Jena la Flamme: Revolting Grifter Who Smeared Her Abortion Across Her Face Now Decides She Wants A Baby

Each FB post from RBD’s biggest attention whore is more repellent than the previous.

The former Jean Gray wrote about her “pussy mioux-miouxing” to her, saying “I want to be fed.” Then she posed topless, insisting that she might be 41 years old but looks 14. Was she hoping to entice a budding Jeffrey Epstein? And now …


I’ve been feeling my body and soul screaming for a baby lately.

I was recently holding the 2-month baby of a friend, and oh my goddess, I’d never felt a baby feel that good in all my life. It took my breath away. Another friend also has a baby of exactly that age, and seeing the pictures I feel such a deep stirring. A third friend has a 4-month old and told me the breast-feeding is so blissful, and that I’m going to LOVE it!

In these moments I feel my desire for a baby. Yet, I chose to have an abortion in October, otherwise I’d be holding a baby too. Deep sigh. Ahhh…the path I didn’t take. The complexity of life and desire!

Truthfully, it’s been gut-wrenching, but at the end of the day, I stand by my choice, which was that, in those circumstances, I did not feel ready or safe to bring in a soul. My inner no at the time was so strong, that I could only listen, and decline the call to motherhood at that time.

Since then, I find myself single. Yet it’s not the end of the story.
When I look to the future, I do see myself as a mother. Only time will tell!

For now, I’m birthing myself, and playing my role in birthing a better world, where women feel safe to exude and enjoy their feminine glory.

This is my service to you and the planet. I am a servant of the Divine Feminine.

Too many women don’t have what I have come to take for granted—body confidence and sexual empowerment.

Truthfully, I don’t take it for granted. I know that a woman loving her body and rocking her sexuality is absolutely PRECIOUS and SACRED, and so VALUABLE.

What I really mean when I say take it for granted, is a reference to the ease and comfort I now have with these areas of my life. Self-love and self-respect for my body and my sexuality is now so strongly rooted into who I am, that I know will never be lost.

No one can take them away from me.
I am sovereign and I will not abandon my body or my erotically innocent nature.

You can develop this resilience too.
You can develop what seems like a superpower, but is meant to be our baseline status quo—body confidence and sexual ecstasy.

Love, Jena

Just keep patting yourself on the back, Jena, while underhandedly shilling your erotic empress bidness. Just please don’t get pregnant on purpose if you have any upcoming zouk classes.


  1. Unicorn Studded Rainbow Named Shirley (NOT "Julia Allison")- 1st Ever Commenter on the New Site! 🎉🎊🍾 (NOT Ali Shanti/Alexis Neely/Alexis Katz)

    She doesn’t have eyelashes

  2. Quickly, because I’m in a rush. An irate reader just sent an email accusing me of using RBD as a platform for my pro-choice views. Woah! As Ali Shanti Katz would say. I’m strongly pro-choice and always have been, but would assume that ANYONE would find Jena la Flamme’s abortion story extremely disturbing. Note: Posts can go up very quickly, as did this one, and so I did reword part of the post, as well as one response, because I didn’t wish to give the wrong impression

    Though commenters are free to voice their own opinions on whatever topic, as long as we’re not talking trolls or hurling foul insults at me or specific RBDers, I’ve never used this blog as a political pulpit and I would think that’s evident.

    I hope everyone has a lovely day. (seriously)

    • Whomever wrote to you can go fuck himself/herself. Seriously. Nobody here is prevented from expressing their political views for discussion. I’ve had it with these people who think this blog is some perfect little world where their sensibilities never get offended.

    • Unicorn Studded Rainbow Named Shirley (NOT "Julia Allison")- 1st Ever Commenter on the New Site! 🎉🎊🍾 (NOT Ali Shanti/Alexis Neely/Alexis Katz)

      Some people live to be offended. There are things (mostly political) here that I don’t agree with, so I ignore them. I never feel compelled to respond to each and every comment, especially tangential ones

    • @Gilly: Perhaps you could share The Real Secret with your correspondent, i.e. NOBODY MAKES YOU VISIT ANY SITE ON THE INTERNET.

