Media Alert! Donkey Endorses Democratic Candidate For President … Or Does She?

If she hadn’t been a lazy layabout, Julia Allison could have been … Marianne Williamson’s speechwriter?

Didn’t folks at Georgetown, Gawker, College Humor, Bravo and god knows where else refer to Donkey as a sociopath, at least behind the scenes? Is she identifying with a diseased economic system? Inquiring minds want to know, including con man James Altucher:

Not anti-vaxxer and Kennedy family embarrassment RFK, Jr.? Color me impressed, James! Maybe you could toss a bone to Donk for her upcoming podcast series on “thought leaders.” (Like that will ever see the light of day.)


    • So I guess you’ll only be offering up a prayer the next time a woo throws up a GoFundMe page because they need to see a doctor but have no insurance?

      • “I’ll pay you in good vibes and hugs,” says The Donkey who lives off other people’s money.

        “Why are people so greedy?” says The Unemployed Donkey who expects to live in a roomy McMansion in the most expensive housing market in the country, and be taken on luxury vacations.

        “People should work for the good of the universe!” says The Donkey who does no work for anyone.

        • It’s shocking that she has ideas like this, yet is known for doing NO community service or volunteer work of any kind. Not ever. Didn’t skankadonk realize that there was a market in philanthropy where she could meet men? Of course, you can’t fake and fudge volunteer work since the shit usually has a deadline. Maybe she’d be married by now to a another philanderer, I mean philanthropic had she gone that route in her 20s (0r 30s).

          • Unicorn Studded Rainbow Named Shirley - 1st Ever Commenter on the New Site! 🎉🎊🍾 (NOT Ali Shanti/Alexis Neely/Alexis Katz)

            Nah. Even if she did know about that route, she would’ve scoffed at it. Why? Because she was still operating under the massive delusion that she was going to land a gorgeous, young, fascinating, wealthy beyond words tech founder or some other “sexy” job

          • None of these bozos are ever on their city council, school board, human rights commission, volunteer park rangers, volunteer composters, etc.

            Everything they do is transactional and/or monetized. If they ever offer something for free, it’s just a hook to gain customers: “I’m MC-ing my friend’s backyard BBQ! We’re charging $40 per person, and looking for a professional videographer to donate their services!” “I will give you a free coaching session if you sign up for my $4,999.99 Empowerment Summit!” “I’m supplying my tribe with plastic costumes that Yandy gave me for free!”

          • Tingo, I scanned your post and thought I read “my $4,999.99 Entrapment Summit!” BWA HA HA

            Re: City Council, etc., they seem to think working within the system is beneath them and are convinced One Nation Under Cory/Chris is preferable to working with any established political party. Tho enlightened! Tho progrethive!

  1. I read that as JFK Jr at first and thought everyone was deep in QAnon conspiracy world

  2. Hey Marianne gettin’ awfully close there with “sociopathic economic system”.
    Oh and oh donkey, give it a rest.

    • Who do you think you are, Winchester! During this time of sociopolitical turmoil, we need Donk’s intellectual acumen more than ever!

    • What would they talk about? They have nothing in common other than that second date blowjob.

      As for Williamson, don’t she and her editors check citations?

      • These are books for dumb people, so why bother to check quotes and facts. It’s not like anyone will notice.

        • … until she threw her hat into the ring.

          Lots of plastic signage online, especially on draconian

  3. She gives me that same vibe that KC Baker gave me in that video to women… cuhhh-reepy af

  4. This person’s political platform has as much substance as Christopher Life’s. And by substance I obviously mean plant medicine.

    OT: The OneNation Party is really gearing up its fireside chat campaign across Woo-Merica. “The root of the word politics is the Greek word polis, which means ‘to care for’.” Seconds into watching their San Diego meeting footage, and I’m snorting so loud that the husb threw me a bale of tissues.

      • Yep, or as in acropolis, Annapolis, or necropolis. (Hey woo dipshits, how do the dead “care for each other” exactly?) Its current go-to definition is a certain type of city-state in ancient Greece. I think if you really wanted to stretch it, you could translate the word as “community” or “the public,” but it sure AF doesn’t mean anything about “caring.”

        This is like the time on the Big Bang Theory when Raj said that he knew about space because he’s an astrophysicist and “astro means space.” Except he was suffering from lack of sleep.

