Donk & Dodi Are Looking Forward To New & Improved RBD!

"Auntie Gilly, I may tell everyone that I NEVER look at RBD but even I can't resist a good Jena la Flamme story!"

Hey, bunnies! RBD is operating at a great 90% performance rating – the highest since I came on as a mod – but we’re still having some cache problems. Using the remaining funds from your generous donations, we’re moving the site to an even better hosting platform that will get rid of any caching concerns. You probably won’t even notice the change.

More exciting news: new contributors will be joining us sometime after the move. I’m thrilled because your dotty aunt Gilly needs a vacation from reblogging-itis, even if only briefly.

Upcoming stories:

Myka McLaughlin’s intellectual acumen

Ali Shanti’s appalling new YouTube series

A prominent catlady pays public tribute to RBD

I hope you have a lovely day!


  1. YAY!!

    Is the lasagna on the picture gluten-free?

    Ceiling-cat disease is REAL.

  2. Thank you Gilly and friends xoxo

    Dodi looks pissed. Donkey is doing that thing where she pulls so hard on people next to her in pictures that their entire group weight shifts. Fucking psycho move.

    She’s leaning so far away from him. People naturally pull together even if they are casual friends. She’s bat shit cray.

  3. What a cute lil kitty. I wonder if Jena will have more husbands than Judy has nosejobs.

  4. Dodester lookin good too. You know he’s getting mad attention. Judy will be OBO’d stat… get ready to cut the check, PEEETAYYY!!!

  5. IMO Dr Dodi will have to give her money to leave his apartment! Or I see him leaving it and her and going elsewhere. Probably what happened to her in NYC when she was a resident.

    • She stayed in one of her NYC beau’s (Alex?) apartment for a year after he’d dumped her. I suspect Dodi will end up paying through the nose … and Donk has had several noses.

      • It’s kind of a shame she and Alex didn’t work out. Those two deserved one another in the worst/best possible way.

  6. I know this site is about facts and truth, and not just gossip or petty cruelty. But I’m going off on my own here to say that the roll of fat hanging between her armpit and chest in the photo above is telling that she isnt even trying to workout or eat right. If she doesn’t have a job, and she’s not using her time to work on her mombod (hey, we make fun of dadbods, why not mombods), then what is she really doing? I mean quite literally, what does she do from the time she pretends to start working if Dr is around to the time he gets home? Is it all massages and manicures? That could be but two hours of a day. I bet she goes back to bed a lot of the time. I view her from the data we know to be true to be in a state of depression – severe depression from having no work or stability or security in her life.

    • whoa

      also, buying coordinating accessories for elaborate bm costume changes takes a lot of time, mmk?

      • true. remember her closet from mis advised??? that closet was cray. who moves their high school prom or homecoming dress with them to their little apartment in LA on the other side of the country? makes no sense.

      • Also, it takes untold hours EVERY DAY to stalk an ex. Multiply that by however many exes she has and it is a real time commitment. She also has to plan photo shoots and call her dad to ask for money. The cuddle pillow and the giant teddy don’t just walk themselves from room to room. She’s a busy gal!

        • OMG! I miss Fashion Muse Donk. Remember when every blasted thing she did was “art directed”?

          • Everything was “art-directed” (her fauxtoshoots) or “curated” (her online droppings).

            Oh, the memories!

          • Can’t help you right now. Too busy curating my cuddle pillow situation

    • I knew Julia for just a portion of her Happiness Expert/Hippie Wise Woman period, but trust me: this is a woman who knows how to create work for herself. She spent long periods writing flowery emails, calling wealthy friends or no-names with good connections, making very basic crafts, designing “intentional” prompts for herself and then writing answers on cards/construction paper/et cetera. Julia can be highly industrious at Doing Nothing.

      • She’s an expert at sucking up to people – witnessing such a spectacle up close includes more than one jaw-dropping moment. However, our burro is also lazy as hell when it comes to actual work, as she’s proven time and time again.

        • Time and time again we have seen her land opportunities she is so grossly inappropriate/unqualified for that the mind can only boggle. My guess is that this is the tip [of the tip, of the tip] of a monumental iceberg of attempts at grift that mostly failed, even after heaps of social grooming and master-grade suck-uppery.

