Updated: How Low Can She Go? Jena la Flamme’s Attention-Seeking Abortion

Iamsodonewiththewoos writes:

Please read Jena La Flamme’s latest on FB. I am absolutely sick to my stomach and I am Pro-Choice. She is a disgusting individual & despite what she wrote and how much woo speak she can roll into it, she will live to regret what she did for the rest of her life. She is MENTAL!!!!

Jena la Flamme is with Julia Allison and 97 others.

~ I would be 40 weeks pregnant – my abortion story ~

It’s been raining all day, as if a river was pouring from the sky, a perfect day to write about release and letting go, fertility and rebirth. If I had not had an abortion, I would be 40 weeks pregnant now. My due date would’ve be this Sunday, a sunny day in May with wildflowers blooming in California where I live.

If someone had told me I’d have an abortion at 40, I’d never have believed them, yet this is my journey. This is my choice. It’s cathartic to reveal a personal story like this, one that exposes a topic we’ve been conditioned to feel ashamed of. I informed my mother I’d be sharing this story publicly and she said, “do you really need to tell everyone?” My answer is “yes.” For my own healing, and for the liberation of all women—all the more so in our current political environment that’s nurturing anti-abortion extremism and writing the removal women’s rights into the law—this is a story I must tell.

How it happened is full of poetry and poignancy.

I’d been recently reunited with my divine husband, after a summer apart. Gleefully, we set off Burning Man in our RV called “Dustiny,” to make art and wild love together, at the most magical festival on the planet.

Let this be known—I would love to have a child with him—my greatest lover, the living god to my goddess. I’m a romantic, and I believe in true love, and I love him with every fiber of my being. My conscious prayer to the Universe—in the cauldron of dreams that is Burning Man—was for fertility for years to come, to give us time, without rushing, to be ready to fuse DNA and create consciousness together. A consciousness that’s half him and half me—the most romantic project of all. As relative newlyweds, I figured it would take us a couple of years to get settled and prepared for an undertaking as grand as having a child.

I had just turned 40, that age by which I thought I’d surely have a child. I’d always been drawn to having a child later in the game, as I’m such a lover of the freedom of childless living, and imagined 39 would be my year to conceive. However, for a year my period had reduced to only 2 days of flow. I’d begun to fear that my fertility might be waning. I didn’t feel ready, but how much longer could I wait?

Concerned, I consulted my acupuncturist who told me I was plenty fertile, and just needed to drink bone broth every day to build my blood to make my period longer. I believed her, but didn’t see any harm in praying for a long and luscious window of fertility.

Little did I realize in the moment, that the night I was praying intently for my fertility, was the night I got pregnant. They say prayers are answered, and it’s true I was praying for a child… just not now! I was practicing Fertility Awareness Method, tracking my cycle as I have reliably for many years. Yet, as the story goes, there at Burning Man, unplugged from my calendar, I made a mistake in my tracking. Basically my mind was on holiday and my body took over, and so I conceived, all the while thinking I was playing it safe.

When my period was late, I was in absolute denial that I could be pregnant. I consider myself excellent at tracking my cycle—this could never happen to me! A few days later, there it was a super full moon, and I bled a small amount. I thought it was my period, just mysteriously light. I rationalized, I must have exhausted myself in the desert, or be stressed out. I must be drinking too much caffeine, or maybe I’m low in magnesium.

I went to an acupuncturist about my missing period. She told me liver stagnation can cause these symptoms. It’s definitely my liver, I thought. I really need to do a cleanse. Meanwhile, in the morning I would wake up exhausted, and my breasts were swollen and sensitive. It’s probably a sign that my period is just about to come, I convinced myself.

We’d just moved into a home shared with three women, and I wondered was my cycle simply re-calibrating itself with theirs? Curious, I asked one of my roommates when she last got her cycle, and she handed me a pregnancy test. “Here, try this.”

“There’s no way I’m pregnant, and this will prove it,” I thought to myself, still fully in denial. My roommate ran into the bathroom when she heard me gasp. The stick read pregnant. Oh my gosh. I smiled and shook my head at the same time.

Smiling for the beauty of a life growing in my womb, created by my husband and I, and shaking my head, because I knew I was not ready.

Click here to read the rest of my story 👉

[Click above at your own risk – ed.]

From Sad Rat In Sidewalk:

Jesus CHRIST. She painted her face with the blood from her abortion? NO. Just NO.

Update: Zion Masters’s comment has amazingly managed to stay up for nine hours.


  1. I called my mother-in-love, Patricia Ellsberg, to seek her counsel. “I just found out I”m pregnant, but I’m not ready for this, so I think I’ll just have an abortion.” Her 89-year-old sister, Barbara Marx Hubbard, joined us on the phone. “I’m thinking of having an abortion, Barbara, what do you think?”

    “Given the circumstances, Jena, I recommend you have an abortion,” she told me. “You are on a mission, and the baby doesn’t give a shit about your purpose.”

