Updated, Now With Dadsers: Happy Backdated Anniversary to Dr. Alex Marson & A Donkey! (If Still Together)

Although both Donkey and the Dr. declared their “in a relationship status with” each other on October 24 of last year, Donkey backdated it (on 12/12/2018) to August 11. I know we’re a day late, but Auntie Gilly still would like to send the happy(?) couple some Red Baron Pizza certificates, as well as a romantic DVD about a nice Jewish girl with a good job who finds Mr. Right in Horrible New York City.

Note the trailer stresses Amy Irving’s “wonderful, wonderful JOB.” A position in which she supports great authors, not self-help grifters, through scheduling public readings. What a catch! And a far cry from the strippers or lazy layabouts with alleged “self-esteem” issues that the good doctor has encountered in his travails. Just sayin’.

Wait! What’s this? A young Jena la Flamme puts in a appearance (around the 1:20 mark):

(Thanks to Beep Beep, Tingo, and Shirley for the great date-night recommendation.)

Update: Our burro has gone IG crazee!

Allegedly still alive:


  1. -shaking head back and forth at the humor and the resemblance to the reality of that cameo-

      • And don’t miss Julia’s cameo as Hannah Mandelbaum. Her matchmaking skills are legendary.

        • @beepbeep, dunno if you have your PhDonk, but for those of old oldskoolers who have been following her hijinks, public brags and PR cultivations, personality overhauls and lies and misdirections since her Georgetown “who do you think I am” days where she tried to scam her way into comped food for being a “famous journalist” at some DC hotel… lol – does anyone else remember when she was bragging on her original Julia Allison blog sometime around gawker ho photoshoot timeframe when she was sitting on that old dudes lap sucking on his cigar- does anyone remember when she bragged on her blog about being soooooo close with Tucker Carlson (that bow tie wearing douchebag from Fox News) and soliciting applicants to apply to her so she could set him up with a good woman? Because per Julia he was personally begging for her legendary matchmaking skills?

          Haven’t heard her reference their friendship for the ages in a while lol… but now she’s trying to get a ring on it from a Dem so Senator Kirk fangirl washes dishes in pearls Julia persona on the back burner for time being…

          • That’s hilarious for so many reasons. Tucker has been married to Susan since 1991. It’s such a Donkey thing for her to lie about.

          • I just know she has claimed to be a professional “wife fluffer” and recently, a great matchmaker.

            I’ve been grazing here since Gawker…probably when that one woman was writing this site anonymously (?) and the site had a different name.

            As far as Judy bragging about a friendship with Tucker Carlson, I wouldn’t doubt it; she has questionable alliances.

    • One would think … though intel just coming in suggests they are indeed still together.

    • There would have been a countdown to anniversary post. Several. Along with reminders that HE pursued HER, she hadn’t even remembered him, etc.

    • Julia Allison is somewhat chronologically challenged. It’s entirely possible that Julia Allison changed the date again, but since I’m not a FB friend of Julia Allison, I may have missed the new date. And Julia Allison may have missed it, too.

      • It’s certainly something Julia Allison would do. Julia Allison manipulates dates (calendar dates, not boy dates, although she does that, too) to make it seem that she had “jobs” for longer periods of time. Julia Allison doesn’t have any apparent job right now, and hasn’t for some time. Julia Allison’s employment is a mystery. Julia Allison claims to be some type of business consultant, but she’s never had a business. It’s worrisome.

        • I am doing MY best to reimagine Julia Allison and give her some sense of purpose in this world!

    • Unicorn Studded Rainbow Named Shirley (NOT "Julia Allison")- 1st Ever Commenter on the New Site! 🎉🎊🍾 (NOT Ali Shanti/Alexis Neely/Alexis Katz)

      There would be expensive gifts, flowers, balloons, and mushy poetry. Even if she had to buy and write it all by herself

      • When I was cataloging the 2009/2010 posts, the many bouquets and what-not that magically appeared at Julia Allison’s doorstep indeed made me wonder if Julia Allison had sent these romantic gifts to herself. After all, she DID marry herself a few year later …

        • No doubt about that whatsoever, IMO. She’s lied about crazier stuff, many times, and having men pay for things for her, thus making everyone (in her mind) SUPER JEALOUS of her is her chief amibition, so why would she not.

  2. Poor Donkey, if they broke up, she’ll have to put all her Chanel bags and YSL shoes in storage again. The material things she said she was finished with before Dodi came along.

