Updated, Now With Alley Katz’ Ex-Husband! Con Artist Ali Shanti’s New Name & Sicko la Fraud’s Hair Horror

Her one true name? Shady McShaderson? I see cat ladies shiver with anticipation!

Holy merde! Now Shitbag Shanti sends us to a third location to finally learn her gregdamn new name. Guess what? She’s honoring her con artist daddy because the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Say hello to Alexis Katz, “my one true name.” Well, that was a bit of an anti-climax.

“Youtube Personality” and narcissist-from-hell Adam Roa turned out this bit of Hollywood melodrama shot on the cheap in Vancouver. “My dad is a con artist who sold things to people that don’t even exist.” I had NO idea the Money Map had been around this long! Video Low Point: Ali licks the envelope of her truth in slow motion.

Are you getting enough attention now, Ali/Alexis? Can you work this navel-gazing nonsense into whatever grift you’re hawking today? Jebus.

Bottom Horror Show: Ms. Snarksalot alerted your poor auntie Gilly to the fauxto below. Let’s call it “Jean Gray & The Death of Erotica.” No wonder DJ Deadbeat ran to the other side of the world.

Update: Alley Katz put up a second Medium post about her historic name change.

The woos are beside themselves re: Ali’s “wholeness”:

A transformational fauxtoshoot with two walking STDs? Only in Wooville.

I stumbled across these posts a few weeks back. “Toddy Pat” Neely, AKA Thin Bruce Vilanch and Estelle Parsons, is Ali’s live-in ex-husband, the sad sap who drove their kids to school drunk while she and Fozzie were giving a lecture about co-parenting at Camp Septic.


  1. I suppose it’s a good policy to discourage the body-snark, but these images/video make it VERY hard for this cat lady to take the high road. But I am zipping my lip. Not even going to mention sunscreen or Rogain AT ALL.

    • I do my best to avoid body snarking but sweet jeebus! The creature formerly known as Alexis Neely and Ali Shanti is only 45 years old.

  2. The turkey feathers are still there?? What the fuck. Doesn’t look like the lash extensions are, alas.

  3. Funny, people have been coming to my website reading about Shanti a lot lately, like the most read story out of 800. Changing name to avoid accountability is a go to tactic. Tougher to erase the past than it was 10 years ago.

    • JFA’ing also updated, that’s for the heads up G.

      • Interesting about the attention the old raunch is receiving. I recently mentioned not hating Julia Allison, but I intensely dislike Alexis Neely, more than anyone we’ve covered over the years. Julia’s misdeeds are limited to those in her immediate circle and they’re often quite amusing. But Alley Katz has grifted thousands of folks while engaging in utterly despicable behavior in her personal life and broadcasting it for all the world to see.

    • YES!!! Change of name to avoid accountability. The hope is that eventually the world and the internet forget what you other name was (or here, other names were) because you have a fresh new persona. It’s up to use to remind everyone

      • The old raunch’s RBD category now reads Ali Shanti/Alexis Neely/Alexis Katz and google will pick up all three names.

        The internet never forgets, Skankatron!

        • Unicorn Studded Rainbow Named Shirley - 1st Ever Commenter on the New Site! 🎉🎊🍾 (NOT Ali Shanti/Alexis Neely/Alexis Katz)

          And the more times they appear, the better

          Ali Shanti/Alexis Neely/Alexis Katz
          Ali Shanti/Alexis Neely/Alexis Katz
          Ali Shanti/Alexis Neely/Alexis Katz
          Ali Shanti/Alexis Neely/Alexis Katz
          Ali Shanti/Alexis Neely/Alexis Katz

    • You know what else is a go to tactic? Doing SEO for words and phrases that show up in bad reviews or negative criticism. This is reputation management. The more she writes about that video and posts links to it and continues to explore her connection to her “con artist” father, the less likely people are to see other people calling her just that.

