Updated: Lordy, Lordy, THIS MAN!!! Is Turning …

If this is the real deal, I’m honest-to-greg happy for both of them. However, given Donk’s history, particularly how bonkers she behaved both during and after her last relationship, I have my doubts.

Update: But not yours, Donkey!


  1. She looks dirty and greasy, as always

  2. Someone buy him a decent pair of shoes, for heaven’s sake.

    Not you, Judy, you wouldn’t know a decent pair of shoes if someone hurled them in your smug old face.

    • Not to hate, but those are Tod’s, I believe. Not sure what sort of shoes you think would be more acceptable? (My hubcat owns a pair just like them.)

      • They’d look fine with jeans or chinos, but with a suit they’re out of place imo.

        • I was going to say almost exactly the same and also comment that light beige shoes are an iffy match for such dark pants (by the way, that is NOT even a suit he’s wearing, as far as I can see.) I love me some Tods (and have a closetful), but these were not the best choice here (which is why you should not hire/allow A Donkey to be your Stylist/Art Director.

          • Because she thinks that just because it is a designer shoe, it should be worn anywhere and everywhere, without any context or appropriateness

  3. From Brit Moran’s DIY tablecloth collection. #SustainableFashion

  4. Donkey is hangin on to dad bod for dear life? Who else is gonna cover up for her batshit banana ways?

    Lock it down, Donk. It’s literally your last expired chance.

    • I want to see what happens when she realizes the proposal and the wedding aren’t actually the marriage. 🍿🍿🍿

      • This. She’s obsessed with having a wedding, admittedly the greatest day in every girl’s life, and marriage has been an afterthought at best.

        • It will be like the book deal. Including the repercussions of not following through.

      • I suspect this may have been what happened with Cary Randolph. A mix of untreated issues, plus shock at the day-to-day-ness of marital life.

  5. Ummm, hello personality disorder, at the very least. Weren’t you in chaps dancing at a dirt festival and then all Bali yoga (aka stalking rain)? Now we’re back to sex and the city/prom queen?

  6. Cue the clichéd couple photos she always poses for: the adoring look at your love (while he ignores you), and the shoulder snuggle. And again, who TAKES these?

    I wonder if she has any actual income yet.

    • Income? Oh, Grifty, how you do tease! Her contact form on xojulia.com doesn’t even work.

      Nope, she’s just sitting around his place in NoPa, pretending to advise her MANY clients if and when he’s home from the lab. She steps out for those thrice weekly massages and to see her goddess besties. Then it’s off on another vacation from vacation-itis!

      • Wait, you mean there’s no PAID happening anymore (as if ever there was?)
        P.S.: I spent a while wondering if that question mark should be inside the parens or outside, thanks to Dreyer’s English i am currently enjoying (haven’t got to parenthetical/interrogative suggestions yet), which I recommend to catladies of a grammatical bent.

        • She and Dadsers are not scheduled to perform at this year’s HIVE shitshow. According to PhuturePhuckPhace, Ryan Allis was the only person he knew who PAID her during the 2-3 years that Rain & Bow were together.

        • Where the hell is she going dressed like a failed 40 year old prom queen? This is not a Manhattan look. Sorry, but it’s so lame. Even if there’s a gala, something is off with this look. Will she ever learn?

          • Brit Moron’s tablecloth (with thanks to Winchester) is indeed as tacky as the street hooker getup she wore to the SF Opera. Why would Dodi want to be seen with THIS WOMAN in public?

          • Despite being here (New York) a few years, she learned NOTHING about style, fashion, really anything

          • If you read RBD posts from 2009-2010, the cultural illiteracy is off the charts and yet she’s living in a cultural mecca. Now she just reads self-help slop over and over again, e.g., Loving Yourself More (2nd ed.), and attends woo shitshows.

            Enjoy the intellectual acumen of your new daughter-in-law, Bernie and Ellen!

      • There are two truths to fashion: White shoes no matter how expensive will always look cheap and linen, regardless of how much or little you spend, all wrinkles the same.

  7. YES. I have been SO TIRED of the SF/Bali/woo personas. I’d expire if she starts writing about dating again.

    Also, I think her old face is growing back. Strong hints of Robin, no?

    • Especially in the second photo. It’s like her head/face is growing while her body stopped.

  8. OT: Faith Shorney is posting about ‘shrooms being legalized in Oakland – many of the woos are beside themselves – and Bradentucky posted this nonsense. Drugs are bad, m’kay?

    • Wait, that’s what I was this whole time? Not a broom? Thanks, Ryan Allis!

      Feckin eejit.

  9. Oh haiiii!!! I am so here for this!

    Honestly if conniving Meghan markle can marry into the British royal family, I have all the hope in the world for our little burro. Mama wants a summer 2020 wedding in Wilmette!

  10. Unless she has changed he has to be a stone cold loser to still tolerate her. What is he wearing on his feet is an indication of brain disconnectivity in certain areas.

  11. > i’m so blessed…
    love it how she turns a birthday greeting into a statement about herself.

    also: she hates new york.