          Many good, talented people would benefit from getting a little more comfortable with putting themselves out there and suggesting themselves for roles that they would be great for. The woos are superb at abusing this and coming up with flash-and-dazzle elevator pitches for nonsense products and services. Julia outdoes them all by a wide margin while doing even less tangible work. It really is a sight to behold. I think it does still mostly fail (because any digging at all reveals very quickly that Julia cannot deliver on her “vision,” ever), but we rarely find out about the failures because Julia does not draw attention to them. Her public brand is that she is in very high demand. Few people outside of catladysphere understand how much sucking up, grooming, pestering, and finally blatant bullying happens behind the scenes.

      • “highly industrious at Doing Nothing”, brilliant. I always suspect the sudden bursts of work are to appease Daders or impress a potential wallet.

        • I think it goes even deeper than that. She doesn’t have any marketable skills or education, and she knows it. She kept trying to throw stuff at the wall to see what stuck. She knew and knows very well she doesn’t have a clue how to make a living. She always thought by now she’d be married to some malleable dolt who was happy to let her not work and raise a family, just like Dadsers and Robin. Except Robin actually DID have marketable skills and education.

    • Really?? You think she’s FAT? I don’t see the “roll” you’re talking about, and even if she were covered in fat I don’t think that’s an acceptable way to talk about someone else. Body shaming is lame.

      • We body shame Dr Dodi all day long and I can say whatever I want to say about Julia! But thanks for your opinion. You do see the roll you just prefer to say you dont to fit your ill-tempered statement here – unless you need glasses?

    • The thing about a mom bod is that most moms gained 50-70 pounds over the course of the pregnancy and then are faced with the 24-7 care of a newborn, which often interferes with eating right and exercising to lose the baby weight. So referring to this layabout as having a mombod is an insult to actual moms (no, not you, Jena!) and also lets Donk off the hook, IMO.

      • Ummmm? I dont know about that b.c. Dadbod isnt related to growing a fetus – Mombod is the same thing.

      • Also, who the heck gains 70 pounds, or even 50? Twins? Triplets? I would be worried about gestational diabetes here and serious health problems for a long time to come. Could you imagine a 100 pound gal getting pregnant at 5’3 and walking around 170 pounds? That’s not b/c of the fetus. That’s b/c of the mother. But here Mombod is not related to fetuses and neither is Dadbod (ever), so if you dont want to go off topic of the Donk then I’m not sure what this has to do with the post.

        • Seriously. I hate the huge preggo women stuffing their face with literal junk ranting about eating for two and bitching about how the baby ruined their body. JFC science is hard.

        • Also, who the heck gains 70 pounds, or even 50? Twins? Triplets? I would be worried about gestational diabetes here and serious health problems for a long time to come

          Welp, lots of women gain quite a lot of weight while pregnant. And whether it is 30, 40 or 70 pounds, it is difficult to lose the weight.

          I am concerned about your own relationship to body size, Donk Diaries. Is it as much of a concern to you in real life as it appears to be for you on your first few days on Reblogging Donk?

          • I think you just want to pick a fight with another commenter on some personal issue you have! I’d be happy to do that if you wanted to link to your LinkedIn and Facebook here and not hide like a troll! I am not the one who brought up gaining 70 pounds in pregnancy! That was some typical commenter bringing up pregnancy for no reason! Someone who didn’t understand that there is just as much of a mom bod as there is a dad bod and for the same reason. Not as funny as the other day when someone thought blended family was related to race! Lol.

          • Morrocanwear: your snark is sad. I see I’ve tapped into something that the basement ladies finally have a problem with – fat girls! Well, I didn’t bring up pregnancy weight gain bc that’s totally off topic given donk isn’t pregnant. Some nut brought that up bc she didn’t know the definition of mom bod as in dad bod. I’m as concerned with my body image or whatever you said as i am with my career and charity etc. I know that’s hard for fat chicks to get. Ppl don’t put too much thought into why you’re fat or even that you’re fat or skinny! But I bet if you were thin and naturally thin (which is only natural bc of behavior, thyroid issue or not, and I was born with a congenital heart defect that makes working out ten times as difficult yet I still make it to hot yoga weekly) you’d be shaming fat ppl for being fat as much as you do all the other types of shaming here! Now I’m starting to think you ladies are just jealous of this woman! Sorry but when you all of a sudden set up tiers of shaming that are okay and not okay that’s hypocritical just like donk is hypocritical! Again read the archives bc this site has been body shaming and beauty shaming Julia from the beginning! That’s okay! Every time you shame her for some other subject and you think it okay or smart or better than body shaming you should realize that it’s not better than body shaming. I’m cool with this and all types of humor and shaming and appreciate the humor and will not make exceptions for the fatties here bc that would be incredibly selfish to account for one issue but only that one and it lacks sensibility and intellectual acumen.

