Sicko: Jena la Flamme Now Walks With A Cane & Is Still Patting Herself On The Back For That Attention-Seeking Abortion


Oh Lordy! Jena has been battling the mountain!

With 2 friends, I went on Sunday for a wonderful day trip to a river with waterfalls and rock pools. We swam up against the strong current and lounged on the hot rocks for hours.

Then suddenly some guy started throwing rocks at us! It was really threatening and even when we moved our spot out of his eyeshot, he persisted. Disturbed, we headed back down to our base.

I was guided down a rock face that led to a rock pool we’d come up through. I went into it and was swept away by current and went tumbling down a waterfall!

WHAT?! Yes, I banged my head on the rock and I was so scared I could get knocked out and drown. Fortunately, that did not happen. But I did chip my front tooth and badly bang my knee and now I’m limping with a cane!

Lessons learned:

–Be really careful around fast rushing water! Going down needs more awareness that coming up against the current.
–Water is so powerful!!!
–Be humbled by the power of Nature! You’re not as string as you think you are compared to the elements.
–Be aware! Life is precious. Any day could be your last!
–Pause before entering risky waters in the first place. Is there another way down that avoids the water altogether? (My roommate took the dry path and she is fine!)
—All experiences can be catalysts for transformation. Otherwise said, “Everything is Medicine.”

Now I’m resting and staying still as much as possible. I’m rotating between icing my knee, applying arnica and CBD, and applying a laser technology that I rented from Jen Healy that accelerates cell regeneration. Oh yeah, and pain killers. I saw the chiropractor last week and I’ll be seeing the dentist tomorrow and the acupuncturist next week. I give thanks for all these modalities of healing.

With more gratitude, my other roommate Rebecca F. Rogers gets props for providing me a snazzy copper cane with glitter on it! I’m limping in true style! Much sexier than crutches.

Calling all angels! I’m in Mill Valley if anyone wants to bestow healing energy upon me.

I’ll be back upon the dance floor in a month is my estimate.

I’m invoking a full recovery and no residual damage.

Lucky to be alive!!!!

Can she sue the man allegedly throwing rocks? Will Sacha return from Switzerland to care for his One True Love? (Naw.) Oh, the humanity!

Hmmmmm … I wonder why Jena didn’t share similar fauxtos of medical horror after that fender bender …

Not to worry, the woo goddesses left many outraged and get well comments. There were also comments left for the outrage below. Not getting enough attention lately, Jena?

~ What happened when I shared my abortion story ~

10 days ago I released my story of having an abortion 7 months ago, and of arriving at my would-be due date with presence to its significance in my life journey.

My detailed telling received tremendous positive support from women that made my heart glow. Some women told me they read it 3 times, transfixed. They told me they wept, as I too wept reading of their tears. That day was a huge catharsis for me. I cried on and off all day, feeling wrung out from the inside. Among the many comments were only a few sour, unsupportive notes that I deleted. I was encouraged that the supportive voices drowned out the critics by far.

What became obvious to me was that my story was helping women process their emotions around their past abortions, and also celebrate their victories in deciding their destiny. Women found dignity in appreciating that they had been mothers for a short time, a matter of weeks.

They expressed the following:

“Your story touched me sooooo deeply. I’m crying can’t stop crying I’ll write more after I eat my breakfast.” — Tatiana Dellepiane

“Oh Jena la Flamme, I witness your strength and courage so deeply here. My eyes fill with tears reading the entire story. Thank you for sharing it all with such grace and beauty.” — Julie Santiago

“Reading your words has bought tears to my eyes. Your depth of honesty and your journey. Thank you for being so honest about something which is shrouded by so much shame 💜” — Emma Spiegler

“Feel it’s so important for each of us to be able to decide. Thank you for sharing the details of the journey for women who may not have the tools, network, resources that you did/ do so there can be a new spherical reference point for those who read.”

After digesting the loving feedback of my community, my next step was to commemorate the would-be due date of my child. My husband being in Europe, I suggested we do a ceremony together by phone. Early in the morning, we met via video. Each of us had prepared a letter to the child that we read to each other. We lit incense too and pulled oracle cards to guide our contemplation. We invoked Artemis the Greek goddess associated with abortion, and Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of fertility. Then we each spoke this prayer given to me by baby whisper, Cecily Miller.

My version:
“Dear One,
I am grateful you came to me as potential life, as a baby,
and that I got to be your mother and experience being a mother for that short time.
I love you always.
Somewhere, in some timeline we are together.
Wherever you are now, I’m saying Happy Birthday!
May you be happy and healthy, and thrive as you are, wherever you are.”