    • Perhaps she can give another interview to the Post, but this time Donk and NYC experience rapprochement because OMG! Dodi, THIS MAN, was able to heal Carrie 2.0

      One wonders if Donk & Dodi met Bernie & Ellen for dinner. His parents would have been SO IMPRESSED!


      • His dad seems kind of amazing. He also has that distinguished 60-something look. Not completely my corporate crush Bob Igor, but close.

        • Very handsome, I think. That picture doesn’t look 60 though… To me anyway… Looks like some of my mid 50 friends so I’m wondering how old the picture is…

      • I think they live in Philly area, and I bet they didn’t miss Dodi’s presentation. So yeah. I hope she slathered on the whole ‘Call me Rainbow, the embodiment of love” shitshow for them.

        • I am sure it is all “my dad went to Princeton” and “I dated a senator’s son” for them. The orgies at Burning Man have been erased, ERASED!

          I was in Princeton during reunions last week and did not spot any Baughers. It was a total mistake. I went with a friend to shop for something and my heart sank when I spotted the first reunion costume. My friend was highly amused though!

          • If you had spotted the Boogers, you could have surreptitiously snapped them and sent me the fauxtos. I would post them, pretend I’d been in Princeton, and would drive lurker Toledo and Rachel the Undeddy crazee: “How dare Gilly snap a picture of the esteemed Boogers at OMG! Princeton! Why, it’s worse than those photos she took at the Wilmette Pancake House!! Surely the esteemed shyster Peter Booger will shut this site down!”

          • The John McCain’s son thing (and Dadsers) probably doesn’t sit too well since Dodi’s folks are Democrats.

          • Gilly is everywhere! It is such a mystery how she always runs into the same family.

          • Moroccanwear, I’m embarrassed to know this, but Peter B. was class of 1970 so he and the family will likely be there next year for his 50th reunion and were unlikely to have been there this year. I have an older relative who went to Princeton and recall checking to see if he had been in the same class, but it was off by a few years.

          • Thanks for the info Sad Rat. Next year I will have to attend the P-rade to see our lady of cluelessness march alongside her Daddy.

          • The link above has what I am assuming is their own apartment… Note the bookshelves… I wonder if Donk will tell them about her color coordinated self-help books.

          • “The collected works of Anthony Trollope? Oh, I read these and all the rest of the important books in high school.”

          • Looks like a super modest apartment. The kitchen was surprising, but I understand few people in NYC actually cook. I would hate that kitchen.

          • that place is huge. my (our) first nyc apartment would have fitted six times in that space. grifty, you would have hated the cooking area in there also – a tiny galley-kitchen, barely enough space to chop an onion.

            interesting there’s no fume-extraction for the gas hob, unless they’ve installed a downdraft system.

            the cleaning products left on the counter in what potentially is a display photo for prospective clients is amusing. father and son share sartorial quirks perhaps?

  12. So I know this was talked about at one point, but I’m listening to an Audiobook of Broptopia. Not sure of what else to say, but I keep thinking of the donk participating in the cuddle puddles and I throw up in my mouth just a bit.

  13. “Honored to be your partner” = “ENRAGED not to be your fiancée.”

    Why, yes, I speak Donkey.

    • Heh. This poor schmuck if he gets engaged to her she will relentlessly blow every single penny he manages to earn for the rest of his life on inane absurd nonsense. If he gets married to her, he is dumb enough to deserve his fate.

        • I suspect she’ll string it out like she did with Rain. Pretend to be on the computer with her “many” clients when she’s really stalking those with money and some cachet.

          • Sometimes I wonder how much credit card debt she has and what her credit score must be. Remember when she had all that car lease drama with the Mercedes when she lived in LA? I bet she’s a sub-650 Donkey. If Dr. Dadbod is smart he’ll pull a credit report before he puts a ring on it.

  14. I have a few theories at this point, none that are groundbreaking or creative but will share anyway.

    1. He is just not that smooth with the ladies in general but would OBO her in a hot min if he ever had the opportunity.

    2. He doesn’t care about whether women have jobs or not.

    3. He’s ready to settle down and well, she’s there.

    4. Other than with a select few, no one had paid that much attention to Donks in a while, so her gross reputation has faded a bit. Yeah, you can Google her and find info, but all that stuff can be written off as nonsense. Of course, I know we aren’t nonsense. But it can be framed as such.

    Well, at this point I am for whatever happens. Eternal bliss splashed all over social media or a meltdown … Both would be interesting.

    • I’d say a definite “yes” to #2 & #3, a partial thumbs up to #1, but I’m not so sure about #4. That ridiculous “Sex & The City ruined my life” piece was just last year and there was tremendous negative fallout. Also, if you google Donk or Dodi, “Julia Allison Alex Marson” appears as the end of the first page of results, under “searches related to.” Click on Julia and Alex, and we come up in the first eight entries on the first page, and hey, this site has been cataloging her misdeeds for over 10 years. As much as Donk likes to tell everyone that everything on here is a lie, even a quick glance will prove the opposite.

