“Bad Trip”: HIVE’s Donkey-Sponsored, Aya-Fueled Legal Troubles

Bradentucky’s Ryan Allis, who’s gone full-blown woo, is making the move from San Diego to Los Angeles. Is HIVE experiencing death throes? Grifty Shades of Bray believes the “global community for leaders and entrepreneurs” is on its last legs.

Manboy at Camp Septic Mydburn. Which lucky lady will be elevated to a senior position at HIVE?

Re: HIVE, an anonymous tipster sent us a link regarding a civil suit brought against Allis by Adam Pumm, his former business partner.

Earth to Ryan, Earth to Ryan, come back to us:

Oh, the humanity! Didn’t Donkey sponsor Allis’s trip to Burning Man and his introduction to the woos?

Pumm seems to have gotten partial relief. You can check out the many documents here. The girlfriend connections and Allis’s cheapskate ways are rather startling.

Donk couldn’t have pulled in much from the piecemeal work she did for HIVE – it is to laugh!


    • Though Ryan seems to have been A Shit long before he genuflected at the altar of A Donkey.

      • Water seeks its own level

        • One of my favorite phrases I learned from the basement. I use it often and think of (was your grandmother?) who told you that? It’s so true.
          It is like parasites devouring each other.

          • No, not my grandmother. But it is a fairly common saying. But yeah, I sometimes think of basement sayings in real life.

          • I kept spelling boggle as “BAUGLE” on a Facebook post and couldn’t figure out why it kept modifying it … uhm, er, oops?

          • I’ve used “It is to laugh” several times in casual conversation. I cannot even remember the RBD origin of this meme!

          • I also wait for “with softness” after hearing “fuck you”

        • “It is to laugh” needs more prominent usage in my life fitting its sheer aproposness and beauty. Also, “thank Greg” and “oh, dear greg” = pure joy.

          Once we put “Benjamin Linus” on one of those Children’s Miracle Network balloons at the pharmacy when we donated. It brought me so much joy just thinking about someone seeing it taped behind the register and getting it. I’ve just got to figure out how to use “JFAing” in a public way to top it.

          • Sweet mother of fuck is my other fav from the basement

          • I need to know what JFAing means and this seems like an appropriate time and place to ask.

          • JFA, which stands for Julia Fucking Allison, was an RBD commenter who would often post one or two or three responses to her initial comment. JFA and Jacy got in a huge fight and she flounced. So sad, as JFA is incredibly smart, funny, insightful, and much missed, though she walks among us.

          • I for one do not miss JFA’s rage comment vomit filled with such obvious jealousy. She was projecting so hard. Good riddance.

          • JFA was like that old nursery rhyme:
            There was a little girl
            who had a little curl
            right in the middle of her forehead.
            When she was good she was very very good.
            When she was bad she was horrid.

          • I’m with Never ever.

          • JFA’s outrages made me giggle in a good way. She reminded me of Mary Gross doing commentary on SNL’s Weekend Update: “Why, I’m so mad, I’m spitting!”

  1. You can take the kid out of Bradentucky…

    And here I thought his worst problem was a failing Ponzi scheme of a business model. At least we know HBS is continuing its tradition of grooming predatory CEOs, this one cloaked in woke sheep’s clothing.

    Seems Gawker had Allis pegged pretty well years ago. I bet this suit would be a juicy story for a freelancer to hop on and pitch to Wired.

  2. re HBS: is he an anomaly more or less, or is this type of graduate typical?

  3. Late to the party, long wondered who “Greg” is and why considered godlike. Can someone explain?

    • As I recall, it was a typo/autocorrect thing

    • That someone typed G-d but somehow got autocorrected to Greg

      *the person spelled it out, I just don’t do it for religious reasons

    • Someone’s phone autocorrected “God” to “Greg” and we’ve been building altars to Greg ever since.

      • JFA-ing to say I Donkeyed out for a moment and didn’t realize Unicorn had already supplied the answer, thank Greg.

    • “Confessions of a Seduction Addict,” Gilbert’s true confession, which is cited here, told me all I ever need to know about this narcissistic con artist. If Donkey weren’t so lazy and so dumb, she could have been the next EG … or Obama’s speechwriter.

      • Just the fact that Donkey so closely mirrored this idiot’s life and sucked up to her on Facebook (remember when she kept YooHoo’ing EG?) is all we have to know about how these narcissists attract each other. That seduction addict article made me sick, and who on earth would ever want to go public about something like that? What a warped, entitled asshole she is. Leaving her husband for the woman who died also sounds very LaPhlegm-esque. Gilbert is like a bunch of the Donkey woo set all rolled into one toxic ball of shit.

        • She’s Donkey with a work ethic and not insane

        • It was indeed as though she’d pulled a page from Skankatron or La Phlegm’s playbook. What a nasty piece of work!

      • Gilly, ever since Donkey screwed up her happiness book, I’ve seen so many books and other media about happiness, and it is to laugh at how many opportunities she could’ve had to tie her book in with the other media

        • Oh, I know! We had major intel from three great sources on that fiasco, though we never did find out for certain how she PAID back her advance to St. Martin’s when she couldn’t deliver on her contract.

          That’s what a crucible does, eh, Judy?

          • We could have read her book. Think about that. It would have been insane and amazing. I should have known that she’d never follow through and actually write anything. But for one brief, shining moment, I thought we’d have a TOME to mock.

            Actually, we know shitty writing style so well, a bunch of us could have ghost-written the thing for her in Donkinese.

          • I would not have bought her book, or paid any money that would’ve gone to her

        • But it would have been a hot mess because she wasn’t even happy! She was the last person who should have been writing a book about that subject. It was all a big fat fake, as was usual for her. She didn’t like to write, she didn’t want to do all the work it would have taken to research her subjects, she didn’t know how to follow through and organize a marketing campaign or figure out how to spin this into other opportunities. All she cared about was bragging to people that she got a “book deal.”

    • If I never hear or read another thing about Elizabeth Gilbert or EPL, I’m good. Comments on the NYTmag article made it all worth it though… Seems like plenty of other people are sick of this hack.

  4. After that lawsuit, you’d think Bradentucky would be more careful than to post this eyebrow-raising garbage:

    • “Mindfulness-related capacities.” What kind of a gullible dope would think this is “worth sharing?”

      • A gullible dope whose vocabulary now consists of such Paltrow-esque phraseology.

    • Damn! What if you screwed up and snorted your sweet potoado turds in an un-naturalistic setting? What if you vape that shit in the strip mall parking lot by the cart rack before posing for yet another spontaneously-scheduled mindfully-capacitated yoga sesh fauxtoshoot?

  5. The Modesto Strangler could sell this at his shoppe.

  6. Jena La dumb getting worse, fell tripping down a waterfall, maybe hearing voices like that phony homeless man someone made up, and now walking with a cane. And yet another screed up. Has she no friends to tell her put the chill on every damn thing?

    • She’s doubling down on that attention-seeking abortion and behaving as though she was a mother!! Unbelievable!!

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