          • The fact that we’re all morbidly obese and very jealous has been established centuries ago. Dear.

          • Along with never leaving our basements nor our cheeto-stained cats!

        • I gained 50 lbs during pregnancy due to my lupus and genetics. I knew it at the start and did my best during the first half to keep my weight down but shit happens and so fuck it, I’m fluffy for now and my thyroid will start working again… one day. And I’ll gladly show you all the salads I eat and cardio I do, my weight stays high due to things out of my control.

          • I can’t help your sensitivities here dear! What do you want an award for eating salads? I’m confused. I hope your thyroid keeps working properly. Again my roll comment on the donk was related to how she does nothing all day including working out. I’m not worried about your bodies though I’m somewhat concerned with your argument abilities when the subject is something you’re all sensitive about. It’s so selfish in that you’ve forgotten over the years that in the way you fatties are sensitive about your thyroids and 50-100 pound pregnancy weight gains that those aren’t the only personal issues in the world that women (and men) have. Age shaming, marital shaming, sex and slut shaming, career shaming, family shaming, etc is not better than body shaming.

  7. all those newb comments on the last post who claim to know dodi /judy were julia1, julia2 and julia3?

    • So very bizarre! I clearly should have waited to put up this post.

      • This place is crawling with sock puppets. I can smell them and their unwashed “ivy league legacy” pelts.

  8. Had to do a double take today. Joe Biden’s son Hunter got married (not to dead brother’s wife) and at first glance she looked liked la flim-flam. She’s slightly better looking than the scammer but I have a feeling they may have a lot in common.

    • It’s only been like two months since he dumped his brother’s widow. Yes, that one – he dumped his wife for her a couple of years ago

      • Yeah if Biden’s camp thought the optics for dumping current wife to date dead brother’s wife were bad, dumping dead brother’s wife to marry someone he’s know for two months, worse.

        • Also? Biden is something of a retard. I still remember how shortly after 9/11, he thought that just giving Iran a no-strings attached check for a few hundred thou would be a nifty way to show that we didn’t have any animosity toward….the Arab world.

    • My first thought upon reading about the shotgun wife is that I bet she has a connection to the Burning Man grifter scene and/or NXIVM. I don’t know why but I just got a weird feeling that she does.

  9. And who can’t wait until Father’s Day when Alexis Neely/Ali Shanti announces her singular NEW NAME???? Also, I agree with “Gross” that body shaming is beneath even this crowd, and anyone here who thinks Julia is “fat” has a real problem. Said with all due respect and softness.

      • My question too. And I’ve never body shamed her or participated in comments that do.

        • I did sometimes in the past. Mostly when she was a bit chunky and only because she used to do the same to people within earshot

          • I don’t even know what body shaming is.

            To me it is one of those things that only exist in or Lena Dunham’s Twitter feed.

            PS: Please do not explain body shaming to me. Thank you.

          • You are most welcome. And you pretty much nailed it

    • I don’t think she’s fat, but I do think perpetually wearing too-small clothing makes ANYONE look like a chunk.

      As always, Donk cares more about the label than what’s actually in the can.

      • She likes to call attention to her small waist, but instead of buying the right size, she ends up getting a size that makes it look like she can’t even breathe, and would squeeze even the skinniest person’s nearby flab. It has to be hard for her to shop when her bottom size is probably three or more sizes larger. Thank goodness for her that her favorite fit and flare style disguises large tracts of land south of the border.

      • She has always had armpit flab, even during the Gawker fameball era.

        But the main reason for the flab is that she has a penchant for strapless dresses that are too tight and, because she has no friends, nobody ever tells her she doesn’t look good.