      Right now when I google “Alexis Neely” con artist, Killing My Career is the first result. When I try “Ali Shanti con artist” this site is the first result. She wants to push those results way down. I of course agree she is playing with her name again in order to freshly market herself to new people but my guess is that she will continue to write a lot about her old names and her con artist inheritance.

      • Yep another criminal I wrote about but Killing in his branding for similar reasons to Alexis Neely or Ali Shanti Alexis Katz adding con artist to her *story* to rewrite history.
        Criminals love to rewrite history.

      • If you google “Ali Shanti,” RBD comes up in the second and third slots on the first page of listings. These have been the search results for roughly the last three years. Hopefully, we’ve saved a few folks from investing in one of SK3B’s many con jobs.

  4. I can’t with her, I absolutely can’t, so I haven’t watched or read and this is a serious question: Neely is Thin Bruce Vilanch’s last name, yes? Is Martin the mother’s last name, or a stepfather’s?

    “Ali Katz” is an unfortunately homonymous name with some of her choices.

    • Neely is the surname of her ex-husband, Toddy Pat, the sad sack who lives with her and chauffeured their kids around while Alley Cat was banging Fozzie and anything else with a pulse. Ronnie Martin, who resembles an elderly Pippi Longstocking, is Skankatron’s mother.

      • What did her dad do? I’m always up for a good story, especially one that’s true. There must be a million William Katz prison stories but only one that fits this special little hole.

        • She says… “My dad was a con artist. He sold things to people who didn’t even exist.”

          I’m pretty sure she means the things didn’t exist…

          But the most telling part is when she says she’s spent a lifetime trying to figure out if she is a con artist like her dad. We could have saved her a lot of time and money. Because if ya gotta ask, the answer is obvious, Allie Katz

          • People who didn’t exist could also refer to identity fraud. Using dead people’s SSNs or something like that, and billing, say, the government for products or services.

            Hard to know. It happened too long ago to easily research.

          • So Alley Cats dad was Elon Musk sans the $5 billion in US government subsidies? Cool story.

          • Unfair assessment about Musk since he’s giving back for that investment by making available his groundbreaking open source technologies. No different than a number of other national laboratories, except he has own his businesses as part of the deal. To me it’s a smart example of a public/private partnership.

          • My point was Musk too, sells things that do not exist, like Fully Self Driving and in part why he’s under DOJ criminal investigation. Also for false sale projections, wire fraud, bait and switch, predatory sales tactics, and that’s just a partial list.

            Giving back means different things to different people. Musk uses the image of saving the world to mask fraud. He’ll be next to Elizabeth Holmes in the book of greatest (and by that I mean least successful at business but great at getting people to believe he successful.)

            For 16 straight years Tesla as not been profitable. That is not success.

    • Just saw the brilliant AQ already made the Ali Katz joke better and earlier.

  5. This is, without a doubt, the sleaziest, most conniving grift I’ve ever seen… and I’ve seen plenty. Alexis Neeley, Ali Shanti, Allie Katz, is using meaningless, new-age, double-speak to convince her uneducated “tribe” on saving the world and healing their families by talking their parents into giving them their inheritance now. Once they have the money, she’ll be right there to sell them her expert financial advice, because who else could they possibly trust? As for the latest name change, “Alexis Katz” is clearly more credible to monied parents than “Ali Shanti,” and doesn’t carry the dirty paper trail of “Alexis Neeley” (Neely?). In one of her new bizarre videos, she thanks her con artist father for being her hero. Pay attention, Moms and Dads.

  6. And another thing… (this really riled me up!!!) Her pitch is based on the ridiculous and false premise that everyone feels burdened by their impending inheritance. “You feel guilty because you didn’t earn it.” And the solution to that guilt is to receive your inheritance now so you can “co-create” something with it in partnership with your parents. My question is co-create WHAT????? If these people could create anything they wouldn’t need their parents’ money.

    Ali Katz, you are destined to follow in dad’s footsteps. Straight behind bars.