      Just clicking away is an underrated life skill.

      • Well, yes, there is that. I have NEVER held a gun to anyone’s head and insisted they visit RBD.

  3. Going to parties and dance classes is my gift to the world! I’m doing it for you!

    Do these assclowns ever have a day when they have to jump out of bed at the crack of dawn, throw on some clothes– no glitter, no plastic costumes, no professional hairstyling or makeup, no selfies– and just do an honest day’s work? Do they ever break a sweat outside of zouk parties or Burning Man orgies? Do they ever lift a non-glittery finger to help someone else?

    • Nisha Moodley and hundreds of snaps of CROOOOW!, Ali Shanti Katz’s non-stop spiel about herself, and Jena la Flamme’s overshares about her vagina – on planet woo, if you’re not sharing your pathetic life with 2 billion people, are you really alive?

      • Unicorn Studded Rainbow Named Shirley (NOT "Julia Allison")- 1st Ever Commenter on the New Site! 🎉🎊🍾 (NOT Ali Shanti/Alexis Neely/Alexis Katz)

        Outside of their own circle(jerk), do they have any audience? Other than us, that is

  4. I almost commented on this a month ago. She has been OBSESSING over my friend’s pregnancy all year. And now obsessing over her baby. I bet it’s even one of the ones listed, the ages match up. I thought it was weird before I knew all the insane reasons behind it. Friend tolerates it to stay in good graces with burning man crowd.

    • Why would one want to stay in the good graces of the Burning Man crowd? Serious question. I mean, unless she needs a deal on “coaching” of some sort. If so, just tell her to start her own gig coaching something and she can join the circle jerk.

      • I’m thinking of this obsession and what LickedRandisCake wrote below. She does seem traumatized and perhaps regretting a decision made because she’d once again married an irresponsible male. But could anyone this self-obsessed and into pleasure make the sacrifices necessary to be a good mother? Highly doubtful.

  5. She has trauma from her abortion, that was appropriately worked through via her woodland ritual. No matter how much she says it was a clear no, she did not want that. She did it because her husband abandoned her. A tale as old as the hills.

    • This. So much so. She wanted the baby just not with that street urchin having later-days’ed her. He’s awful. I wonder if her friends accusing her of denial meant that she was denying her pain and anger with him. Why continue to live the lie? He gone. Say it. Admit it. Street urchin. She wanted her baby, just with an actual father.

  6. Baby = Sexier World = Shut the ever-loving-fuck-up
    Seriously. Jena, go get a job. A real one. Put in an honest day’s work among other people-retail chain, fast food chain-something established with corporate structure. Do it a couple of months. Just until you can look back and see what an absolute, insufferable, grifting, asshole you are now.

    • She’s an insufferable narcissist and about as erotic as foot surgery. Being a bagger at Whole Foods for even just a month would do her a world of good.

  7. Um…the part about how breastfeeding is “so blissful” and that flimflam is going to LOVE made my skin crawl. How reductive. Keeping another human being alive with your own body is WORK.

    This woman can’t even arrange veggies on a platter.

    No sweetie, you won’t love it. It’s not sexual. It’s painful. Most women deal with engorgement and the inability to sleep comfortably in the first couple months. You leak through your clothes. You get clogged ducts. Mastitis. Dysphoric letdown. Etc

    Breastfeeding means waking up throughout the night, fighting to keep your eyes open, thirsty and groggy and hallucinating from sleep deprivation, pinching yourself to combat the surge of oxytocin so that you don’t pass out and drop your baby. Your nipples are raw, bleeding and cracking. You have days and hours filled with terror – is your baby getting enough? Are they losing too much weight? Is your diet making their tummy upset? Should you cut out dairy? Wheat? Coffee? You struggle to get your baby to latch, to stay latched, to stop biting, to stop getting distracted. You listen to stupid comments about how your lucky to be nursing because “it’s free.” Or from people talking about how makes them uncomfortable. “Why are you nursing?” “When will you stop?” “Why didn’t you keep going?” “Are you STILL nursing after all these months?” You fight through nursing strikes, nursing aversions, low supply, and for those of us with jobs…pumping. It’s not some fucking blissful earth mother tantric bullshit. It’s the HARDEST job many of us have ever done. Pisses me off so much when I hear people make it sound like this simple, instinctive thing. It’s work. Hard fucking work