      • If he’s ready to settle down, why hasn’t he put a ring on her hoof yet? They went through the cray season of Thanksgiving through birthcray without a proposal, so I’m on the side of “Nah, not happening”

        • Because they only started dating in September. That may be enough time for A Donkey, but not for most other human beings. And Momsers I’m sure told her not to blow it this time by pushing too hard too fast. Moving in with him was fast enough, and we really don’t know if that was his idea or not. She led everyone to believe it was ILYRAIN’s idea to move in together but we found out later from birdies that this wasn’t the case.

          She’s on her best behavior right now but as we all know, her crazy self will come out before too long, and it will be Play Misty For Me time all over again.

          • JFAing to add, he also is a guy who just turned 40 and hasn’t married yet. Granted he was busy with very intense schooling for a long time, but I heard a therapist say once that if a guy wasn’t married by age 38 or in therapy, then that raised serious red flags about his ability to commit. I guess we’ll see.

          • I can’t believe that she’s kept the cray under control for this long.

            And a guy who is in love will manage to marry a woman he truly wants to be with, no matter how busy he is. One thing I learned a long time ago is that a man in love will do just about anything to be with, call, marry her.

          • We shouldn’t forget the only reason he kept trying to get in touch with her is because she once had an explicit sexual conversation with him at a party when she was at the height of her fart-smelling fameball arc in NYC. THAT is what he was after.

          • @Grifty
            Well, I don’t think he kept trying to get in touch with her.

            He just sent her two “u up?” message a few years apart. He probably did the same thing to each and every woman in his Facebook feed.

            Of course, in the mind of the mindless Donkey, he was madly in love and obsessed with her and couldn’t sleep thinking of her every waking hour for years and years, but I don’t think that is the case at all.

          • Well, I am just going by the post on his FB page where he said his “persistence” in contacting her was “amply rewarded.” Interpret “persistence” as you will, but to me that indicates multiple tries with no response. He remembered their conversation from ten years prior consisted of her quizzing him about his sexual preferences, yet she posted that she didn’t even remember him or the conversation. From this evidence, your honor, I would assume she made an impression on him more than some other randos on Facebook. And looking at his picture from that night, I suspect he wanted another shot at banging her, now that his face was fixed and had several degrees from Ivies.

          • Is it a reasonable possibility that she writes the mushy crap like that on his Facebook?

          • I think that post has her digital hoofprints all over it.

            We need to involve the Computer Forensics Team.

            An audit of Dr Dodi Dadbod’s social media accounts is in order.

          • It was right at the very beginning of their relationship so I don’t think this particular line he wrote was her doing. He reposted the meet cute story she told and just added the line about persistence paying off.

          • We don’t know how soon she laid on the “But I’m a social media EXPERT! Let me manage your social media accounts for you! Just give me the passwords and I’ll take care of it for you, babe” horseshit. But we know she did

          • I don’t think she made up that post. It is on his main business FB page and if there was anything inaccurate about what she’d related in the story, then why did he comment back to the people giving him high-fives? Also, she would have posted other personal stuff on there since then, and she hasn’t. It was nine months ago.

            So no, I don’t buy it. She may have tinkered with his IG page to remove the slutty brunettes, but that came later.

    • His mum had a quite respectable job, so I would be surprised if he was into jobless ladies. 🤷🏻‍♀️

      • I’m not saying he is into jobless ladies. I’m pointing out that he may not care about that. Stripper and Instagram model are careers too.

  15. OT: From Sicko la Fraud, Mother of the Year. If she’s so disgusted by “our country,” and I’m not saying she isn’t right re: this particular topic, maybe Jean Gray could move to Switzerland.

    • Another post says not that her deadbeat dad man gone but that they are in an “international blended marriage” LMFAO, Sister of the green card he just is not that into you someone tell her!!!

      • WTF is a “blended marriage”? That they can have other partners?

      • The “international blended marriage” crap is in a post about what to do when the honeymoon is over! Hey, Jena, how about when he moves to the other side of the world and NEVER responds to your posts because he’s off making cacao brew with another woo goddess?

        Rainbow Shirley, blended marriage tends to refer to interracial or interfaith unions. Last time I checked, Antlerface and la Fraud were both white and praying at the altar of her yoni chair.

        • I assumed “blended marriage” referred to when a couple with children from previous relationships marries and they make one big family out of that. Sort of like the Brady Bunch.

          Also, I strongly believe that “making cacao brew with another woo goddess” should be our new way of saying that a dude is screwing around on his partner

          • Um, er, oops! Cultural literacy fail? Demoted to burro status? I could swear a member of my extended family used the words to refer to his interracial marriage. Dare I correct him?

          • JFAing to add that my cousin DID use blended marriage to describe his own union, which means he (and I) were misusing the term as Donkey did when she described her brother’s marriage to Allie. I am Spartacus, er, Julia?

          • Don’t beat yourself up, Aunt Gilly! I could be wrong, too. It could mean both

          • First Google definition: A blended family is defined as a family made of two parents and their children from previous marriages. An example of a blended family is a woman with two children from a previous marriage who marries a man with three children from a previous marriage.

