Dr. Dodi Wows ‘Em At The Future Of Everything Festival

This is the esteemed scientist’s new FB cover photo, and he thanked the Wall Street Journal for the opportunity to speak about the future of gene-edited cell therapies. Two RBDers caught his presentation online and were seriously impressed. Here’s a link, but you’ll need to be a WSJ subscriber to watch.

And there’s this:

The $64,000 question: Marson seems like a great guy, so why is he cohabitating with A Donkey?


  1. Why, indeed? I’ve asked myself this question more than once (basically, every time I’m on RBD these days) I don’t even want to rag on him jokingly; I don’t want this cite / site / sight to distract him from the great things that he is doing or will do.

    When donkey shit hits the fan, hopefully he’ll just treat it like a lab experiment gone wrong, and move on.

    • I marvel at the trajectory from dirtbag DJs towards a scientist with genuine accomplishments and huge potential. Given her neediness and emotional vampirism, I fear we may be in for the ultimate RBD horror story.

  2. Oh boy, these two people have never looked as horribly mismatched to me as they do after this post. I hope he figures it out before something happens he can’t undo. (I mean, she lived with fiance dude and then the guy she left him for, and they got away, albeit not unscathed? And Rain managed to survive in one piece, although his hoodies apparently took a beating. There’s hope for Dodi, right? RIGHT, GILLY??)

    • There’s hope, Handbag! Grifty believes we’ll see a Pancakes-esque happy ending, but will Dodi first marry and divorce A Donkey before finding true happiness with his own Renee Swift?

      • If he wanted to marry Donkey, he’d have already put a ring on her hoof. We passed through the madness of Thanksgiving through birthcray without one, so I’m betting against

  3. She’s his type, remember the slutty Instagram brunettes. Given how they met over sexual conversations, it is likely all physical on his part, which means it will fall apart sooner rather than later. He’s an awkward late bloomer type coming into his own. He will have smarter options, I’d bet on someone accomplished in his field. I envision him having a Pancakes-like happy ending.

  4. Woah someone lost weight!! Must have taken our Dr. Dadbod ribbing to heart. …. they *never* read here!!

  5. Cover photo: damn – he intentionally kept his primary photo starring the donk. So they are still together despite whatever Donk is doing with her SM. Donk might have just learned a lesson in not talking about her man! But, she’s still who she is and I don’t see how that could possibly be an acceptable partnership to the Dr. His dadbod is less of a dadbod in those skinny jeans, so good for him. But bad for him for getting played, and I dont know why everyoe wants him to be innocent – he chose to shack up with a grifter whose virtual reputation is not suitable for a recovering addict led alone a doctor. Why did he choose this? He is not a normal doctor. Could you imagine if he was your doctor and you were relying on him for your health, the you came along this page and discovered the true identity of his live-in love??? That’s not good for anyone’s health. I couldnt to go to him as my doctor or take his advice so long as I knew he was dating a grifting liar famous for using people.

    • He isn’t a doctor who sees patients. He is a research scientist with his own lab, and a professor. He does have a medical degree, so technically a doctor.

      • And if she ever does get to drag him down the aisle, she will never shut the fuck up about that

      • He’s not technically a doctor – he is a doctor. He did a residency and many doctors are MD/PHD. Some of these type of scientist-doctors see patients the majority and do research the minority, and some the reverse. He’s the reverse. Many doctors who are not scientists also have lives and do research, by the way and they don’t have PHDs! Just so you know.

        • Have LABS* not lives, excuse me. Point is the Doctor is a doctor who practices medicine.

    • Meh. I just recently insisted on and got a change in healthcare provider (Nurse practitioner) because the one I had is apparently in the wrong career… Nothing at all to do with his personal life. The new one I have is absolutely wonderful, and guess what? It has nothing to do with her personal life.

      The operative word here is: “personal“… I have nary a rat’s ass to give about what goes on before or after they are attending to me because that has zip, zilch, nada to do with their professionalism, or lack there of, IMO.

      • Would you care if your provider is shacking up with Donkey? Would that make you question his judgment skills?

        I’m also considering changing one of my physicians because she’s apparently delegating post-cancer exams to a PA

        • Honestly, all I care about from my healthcare provider is that I get the health care I want and need… What they are doing on their personal time I have no fucks to give (assuming it’s between consenting adults and not criminal, etc. etc. etc. along those lines). I worked for enough doctors over enough time to know that they are a completely different animal in the exam rooms as opposed to how effed-up they may or may not be in every other aspect of their life.

          • I still wouldn’t see him as my doctor if I knew this despite seeing him as an ivy league guy, b/c I can’t go over his judgment in shacking with this donk-turd. There’s just too many other providers to have to deal with someone she deals with.

    • > Cover photo: damn – he intentionally kept his primary photo starring the donk.

      you mean, she did. based on frequency of posts, he’s too busy with real job to update social media so has passed the keys to the castle to her. all part of her “i’m useful, social media consultant” hook.

      • Yes, and the primary public post on his page is still the paean to her for “amply rewarding his persistence.” Instead of relevant posts regarding his field of research.

        Oh, for sure she has the keys. We knew that when she scrubbed his Instagram of all the cheap foreign brunettes he was stalking.

        • Yep. She created a new IG account with six photos, three of which featured her and Dodi. After she pilfered passwords and snooped into so many accounts of former THE ONES!!, Donk must be on cloud 9.

