She is the daughter of Robin and Peter Baugher [10] (president of the Chicago International Dispute Resolution Assn. (CIDRA))[11]


      • I don’t think Dad$ers particularly cares, but the Donkey does, because it helps her pretend she comes from old money, like when she used to brag she was 6th generation Chicagoan.

        The Republican housewife is, after all, the truest of her disguises and the one personality she goes back to regularly (e.g. the picture in London wearing NGMB’s old mothball-scented coat).

        • I guess I meant whose money between the two masculines — all we know for sure is that Donkers Without Boarders makes no money of her own unless she has come up with another lucrative scam since AirBray-n-Bray.

          • I don’t know what those places charge, but I’d think Dadsers would have a pretty big incentive to want to grease the skids to get his beast of burden foisted off to the Marsons. It would be worth a few thou, I’d think.

          • From one of those cites-“That depends on the difficulty and amount of links you want to remove. We’ve worked with clients for as little as $500 and quoted as much as $100,000. Most solutions are in the $3,000 to $15,000 range. For a free, no-obligation quote: Contact one of our Reputation Consultants who will personally review your case.

            Our prices for removals are one-time fees, only due if we can successfully remove the content.”

          • I bet she got the services for free by misrepresenting her influencer status (the story of her life).

        • If he’s 6th generation US, I wonder if some of her ancestors owned slaves or otherwise facilitated enslavement? Who wants to search the databases?

          • how can we search the databases? what are these databases?

            i dont really care about her ancestors, im just curious

  6. She did NOT have “a column on love in ELLE.” Mess Despised set her up with a brief series of a handful of columns on Elle.com as a fake job, because she was the only one on that dorky show who didn’t have a job. Her “columns” were just her discussing each episode of the show, and trying to rationalize why she appeared so batshit insane.

    Nor was a she ever a “technology columnist”– she wrote about stuff like “I want the new pink iPhone cover!” and “Should you text a boy after you just gave him a BJ?”

    Imagine that you’re pushing 40 and you look back on your “career” and everything is padded, fudged, faked, exaggerated.

    • That ELLE faux column was just a tie-in with Mess Despised and over once the shitshow was cancelled in its first season. It is to laugh!

      • AND she [alleged journalist, alleged adult] cried because cranking out one brief, silly, fluff “column” was toooo haaaaarddd for poor widdle Julia.

        • I loved when the producers tried to turn Judy’s idiocy – she is a horrible, horrible writer – into DRAMA!

  7. Nice update image. All due respect to curling irons. We like.

    Someone add the Kirk pic to her wiki where it’s mentioned.

  8. OT: Jack McCain’s LOLyer threw up seven posts about attending a Taylor Swift concert with Donkey and received a single response. No love, Judy?

      • Did she wear two different outfits, or go to the concert more than once? Apparently she didn’t meet her or she would have stalked her online like she did Elizabeth Gilbert and the children of Guru Lurch.

        • She was either stalking Swifty’s event trailer or she had a moment of self-awareness when she donned that traileresque costume…

          I don’t hold out much hope for the latter.

    • Those are the cheapest looking cowboy boots i’ve ever seen. Like too cheap for Ross Dress for Less. You know when people buy boots for infants but they are made of cheap plasticy flexible material so you can jam the baby feet in with ease and because baby feet won’t sweat like adult feet? That’s what they look like.

      • Didn’t she either buy them for, or wear them to, the Morin wedding, with a pink and white gingham-checked dress?

        • She absolutely did buy them for the Morin nuptials. Along with a pink cowboy hat that looked equally Dollar Store. And made quite a few of her fellow guests pick her up for photos.

          • And she wore that dopey hat on her Mess Despised faux horseback riding “date” with Sir William (aka Blinking SOS at the Camera.)

            Donk: How do keep your hat from flying off?
            Rancher: Buy one that fits.

      • Those fucking boots again, AND the whole satanic outfit she wore to that concert. I feel like it’s my nemesis.

  9. Just an appreciation post for Gilly and whatever kind friend made this lovely collage. The bottom picture is always appreciated, but I also like the sophisticated trench coat next to the phone booth in jolly old England one.

    • Yes, many many thanks for the good work! Out of the new additions, I think my favorite is the adirondack chair with pointed toes.

    • Wearing NGMB’s jolly old trench coat, Julia might find herself in the next John le Carré novel, The Donkey House.

  10. OT: What is going on between Glambo and Francesca?

    Glambo used to post about her “BFF” like 3 times a day, but in the last month or so no mention of Francesca.

    Did she have a sisterectomy?

    Have all her tiaras been accounted for?

  11. Changing the subject, I’ve been watching “Lodge 49” on Hulu. Does anyone else watch and think the female lead looks like Donkey? I’ve only seen Donk in photos so I’m curious if that IS what she looks like in 3-D.

    • I’ve not seen it but read a synopsis on google when I was half-asleep, “A charming, eternally optimistic ex-surfer named Dodi … ” WHAT? Oh, his name is Dud. Donkeywood has infiltrated my brain.


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