          • From someone who has gone thru God knows how many counseling sessions because we didn’t know what the hell we were doing; you are correct Gilly. A blended family is two parents raising children that have different biological parents. I am the example you mentioned above; my husband is the man with one child from a previous marriage and one child that his previous wife tried to say was his, a paternity said not his but we raise him as ours anyway.
            True story:
            Our children had a hell of a time blending. It really is complicated with so many dynamics and a family counselor suggested getting a family pet that the children could bond over. We were in a situation that didn’t really allow for us to get pets like a dog or cats (yet – we made up for that later) so we decided to get fish. Each child was allowed to pick out a fish and we would release them all in the beautiful new aquarium we all picked out together. It was very lovely and symbolic and we thought for sure this would help.
            We got home, released the fish and literally within 5 min, the fish started eating each other. We did not see that counselor again.
            We’re still alive though.

          • What a great hair-raising story, Ruby Two Feet. I shudder to imagine the wails and recriminations that ensued.

          • I love that so much! Sorry about the trauma but couldn’t help snorting at, “Release the fish!” It can be the new, “Bring out the gimp,” a moment all holy hell breaks loose.

          • Ha ha ha, that is a brilliant story.

            Was the counselor Dr Marvin Monroe by any chance?

  16. “This man” is such a phony way of trying to express closeness but it is just the opposite. I think Noodles does that too with the guy she got preggers with in the desert that is trying to fly the coop.

    • It objectifies the person. When you use this “I LOVE THIS MAN!” announcement on social media with every single man you have a relationship with, it comes across as staking a claim on a possession vs. anything meaningful. She thinks it’s cute and a Carrie thing to do, but fluffier is right, it’s phony AF.

      • She also refers to herself in the third person on occasion, which is Trumpian looney tunes.

  17. There was a time when I thought either this relationship could go either way for her and a time where I thought it’s possible this is for real and he does like her. After further analysis, photo 1 here says it all: donkey is fake-glancing up at him while he stares ahead, and she does not realize that 1) she shouldn’t post this publicly or show it him and 2) this should actually be the reverse, where he’s gazing down at her and she’s looking ahead. She’ll never get it. Never. This isn’t a match. Over and out. Wedding or not, it’s a clear no. Not even sure it matters given that Donk doesn’t even know how to assess whether she likes, led alone loves, a man because all she cares about is landing him.

    • Every freaking photo she stars in she thinks is an engagement series of photos. Every guy, every photo, every pose, every gawd damn day. It’s freaking ridiculous how daft she is at this point. This donk needs The Rules like no one I’ve ever encountered, and I don’t even support the premise or directives of that book. Rule number 72 for donk: don’t EVER pose like youre in a wedding dress when you’re not, and even when you are (assuming on wedding day to actual other human being) maybe dont even pose on that day, because it wont work for A GIRL LIKE YOU, Donk.

  18. Blue tie, blue dress. You know Donkey coordinated that. “It’ll be cuuuuuuuuuute.”

    • Yep, she’s definitely stage managing the latest edition of The Greatest Love the World Has Ever Known.

      • It’s so sad that she feels the need to do that. Everything is a facade.

        I still don’t think she really loves him. I think she’s playing a role because she knows the sun is quickly setting on her expiration date and he has some “high status markers.” If Rain came to her tomorrow and said he wanted to marry her, she’d drop Dodi faster than a legitimate job offer.

        • Of course she doesn’t love him. She almost certainly thinks she can do better.

          Back when she was the bullshit editor-at-large for Star mag and pretending to be Carrie Bradshaw, could anyone have guessed that at nearly 40 she’d be a washed up woo, unemployed/unemployable, and desperate to marry just about any guy. (Remember, before Dr. Son of Sam she was trying to get unemployed, homeless, smelly, poly-amorous dirtfest DJs to marry her)

          • I just don’t get what would constitute “better”? He’s ivy league educated doctor with two terminal degrees. Has his own place in major city. Travels. Has good family. Unless you think she wants someone hollywood or in whatever the F business she’s in, I just don’t see what is better – she’s a Charlotte now, and she’s got her Trey/Tray. She transformed herself from a Carrie to a Charlotte with her magic fairy dust at burner concerts… thoughts? Maybe someone better looking? I think this guy is good looking, but I’m not sure if others agree with me.

          • Charlotte??? Only in her delusions. And if she does see herself as Charlotte, he’s her Harry, not her Trey.

            She probably still pines for someone better looking and more charismatic.

          • I disagree that she thinks she can do better. She is all about the status markers: basking in reflected glory, living in an expensive condo in status city, access to many rich and well-placed people, paid-for trips to exotic and prestigious locales, “the masculine” paying to support her. But that just goes so far when they have little else in common intellectually, and she has never seemed to maintain physical interest in men who look like him in the past. I get the feeling she’s back to the checklist and that this was a financial decision on her part.

            I’m thinking more that he will figure it out that she is a freeloading wannabe who sees him as a highly connected wallet, and gives her the boot like Jack McCain did once he saw beyond her love-bombing and her scheme to move in fast so she could stake her claim. He’s got a lot to lose here and he isn’t dumb. He will figure it out.

          • echoing grifty’s comments.

            she’s like a low-rent kardashian. i hate that i know kk used to be paris hilton’s gofer, but unlike her, julsie can’t garner enough fame and fortune by association to monetize the relationship.