        • Also like the time William Safire wrote that word “economics” derives from the Greek word for “work.”

          • Or the time Michael Scott said Webster’s Dictionary defines wedding as the forging together of two hot metals.

    • Where did you see the exciting San Diego footage? I couldn’t find anything on YouTube, but I did discover this groundbreaking video. Note the absence of likes and comments. We are in the presence of a genuine revolution, with Christopher and Sophia leading the posse!

  5. OT and apropos of nothing: Stephen Colbert just referred to someone as “uncle rich penny bags”
    — nutty granny moneybags has a little brother!?

    • Or Papa Chevalier has an even more disreputable twin?

      Zank heaven for leetle woos … “

  6. What do you call someone who leeches off a sociopathic economic system? And then brags about exploiting third world poors using the residue of that leeching?

  7. Every new post I hope is an engagement or a break-up announcement. Doesn’t Donk get that I and possibly we can’t stand being held in limbo like this.

    • From what we’ve been hearing, the smart money is on the latter.

      • Unicorn Studded Rainbow Named Shirley - 1st Ever Commenter on the New Site! 🎉🎊🍾 (NOT Ali Shanti/Alexis Neely/Alexis Katz)

        As many here have noted, she can’t contain the crazy long enough to nail down a commitment from a masculine.

        • She can’t help but pretend to be what she *thinks* they want, and this never works out. It takes longer with the base model ones impressed by her connections like Derpin, or the ones who are out of town 80% of the time like ILYRAIN, but otherwise it only takes 6 months or less for the façade to crack.

          • Unicorn Studded Rainbow Named Shirley - 1st Ever Commenter on the New Site! 🎉🎊🍾 (NOT Ali Shanti/Alexis Neely/Alexis Katz)

            And her concepts of what she thinks men want are beyond bonkers.

            That said, how does anyone get involved with her (not just as lovers, but friends, potential bidness contacts) and not Google her??? Am I the only one who does that when I meet new and am thinking about dating, being friends, or having a business connection? I’m not interested in their 4th grade crushes or credit scores, but just trying to make sure that I don’t get involved with someone who’s batshit crazy and a huge bullshit artiste.

          • No, you definitely aren’t the only one. I Google new acquaintances pretty much automatically. And since I’m nowhere near the super sleuth some catladies are (cough *Albie* cough) and I’ve never even been on FB, Twitter or Insta, I figure I usually find out less info than what most people voluntarily put online about themselves.

            There are exceptions, though. Some time ago I met and became friendly with someone who, I later learned from my amateur-level Googling, is a child of a really interesting “public figure” (dead for many years now), and I’d love to ask some hopefully respectful questions, but since the person never explicitly TOLD me who their parents were and I only found out thanks to Google, I’d feel awkward revealing that I did actually do some sleuthing. No shame I did it, though. It’s the Information Age.

            And I agree it baughles the mind that so many people who encounter Judy apparently fail to do the most basic research.

    • She’s missing the coolest activity, I think, which would be to dig for “gemstones” in sand. But what do I know? I’m not RAMSHACKLE.

      Looking at the candy geodes, I’m also thinking she could have a Walter White themed party.

      • At first I saw those geodes and thought she was actually capable of doing something, then realized that was a pinterest photo. I think the plastic party rings are totally manageable for her, if she can stop crying about her 2 week love of her life for 5 minutes.

        The photo she suggested might make a fun project to do with the kids? OMG. LOL LOL LOL LOL. First of all, for those of you who don’t want to waste a single brain cell on the post, it is a picture of wire formed in the shapes of giant crystals, paper mache or wood crystal shapes which have been painted pastel colors, then roughed up to make them shabby chic or something, then clear bottles that look like the insides have been painted with white paint and then crystals glued to the outside. I guess with some supervision a child could probably glue some crystals on with some tacky glue. It will be a large glue to crystal ratio. Getting the crystals all around the bottle without lots of drippy glue and crystals? Not possible. An adult could do it with hot glue, but I would not hand a room full of 4 year olds hot glue guns. Unless you want those kids to glue everything to everything. And crystal’s aren’t cheap. Even the plastic ones at AC Moore are more expensive than you would expect.

