Updated: Donk’s Honest Wikipedia Page & A Magical Present For Frequent Liar Miles

Have Jimmy Wales and our burro had a falling out? I ask because Donk’s wiki page has been substantially revised and these new, honest revisions have been up for weeks. Four RBDers have even emailed us about the changes. Note the emendation in the first sentence:

Julia Allison (born Julia Allison Baugher on February 28, 1981) is a former dating columnist, blogger, television commentator, and public speaker who also appeared on one season of reality television.[1]

The education section:

Allison graduated in 1999 from New Trier High School.[6] Allison went to Indiana University in 1999. She transferred to Georgetown University in 2000, where she received a bachelor’s degree in Government in 2004.[7] During college, she wrote a dating column for the campus newspaper, The Hoya, and while she was writing for this newspaper she was investigated for plagiarism.

During her Georgetown years Allison dated many medical students and, according to the issue of Wired magazine in which she appears on the cover, she became known as “the Medstitute”.[8] She worked as a legislative correspondent for Illinois Republican congressman Mark Kirk in the 107th Congress, later, during the 2004 election, contributing political commentary for Comcast TV.[9]

The final three paragraphs of the “Writing and Media Appearances” section:

In June of 2018, Allison wrote an article for the New York Post[27] concerning her psychological defects after moving to NYC and taking on the persona of Carrie Bradshaw from the HBO series Sex and the City. Allison described in this article how she lived her life according to Carrie Bradshaw while feeling insecure and fake. This article was published in relation to the 20th anniversary of the HBO series Sex and the City. Many people across the Internet accused Allison of lying several times about herself in this article, including about her own statement that she attended Georgetown University in 1999. Not only does her own article omit her attendance at Indiana University[28] as the first college she attended after high school, but also it fails to make clear that she was not accepted to Georgetown until the year 2000.

Business Insider reported in its April 5, 2012 piece on Allison’s reality show Miss Advised that there is a hate blog devoted to Julia Allison that has been published online for over ten years. This hate blog has been studied and reported on in peer-reviewed journals.

Allison has stated that “women have an expiration date,”[28] after which they are no longer worthy of marriage, among other questionable statements on womanhood, and it is statements like the aforementioned one that have infuriated her reader-base and a segment of the population that gathers together to analyze her life and choices. Allison admitted in the 2018 New York Post article that she has been called, “the most hated person on the Internet.”[27]

Whoa! as Alley Katz would say. And yes, by drawing attention to these changes, we’re courting their removal, though some have citations and news is news.

Moving on, Frequent Liar Miles has been missing Jess Magic, AKA, Fauxdetta, so I thought we’d check up on The Caterwauler. One of her most recent IG snaps is above. Jaahass did attend April’s Bali Spirit Fest (sans Donkey), but it looks as though the event ended in Guyana-esque tragedy:

Thankfully, Jaahass survived and played another smellfest in May. She then jetted to Australia with Petey Pineapple, her wootastic boyfriend, to surprise his mother on Mother’s Day. Can you imagine having to listen to this voice for an entire weekend?

Update: Someone (a burro?) is attempting to have Donk’s Wikipedia page removed. Five days ago, from the “Recommend for Deletion” section of her wiki talk page:

Running Desk Errands (talk) 00:46, 24 June 2019 (UTC)Other than a short-lived “reality” show on a cable network 7 years ago and a NY Post article last year, she has done nothing publicly noteworthy in a decade. All of the details in her entry are at least a decade old. Virtually nothing new since 2009. DELETE! 00:46, 24 June 2019 (UTC)Running Desk Errands (talk)

Do not delete this article! It does not matter whether Julia Allison passes away tomorrow or in 100 years and never works again; that she was a famous public figure in the early 2000s by way of doing nothing or by way of blogging or reporting and made hundreds of appearances all over the media is sufficient for publication on wikipedia for the rest of wikipedia’s existence! The article she wrote in 2018 for the NY Post was extremely important.

Why would a user even suggest a deletion based on the subject “not doing anything new”? That is not logical or the way reporting or keeping an encyl works! In fact, to suggest a deletion because a subject stopped working is the reverse of everything that Wikipedia stands for and its mission. That suggests that people who have retired or left the public simply have no work worth reporting on or an “expiration date” as Julia Allison likes to suggest. In fact, I think the person calling for this deletion might be Julia Allison attempting another revision of history.

caligirl — Preceding unsigned comment added by CaliforniaIvy (talk • contribs) 03:44, 24 June 2019 (UTC)


        • What? Van Veen did NOT ban her from the offices of College Humor! Who told you that egregious lie? He and John Mulaney were captivated by our burro’s grace and erudition, and Donk could have had her pick of either man.