          • So – I hate to say it but I know the dirt bag DJ PhutureFuckFace (great name, fits him well), and she definitely wasn’t the issue during that relationship – HE was. He couldn’t stop banging 22 year olds. The entire time I knew them, she didn’t want to marry him – if anything I heard rumors she wanted to break up with him because of his extracurriculars. They were somewhat (in)famous for their wootastic “we love each other” breakup, and I’ve seen them at two parties last year talking amicably. No drama there that anyone hears about. Sorry to burst your bubbles here. 🙁

          • Interesting. I hate to burst your bubble, but PhuturePhuckPhace was the one who dumped Donkey and more than once. His final sayonara occurred after he caught her looking though his email and FB accounts courtesy of purloined passwords. Sound familiar? After he dumped her for the last time, she hounded Chad and his new girlfriend for months. Sometimes texting him up to 40x per day. She owed him 4k at the time and he must have gotten it back at some point because, yes, they’re on speaking terms.

        • She thinks she desperately loves and wants to marry ALL of these guys. Like, even three months from breaking up with the last one. If that isn’t enough to give pause to the next guy in line, I don’t know what is. She wants to get married and have a fancy pants wedding, it really doesn’t matter to whom. Her Pinterest page is a paean to wedding gowns and engagement photo shoots and has been that way since Pinterest started. She is in love with the idea of people looking adoringly at her dressed in a wedding gown, and not in love with you!

          • Yep, she’s IN LOVE and searching for wedding gowns in record time. For some larfs, check out the Code Name TK posts, when Dave Egger’s little bro banged her once and she started immediately looking at wedding gowns. “Sometimes you just know when you know.” Never mind that he already had a girlfriend and just wasn’t that into her.

          • Yup.

            She is in the grand-public-announcements phase of the relationship, because she will never ever ever ever learn.

  19. I haven’t really had much chance to Donkey watch the last couple of years, but I just wanted to say that I’m glad this place is still here and that the mod[s] invest the time/expertise/money/last nerves to keep the party rolling.

    • Thanks! The site is functioning at a 90% performance rate, which is the highest we’ve been since I became one of the mods and has spared me several headaches.

      Look for new contributors to be writing posts soon!

    • I remember you worrisome! The pelts made an appearance in Donk lore right around the brief flash in the pan the Wangs did when she thought she had a shot with Kevin Rose (remember that????) who she heard liked bangs so hence she wore the Wangs for a few weeks.

  20. I’m picking up a father-daughter vibe from these pics, which is not out of the ballpark of Donks and her rather odd relationship with Dadsers.
    Infatuation tends to fade by about a year, two at the most, so bless your heart and enjoy it while it lasts, Donks.

    • Except she looks distinctly older than he does

  21. I used to know this guy, and he’s a good one, loyal to his friends, very very smart, funny. But holy crap does he have commitment issues. Looked at the other way around, I’d say that he’s probably dating Donkey because he’s exhausted by dating women (smart nice ones with jobs!) where everyone’s hoping it works out and he feels he’s letting them down when it somehow doesn’t.

    • So, he may be doing this as a way of telling the people around him to lay off and stop pushing him to marry?

    • Are you saying that he’s rebelling like a youth might by dating this donk? Sort of like when the beautiful, smart young girl with all the potential in the world comes home with some dirtball?

      On the other hand, clocks ticking for him just as much for her unless he’s planning a family to raise in his 50s, where he could be dead by his child’s first year of college? Seems unlikely.

      How long do you expect “this man” (see above for joke) to continue on the Donk path? I’d think he’d want to meet the perfect woman and get things going on a mini-me at some point, right?

    • In this case, it’s a very, very good thing for him that he has commitment issues. It will save him a very costly marriage, and a costlier divorce.

      • But give him years of stalking and harassment

  22. Checking in after a lengthy hiatus to the very disturbing news that at first glance, Julia appears to be functioning like a mid-tier adult, while well-over-the-hill Jena apparently prayed to the full pantheon for a bun in the oven, got knocked up at the dust festival, remembered BRAZIL! …delivered her own abortion, rubbed fetal remains all over her face to go thrift-shopping, sang happy birthday to the corpse and then got slapped with a dead bird. Am I ballpark? God help us.

  23. I’ve known the Baugher family for years. Not sure why Julia made some of the choices she did, but she comes from a good family, very academic, very hard working. Her mother’s parents attended Stanford, the grandfather had a law degree and grandmother a masters in social work (I believe), father’s parents went to University of Chicago. Julia’s mother graduated from Stanford and her father, both Princeton and Yale Law. I don’t know all her cousins but I know at least one went to Yale and another to Cornell (both are in tech). And Julia’s brother is obviously an academic star as well, with his phd from MIT . (His wife, Alexandra, is a lovely young woman who has a masters in education).

    Of course, where someone goes to school isn’t a measure of their worth as a person, but their family is well-regarded in the community, perhaps with the exception of Julia. They are regular church goers, her mother worked for Hospice for a decade and her father has provided pro bono legal help to many. They are – as we say – “good people.”