    • Did she tell her poor mother who’s living on limited retirement savings that she’d be “co-creating” something wonderful when Ali hit her up for money for a documentary depicting a druggy, horny Skankatron stumbling around dirt festivals? That was fucking unbelievable. This dirtbag with “multi-million dollar businesses” wanted her mother to pay Robert William Love, Jr, AKA The Jazzerciser, Ali’s young stoner fuckbuddy with a thing for Spandex, to film the old raunch in the orgy tent at Burning Man. Just how much would it have realistically cost to film such a spectacle? It’s not as if the Jazzerciser is the next Vittorio Storaro or Conrad Hall. $500 for The Jazzerciser’s services and camcorder rental? Or was he planning on filming Alley Katz on his cell phone?

  7. So, once again, Ali takes an opportunity to brag about the multiple million dollar businesses she’s owned. I’m surprised she didn’t find a way to shoe horn in how all the other girls in high school were jealous of her one of a kind beauty and attention from the boys. I mean, they all deserved it, after all. Their fault for not making sure they gave Ali a clear no when she asked if she could screw their boyfriends under the bleachers.

    • “Multiple million dollar businesses” doesn’t mean what she thinks it means. Taking a chunk of an estate and being sued for malpractice doesn’t equal business. Just as working in building with a seven figure mortgage doesn’t equal multi-million dollar. Nor does giving a speech in your underwear in the jungle equal business. This a woman one needs to crosscheck the meanings of her most ordinary terms, much less her made-up ones like money dysmorphia.

      • In the ridiculous video, Alley Katz’s voiceover indicates she didn’t want to be like her father so she created “multiple million dollar businesses.” How do these alleged million dollar businesses torpedo Skankatron’s fear that she’s following in the footsteps of her con artist daddy? There are all sorts of unscrupulous business people. Look at what’s in the White House.

  8. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: imagine having this raging narcissist as your parent. “Mom, I need to talk…” “Not now; I’m writing about my feelings online!” “But Mom, there’s this bully at school… “ [oh wait, they don’t go to school] “I said, I’m holding space for my feelings right now! Hmm, maybe I can write about your bullying in my next ad for the Money Map!”

    • Reminds me of when her son wanted something very early one school day morning but she was too busy in the bedroom having an OM session with Craigers and just yelled to him through the door.

  9. Is that some kind of photo filter Ali Katzenjammer used in that pic? Ugh. She looks like a dead sea lion in a dredging net at the harbor.

  10. The Skankatron Burger King fluffer did just have registered a purchase for $325,000, that unit for her daughter I guess.

    Maybe the name change is to get out of the mortgage.

    One Alexis Neely (redacted address in Boulder) purchased from Mount Stay Colo. LLC, for $325,000.

  11. Looks like Beargent Pepper and Kitty Kittay had their kitten. Baby pic is adorable, it’s on his FB page.

    • One can only imagine the baby registry: A $3000 Japanese pacifier? An actual home made out of Legos? You babysit their spawn for a week while they’re in Bali?

      • Baby blanket made from wool of Himalayan alpacas fed only tapir milk and organically grown quinoa flown in from Peru. Hand-spun by sherpa’s wives, flown to Spain where retired flamenco dancers weave the fabric on looms made from the remnants of sixteenth century beached galleons. Not available for Prime.

  12. This sounds like the opening line of a Stephen King novel.

    “I had been living with multiple names, split identities, for several years when my one true name came to me during a profound experience with psilocybin on a permaculture farm in Costa Rica.”

    • Or perhaps the long lost sequel to FEAR & LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS?

      Ali has stated on more than one occasion that her favorite thing in the world is psychedelics. She presumably loves hallucinogens more than her children.

      • Oh, yes yes yes, so much yes.

        Alley Cat would be Lucy, the girl who draws portraits of Barbra Streisand, after 30 years of really bad decisions.

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