    • I’m on pins and needles! Ali/Alexis will also be unveiling the first “transformational” video in her new YouTube series on Father’s Day. If her gangsta daddy weren’t already dead … Ali was inspired by insufferable narcissist-from-hell Adam Roa’s The Art of Choosing Love shitshow. This promises to be bad on the level of Show Girls or The Room.

      • I know! It’s hard to concentrate on anything else, knowing what we have in store just a few days away…

        • Do you think “Life” will be her new surname? Seriously. She is a member of One Nation Under Cory/Christopher.

    • That you decide one issue of body shaming is below this crowd doesn’t make total sense b/c this site has dragged Donk et al. on nearly every issue under the sun. Maybe it’s just that it’s personal to you b/c you have weight issue so you take it the wrong way. Donk posts for admiration related to what she looks like – so bringing up her body and its changes isnt shaming. And even if it is. This “crowd” money shames her, career shames her, single woman shames her, age shames her, family shames her, and has called her a criminal. I really think youre reaching here now trying to be the shame police – body shaming is only a problem b/c that’s your issue.

      • I disagree. People shame her BEHAVIOR as it relates to her age, family, job status (or lack thereof), etc. it’s reasonable to say that body shaming is (mostly) beneath us as it’s oppressive and a tool of the patriarchy. But it’s also a tool she has employed, so even body shaming is probably fair game. Although there’s enough other “above the belt”
        stuff to criticize without even needing to go there.

        • The vast majority of people here don’t body shame, and those who do, do so rarely. This isn’t really an issue here and I think some people on occasion take some things discussed here far too seriously and too personally. This isn’t an editorial opinion page, it’s a lighthearted gossip site about people who have chosen to live life in the spotlight, people who should have been aware of all the typical comments that go along with the famewhoring and/or grifting they’ve been participating in all these years. Let’s give this tired subject a rest.

        • I posted this as a reply in the wrong place, it wasn’t a response to you but to TheDonkDiaries, who seems to have materialized out of thin air here recently.

          • I don’t get why someone can’t comment! Yes I’ve been lurking here a while so to speak! People have been body shaming her for 10 years! I opened an article from 2009 regarding her emailing her ex boyfriend’s new partner and a lot chunky comments came up and everything else under the sun! Don’t come at me for doing things that you all have been doing for more than a decade! Body shaming isn’t off limits if nothing else is off limits! Sorry fatties.

          • You don’t decide what is off limits here. Moderators do that. But for future reference, being an asshole and trolling the board like you have usually doesn’t have the most positive outcomes.

        • In what world or universe is body shaming the only oppressive shaming? That’s absurd! What the heck kind of argument is that? Shaming her sexual habits is probably the most oppressive type of shaming done here for one thing. Age shaming her bc she isn’t married under the guise that she once made a stupid expiration date comment is actually incredibly oppressive as well. In this same thread are comments on the size of her head and what her face looks like. It’s all nasty and terrible. To call me out for making a light comment about one of her rolls is also oppressive in that you think you can control speech! You should recognize that you’re disgusting trolling comments about Julia aren’t less oppressive or better than mine!

          • I am not a body shamer, though I admit I did coin the dadbod reference. But if you’ve been here THAT long, then you know sometimes we say the opposite of the truth just because it annoys JA. Surely, you know about Russian Girl? This was her trademark. To say JA was fat even when JA was at her thinnest. As such, I was trying to get people away from the other moniker that was being tossed around which was complimentary of the size of his manhood.

            For the record, I actually like that lanky Dr. Marson look.

            The issue with you is not that you commented on things you might have seen others comment about. It’s that you say nothing for years, then take over the comments with opinions and strong arm tactics against other commenters as if you are some kind of fucking RBD mascot. I was actually interested in what the commenter who came in with knowledge of JA’s parents had to say. I hate when those people get pummeled to the point that they flee (unless they are Davocado).

            Plus, you are at elitist yourself with your constant references to your superior knowledge, your job and your UES crowd. Nobody here is impressed. Even a know it all like yourself obviously can’t read a room or you never would have made your commenting debut with that kind of shit.