        I am hoping she decides to do this because she will create the world’s biggest mess which would be funny. But I am guessing there will be no party because she will have met a man and started stalking him by then.

        • Looking forward to a post on the trauma Jordo endured when having to get that gun glue out of her hair. Those nutty kids! Why didn’t she just do a Red Baron themed birthday party? Surely the frozen pizza giant would have been willing to foot the bill.

    • Unicorn Studded Rainbow Named Shirley - 1st Ever Commenter on the New Site! 🎉🎊🍾 (NOT Ali Shanti/Alexis Neely/Alexis Katz)

      What an asshole. I never liked her, even in the beginning when many thought she was fun or whatever. I always thought she was a phony and disliked her — now I know why

  8. OT: Jena la Flamme is working her latest divorce for all its worth in several posts, even tying the latest dumping into her erotic empress grift and also rewriting history: “HOW I FOUND THE COURAGE TO LEAVE MY MARRIAGE.” Uh, honey, he dumped you long before he moved to the other side of the world.


    Something to know about me is that I’m extremely loyal and devoted. In my friendships, with my clients, and above all with my romantic relationships, when I love, I LOVE with a capital L.

    I’m generous, sometimes too generous, and I’m learning not to be an over-giver.

    So when my marriage started to show cracks, I double downed with my commitment. If I need to be a superstar, super provider and super resilient to make this work, then I WILL be, I told myself. True Love is worth the effort, isn’t it?

    When he left I went to the post office and bought 40 international stamps with the intention of sending a weekly love letter. And so I did, more or less, putting my heart on the page, collecting photos to send, etc. I love to express through words and images. It felt like the best I could do.

    Then as time went by, my efforts felt one-sided. Our relationship boiled down to two calls a week, and in between I felt so lonely and empty.

    Then I found this song, “Leave You,” by Lola Jane, and it shook me up. I loved it and simultaneously couldn’t bear it!

    Is this my truth speaking through the song?

    The lyrics:

    I want another lover
    I want to feel somebody new
    I want to feel another
    Lately I have been confused

    But I don’t know which way to go
    I guess that I will never know
    If I don’t leave you

    You’re the only thing I know
    I think that I could really grow
    If I would leave you.

    ‘Cause letting go of you ain’t easy
    But I can’t move forward if I’m looking back

    She sang what I was too scared to say out loud to anyone. Even when multiple friends said I should move on, I dug in my heels. No, this is my man!

    But as time went on, I realized that true to the song, he was the only thing I knew. My whole identity was completely wrapped up in being his wife. Plus, I was not growing with how things were. In fact, I was withering. I was fading away and losing my power. I could barely write, because I felt so empty and such a fraud. Supposedly with the man of my dreams, yet absolutely miserable in my daily life.

    Recently I realized that the intense 6 months of grief I felt after my abortion was actually a placeholder for the grief I was denying that the marriage was over. We could be divine lovers, but not the stable partnership I thought I was signing up for.

    I can take responsibility for being naive to believe that he could emigrate to America given he had kids in Switzerland, but they do say love is blind, so I suppose it’s understandable. As he made his priorities more and more clear, the awareness dawned on me, that I could really grow if I let go and moved on.

    I’m so grateful for this song. It’s been the theme song that’s given me the courage to leave my marriage when I didn’t want to admit to anyone that it wasn’t working. I played it on repeat to inspire me to reclaim myself anew as a sovereign being. I was glorious when he met me! I can be again.

    And in my own way, in my fragile grief, I still am glorious.

    Exactly 7 days after we officially completed the marriage, I went to a Brazilian Zouk dance party and the first song they played was this one. I took it as a sign! Yes, I’m on the right track! That afternoon, I felt better than I had in months. Here’s the video of me dancing to the song “Leave Me” by Lola Jane with US Zouk champion Aluna Lua. ⬇️

    • Don’t worry, Jean, you’ll be married again soon, to some assclown you meet at a dirt festival. Hmmm, do you suppose you can collect alimony from 4 different sets of in-laws?

      • She’s already looking for hubby #4, thanks to a pop song that got poor Jean out of her impending divorce #3 funk. “Adulting,” she’s doing it wrong.