    I say this to give context for a family that has been – in my opinion – unnecessarily affected by the choices of one member.

    And from what I hear – which, admittedly, isn’t much – it seems that Julia is taking a new direction with her life. Personally, I wish her well in that endeavor.

    • Leave it to our lazy donkey to blow off legacy admission to the best schools in the country.

      • She probably couldn’t have gotten in, at least not without huge donations

      • She’d never EVER have been accepted to any ivy regardless of legacy b/c she could barely get into Georgetown as a transfer in her second year of college! And it’s not like she studied rocket science once she got there (unlike her brilliant brother). She was lazy in high school, lazy in college, and lazy in her adulthood, and that’s why she’s never held a real job *ever* and continues not to hold a real job to this day. Baby, she was born this way. If someone wants to say the column she did for a year in NYC when she was 22-23 years old was a real job, I’d accept that, but even that’s pushing it – it was one piece a week of a couple paragraphs on subjects related to her social life. A real professional could turn that out during lunch while practicing law or medicine full-time. But I’m willing to give her that one real job when she wrote that column for year in a sort-of real paper.

        • This. And never forget that it took her four fucking months to turn out that Burning Many puff piece for the NYT. She could never meet the deadlines required of an actual journalist.

    • CuriousOnlooker, you provide a lot of very good and true data. Not sure I agree with your conclusion though – we don’t know Dadster to be a good guy at all. We know that he sent bullcrap cease and desist letters, that were in no way consistent with the 1st Amendment to a lot of people over the years trying to protect his moron over-indulged daughter via harassment and use of legal threats of other people. Also, and I’m a lawyer myself (not that it matters) but simply doing pro-bono work doesn’t make you a good person at all! The more others know about your pro-bono work as a lawyer the more obvious it is that the work is being doing to get kickbacks from the community and goog grades, so to speak, from society. Every lawyer SHOULD be doing pro-bono work and not getting credit like they are some amazing person b/c they didnt charge 500/hour for once in their career.

      That every member of her family is so well educated also shows how over-priv she really is. Her grandmothers both went to college? That’s very rare for women. It’s possible they went to college for the purpose of meeting a husband, which is what Donk did. That’s not that great in terms of being a human being, by the way. Donk’s mom did hospice?? Are you saying Donk’s mom is working nurse? That is very surprising to me, indeed.

      Basically, while we all have said over and over here that Donk’s brother is possibly a star and a good person, and I’m sure his wife too, we simply have no evidence to support her parents being good people. They raised this woman and paid her bills for years and years when she had no income or real career. And like I said, once a member of your family uses their legal abilities to con the public and violate the constitution it’s hard to ever again say that is some great guy. He’s not – he might even be a douche!

      • Listen, I don’t really want to get involved in this but I know for a fact that Julia’s parents do not and never did pay for her lifestyle. They paid for college but that’s it. They are well off but don’t believe in that. I know they were disappointed Julia didn’t go into a more traditional career but I also know they haven’t paid for a dime of her life. They disapprove of it too much. Sorry again – this is just what’s true.

        Re: Hospice, no she wasn’t a nurse. Her mother founded the massage therapy program for Hospice of the North Shore.

        As for her father, he is about as ethical as they come. Say what you will, but I’ve known him for years, and he’s a good one. I think anyone would defend their daughter, and to the best of my knowledge, he sent one cease and desist for a website which put up what he thought were defamatory comments – which is well within the first amendment. I’m not a lawyer though. Maybe I don’t understand this.

        I guess what is most important to know here is that the family is really disciplined and I remember them being very hard on Julia and very disapproving and disappointed.

        • One more thing – the family is really quite normal, despite Julia’s presence in it. I think they’re confused by her, and don’t really know what to make of her. They love her – all parents love their children (well, most of them) but they definitely don’t sanction her life choices. Just my two cents.

          • Thanks for stopping by the basement. No snark. I’ve met Robin on a couple of occasions and liked her very much. She seems to have limited tolerance for Julia’s B.S. However, I can’t say the same for Peter and it’s the belief of many folks who’ve met both him and Julia that he’s to blame for much of her antics.

        • More than one of her recent boyfriends confirmed that she was supported by her father. And that he paid for the expensive trip to Paris and Spain with Devin. And even without that direct evidence, she had no actual work coming in to support the lifestyle she was leading. Where do you think she got her money?

          Maybe the family just doesn’t want to admit it to outsiders. Would you?

          • And more than one person has met or observed her parents gushing over how fabulous and successful she is, as if they truly believe her bullshit

        • Donk herself has humblebragged about the “tiny gift” of 10 large her parents gave her when she (barely) graduated Georgetown.

          And her humanitarian father sent out a flurry of threatening letters to people he thought to be associated with this site/cite/sight.

          Who are you and why are you here? How did you find this place?

        • Onlooker: you’re right you dont understand defamation or the 1st amendment or what constitutes an ethical practice of law! I wont go into the fact that Julia is a public figure and that the highest standard is then required in order to prevent someone from saying whatever they want to say (quite literally) about her with the exception (maybe) that she has AIDS maybe being the only thing that could be said about someone like her that would constitute defamation. And, that’s a maybe. A first year law student knows that. He did that to harass the public and it DIDNT work!