His version:
“Dear One,
I am grateful you came to me as potential life, as a baby,
and that I got to be your father and experience being the father of my third child for that short time.
I love you always.
Somewhere, in some timeline we are together.
Wherever you are now, I’m saying Happy Birthday!
May you be happy and healthy, and thrive as you are, wherever you are.”

Then we sang a happy birthday song to the spirit baby, and closed the ceremony. Even with such a painful physical distance between us it was comforting to pay homage to this day together.

We each went on with our days, but I wanted to continue the process outdoors, so at lunch, with the company of a wise medicine woman called Anahata, we walked into Nature, off the track, surrounded by cedars and pines. We created a simple altar on a scarf on the ground that included my letter to the baby, a small dish of water, sandalwood powder, a pine cone, fresh flowers, a silk rose, and the wing of a bird. We collected leaves of dried sage off a bush, and fresh cedar leaves from a tree, plus I had brought a stick of palo santo, all aromatic plants that make incredible smoke.

To begin, Anahata came close to me and invoked the elements, traveling up my body from bottom to top. She called in the earth element—for raw, primal, grounded energy—relating to the root chakra. Then the water element—for the power of the womb, sensuality, sensuality and emotions—relating to the sacral chakra. Next the fire element—for will power, vulnerability, courage, self-determination—relating to the solar plexus chakra. Then the air element—for love, joy and compassion—relating to the heart chakra. And so on, up through the throat, the third eye and the crown. She guided me to connect by heart and womb which felt healing and empowering. I felt like a volcano was moving through me.

She smudged me with the sage and the bird wing, as she sang me a song by Alexa Sunshine Rose, with the lyrics: (

“I release control,
And surrender to the flow
Of love
That will heal me.”

The perfect song for the moment! I release control. What else can I do?

Then I took a raw egg, to do a Mexican ritual called limpia. I rubbed the intact egg over the surface of my body, with the intention to draw out any negativity, resentment, anger, etc. As I swept the smooth surface over my arms, legs and face, I said, “I release…” stating all that I wished to let go.

I put a towel over my mouth and screamed into it, allowing the power of sound to release my pain all the more.

Anahata handed me the pine cone from the altar saying, “Squeeze this and feel the pain.” The pine cone had sharp, prickly edges, that stung my hand. “Now that you have felt it, you can release it. Throw the pine cone back into the forest.” I squeezed again and tossed it into the woods. “May it become a tree,” she said as we watched it disappear.

Then Anahata guided me to dig a hole with a stick. “Dig anti-clockwise first, stirring the energy one way. And now clockwise, stirring the other way.” I had never dug a hole with such awareness! And into the hole went the egg, absorbing all my grief and loss. We laid flowers around the hole, said a final thank you, and covered it up.

Next, I drew two oracle cards from the Moon Deck. The first read “Healthy boundaries keep me centered and balanced” which felt like an ode to having the abortion in the first place, a boundary I placed on my own womb. The next read, “I live each moment with a presence of gratitude,” with a picture of a pregnant woman with a glowing full moon in her belly, the only one in the deck that represents pregnancy. What are the chances of that! I was filled with joy to see that card.

Yes, I am pregnant with gratitude and possibility. I am pregnant with the creative force of life!

The final act was to be anointed with the sandalwood powder, a gorgeous aroma, on my third eye and throat, leaving me feeling beautiful and fragrant, as every woman wants to feel.

We packed up the altar and went on our way. We were in the middle of a female DJ and music production retreat and next up was a shoot for a music video we were participating in. We were already dressed up our costume regalia, me in an orange showgirl dress that represents my inner flame. We drove into the woods and enacted a group ritual symbolizing our fully expressed self and our inner child. What a great completion to a powerful day.

That night I sat in the hot springs where we were staying and let my body and soul fully relax. I was informed that most first time mothers give birth at 41.5 weeks of pregnancy, so potentially today would actually be the due date. I’ve been allowing myself to stew in this beautiful energy of imagining a child spirit near me, and going forward my intention is to inject this momentum into everything I’m creating and to move forward with my head held high.

Such are the rites of passage of being a woman. The womb is a place of birth and death, and also a source of tremendous pleasure and orgasmic energy. I’m on a mission to show women how their bodies can be their best friends, and how juicy, refreshing pleasure and aliveness can be theirs at any moment. My energy and attention is free and available to serve the world, and to serve you. Thanks for joining me in this movement of feminine liberation. This is just the beginning… ♡ Jena la Flamme

Again, I am pro-choice but this might be the most efffed up thing I’ve ever read.