        • I was shaming her behavior. It was all related to her doing nothing all day including not working out. A lot of girls like her without jobs at least make it to the gym. Again you’re pretty sensitive here and it’s absurd that you think you can police my speech and police shaming as if you’re better when you’re exactly same except that you’re sensitive about fat people or rolls.

          • I don’t say this very often, but L O L.

            Why do you use two different avatars?

      • Have you been lurking a while here? I don’t recall seeing your screen name until recently.

      • Actually, I’ve often questioned a lot of the hatred on this site (not just this incidence of body shaming), including my own. I don’t let myself off the hook at all. It sucks that I am interested and entertained by the woo and by all this obsession over their craziness. I wish I spent this time doing important work on important causes to make an important difference in this effed up world. You won’t find me defending myself here. I’m not proud of my interest in all this nonsense.

        • You’re being too hard on yourself. I’ve always looked at this site as a silly escape valve. The only reality TV show I’ve watched is Miss Advised and I turned off the last episode – so boring. But RBD is my reality show, one I create in some ways and one that I enjoy watching and often because the commenters are a hoot!

          • It’s hatred, not snark! You can try wrap it up as snark, but it doesn’t change that it’s hatred. Just own it. So you have an enormous amount of hatred in you, so what? What if you did? Would that be life-altering to admit the truth? If so, you need a lot more therapy than Donk.

          • @Donk Diaries

            It is great that you can read the minds of strangers through the Internet.

            If I had that skill, I would put it to a more lucrative use, but that is just me: a hateful greedy person.

          • I couldn’t possibly hate anyone as ridiculous and entertaining as Judy has been over the years. You, on the other hand …

        • With softness, I feel like I work hard to get “important” stuff done and this site, cite, sight keeps my life light-hearted. PS, not to brag, but I will, but I helped raise $25,000 for a young woman (oh, wait, at 32, she is expired in Donk’s eyes) who is battling brain cancer.

          No regrets for my participation! Thank you for this outlet.

        • And suspicious. Out of nowhere, and then inane and combative logorrhea without any Imodium in sight.

          • Out of no where? Where does anyone come from? I started reading this site in 2012 after misadvised. When ppl think they are the only voice capable of speaking or the only one that should be heard on that subject matter, it’s time to be quiet. So you’ve been here for over a decade that means you get to police who can say what and assign tiers to speech and shaming, which happen to coincide with your own personal issues? That’s Donk, donk!

          • So out of nowhere. No posts in 7 years and now you are shitting all over RBD with your fifty tl;dr posts and stupid insults and your juvenile use of “ppl” and “b/c” instead of spelling those words out like adults do. Why don’t you go fuck yourself? I’m sure you can find other things to do in Pittsburgh.

          • Re: body shaming, I think Handbag said it best years ago: “Her islets of Langerhans are tacky and derivative.”

            Dear TheDonkDiaries over there sounds like they suffer from a similar condition.

  10. Grifty: OMG you’re a troll and frankly you’re evil. You want to expose my location? Yeah I’m in Pittsburgh visiting family loser! Youre sick for exposing where I am! Is that what you do to people who don’t agree with you? DIdn’t this site ask the public for money to create a public site where there were to be certain uses of that money? I feel like that’s a serious misrepresentation and it was more to fund your personal little hobby! It’s like a con artist ojn gofund me! Are you a journalist in real life? The kind that can’t protect its sources and gets personally involved in every story!? Since 2012 I’ve kinda thought that a lot of the people are “journalists” jealous that Donk got published in major magazines (but still, magazines) and that she got a book deal and many ppl here couldn’t do that! Maybe some of you arent journalists b/c you have no integrity! I’d have no issue if someone discovered my identity or my week to week travels! That you try to personally hurt me b/c you dont like my words is SO SICK. You are beyond a troll youre more of DONALD! Orange guy would do that!

    • Are you off your meds? Also, two of our regular commenters are bestselling NYT authors and not of self-help slop. You’ve seriously underestimated our readers.

    • I have to agree that Grifty posting the location is really uncalled for. But there IS a lot to do in Pittsburgh and I’ll gladly help with suggestions!

      • Thanks for your opinion, but there was a reason for it in this particular instance.