  6. The $64,000 question: Marson seems like a great guy, so why is he cohabitating with A Donkey?

    SEEMS being the operative word. From what we can see, he has a taste for trashy women.

    • Yes. We saw the Instagram before Donkey “cleansed” it, and we’d heard from a poster here who knew him that he’d dated hookers. I suppose Donkey is also a hooker of sorts, if she’s moved in and isn’t contributing anything financially, just sexually.

      • Dodi probably fell for her during the second date blowjob; hopefully, the novelty has worn off.

        • You think the rumors that she’s a lousy, lazy lay are not true?

          • That was before she joined a Burning Man sex cult, so maybe she’s learned a few new tricks. ILYRAIN was supposedly big into the whole tantric sex thing.

          • When she fell in the woos, Donk began hanging with folks whose main source of income is sex related. “Exquisite Lover” Philippe Lewis, who’s currently in the woo doghouse because of messing around with some 20 year old when he was fluid-bonded with another, took her to that orgy at the Ghost Ship before it went up in flames.

          • There was also some public feel-up New Years Eve party he threw at a red velvet flocked gothic theater where she wore a skimpy aluminum foil Yandy thing. And her TMI post about her orgasmic meditation session with Derpin on the Wookie bedspread.

          • I feel like I need to take antibiotics after reading these

  7. Man, if he has even a smidgen of charm and humor on top of all that, I might be able to overlook the green tag stank on him and do him six ways from Sunday.

    Donk thought she was settling. Her narcissistic rage must be boiling over as he outshines her in every imaginable way, even down to the passable outfit he wore on stage compared to her usual lumpy plastic ensembles. She hasn’t brayed and pissed all over his FB cover photo – because of her privacy settings, or is she ignoring it? I am old and drunk.

    Dodi, history shows us that the love of your life is right there, standing behind the loser. Let her go back to her carnies – older, flabbier, meaner and even more desperate. Or just carry on, whatever. Either way we all get to watch as a giant mutant lamprey swallows everything in its path and eventually dissolves in its own bile. For science.

  8. OT: Lordy, Lordy, look who’s turning 40!

    “Moving even deeper into the experience that Brené Brown describes as: ‘I’m dangerous, I love myself so much.'”

    Of course she does.

    • Well, for once at least she didn’t post a super-flattering picture of herself. Hope she is maturing internally, too, at this ripe old age. (Oops, Noodles, didn’t mean to imply that you are not the utter essence of the eternal ageless goddess in that photo. It captures your very soul.)

    • Being nosy and bored, I scrolled through her birthday comments… Jenna LaFlamme tagged her own self in her birthday wish to noodles… to say that she is a thirsty attention whore would be an understatement… She is a fucking drought!

      • And she tagged herself in Nisha’s SECOND post celebrating her own birthday. Who does this, other than A Donkey?

        This fakey fauxto is SOOOO Wendy K. Yalom. All Noodles needs is a coffee mug.

        • It is so clearly obvious she’s bummed and insecure about turning 40, and trying way too hard to convince herself and others that she’s not.

          • Agree. I just don’t think these woos age well. I also think No Vowels will move on while still co-parenting. It makes me think about the monologue in Fleabag where she bemoans growing old and no one wanting to fuck her anymore. Donks, Noodles, Shanti, La Phlegm, etc. All really insecure.

          • Noodles kept posting doggerel about relationship troubles, so I thought she and No Vowels had finally broken up. Apparently not yet. Should we dead pool this?

          • She posted a photo of them in Mexico, but no shout out to him on her birthday. I think it’s dead, but she won’t say it.

          • They looked chummy in the Mexico pics, and he looked happy for once, so who knows?

        • I couldn’t figure out if she was in Mexico or Colorado for her birthday based on one post following the other. Didn’t really care enough to figure it out either, just saying that now to underscore what are you saying about her weird post.

          La Phlegm* is a fucking trip.

          *And typing that, for whatever reason, caused Siri to show me this: Definition of phlegmatic. 1 : resembling, consisting of, or producing the humor phlegm

        • That open mouth laugh is such bullshit. It’s a dead giveaway that she’s miserable but trying to look like she’s living her best life

  9. Good for him!

    Especially the scholarship thing, that’s fantastic.

    Still disappointed that Donkerina didn’t haul out the glittery chaps and do an interpretive dance during his presentation, though. Dodi has more of a spine than Phuturephiphty!

    • “Being a healer who is sponsored by more than 500 brands is a lot of pressure,” she says. “Mercedes gets me to my ayahuasca ceremonies quickly and efficiently and Coke keeps me hydrated.”


    • Gaby Hoffman’s sister? Did not see that one coming, but then it all makes sense.

      • Yes! I had no idea Gaby Hoffman had had such an interesting childhood.

        • Such a great actress overall, but the character she played in “transparent“ makes me feel like that is probably very close to how she really is, so I can see these two as sisters, now.

  10. OT: Yes, Jena, DJ Deadbeat Dad bangs on a trashcan lid and is a HEALER!

  11. I saw Meghan A. this morning having a casual photo shoot in a little alley in the Village this morning. I was walking my dog and thought, “I know that woman.” Gotta hand it to her, at least it wasn’t an over-the-top Ballgowns & Bling abomination.

    • It’s bad enough when the college kiddies do that, but she’s pushing 40. I guess once a basic, always a basic

    • Gotta give some deets. Where? When? Was he alone? What was he wearing?

  12. Really??? So he left the donk back on the west coast for some alone time??? Can’t believe she’d let him out for that long alone.

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