  1. She’s suing for physically incapacitating injury but goes hiking? Huh.

    • JFAing myself to ask how long before abortion ceremonies are something she charges for and markets to the woos as a beautiful experience not to be missed?

      • The woos tend to monetize EVERYTHING and Jena signs off with “This is just the beginning,” so I’m guessing we see something in less than a month. Perhaps this was her plan all along? Utterly revolting. Someone should send her website post and FB post to the National Review.

        • Hard no on may you show them this.
          (I get the sentiment tho)

          • Oh, I hear you, believe me. But she’s treating the fetus as though it was an actual baby and keeps referring to herself as a mother when she never was a mother. If this is her actual mindset, which is bonkers, how can she think of her abortion as anything but murder?

  2. A bird wing? Where the heck are the getting bird wings from? How morbid.

    • Maybe Jena grabbed a pigeon and plucked out a feather with her (broken) teeth? Only Anahata, the wise medicine woman (Ali Shanti in turkey feathers?), knows for sure.

    • Ha, I focused on that one thing too, while reading all that nonsense – a bird wing??? Wtf??

  3. This is so fucking stupid and absurd and indulgent and self absorbed. I do t know what’s more embarrassing- doing a “ceremony” like that or sharing the it with everyone everyone you know and don’t know. GROSS. In every way.

  4. “Wherever you are now, I’m saying Happy Birthday!
    May you be happy and healthy, and thrive as you are, wherever you are.”

    This is fucking sick. Wherever you are now? You know where this baby is now, you killed it.

    How can you wish health and happiness on something you never gave the chance to thrive because of your selfish bullshit?

    I am pro choice, but the idea of singing happy birthday to a child you aborted just makes me sick to my stomach. It actually makes her seem psychotic. Imagine a murderer singing happy birthday to the person he murdered. It literally gives me the fucking shivers; some people are truly sick.

    How about “I’m sorry I let you down, but I couldn’t be the parent you deserved?” That would have been a reasonable and understandable sentiment. But nothing these assholes do is reasonable or understandable.

    • Agreed.

      *She* is treating a fetus like a child, just like the anti-choice religious wackos that shoot Planned Parenthood staff.

    • You’d think it’s pretty easy to figure out the etymology of the word “birthday,” but apparently not.

  5. Disgusting. All of it. Not sure which is more shameful and embarrassing – the my little pony magical ceremony or sharing about it. What the fuck is wrong with these people? This shit is not normal or healthy

  6. I expect Jenna will file a lawsuit against the Law of Gravity any minute now.

  7. I personally loved the comment about sobbing and sobbing but needing to get back to breakfast before sobbing some more.
    And christ almighty. if this crap of hers gets into the wrong publication, the right wing nut jobs will have a field day. I don’t shame her for her choice but I do shame her for exploiting it like this.

    • “Your story touched me sooooo deeply. I’m crying can’t stop crying I’ll write more after I barf my breakfast.” — Tatiana Dellepiane

      There, fixed that for you, Tatiana, “Sacred Sex & Relationship Expert, Shakta Tantra teacher, Speaker, Priestess of the Divine Feminine.”

  8. As I said before, you know what’s off with this is the celebration. Abortion isn’t a celebration. No matter what one’s views. It’s a somber, thoughtful choice. It isn’t to be celebrated like women’s suffrage. No alter or dancing naked in the woods needed. No party clothes or hats or noise makers necessary. No photoshoot opportunity to be exploited to sell something. No fetal blood as an accessory. Jesus. Who thought one would even need to type that? Don’t eat your young or wear their blood on your face. It’s not art. It’s an important decision requiring your attention and thoughtfulness, not dancing around naked wearing blood. If you’re going to wear blood as a statement, it better be a good one, say the first lady refusing to change suits on the plane back to DC so the public would see “what they did to John”. This does not equal that.

    Celebrating an abortion is disgusting. Singing and celebrating an abortion as a “mother” to ones departed child is deranged. Jena La Flamme needs treatment, not cookies and pats on the head that she so desperately pursues at any cost. This is the height of identity politics, celebrating every choice an individual makes because they fit the physical description of an “us” versus an “other” rather than acknowledging that people are to be judged by the contents of their character, or complete lack thereof in this case, not their immutable attributes. These wackaloons are dangerous. Dangerous, deranged zealots with little discernment, education or maturity. Gregdamn, I’d almost like to see the Daily Caller rip her insanity apart one misinformed, contrived notion at a time.