    Jena la Fraud’s purpose?! WTF? She’s on a mission to defraud insurance companies while zouking her way to ecstasy. Jesus H. Christ. And for the record, I’m pro choice.

    • Okay, so I had a child in my late 30’s after being told for 15 years that I was infertile and I desperately wanted that child. I am as pro-choice as they come, so I’m just going to say it: she made the right decision.

      She made it for selfish and stupid reasons, but it’s *because* of those very reasons that she should never be a mother. Her DJing and dancing in Brazil aside, what caught me was the phrase that she would even ‘have to go to work’.

      Yeah, Jena, you *would* have to go to work. I would love to be a full-time writer and artist (I’ve even sold a few pieces to non-woo strangers; BFD) but I go to work. Every day. I leave my house at 5.45 so that I can get out of work in time to pick up my child from school.

      I don’t get to fly to Bali on a whim anymore, and I’ll acknowledge that this sucks, because I used to be able to do stuff like that, and frequently did. All my money goes into college funds and private schools and dance lessons and clothes she’ll grow out of in 3 months anyway.

      But: my child. Oh God, my child. I love that girl like I never thought it was possible to love another person. I know what I feel is nothing more than what other mothers feel, and I have lots of friends that have wonderful, amazing lives without kids because they didn’t want them.

      My point is that I would step in front of a bullet for my child; that I would make whatever clichéd sacrifice was necessary to ensure her life and happiness. If the thought of giving up a month in Brazil is reason enough to end your pregnancy, Jena – you made the right decision.

      And just as a post-script: what the fuck is up with her husband who ‘needs’ to be in Europe and can’t come to Planned Parenthood because he ‘had to work’? It’s sad enough that he already has two kids he’s totally letting down. Why is Jena still clinging to this sparkly be-antlered jackoff?

      • I believe everyone agrees that Jena made the right decision, particularly because the cavalier way that she went about it is indicative of what a horrible parent she would be. As you note, parenting is hard work – I’ve never done anything LESS glamorous – and not for 40 year olds who would rather be out zouking or banging a dirtfest pickup while their sometime husband who can’t even provide for the children he already has is off pounding on a garbage can lid – makin’ music and brewin’ hot cocoa! – with his druggy besties.

  2. Jesus. Fucking. Christ.

  3. “My dream of studying Dance and Portuguese for a month in Brazil never coming to fruition”…An abortion because of a dream for ONE MONTH IN BRAZIL?!?!?! Jena girl, you broke, no job, living like an 18 year old in a youth hostel, a shim-sham marriage, and you have made it ABSOLUTE CLEAR to anyone who knows you or reads this that YOU SHOULD NEVER EVER EVER HAVE A CHILD!! You are smoking the good stuff if you think you can just pray for a baby after 40 or better yet ADOPT! LOL! FUNNY JENA!!!
    Jena La Flamme – You done fucked up with this one. You know full well this was as MISTAKE you will regret for so many reasons. I was absolutely disgusted by the article but now I understand that this was probably for the best!

    • I suppose it was for the best, but I hated the casual manner in which she tossed off her conversation with Grandma Woo Barbara Marx Hubbard, “I can’t decide if I want the cheeseburger or the salad for lunch. What do you recommend, Barbara?”

      Re: Jena’s purpose, she is currently “studying” to become a DJ. No word if Skankatron’s daughter tagged along:

      The goddesses of Shakti Sound Retreat paying rapt attention to our teacher Tamara Montenegro who kept dropping wisdom bombs in between her technical DJ teachings.

      Quote Tamara: “DJing is a spiritual practice. It’s an offering to my global community.”

      Mmmmm… I’ve never heard that before. Oh yes, it is. DJing is a calling to awaken all the emotions in moving bodies to feel the full spectrum of aliveness. Thank you, Tamara and all the other amazing teachers.

      • “I’m doing all this fun, self-indulgent stuff to make The Universe a better place!” is the woos’ core belief.

      • I think that if someone wore all the right woo clothing and used all the buzzwords, and told her that the sky was green, she would bloody believe it.

        • They all would, or at least they’d pretend to believe it on social media. The woos believe they’re such individuals, such brave thinkers! I’ve never encountered a bigger group of lemmings.

      • “I suppose it was for the best, but I hated the casual manner in which she tossed off her conversation with Grandma Woo Barbara Marx Hubbard, “I can’t decide if I want the cheeseburger or the salad for lunch. What do you recommend, Barbara?”

        The casual manner AND the name dropping. So disgusting.

        • I honestly didn’t know Barbara Marx Hubbard was anybody, much less the woo grand poobah, until la Fraud posted the NYT obit.

          • Me neither, but by the way she used her full name REPEATEDLY I figured it sounded like a namedrop. So I googled BMH and sure enough. Why say “I spoke to a friend” when you can score some extra woo points by name dropping the dead, right?

          • She probably never heard of her either until she married Smellsberg. Whose mother’s name she also tries to drop whenever it suits her.

          • The name dropping began in earnest after Papa Chevalier dumped her and married his grandson. She was so smug, so certain she’d be the next Gigi and marry the debauched Frenchman – he wouldn’t care about fluid bonds – but he tossed her ass to the curb and she wandered around in a daze for several months afterwards.