          If it would have worked, even once, he’d have kept it up and this site would be getting his complaints still! Honestly, I wouldn’t use my legal process to harass people for my family b/c I understand consequences and what that will do to my practice and reputation. He didnt. Had he any sense at all, he’d have asked one of his unknown atty friends to do the letters for him!!! But he didnt b/c there’s no lawyer that would send a letter like that and expect to remain in good favor!

          We don’t believe you that you have any knowledge that Donk’s life is not paid for b/c you’ve provided no facts or data! Facts would be you know she isn’t because she was paying for her rent through ABC not dadser, or something like that.

          If she didn’t get money from her father how did she live in LA and SF and Manhattan with often NO job? Do you have any idea how much money is required to sustain a month in NYC? She couldn’t have done it without assistance outside of what she made – her apartment cost over 2000/month in 2004 and she was making 750/week at best. She admitted to going with men in NY for free meals in her writing. She needed her dad’s money and he gave it in addition to paying for 5 years of college. She reports she graduated in 2004.

          So no I dont believe that her parents are good people. They have created and fed this woman’s lifestyle – now that Donk has by her own definition “expired,” I think it’s time Donk say bye bye to any posting of any kind of SM – but she can’t do that because she believes her family is proud of her and that they will never stop supporting her. And she’s probably correct.

          But I do love hearing from you and your opinions. Just wish it was based on facts and data.

      • Oh – about the grandmothers – I think that’s fairly insulting to women to insinuate that all women of that generation must have gone to college to “meet a husband.” From what I know about Julia’s maternal grandmother (I have no idea about her paternal grandmother) she was the brains in the family – phi beta kappa from Stanford, masters from UCLA, and she was already married when she was a freshman or sophomore in college. (I know Julia’s mom’s sister very well). Anyway I don’t think that’s the tree you want to bark up. Not great for women in general to say things like that.

        • It’s pretty factual that people who are grandmother’s to someone as old as Donk didn’t have a lot of opportunity in the college atmosphere and work place, dear! Im not barking up any wrong tree. You want to re-write history that three generations ago there was a high number of women in the workforce and college population who sustained careers? There simply isn’t. That’s not my fault. Also dear, I went to an ivy league school, did you? That you keep name dropping schools doesn’t tell me much about a person. Maybe if Julia’s grandmother studied computer science at stanford (not an ivy, by the way) and then had a career at NASA I’d be totally impressed. But there are maybe 5 women who did that during the 20th century and those are the facts. My profession presently which is a very specialized section of law and science has less than 7% female partners – so dont come at me with your uninformed opinions which are to the bone incorrect. We dont think that b/c one of Julia’s potentially trash family members managed to get a college education that that makes that person “one of the good ones.” That’s ridiculous to even suggest. And what you are most misguided on is that somehow not hiding the fact that not many women three generations ago had the chance to go to college or to have a real career outside of the home or nursing or secretary school or teaching is “not great for women.” You’re not great for women! The lies youre telling about what college and career was like now or three generations ago are not great for women. It’s absoultely true that many women were sent to college to meet the “right kind of man.”
          They often studied homemaking in school even. Julia is not great for women and the people who made Julia who she is today are not great for women!

          Sorry that your friend’s family is so disliked but that’s the fault of your friend’s family, not ours.

          • I don’t have a particular dog in this fight, but DonkDiaries, you’re being very weirdly aggressive here. (The repeated “dear”s? Really?)

          • I’m with you, little orphan Lilly…
            DonkDiaries, WTactualF? with your “what we believe“?
            You are not the arbiter of what “I” believe, so. STFU. Please.

            Anyone else getting some semblance of a What’sHisWig vibe? Phew.

      • It has been known here for a long time that Robin volunteers with the local hospice chapter. Would that her layabout daughter ever do anything as selfless and kind.

        • Yeah CuriousOnlooker the fact that her MALE relative worked there and not the female proves my point better than I ever could! You do understand that the point was related to the fact that there were plenty of smart women who could have worked for NASA three generations ago but didn’t b/c it was filled by men while they stayed at home – and I guess some of those men were Julia’s relatives. This is why nothing ever goes right for Donk. Even her supporters end up leaking facts and data that prove her opposition’s points. Oy.

  24. Everyone:

    Can I just say this blog is *really* heating up again! This piece was so juicy, and to me, was kinda everything.

    I think I see two commenters here that came out to give some data and their personal opinion from knowing Donk and/or Dr Donk IRL. That means the world to get these very good opinions (whether we agree with them or not) and I’m glad they will give their opinion openly, and give us more data points to work with that we might have suspected but didn’t know before – i.e. the commenter who knew/knows Dodi who indicated that he has/had issues committing to women in the past. That knowledge is pure gold.

    I also wonder if this piece has got back to Donk and Dr? Can anyone say if that’s happened? Maybe a new onlooker or two? It seems like it has based on the new people who have come on and commented that know some of these people in real life.