      • We need a post filled with all those beautiful former mean-mug pics of RVV being desperately tackled by her! Those were some epic classic Julia moments—-“oh that’s just our inside joke, he does that to be funny!”
        Sure Jan.

        Also, tried to find that old TMI Weakly clip of her pathetically humble-bragging/name-dropping about how he, Dave Morin and David Carp were her very best guy friends whom she could NEVER possibly be attracted to(the quick stink-eye shared by Mary and Meg during that very moment is brilliant), but it’s apparently been scrubbed from the web. With good reason, because that bullshit is awkward AF; that’s one of many randomly cringey moments in which I had to wonder if Julia was actually on the spectrum.

        • That TMIweekly episode should still be there. Grifty might know its whereabouts on YouTube.

          He looks so happy to be seen with her:

          • Oh dear, it is! He and Van Veen must have had a field day roasting the moron in the middle.

          • Unicorn Studded Rainbow Named Shirley - 1st Ever Commenter on the New Site! 🎉🎊🍾 (NOT Ali Shanti/Alexis Neely/Alexis Katz)

            What the hell is Donk pointing at with her sausage snapper? Van Veen’s peen?

          • Just an unfortunate occurrence when a pretentious be-jowled duckface pops a clavicle whilst throwing a sausage-snappin’ white-girl gang sign during the wide-stance straddling of two zip codes with those beastly back legs in whoreriffic white sandals, Shirley. Can I call you Shirley?

            He looks like a Monkee — imagine their crotchfruit.

          • Unicorn Studded Rainbow Named Shirley - 1st Ever Commenter on the New Site! 🎉🎊🍾 (NOT Ali Shanti/Alexis Neely/Alexis Katz)

            Surely you can call me Shirley, Brayella!

    • Oh, fuck! I always thought he was a little bit obnoxious back in the CollegeHumor days, but I softened a lot on my opinion of him because it was so cute that he let himself take a total backseat to his wife’s career and cheer her on as much as he did. And she was so brilliantly creepy in Get Out.

  1. I don’t know how Jahssss is making money these days, but I’d pay for her tutorial on tying head scarves. She could also sell a selection of scarves she picks out, she finds some good ones. She is batshit crazy and has a voice like a frog, but the girl can tie a head scarf like nobody’s business.

    Now pardon me while I showervom for complimenting one of the woos.

    • Yet another instance of an RBDer providing smart, unPAID advice to Julia or to a member of her tribe, which said member will never take. Insert sad face here.

      • Is it me, or does it seem like appropriation that she wears headscarves in that style? I could be way off here.

    • Just because you can the a scarf around your head, doesn’t mean you should. I think she looks absolutely ridiculous.

        • Unicorn Studded Rainbow Named Shirley - 1st Ever Commenter on the New Site! 🎉🎊🍾 (NOT Ali Shanti/Alexis Neely/Alexis Katz)

          It just looks so pretentious and try-hard, while simultaneously smelly hobo, on her

          • Regardless of whether she overdoes it, and regardless of her lack of personal hygiene, she can actually tie them well, which isn’t easy. I’ve tried it. There are a lot of YouTube videos on how to do it and many of them aren’t very good.

          • Unicorn Studded Rainbow Named Shirley - 1st Ever Commenter on the New Site! 🎉🎊🍾 (NOT Ali Shanti/Alexis Neely/Alexis Katz)

            I really don’t like how hers look. It’s like she’s covering her hair because she hasn’t washed it since Donk was still appearing on tv

          • You are entitled to your opinion, dear heart. I’m not commenting on hygiene but on technical ability.

  2. Thanks, Gilly! It’s good to see she is sticking to her signature “exotic” look. (Unlike Grifty, I am not a fan of the headwraps. So ridiculously contrived!)

    • Do you think Petey Pineapple made Jaahass play the uke for Mom? I hope his parents are members of Australia’s alt-right One Nation party and couldn’t wait to get the smelly hippie chick out of their house.

    • I agree she overdoes it by wearing them all the time and getting super dramatic with them. I want to learn because I’m trying to put together a performance look that it would be perfect for.

      • You know, you are right that a dramatic look is appropriate for performance purposes, so a contrived appearance is a plus in that situation. It’s just that I find Jaahhs’s performances SO BAD, I can’t help hating on her look as well. I guess it’s all about the authenticity of the whole. Who knows, if Donkey was the talented dancer she thinks she is, I might not have found the Am Pacino chaps so ludicrous. (JK!)