    • Part of me does want to see the Daily Caller highlight this asshole, if only to watch her squirm while getting excoriated rather than feted for her appalling attitude. However, she’d probably just play martyr and monetize the exposure, which I tend to believe is what’s next with her abortion tale, anyway.

      Last night I happened to see a restored print of “One Sings, the Other Doesn’t,” Agnes Varda’s 1976 film about the unlikely friendship between two very different French women. In the first 30 minutes, taking place in 1962, one of those women, Suzanne, age 22, becomes pregnant with her third child. Saddled with two toddlers and a ne’er-do-well boyfriend, she has an abortion, which ends up a botched back alley job. Suzanne spends the 1970s running a branch of Planned Parenthood so that women have access to safe abortions. Nothing is celebrated. Tough decisions need to be made. While watching, I flashed on la Flamme, the most attention seeking and insecure of the woos, and felt ill.

      • Hold the gregdamn phone. They sang Happy Birthday to their aborted “child”?! Somehow, I got that she was singing to her aborted fetus but missed that they were singing happy f–king birthday. Listen, you brainless, balding free-range vulva, singing happy birthday to your aborted child, who never had an actual birth day, isn’t just in appallingly poor taste. It’s an affront to every couple who has desperately wanted a child and had trouble conceiving and every couple who had a wanted and loved baby only to experience the agony of helplessly watching him die in the PICU. Couples like friends of ours. Couples like us who don’t have the $100,000 to spend on fertility/IVF procedures. Yes, you get to choose, due to the work of women you will never be, but that doesn’t mean you f–king accomplished anything. No, you’re just flouncing around pretending like you have in order to monetize your abortion for attention and selfish gain, you disgusting f–k. I have never seen anyone more devoid of conviction, value, moral worth or wholly lacking in character. You aborted a child for the convenience of your leisure schedule and celebrated it by wearing its blood on your face for attention and financial gain. And while you can, in order to ensure women and girls with less means, choices and options are protected, you represent the epitome of the “godless woman” demanding “abortion on demand” to “substitute for birth control” and “moral restraint” that many are using at this very moment to take away all our choice. You didn’t help anything or anyone with your morbid, revolting display. If anything, you’re hurting other women and girls in your selfish, twisted hustle. You need to roll something over yourself, but it isn’t a raw egg.

    • This is so astute and perfectly captures my feelings on the situation. Well said.

    • A very close member of my family recently went through the awful process of deciding whether or not to terminate a late-term pregnancy. Six months in, he & his wife discovered that the baby had a condition that at best would leave her permanently physically disabled and brain-damaged, and at worst would mean her death before reaching the age of two.

      They decided to terminate, and it was the most wrenching, horrible thing I have ever seen two people go through. In a few weeks – on what would have been the due date – we’re gathering for a ceremony. It’s called a funeral, and will involve no eggs or bird’s wings, and I will not be posting about it on social media.

      But, hey: Jena got to experience digging a hole with awareness! I’m always so distracted when I dig my pain-egg holes.

    • I like how you pack those two seemingly incongruous sentiments in here, but yes.

  9. Wow, Jena, I really thought you couldn’t possibly disgust me more with your abortion antics, but here you go. Great work.

    I especially like the fact that you thought the first “due date” celebration was such a smashing success that it’s a great idea to REPLICATE it because you just heard that most first time mothers give birth at 41.5 weeks of pregnancy. Let me help you schedule the next amazing event: about 3% of babies are born at the 44th week, so yay, another “potential due date” for you right there! Get your sandalwood oracle cards ready!

    I am also glad to hear that you wore “an orange showgirl dress” for the occasion. It’s really good to be able to picture how BEAUTIFUL you must have looked while digging a hole with awareness. That truly drives the point home.

    • “immense thanks to you for supporting this ritual. We ran out of time to do the bone holding as we were in a lunch break in a big program, but I would love to do that down the line. Love you!!!”

      Culturally inappropriate appropriation x1000

  10. I’m prochoice too. But the whole time I read Jena’s first post, I thought, “Silly Jena, you think you can control every detail of the what , when, and where of life?” Yet now we have this second post-abortion ceremony post in which she says, “I release control. What else can I do?” With softness, because this woman is obviously in mental distress, but perhaps the time to release control was when she found herself in a very much wanted pregnancy, but decided it interfered with her plans for the next few months.