    • So much like. I did it for three excruciating weeks with all the power I had in me. So painful. Never enough to help him sleep. I was browbeaten when I finally let him supplement to get his tummy full and sleep. It was not “pleasurable” as my cousin, who did it for four years, claimed. I used a bottle nipple over my own nipple because it was so painful, and I still thought I would die. It was the absolute hardship thing ever that I hate even looking back on. Three weeks. It’s all I had in me. Still feel guilty, wrong, bad. Those who glorify it can go fuck themselves along with any millennial twit shaming our aunt Gilly with their political bullshit. This isn’t Facebook. Go away. All you idjots with your stupid heads, stupid words and stupid political slant to every stupid thought in your rattling noggin.

      • @Curling Irons: Respect, sister. I have zero kids. Years ago, a family member passed me my newborn nephew in a restaurant while he was being bottle fed. A “well-meaning” freak came up and yelled at me for “ruining [my] baby’s life for [my] own convenience.” I took glee in telling the asshole that it was my brother’s kid and she was welcome to yell at him for his lack of breasts.

    • YES all of this.

      nursing was so fucking uncomfortable for me, and my letdown was forceful and ended up spraying everywhere which made me feel like a total freak. shit’s hard to do.

      i saw somewhere that “breastmilk is only free if you dont put value on a woman’s time”

    • And the funny thing is that the benefits of breastfeeding are dubious to say the least.

      Most of the studies that show the superiority of breastfed babies fall apart when you adjust by socioeconomic status. Mothers who can breastfeed (they either have the luxury of not working outside the home or they have a job that allows for breaks to breastfeed) tend to be richer and more educated than the mothers who can’t.

      If you live in a horrible corner of the Third World where access to drinking water is a problem (such as Flint, MI), then breastfeeding pays off just because you are not exposing your baby to the diseases that contaminated water can bring, but if you live an existence where access to clean drinking water is not an issue, breastfeeding is meh.

  8. Pardon my spelling/grammar/punctuation errors (your/you’re), etc.

    Currently nursing a biting, overtired baby and not at all feeling the bliss

  9. Wow, she is getting sadder and sadder by the minute, I mean yikes. She desperately needs help, a licensed therapist who can work through her deep depression of the loss of the losers in her life. I don’t mean a woo but a mental health professional. The feminine divine she is not, her suffering is based on a man. What is so divine about that?, and honey if you can’t help yourself you are useless to everyone else. She is a sad scammer with severe mental health issues she has cracked. The blood was a huge tip she is not well. I don’t have kids for various reason and that’s ok, I am complete as a human being. Children are a blessing if you are ready spiritually, physically and financially; Single or attached without lying or scheming your way with a partner.hint, noodles poodles.

    • Absolutely. I knew when she smeared the blood on her face and went out in public that she had cracked. I don’t care how woo someone is, that was a blinking neon sign of someone in the midst of a crisis. Her friends should be quietly getting her help, not cheering her on. I actually am worried about her.

      • When he let her know he wasn’t ever coming back to CA and had no intention to support another child, in her grief she may have felt she had no other choice. The abortion ritual was the way she dealt with the abandonment.

        • The lies she spun about the abortion are so sad. She claimed he was fully on board with having a child with her but SHE was feeling too independent and free to be tied down. She spun her decision to abort as coming from a place of power, when the reality was that the decision came from a place of brokenness and despair. I really feel badly for her, because she’s not going to recover from this until she’s able to be honest with herself and others.