  3. Oh, I loved this movie. It falls under the category of films (or films from books) that caused my sister to say, “Of course you loved it, with your arty farty . . . ” while gesturing to my entire person, including my hands, and earlobes. I always remember it with this one: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0107152/

        • @Helena: I used to have the kind of long hair that can be gorgeous, but is like having a pet that doesn’t love you back.
          For Lent last year* I shaved my head as a sacrifice of both my biggest vanity and my biggest time suck. It’s actually more of a pixie cut these days.

          I looooved the buzz cut and it really made my eyes stand out.

          * I’m not Catholic. Yes, my husband has some questions about this, too.

          • We have the same sort of hair, and I had a buzzcut two years ago. I’ve let it grow out a little since then, and I look completely mad. I don’t care — my goal is to think about it and spend as little time on it as possible.

          • I have always kept my hair short, and it has always been a fight with my hairdresser about how short I want it. I want it SHORT, she thinks a pixie is short enough. I moved and found a new hairdresser last year, who understands my “short, chunky and messy” instruction.

          • Interesting, about both of you.

            Like a certain asshole, I’ve always had long hair (although at no point it involved any um err enhancements of the pelty variety) and I’m so used to it, but I absolutely agree it can be a huge timesuck and I understand the attraction of getting rid of it. My mom would LOVE me to have a pixie cut. She even goes so far as to use such arguments as “your skull has such a lovely shape,” to which I say, “mom, you are insane. I get complimented on my hair but no one cares about my SKULL FFS” and she says “because no one can see and appreciate it because of your long hair, stupid.” We’ve been having this argument for what feels like 68 years.

  4. the dog is allegedly still alive, looking everywhere for love and validation, even to those she abandoned..

        • HA! I meant also to write “very interesting” in my comment but was distracted by one of my many clients.

          Speaking of interesting, we’re waiting on one detail before breaking a scoop.

          I’m a bigger tease than Jena la Fraud.

    • Oh My Greg! The true story of my dear departed twin sister’s untimely death may finally come to light!

  5. Is that a vintage dadsers reference, or was he in town? If it is recent, then Donkey is still wearing that juvenile glitter nail polish?

    • I was just going to say, yay, another addition to my beloved “Fingernails and Erudition” category!

      • Best. Category. Ever.

        Re: Dadsers, I believe he was there recently. Probably begging Dodi to marry his beast of burden.

  6. Church: no fun unless you get party favors to point at with your glitter fingernails, or can climb all over the pews to take selfies.

      • Party favors! I automatically thought of a priest putting E under tongues for communion goers–opposed to a stale wafer.

        • Now I’m thinking of Rev. Eric Clapton presiding over communion at the St. Marilyn church in “Tommy.”

    • Didn’t she pretend to care about church when she was first dating Debbois, because his parents were churchy? It seems the only times she goes is when she is with her parents or trying to impress someone churchy that she has religion.

    • It’s not like a regular church. There is a gospel choir and a band with an electric guitar and a horn section. Everyone in the congregation sings and dances. It’s a lot of fun and not at all preachy. I’m as atheist as they come and I really loved going there now and then.


      They do a ton of community outreach work, too, not that a Donkey would lift a finger. It’s so easy to volunteer for them, I think I even recommended it to someone from RBD who was planning on traveling to SF and wanted to help out somewhere while there.

      • @Grifty – She pretends to care about anything if it serves a purpose.

        @Tortuous – it was a joke and a play on her words of yesteryear (unfortunately, I have a PhDonk). I’m sure service is lovely there.

      • With her “skills” and “networking” she could offer to do a ton of PR and fundraising for their projects – they look sufficiently New Agey and fun to appeal to some of her crowd (the ones who are actually employed, obv). She could endear herself to Dodi’s family, and she could possibly parlay the experience into a real job opportunity. People love a “shiftless bad girl gone good” story. She might even get inspired to write an OMGBook based on her experiences!

        LMAO, of course she wouldn’t dream of doing any of the above, not while she can earn her keep with BJs and tantric massage. https://youtu.be/xhgIWajuCjk

        • iirc, an esteemed catlady way-back-when predicted woo-phase would be followed by religion. too early to predict, but if she is going down this route, it’s all very “stranger in a strange land”.

  7. She’s in the right place. Truth-telling, like artist, are not things you tell people, your actions show your abilities. Sorry I know, I’m a broken record. She’s exhausting, I’d image most of all to herself. Her entire life is running on a treadmill & never getting anywhere.

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