Jackie No! Adelle Juliet On Life With Future President Cory Tanner Glazier, Oops, Christopher Life

First Goddess holds court.

In all honesty, Christopher Life was supposed to announce his candidacy for U.S. president, or so a little birdie told us. However, when we reported on Candidate Coresters, angry emails came our way and Mr. Glazier/Life pulled back from any public announcement.

Perhaps Chris Cory best wait on making a run for the Oval Office during the coming election. One Nation, the woo party that he founded, is nearly impossible to find online, even on YouTube, where Chris Cory has maybe 100 subscribers. Perhaps such a commonplace name wasn’t a good idea? Please note: One Nation is also the name of the far-right political party in Australia.

Maybe Cory can get his act together in time for the 2024 election. Future First Goddess Adelle Juliet, AKA Sophia Life, is already behaving as though she’s Jill Biden enduring Joe’s presidential run:

Accept that you will not be promised comfort.

You will be confronted.

The ways you’ve been trying to hide and stay comfortable will be revealed, as will your inadequacies, fears and shadows.

If you fear the judgement and projection of others, prepare to meet that discomfort.

If you fear not being liked, you will most definitely need to confront that too.

Get comfortable with getting uncomfortable, and be prepared to forsake your own comfort and meet your resistance with a courageous heart.

#newpoliticalparty #onenationpartyusa #politics #courage #dothethingthatscaresyou

Goodness! You’d think she was married to Pete Buttigieg and not some run-of-the-mill California woo. Of course, Julia Allison told Adelle she was SO PROUD of her vulnerability, her incredible bravery. It is to laugh – as if anybody but RBD is paying attention to One Nation Under Woo.

Well, anybody but RBD and Donk’s incestuous tribe. At a One Nation meeting in NYC, with Papa Chevalier and his grandson/husband in attendance, Adelle gave her version of MLK’s “I Have a Dream” speech:

I’m realizing how important it is for us to be thinking about the topics that are important to be talking about, and not just the topics we are being told are important to be talking about.

The topics considered to be political, are not the topics I want to be talking about.

These topics are deliberately chosen to divide us.

I want to talk about what matters to us all.

I want to hear people talking about what matters to them.

I want to listen so I can better understand why that matters to them.

And then I want to talk about why what matters to them, matters to us all.

Melania, is that you? Not that it matters.

Papa Chevalier & Junior welcome Adelle to their $2500 per plate fundraiser.


    • I was just joshing about the $2500/plate dinner – most woos can’t even afford health insurance. However, and not that it matters, that really is Papa Chevalier’s orgy-friendly living room, where Devin Stetler and Junior dirty danced.

  1. 😂😂🤣 Look at the expressions on the faces of the 3 women listening. We need thought balloons. (Thank you for taking down that disturbing/disturbed photo of Jena La Flamme’s blood-smeared face.

    • I fear the transfixed blonde on the edge of the sofa is a believer. “Yes, yes, one nation under Cory, and let me be under him!!”

      • I think the blonde is about to ask “Are we in 3C? I am looking for Marika’s Knitting Tuesdays”.

    • The raised eyebrow of the woman on the right says more than a 3000-word Ali Shanti overshare could ever say.

      • That side-eye is priceless! Maybe she’ll grace RBD with a guest post, “My Afternoon with a Lunatic Woo Living Out of Her Tesla.”

  2. Christopher Life’s post on the dissolution of his company weirdly echoes Jena’s abortion post:

    And finally, a note to the spirit/ soul of MediMeals… I always loved you. Like someone I knew in the flesh, I felt like I knew you, like we were in a relationship, that you were counting on me for you to actualize. Maybe there is something to that. Maybe that’s all made up in my head. Either way, my heart breaks a bit to truly part ways and say goodbye. I will truly miss you and remember you fondly as the procession of life continues.

    • Look for Chris Cory to be holding the same memorial service for One Nation six months from now, or until delusional Adelle puts her foot down and says no more living out of the family car.

  3. Looks like she took the Indian “tapestry” that decorated her dorm room and quickly turned it into a poncho. Very thrifty. I’m looking forward to Donkey being the Secretary of State (“Sorry, Angela. I’m not really interested in Europe. So, so busy on my trade agreement with Bali. Have you been?”)

    • “You could stay at my AirBNB rental, my only source of income for the last year, and you’ll LOVE how I’ve decorated paradise. Maybe we should cuddle now, Angie?”

      • But I don’t think Angela likes massages, even free ones from GW Bush.

  4. What a delightful assemblage of human beings. Really gives me hope for the future.

    As for the MediMeals eulogy: my dude, it’s a business idea that didn’t work out. Most people have had them. Get your poop in a group, sir.

    • He’ll probably pull out Richard Nixon’s resignation speech when One Nation Under Woo can’t even get Ali Shanti to shill for the woo farce.

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