Updated: Future Secretary Of Lipdubs? Myka McLaughlin, Donkey’s Non-Lesbian Lover, Joins One Nation Under Woo

"One Nation offers relationship, community, and a gallon of aya in every pot! I say we make a communal lipdub to 'Power to the People' as a show of support for Cory, er, Christopher!"

Electric Barbarella appears to have joined Christopher Life’s One Nation political party, which shares its name with a tea party-esque American lobbying group, as well as a notorious Australian alt-right political party. Did Cory/Christopher not vet the name before going off half-cocked?

The above fauxto was snapped at One Nation’s meeting of the minds in Boulder. Myka was in other fauxtos taken at this event, but they’ve mysteriously disappeared from FB during the last week.

But what has appeared in the last week is a new YouTube video of Christopher/Cory droning on and on and on to an audience consisting of three people. Interestingly, only three people have liked this offering. The three in the audience?

Not to worry! Surely Myka has recruited Donk & Dodi to the party of the future.

Bottom Video! Funnier than Donkey’s Stonehenge extravaganza! The original lipdub, which Myka thought would change the course of history:

Oh dear.

Update: If you’re near Boulder this evening and want to imbibe in One Nation Under Woo, including sampling their donuts and psychedelics, be sure to join Myka, Christopher/Cory, Adele/Sophia, and Alley Katz at The Riverside.


    • Whomever submitted this to Wikipedia didn’t include a published citation, so it will disappear.

      • Unicorn Studded Rainbow Named Shirley - 1st Ever Commenter on the New Site! 🎉🎊🍾 (NOT Ali Shanti/Alexis Neely/Alexis Katz)

        ‘Tis a shame, because there is some great stuff in there.

        This one does have a citation

        During her Georgetown years Allison dated many medical students and, according to the issue of Wired magazine in which she appears on the cover, she became known as “the Medstitute”.

        This gem doesn’t have a citation yet, but it should

        In June of 2018, Allison wrote an article for the New York Post concerning her psychological defects after moving to NYC

        • “The medstitute” will live on, in perpetuity, throughout the Universe.

  1. What on earth is that libdub? My 13 year old and her bestie do these all the time, but …. 13. And very, very dramatic and navel-gazing and 13 in the most 13 year old ways. They often do very dramatic makeup, with big eyeliner wings and glitter shadow everywhere, and there are scarves, always, in case Myka needs some tips. It definitely elevates the final product.

    • Yes! My 13 year old and her bestie have made hundreds of tik tok videos, which I must watch and praise. They dress in flamboyant costumes, occasionally applying outrageous makeup, and ham it up for the ages. Their vids are much more captivating than Myka’s gyrations in front of her apartment complex. Did the neighbors call the police while she was jumping about? JFC, this woman is pushing 40.

      • AHHH I just had to watch 3 hours of tik tok videos with my youngest nephew last week. Wow, it’s hot chicks who know they’re hot, average chicks that think they’re hot (a donkey category) lip dubbing & dancing badly. My nephew is frustrated I put up one video of trees that 400 likes. I’m trying to teach him the importance of content. It feels hopeless though.
        This is right up JA & friends shallow alley

        • My kid and her bestie aren’t trying to be hot chicks; their videos are mostly over-the-top, occasionally very clever Broadway production numbers, e.g., “Dear Evan Hanson,” “Hamilton,” “Oklahoma.”

      • I’ve seen tiktok videos made by young teens that blew my mind. the sheer talent! (no sarcasm)

        • Dude who dances on the treadmill is amazing. In fairness I haven’t been on enough for the algorithm to work.

    • My youngest is super into drag and queer culture, and god have mercy, the makeup and the Hamilton, etc! He’s SO good at it, too, and so completely delightful I’m sometimes afraid I’ll have to bite him, also: 13.

      • I love this so much! My 13-year-old adores the late Sylvester. She’ll put a flower in her hair and don a big cape before going into a rapturous lipdub of “Mighty Real.”

  2. Sort of OT, is anyone else an Oh No Ross & Carrie listener? I am taking a break from true crime for my mental health and really enjoying this podcast. If you’re not familiar, they are skeptics/critical thinkers who immerse themselves in conspiracy, religion, woo, and woo-adjacent topics. Lest you think they are podcasters come lately (may I show you?) the show has been on since 2011.
    The Rhythmia Center in Costa Rica invited Ross & Carrie to visit, and then asked them to sign an agreement that said “we will not mention ayahuasca in our reporting.” I just started this series so I don’t know how this will go but I am guessing it’s not going to be a ringing endorsement.
    I can’t WAIT for one of these dirt festival clowns to make an appearance. It could be in just about any of the investigations, except maybe the Mormons.