      • But the woos just keep enabling her wack behavior. Read the comments on her FB post. I was reminded of my husband being skeptical re: Ali Shanti;s attempts to strong arm her mother out of her meager retirement savings. He went online and watched her video promoting such scamming. “The people commenting on her post are encouraging stealing from your parents. Even writing that they too need to get their hands on mom and dad’s money. Who are these people?”

        Someone did question Jena in the comments re: depression and nutso behavior and in a nice way, echoing much of what’s been written here. The woo women rushed to Fivehead’s defense and the comment thread has since been removed.

  10. As much as I can’t stand her, I wish she would get help. Real help. Even though she made really poor choices and deluded herself in this relationship, both the losses she’s faced are real and hit her hard, and she’s only now barely coming to grips with it. No little ritual is going to fix this. No trip to zoukland is going to fix this. It’s probably for the best she doesn’t have an infant to raise at all, but especially while she’s so depressed and distraught. Someone with serious skills needs to help her sort out all this unhealthy shit, and soon. There are layers upon layers of dysfunction here.

    • Yes to all of this. Her body and soul are “screaming” for a baby? Such an obvious cry for help. I hope she has real friends who will tell her this and get her the help she needs.

      • Best of luck with that. As I mentioned above, someone did comment on this FB post, suggesting much of what we’ve suggested on RBD and the woo women ripped her to shreds before Jena removed the comment. She doesn’t want to get better.

        • Which reminds me of the timeless joke:

          Q: How many psychotherapists does it take to change a lightbulb?
          A: One, but the lightbulb must want to change.

        • They are enablers, which is why they attract such broken people. And the sad part is there are grifters in their midst happy to take advantage of them with snake oil and “coaching” that gets billed on their credit cards on a recurrent basis. When you tell people what they want to hear, they will never hear the truth. And if you tell them the truth, many of them get angry and upset because they don’t want to experience the painful work that can legitimately get them through it. Look at how often we’ve seen this with Donkey. She’s happy to live in her own safe little bubble in this world. For now.

          • As I always tell people, the only way out of it, is through it. But, this is just one of the reasons I believe that we have seen such a high rise in addiction. The work is painful so people numb themselves instead. If only the knew what could be found on the other side of that pain.

      • Most of the comments on Jena’s page are as bad as her “I want a baby” post. (One fan of her book gave her some good advice but was ignored.)

    • “There are many upscale New Age retreat centers (Kripalu, in Massachusetts; Feathered Pipe Ranch, in Montana) where stressed-out executives can spend restorative weekends before returning to work with looser hip flexors and a clearer conscience. But Esalen is just outside Silicon Valley, so the executives who visit it have come from the likes of Intel and Xerox PARC—and, more recently, from Apple and Google and Twitter. Esalen’s board of trustees has included an early Facebook employee, a Google alumnus, and a former Airbnb executive.”

      Now we know what Donkey was really doing at Esalen: WALLET HUNTING!

    • Reading this article gave me the ragies.
      But hardly a surprisingly philosophy from this crowd as it mirrors how they live their lives. What is on the cover/outside is so much more important than what’s the inside. You just have to look well-read/enlightened/engaged/woke, you don’t have to do the hard work.

  11. Donks Wiki page undergoing a constant flurry of edits and revision and a new protected status, they are working double time! Of all the things she/they must be directing his family to that page and that page only…. in the hopes that more do not visit the… Basement

    • WOW. JUST WOW. That’s a major overhaul. The page is now filled with her dubious achievements. Something’s up and I don’t think it’s only about trying to impress Bernie & Ellen.

      • Did you follow the link to her “official” website? There’s nothing there except a link to send her an email… I can’t remember… Was it ever anymore than that?

    • She follows under 100 people/bidnesses, including draconian Oprah, polyamorous Jada Pinkett Smith, and Dr. David Stoker, whose specialty is “Breast∙Body∙Face∙Makeovers.”

  12. Right, she’s kept a very curated list of the years. These two are new. Along with all the youtube teen tween dancers. Props for her following Jada. I love Red Table Talk.

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