  11. She’s now posting wildly about aya, peyote, and mushrooms being decriminalized in Oakland, so we know where Jena’s priorities are.

    “Great new in Oakland. Magic mushrooms and cacti are decriminalized! Freeing Nature from jail. Thank goddess!

    I feel a sigh of relief that some thing are moving in the right direction even though many thing seem to be going backwards. I wonder how widely spread this news will be.”

      • Free at last, free at last, thank goddess magic cacti is free at last. Just ask Nisha Moodley, mother of the year!

        • All hail the magic enlightenment plant medicine! I’ve long been able to get money for supplying illegal substances to customers, er, I mean, have goddess workshops with my BFFs in my fancy house, without the worry of being incarcerated as a drug dealer – but my heart is warmed for those Oakland types.

          It’s strange how the Woo endless paradigm shifts and enlightenment ceremonies never seem to move them to any concern for the horrific treatment of street “plant medicine” vendors, or the immigrants from the actual countries the “plant medicines” are from.

        • Damn, mo’ of the year? Giving cray cray Ali Alexis money grubber a run already? Guess so with her beatific shills with sparrow in the mix

          • The kid is probably in the house when these gaggles of ageing burnouts are crying and flailing around.

    • Now if only they could decriminalize both cocaine and heroin – both of which are natural substances, consumed by civilizations for thousands of years – all of Oakland’s problems would be solved!

      • haha
        don’t worry – they’re pushing all the icky people out to pittsburg/antioch or tracy/stockton and beyond
        they WILL gentrify, greddamit

  12. OT: Once again, Faith Shorney, HIVE’s second-in-command and without health insurance PAID for by Bradentucky, is the consummate professional, this time in her new FB profile fauxto. Faith has come SO FAR from her London clubbing daze and is NOT, repeat NOT, involved with Ryan.

        • Bae cot her slippin.

          I really enjoy these “candid” photos, where there has clearly been hair and makeup done. “Oops! Just woke up and am laying about in my white on white bedroom with my gorgeous bed jacket open to show no undies.”

      • Basic ass basic being basic bitch. Close your mouth sweety, you’ll get flies in there.

      • I like that cardigan/bed-jacket/kimono thingie, though. I mean I really like it, like I WANT it.

  13. This post gave me serious Darlie Routier with the graveside Silly String flashbacks.


      “Shit, now I can’t get any attention for being a mother… oh wait, yes I can!”

  14. I am revolted. W…T…F

    I’ll note: I think I may be further to the left on this issue than some of you. When people say “no one is pro abortion,” I am that person who says yes, I am pro abortion. But I also have always respected everyone’s feelings and opinions about it, as it pertains to their own body. It is complicated.

    Her behavior is far beyond and outside anything I’ve ever heard. I honestly think, along with marketing new ritual services, she is going to end up throwing herself some sort of shower with a gift registry.

    All that said, I humbly urge everyone here to refrain from taking action to spread this story. It’s public. She posted it. I definitely think it is remarkable enough to warrant conversation! Please know I am not suggesting that anyone here has done anything wrong (you’re all wonderful!)
    But this is such an aberration. It reads like fiction created as a weapon to end rights. Personally I feel the spread of this story into certain hands would be dangerous. Not just intellectually dangerous, as in muddying arguments, but actually dangerous, both to rights that protect people in life or death situations. I also think this story may put her in the path of physical danger.

    If you feel like I am being over dramatic or paranoid, maybe. Hope so!

    • I do think you’re being a bit of an alarmist, though I understand your sentiments. Fortunately, we live in an era of short attention span theater.

      “The velocity and volume on the Web are so great that nothing is forgotten and nothing is remembered. The Internet is like closing time at a blue-collar bar in Boston. Everyone’s drunk and ugly and they’re going to pass out in a few minutes.” —Leon Wieseltier, The New Republic

          • literally thinking wow I have NOT been drinking enough lately. I have been in a home and gardening mode and accidentally forgot about going out and.or wine. am in constant state of tension due to politics anger and my dog just had surgery. I’m on a hair trigger over here!
            could the real Russian Girl come over with some homemade vodka for the dog and me please?

  15. Jesus that story went on and on & I lost interest.

    I can’t even be bothered reading your comments, I’m so damn tired!

  16. Jena’s beloved is going through withdrawal!

    Sacha Nielsen is feeling blessed with Evan Fraser and 6 others.
    Yesterday at 13:39 ·

    Is there anyone from my California Tribe, Oakland, SF Bay, that comes to Europe soon?