    • > Lest you think they are podcasters come lately (may I show you?)

      This line caused actual cackling in my corner of the basement.

      • In the non-true-crime section, I am loving “No such thing as fish”.

        4 English nerds (3 men, 1 woman) gather once a week discuss their 4 favorite facts.

        It could be anything, a person who doesn’t exist but was nominated for an Oscar (the Coen brothers edit their own movies but for union reasons use a fictitious name) or how in 17th century Scotland people believe that herring leaving the area meant something sinful (like adultery) was going on in the town.

        Or anything in between.

        And they are pretty hilarious too.

        • Thank you! Another not-true-crime podcast I loved was “You Must Remember This” by Karina Longsworth. Also her “Fact Checking; Hollywood Babylon.” Really good. And her soothing voice makes the interesting content even better!

          • Oooooh, I will check out this Hollywood Babylon podcast. Thanks, Rhinestone!

  3. My favorite thing about that lip dub is that she was too lazy to go somewhere with a decent view and just did it smack in the middle of some generic looking REIT-owned apartment complex. If she had pivoted ~30* to the right she could have reframed the shot to focus on the mountains behind rather than the apartment!

    • I liked the woman walking her dogs behind her. You have to wonder what she must have thought, especially since Myka risked the dog path right afterward, reminiscent of Donkey’s assault on the back wall at Red Rocks.

  4. Not much upstairs and looks … Fading quickly. I think that shallow Boulder millionaire dude dropped her flat

    • I became VERY frightened when she jumped in front of the camera and stuck her face into the lens. Enthusiasm should not be confused with full-blown mania.

  5. And the nominees for Most Unfortunate Dance Video in the History of the Internet are:

    Myka McLaughlin’s “W.E. are a Revolution”
    KC Baker’s “My Baby Dance”
    Julia Allison’s “To the wall! To the wall! (featuring Al Pacino’s glittery chaps)

    • Ahem, there are FIVE nominees!

      Devin Stetler & Rasmus Leo Foyer’s “Dirty Dancing for Papa”
      Annie Lalla’s “My Wedding Striptease”

      • Funnily enough, “Dirty Dancing for Papa” could also be the title for Annie Lalla’s disturbing wedding video.

        • Unicorn Studded Rainbow Named Shirley - 1st Ever Commenter on the New Site! 🎉🎊🍾 (NOT Ali Shanti/Alexis Neely/Alexis Katz)

          I showed that to my father without explanation, and he assumed she and her dad were actually the couple. When I explained the relationship, he was like “Oh, that is gross.”

        • I showed my husband that and everytime the song plays we just smile at each other and shudder.

      • Don’t forget Harlem Shake in Tahoe, featuring HihoSilver McMicropeen and Madame Grannypants.

        • Literal LOLs, especially at poor HiHo.

          The “To the Wall!” dance remains my favorite, though. Maybe it’s the technical equipment setting what does it for me.

    • The stringy hair in the video is even worse. Either cut it or invest in a hair thickening treatment.

  6. Tag yourselves! I’m the person on the purple blanket, steadfastly refusing to acknowledge the nonsense going on behind them.

    I may also be the typo-ridden captions.

    • Unicorn Studded Rainbow Named Shirley - 1st Ever Commenter on the New Site! 🎉🎊🍾 (NOT Ali Shanti/Alexis Neely/Alexis Katz)

      I’m the cars in the background, driving fast to get the hell as far as possible from that shitshow

  7. OT: Alley Katz has been burned and betrayed by women but no more! Especially when she can cut a quid pro quo deal!

    • Unicorn Studded Rainbow Named Shirley - 1st Ever Commenter on the New Site! 🎉🎊🍾 (NOT Ali Shanti/Alexis Neely/Alexis Katz)

      She looks like she has lice and smells like stale weed

      • I suspect her hair breaks if you touch it.

        What in greg’s name is she wearing?

      • Allegedly. And did she spend $100k before or after declaring bankruptcy?

        • Does she mean 100K over 10 years?

          As usual with the “businesswoman” formerly known as Skankatron, nothing is clear, by design.

          In any case it is all probably a lie and it is just a sly way to advertise that fellow grifter business on FB.

          Gifters helping grifters grift.