  3. I watched 4 hours of debates this week and didn’t catch a peek of Christopher Life. Was he hiding behind Marianne Williamson’s crazy? Was he outside the building in his Chevy home on wheels? I wanted to hear his insights on the Iran situation, and how he’ll handle things at the border. #forevermycandidate

    • Rumor has it Christopher was off crying with Jordan Reid. Just bawling for the ages. ::nudge, nudge, wink, wink:: Maybe number three post-Kendrick will be the charm? Wouldn’t Jordo make a great First Lady?!

      • Jordo and Christopher Life!? Has she shifted Woo-wards? This will be ineffable.

        I run a website focused on free adult education resources, and posted a One Nation video on the discussion forum as an example of how NOT to present a business plan or marketing platform. Hilarity ensued. There’s even an informal competition happening between some subscribers, as in who can produce the vaguest, most NLP-riddled satirical content.

        RBD is servicey, even for NPOs in the developing countries. Many heart emojis to Aunt Gilly and co.

  4. OT — I just saw a preview for a Dr. Phil episode with Amanda Cerny! If you will recall, she is the gal whose Instagram seemed very intentional about poking fun at the donkey… So many repeated costumes, etc. And she’s a bff w/ Flusher price,, so I guess we know where she got the Intel from. Maybe she will elaborate on her inspiration… LOL

    Only problem is, I didn’t catch what day this episode airs.

  5. “This hate blog has been studied and reported on in peer-reviewed journals.” Hahhah
    My life’s work will be complete when someone writes forced accountability (instead of hate) in relation to Julia Allison and her ilk of human parasites.

    • To me it’s always been about the psychology, the observation of people with abnormal personality disorders. I’ve always been fascinated by what draws people to seek attention and fame, and all the ways being famous fucks up their lives. It isn’t hate at all, it’s morbid curiosity.

      • JFAing to add, I will admit I do feel disdain for people like this. I think they are damaged and are almost always jerks to others, either deliberately or inadvertently because of their degree of self-absorption. So if I’m guilty of anything, it’s of judging them disdainfully for their behavior. I can see why some people would see this as hate, but it isn’t to that degree.

        • For me, it’s always been a combination of morbid curiosity, disgust, mirth, shock, and holding reprobates accountable in a Winchesterian sense. I do love that we’ve come up, for years, in the second and third slots on the first page of Ali Shanti’s google results.

    • Peer-reviewed! Remember that ridiculousness? High status markers, indeed. So what is Alice Nitwit up to these days? She maybe needs to update her groundbreaking thesis* to take into account Donkey’s current circumstances— except what are they even? I do seem to recall that Marwick did actually come on here once or twice and comport herself with a modicum of dignity.
      *Wondering if Katrina Sneeze has been able to parlay her brief glory as a member of Nonsociety into some kind of … something.

  6. OT: Wasn’t wootastic prez hopeful Marianne Williamson just wonderful Thursday night? Julie Brown writes:

    Marianne Williamson overheard practicing in elevator: “On my first day in office, I will call the president of Oz and tell him to get your flying monkey out of our airspace! What? I’m not invited to the 2nd debate?”

    Ol’ Marianne will fit right in alongside Ryel Kestano, Authentic Relating Training (ART) International, and Marcus McNeill, CEO of Magic, at HIVE’s Global Leaders Summit in August. Check out the row that Marianne fronts. Don’t Michael Strasner and Okembe Lewis Gale look remarkably similar? Is Julia Allison still doing HIVE’s PR?


  7. If you look at the Talk page, someone is trying to get Donk’s page deleted as of about 1 week ago! Try and try they do, but don’t see them succeeding.

  8. OT: It’s definitely time for Ali to get rid of Martin and Neely – just think of the boost her grifts will receive from having a generic name like Alexis Katz!

  9. Regarding the Wikipedia page, I don’t know who is trying to edit it, and it very well may not be a RBD person at all. But whomever it is needs to step up their game and fix the coding, edit the text, and make sure there are citations for each claim. By stating this I am not condoning the posts, just saying that it’s a hot mess right now regarding formatting and citations.

    • An RBDer actually tried to get the Wikipedia page shut down, not Julia, on the premise that she is a nobody. I explained that Donkey certainly is a public figure, having done everything humanly possible to garner media attention while harnessing the web and becoming the epitome of microcelebrity. As recently as 2018, Julia was the subject of wide public ridicule, thanks to her ludicrous New York Post as-told-to sob story. If Donk weren’t a public figure, we wouldn’t be here.

  10. Jahass and BeDonk are going to learn the ugly truth about long-term bralessness once they hit 40. Small boobs tend to creep kneewards too, gals.

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