    I have an urgent need for some Cacao from there and I would love for this Medicine to come to me in a good way;).

    Thanks for letting me know and ask around if you can;). Thank you from the bottom of my Cacao heart;)


    Roxanna Shohadaee
    What part of Europe?😋

    Sacha Nielsen
    Switzerland most ideal, but anywhere else could work to send it;)

    • translation:

      i have no money to buy more, and my estranged wife has custody of my stash. please stop by her place (raiding party) so that i can continue my freeloading existence, making money off suckers at $29.99 per cup.

      how do you say “wholefoods” in swiss french / german?

    • OK, so does the SF Bay Tribe have some cacao that is the specialest cacao of all? Because it’s not that hard to get cacao of the woo variety in Europe. Four seconds at the google brought me to these woos from Bratislava, Slovakia who perform cacao ceremonies complete with ANTLERS:

      (Sorry, the linked page is in Czech / Slovak only, but I can promise you true woo pictures including ANTLERS.)

    • I tried to post proof that cacao exists in Europe and I guess it ended up in spam because of the woo link I included; Gilly / mods, could you please check? I do believe the link is as harmless as cacao woos with antlers can be.

    • “Cacao” is code for fentanyl, right?

      No, seriously.

      Cacao is certainly not grown in Northern California, why would you ask for cacao from there?

      Unless you meant “cacao”, that is.

      • Right? It’s all just drugs. These are mere repackaged, two generations later Johnny-come-latelies, drug-addled hippies, right? Whenever we were up in Northern California, Mendocino County and north thereof, and would pick up a hippy hitchhiker with his backpack and white dreads, he would always have something he was selling. We’d usually end up buying something because most of the time it was artsy or beautiful or handcrafted jewelry, etc. Unlike those legitimate hipsters, who were kind and sweet and interesting, these twits made nothing tangible of value. It’s all just a hustle grift. These ones give all the other ones a bad damn name.

    • “Any of my tribe coming to Europe, who would enjoy risking a body cavity search at customs to bring me loose cocoa powder and seeds? Here in Switzerland cocoa is unknown! All they have is chocolate!”

      This manipulative shit wants a mule because he knows if he ships it, it’ll be seized.

      • I get meth vibes off most of these people. I’ve had the odd binge myself – many years ago now – and their manic inappropriate posturing and sudden crying jags feel very, very familiar.

    • These ridiculous woo dipshits can’t even take care of their most basic needs. No stable place to live, no stable source of income. “I fall down go boom and haz a knee owie. I hate western medicine but does anyone know of a dentist who’ll gift me a $1200 crown in exchange for hugs?”

      How does Jean Gray and her band of thieves pay for her endless stream of chiropractors, acupuncturists, terminated cell cluster whisperers, bowel movement doulas, shamanic vulva coaches, etc?? I’m sure that when she she consulted her former in-laws about whether to have abortion, she not-so-subtly mentioned the price.

      DJ Deadbeat Dad should just don his magical antlers and wave his magic wand over a Frey bar and call it sacred divine cacao. Cuz what’s the diff when you’re a pretend white boy shaman anyway?

  17. Thrice-married Sicko la Fraud, whose current deadbeat husband fled her and the states, who puts the “I” in insecurity, and who couldn’t even keep her vow to remain “fluid bonded” to porn star wannabe Michael Ellsberg, wants to transform YOU into a thenthual goddeth!

    • If what Sicko La Phlegm is, is “sexual,” then I’ll follow donk into celibacy.

  18. OT: Shanty is sorry she frigged, er, flogged herself for the last 8 years of fuckups, but she’s prepared to allow you to forgive her, and yourself.

    This is an unusually pretty and flattering profile pic of her IMO. I will never ever how a person in her 40s with an online persona allows those wrinkly, addled images to pass the “Oh FUCK no” stage. I’m nearly in my 50s, discovered sunblock about 15 years too late, still spend a lot of time outdoors in a hot climate, and yet somehow manage to not look like a pleather satchel in csndid tagged pics – let alone chosen photos. Holy dustbowl sharecropper, Batman.

    • I’m wondering how many of the 1778 suckers who enrolled for Lift are suing her. Is that what prompted this DEEP SEARCH? BWA HA HA!

      • Yep, she’ll put up a couple of snaps trumpeting lesbian desire and then it’s back to searching for husband #whatever.

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