  11. Grifty: Adults spell out “ppl”? What is wrong with you? No, actually they don’t all the time. I guess unlike you I save my long-hand for real work and important work. What is your career and major contribution to adulthood that you think you can judge me? I’m happy to say what mine is! I’m a well educated lawyer with a great job and I’ve done a lot with my life. I am a prolific reader and writer, just like the average lawyer, and I come here for mind-numbing release of my usual duties. I’m sorry that you aren’t allowed to play with anyone important who has a lot of to do beside write on this site! I hope that your new moderation duties are everything you hoped for as you become the ultimate TROLL of Donk of writing of fatties and all the other majorly important issues of the world! Now, why don’t you say where you live to be fair? Or are you afraid?

    Telling someone to go fuck themselves while trying to maintain that they are serious writer and an adult is juvenile! Your issue is you can’t make an argument that makes sense! Your comments over the years are riddled with stupid hypocritical nonsense that serves you in the moment only.

    Excuse me, I have to get back to my real job! I’m kinda like a moderator too, except the kind that is supervised by a real authority you jackass.

    • Dear TheDonkDiaries, You are now well beyond annoying. Don’t you have some errands to do? And please don’t slam the door on your way our, dear heart.

    • Well, that was bonkers and exhausting, though I’d stopped reading early on.

    • Can you imagine working with this nut job? I bet the entire perimeter of her cubicle is surrounded by eggs people have to walk on. “Can you get this out for me today?” “No, you mentally ill-shaming bastard! How dare you ppl insult me b/c I’m off my meds!”

    • “Now, why don’t you say where you live to be fair? Or are you afraid?”

      I live, rent-free, in your feeble brain.

      • She also told me to share my linked-in and some other social media but then was so bent out of shape when it was revealed that she lives in a large American city.

        • I live in Manhattan. I’m from a small city where I am writing from today. I love the ladies on this site as they cling to whatever glory they can while they sit in a basement with their contract careers – paycheck to paycheck. Let’s see your linkedin and what youve been doing! You want to identify me – identify yourself first. Scared, pathetic losers.

          • You do realize that you’re an anonymous person here bragging to a site full of other anonymous people, right? Nobody is impressed by a total unknown bragging about how thin and successful she is. We don’t even know if you’re a female. And it doesn’t even matter, because nobody really cares.

            JFC. Should I say JFA?

          • Doesn’t sound like JFA? All the way down to “lawyer”, “NYC” and “ivy league”. Lots of pent up rage towards an anonymous community tempered only by love/hate toward donk.

          • The irony here being that JFA was actually short for the screen name Julia’s Fat Ass, she chose. Talk about uncreative body snarking.

          • Yeah, all signs point to JFA. Probably triggered by a comment made here about her last week or so.

            She was booted from here for good reason last time. I’m surprised she would have the idiot balls to show up again.

            Thanks, Gilly, for taking out the trash.

          • Oooh, damn, she/he brought out the basement slam. Originally thought of way back when you still had to listen to your modem dial up and connect you to the internet. What a mic drop. She/he is schooling us but good!

          • Grifty, I know folks are still hesitant to go there, but can someone point me to where the flounce happened/’splain it. I’ve been around since Baugher, but somehow I missed it.

          • Right, Licked? I mean, it’s been hurled at this place so many times that it’s become embraced and part of the culture. “Welcome to the basement, let me blow the cheeto dust off the cat and the chair, so you can sit down and have a boxed wine!”

          • Curly, I think it was a bounce/ban, not a flounce. Derpin era, IIRC. I can probably find it somewhere. One thing I’ll say for JFA, she was always able to formulate a good rant about Donk and her fellow assclowns when I myself fell speechless.

          • FWIW (not much, nor do I care that much), this tool didn’t seem like JFA to me. The way I remember her, I can’t imagine she’d try to seriously use “basement” as an insult or brag about being thin (bwa ha ha ha haa at an actual person who is older than 12 and tries to win an internet fight by a “fat / thin” comparison). Plus the language just didn’t sound like her to me.

          • Didn’t sound like JFA to me either. Less mature. Some brat on summer break. Knows some lawyerly lolyer lingo, BFD. Girl bye.

          • Just one final comment, I wonder who this hotshot ivy manhattan lawyer billed for the prime time posts she made this morning and afternoon while she was shaming RBDers for wasting time here.

            It is to laugh.

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