      • and she used to look kind of nice. before the five head incident. plus zero brain. The horned guy left her for his grandson, nuff said

    • i love how him moving to a different continent is described as “when my marriage started to show cracks”

      • “He is only a 7-hour flight away from me.

        I think he still loves me.”

      • Yeah, not when he went AWOL during a cross-country move.

        “Won’t anyone help me put this dish in a box?!”

    • So much courage wtf. It is too much. In the first place why would you want to be with someone who would choose to live so far from his kids? Such commitment. When he goes back to be with his kids like he should, why did she not go with him that would have been committment. She is so full of shit and the comments on her post are from people willing to eat it.

      • Jena may have fucked up marriage #3, but she still wants to help you with your orgasm. What a trouper!

        • “Friends have commended me for the courage to get married in the first place.”

          With friends like those, who needs enemies? Real friends tell you things you don’t want to hear, because they care about your wellbeing more than they care about you getting angry and defensive about Druggy Dirtbag #4.

          • This. It is really tragic the lack of actual friendships in some pits of these circles.

        • But by all means, do not support yourself financially.

      • Also, what does it say about her that she would choose to be with someone who had essentially abandoned his kids for most of the year, physically and financially, to be with some woman halfway across the globe? Remember when he was crowdsourcing for free cast-offs to give them as Christmas gifts? And then all of a sudden he gets a conscience about being with his kids after getting his green card, or maybe there are child support laws in Switzerland that called him back. And besides, who the fuck wouldn’t want to move to Switzerland instead of staying in this godawful hellhole we have going on here now? She’s not right in the fivehead.

      • And we told her, too! On more than one occasion. If only the woos would listen to RBD!

    • The only good choice that dingbat has made in years was to terminate her pregnancy. Imagine being a child with her as a mother and Cacao for Coco Puffs as an absent deadbeat dad. Very White Oleander, at best.

      • Though perhaps not a good choice to smear the abortion across her face and go to the market?

        Christ, that’s sick!

    • She bought a gestation period worth of stamps…
      weekly guilt-trip letters didn’t cut it…
      deadbeaters gonna deadbeat…

      Two weeks ago she had an abortion last year while dancing
      to an all-time favorite song discovered yesterday.

      What’s the statute for her to file an insurance claim for a broken heart,
      Can it wait until she gets back from dance lessons in Brazil?

    • It’s almost as if woo masculines set this whole thing up to leeching and consequence-free fucking.

  9. But what is someone who supports a sociopath, no matter how low they creep? Socio-enabler? The failure lands directly at the feet of dear daddy. Dear, dear bank account daddy.

  10. Jena writes:
    I am washed clean by grief and loss.
    My tears have cleansed me to the core.
    A wave crashes through me.
    I shall make it to the other side.

    PS I’m not quite sure how I look like such a baby in this shot, but I am turning 41 next week! Otherwise known as ageless. Yes, I have my elixir of youth secrets and I’m happy to divulge them to you.

  11. Mom of the year candidate Beaver is crowdsourcing free babysitting of Pigeon. Another exploitative one that should not have gotten knocked up with someone she knew for a week or so

    • Does Pigeon know that mommy is looking for casual day care? Let’s see…isn’t it a bad idea to reach out to woo friends when they’re all going to the same dirt festivals she does? You gotta hit up your normie cousins ya idiot!!

      No child cpr, first aid, experience but that’s cool, it’s a community damn it, except it’s a community of random ass adults not a community you grew up in and can trust with your own life. Widdle raven got a booboo? Let’s burn some sage and take some photos for the ‘gram!


      • Noodles thinks it takes a village to raise Pigeon so won’t you do your part? Sure, I ain’t got nothing better to do than take care of her kid, particularly when she doesn’t even possess the decency to indicate what, if any, compensation one will receive. Doesn’t this cheap con have a nanny? What happened there?

    • Donk said, “I’ll watch him!” which
      1. will never happen
      2. will be “triggering” for Noodles, who will bravely and vulnerably post “Why do we speak of ‘watching’ children? We should be deeply grateful for the gift of joyously nurturing them. Being a mama, I feel the pain of A Universe in conflict. Please join me in honoring all mothers at my new healing retreat in Bali. Only $5,999.99!”

      • childcare? do pics exist of her holding brother britt & allie’s child?

        ja can’t even look after a semi-independent elderly dog let alone a child.

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