    If I was Donk, I would sit down, once and for all, and give a full interview to this site. I read in past posts, I think on this blog (having trouble remembering if there used to be another re-blogging donk site) where the author asked Donk to sign a release (not b/c the author feared she was violating any laws, just b/c she didn’t want to deal with Donk’s Dadser et al) and I read the published email exchange between Donk and the author, where Donk really had to think about signing any release. Donk might be the dumbest “legal brain” out there.
    If she wants to clear her name, or not clear her name and just say, yeah some of this stuff is true (or all of it) and that’s my life, and my choice and back off, I’d respect her for it. But Donk didnt do that b/c she can’t stand the possibility of signing off on something that portrays her how she really is, which is not even close to perfect. And I strongly suspect she doesn’t want us to stop writing about her ever – she just wants to control what’s being said and re-write history according to how to it makes her look.

    I would ask her if she’s going to therapy and how that is progressing if she ever sat down for an interview. Followed by do you take accountability for your part in your virtual presence or are you a victim of bullying? If she took responsibility, many people here would have not much left to say. We’d be like: okay, cool, whatever. She could have done that 5 years ago, 10 years ago, and then stopped posting her private life altogether and the course of her life would have been totally different today. But she did none of this b/c she’s a DONK who wants the attention and wants the ability to re-write history and control the future regardless of what actually happens according to making herself the primary beneficiary at the expense of her loved ones, friends, and the public.

    • Donk already gave an interview to this site quite a few years ago. It did not go well. You can find it in the archives if you look.

      She owes us nothing and this site doesn’t exist to communicate anything or give advice to her, her family, or her friends. With softness, I’m sure others will chime in here, but this isn’t what RBD is about.

      • I’m with you, Grifty. Also? She’s a compulsive liar, and there’s no reason to believe she’d tell the truth in any communication with us. Or anyone

        • That would be fine if she kept up her lies. I didn’t say she owed us anything – in fact, I said the opposite. But Donk went on TV and cried about this site specifically. She seems to want the site to stop writing about her. If I was herI would meet my critics head on and talk to them instead of all the jokery and foolry she does. Like I said, I’d be pretty satisfied if Julia said: Sure it’s all true, or most of it’s untrue, and it’s my choice, and my life, and back off. But she never has b/c she doesn’t actually want people to stop writing about her – that’s my point.

          • In other words, she wants people and papers to write about her and admire her, but she doesn’t want a site like this saying anything, and if she could she’d have had her Dad shut it down without batting an eye about what that mean to journalism.

          • She’s been in here a couple of times and neither visit turned out well, as Grifty notes. Donk has also tried to get Dadsers, who’s written anti-First Amendment pieces, and others, e.g., David Karp, to shut this site down on several occasions. I have zilch interest in speaking with her but doubt she’ll be visiting the basement anytime soon.

      • If this site isn’t what Donk has to say and hearing from Donk directly to have a conversation then why did it interview her? It would seem that interview suggests that this site is about that. Please Julia, give another interview, please, and bring the Dr. to it!

        • It was not an official “interview” – meaning, it was a random, spontaneous thing. Not planned. She just sort of showed up in chat, or something like that. And lied her raft ass off

        • You’d have to be crazy to think she’d come here and even if she did, she’d lie her ass off. I suggest you read the archives for the context of the last interview. She thought if she “met” the RBD crowd theyd find her likeable and stop saying mean things. She desperately wanted everyone to like her back then.

          No way Dodi is coming here. He has a professional reputation to preserve. His personal life visibility on social media is almost nil.

        • I for one cannot even verbalize how much I oppose that. I have zero interest in talking with Donk (or Dr. Dodi), and I’d feel icky if she entered our beautiful basement.

          • JFAing to add that I feel icky to even know that she entered it once, even though I believe that was thankfully before my time (i.e. a loooong time ago).

          • Cosign Helena. But I think we’re arguing with two sides of the same sock puppet here.

        • Um. No. Not interested in “interview”. That’s pointless. Her life is enough evidence anyone needs to understand what she’s about. Also, how many of yous is actually donk? It seems like many. The calls are coming from inside the house apparently, but this isn’t your house twit. Off with this ivy league this and good people that. A resume doesn’t a good person make. People that aren’t donk get that.

          • If you’re calling me a twit b/c I mentioned going to an ivy then I’d say right back at you with the twit-stuff b/c I brought that up to the onlookers who claim they know Julia et. al and can describe the family as “good ones,” where the only support provided therein was the name of a school.

            Don’t hate me b/c I’m an ivy league woman – hate me b/c I’m beautiful! LOL. Or rich. Kidding. Sort of. Honestly, had Julia tried to get a real job in her 20s in Manhattan instead of grifting along, she’d be in the same circle as me on the UES and in SF by way of her own merit, and not by way of who she is dating, which creates this mind-numbing hunt that is truly what has held her back and will continue to do so in to perpetuity whether she marries or not.

          • You sound obsessed with appearances and meaningless status like donk. Something’s off with you. The ivy this and that is gross. You’re either a sock puppet or you’re JFA back from her angry flounce.

          • Oh shit. I’d prefer a sock puppet than the unmentionable latter. *shudder*

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