      • PLEASE will someone explain what a “mastermind” is, and why it’s “worth” $100,000? Is it a pyramid scheme?

    • Jesus fuck! WHY the need to post billions upon billions of closeups of your face 1) at all and 2) when said face looks like that? Unbelievable.

      She’s not even 50 yet, is she? Again, unbelievable. I’d join the chorus trying to get the “moisturize…. moisturize…. moisturize…. and SUNSCREEN FFS” mantra into her feathered head, but it’s obviously too late.

      • She now has a woo friend who allegedly needs 13k in dental work and Ali/Alexis wants us to ante up. Why do these SO successful folks never have health insurance or the ability to pay dental bills even though they’re running million dollar bidnesses?

        • If only there were someone they already knew, someone within their tribe who was a trained dentist …

          • Surely Swainy Todd will help out when he realizes, like him, Ammahnda Sia (not her legal name) had to leave actual work behind and follow her bliss:

            -A Bit of History (and why I am experiencing financial difficulties)
            Three years ago I left my professional design position in Manhattan to fully commit myself to the intuitive healing work many of you know me for. I’ve always known this is my true purpose and I have seen the significant impact my gifts have offered others. I have been blessed by this validation as it has healed many aspects of my history where these gifts had been suppressed and even ridiculed. This Intuitive’s journey, while being deeply rewarding, has also been a financially trying time. I am brave and I am bold, and starting a new profession in my late 50’s has been quite a challenge.

            -New Horizons
            This tooth crisis has brought me across an unforeseen threshold… the need to re-engage in my former profession as a clothing designer, (while continuing my intuitive work). In this new endeavor I have created design work sufficient to support my daily expenses. Unfortunately, this income is not adequate to meet the needs of this dental crisis. It is a humbling blessing to find that I have learned to bow down to what Life askes of me. An unexpected gift of this surrender is the satisfaction and joy I am finding in my design talents. It seems I may have grown and matured in unexpected ways.

          • The woo’s networking skills must not
            be all that advanced if she and Jean Gray have not yet contrived to approach him as familia* members requesting a group discount to treat their dental woes.

            *Speaking of which, we’ve heard bupkis about the Caterwauler lately. I have been missing her not-self-conscious-at-all dramatic rayon headwraps.

  8. OT: Are you a seeker like Noodles? Then be sure to read her latest navel-gazing gibberish, which concludes with a link to her Soul of Leadership scam. Only $97/mo and it’s the last day to enroll!

    • Blah blah blah blah blah zzzzzzzzzz

      They’re exhaustingly dumb.

    • so for $97 a month, what do I get? a community aka a message board? vague word salads? Inspirational messages?

      seriously, i skimmed her site and I dont know what I would really get for $97 a month

      • Yes, yes, and yes. If you give become a deluxe member at $297/mo, Noodles sends you one piece of plastic signage: “You Are A Unique Individual!” (just joshing)

        I assume she attempts to rope members into attending her various womyn getaways. Pay 5k to go Bali and “bond” with strangers as you run on the beach naked, gyrate in wild zouk abandonment, eat cous-cous, and hold hands in a circle while telling one another how wonderful everyone is. The sort of faux feminist conscious-raising that Joan Didion ripped to shreds in the 1970s.

  9. The other day I was out shopping and a song came on that was familiar but I couldn’t place it. It gave me a creepy feeling, so I assumed it was must have been the soundtrack in a disturbing movie or true crime documentary. I had a vague sense it had something to do with incest. And then I remembered! It was the song playing when Annie Lala slithered down the aisle with her father at her wedding. 😂

    • I’m absolutely not going to check, but it’s Nina Simone singing “Feeling Good,” no? Such a shame, as it is probably one of my personal Top Ten. The voice sounds the way I imagine God’s / Greg’s voice to sound. Annie Ostrich will not ruin that for me. I think I only watched her papa dance video once because I didn’t want my brain to make the same connection yours apparently has.

      • Unicorn Studded Rainbow Named Shirley - 1st Ever Commenter on the New Site! 🎉🎊🍾 (NOT Ali Shanti/Alexis Neely/Alexis Katz)

        It’s actually Michael Buble singing

        • You mean Lalla chose the Bublé version? That’s very good news for me if she didn’t actually dare touch the real holiness.

          • Unicorn Studded Rainbow Named Shirley - 1st Ever Commenter on the New Site! 🎉🎊🍾 (NOT Ali Shanti/Alexis Neely/Alexis Katz)

            That is correct. You can continue to enjoy the superior version!

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