  4. I have no opinion on her choice either way – it was her choice, as it should be for any woman.

    But there’s just something about her words – enslavement, suffering – that make her look like the self-centered person she is. The very thought of having to change her life or give something of herself absolutely disgusts her. She continues to reveal who she really is. Earth Mother, she is not.

    • Selfish is her middle name. She couldn’t even manage to stay “fluid-bonded” with Smellsberg. If I were Sacha, I’d wonder if I was the father.

  5. Near the end: “I’m preparing to launch another baby, my Sensuous Goddess Pleasure School.”

    You stay classy, Jena.

      • If they made a woo version of Glengarry Glen Ross, that mantra would be the new “Always Be Closing”

  6. Next up: Donkey “bravely” shares a pregnancy scare story, because she’s always copying the other goddesses.

    • Since the insane podcast posts, she’s actually been rather quiet. No mention of Dodi. Hmmmm …

      • JFAing myself to add that she’s made several of her FB profile and cover photos public again.

  7. Futurefest was this past week and Donkey doesn’t seem to have even c*nted up Dodi’s FB picture, or insta.

    On this rather shit post (not yours but JF), wtf?!?! What trash. But, on the other hand at least there isn’t another neglected child out there.

  8. Probably for the best that someone as selfish and narcissistic as she not procreate. She’s seen how irresponsible he is with his other kids, how could she ever think he’d settle down enough “one day” for this to be possible? And good luck down the road getting pregnant again later in your 40s, dipshit.

    Having a baby as a single parent and knowing you are not able to support it or even yourself very well is definitely a scary thing, and a real and valid reason many women choose to terminate a pregnancy. But she just makes this seem frivolous, as Gilly said. The anti-abortionists will love the propaganda value of this story for their cause. How long until they get their hands on it?

    • Probably? More like definitely. The only worse potential mother I can think of would be Donkey. She’d view the kid as an accessory — a toy to dress up and post photos when she wants attention, and dump the kid on any mildly willing adult when not convenient. She would view the child not as his or her own person, but an extension of her.

    • RE The propaganda value, I’m right there with ya! Everything about it was so trite and self-centered that I was forgetting momentarily that I too am pro-choice.

    • Who wears their abortion blood on their face to a used clothing swap? Narcissists.

      Awww me.

      • And Lord Greg knows we basement dwellas have seen and examined some prime examples of narcissism, but this may be the very awful pinnacle of it IMO.

  9. I don’t care one way or the other if other women terminate pregnancies, and in fact, I’m of the mind that there should be way, way more abortions, not fewer. The number of people actually emotionally, psychologically, and financially equipped to be parents is HELLA LOW, like THERE ARE MAYBE SEVEN. But the performative aspect of these abortion stories is maybe the grossest behavior I’ve seen from these nightmare-fuel-rod sociopaths yet, and that’s really saying something. I have a list of who is the Absolute Worst among them — it’s just in my mind and it changes quite often, except Psycho Dentist always wins My God You Are So Scary — and Le Phlegm just rocketed to the top. I’ve always considered her dim, a con terrible at con artistry, and pathologically insecure. The dimness really cannot be stressed enough, I hasten to add. But it turns out she’s the bottom of the barrel, a bottomless pit who doesn’t even have Shantitown’s Shere Khan smiling villainy. She’s the MRSA you pick up at a massage parlor staffed by trafficked women.

    • This. This was what I was trying to say and all I could spit out was trash. Abortion should never be a “bandwagon” topic. Ever.

    • Someone, not me, put your smart comment up on Jena’s FB page. Not sure it’s still there.

  10. The fact that she uses an acupuncturist instead of a doctor is more than reason enough for her to never ever procreate. Any reason for terminating a pregnancy is valid but for fuck’s sake a kid would be so screwed having her for a parent.

    • “Concerned, I consulted my acupuncturist … ” But not a gynecologist or her GP or a fertility specialist? I just kant.

      • She’s forty and should be getting regular mammograms and she’s coming up on the age where she’s going to need a yearly colonoscopy. I suppose she’s just going to have her acupuncturist circle her anus with needles.

        • Not too sure that she’ll be getting regular mammograms. Many woos don’t have insurance and the jury is still out on how la Fraud generates any solid income.

        • i hope you meant colonoscopies every decade, and not yearly. I would elect to die of butt cancer rather than get a colonoscopy every year.

          • Cancer is worse. The treaments for cancer are worse

  11. Enslavement and suffering. I am glad she decided not to be a mother.

    Choice is choice and all women should have it regardless of if anyone else thinks their reason is a valid one. What I object to is this rosy heart glow narrative. Not that she can’t frame it however she wants but…..reeeealllly now?

    So, you married an irresponsible deadbeat dad who doesn’t support the children he already has. He just isn’t all that into you save the times he happens to be in the same country and needs free room, board and sex. You are either too dumb, too insecure or too codependent to clock the fact that you are, what in the day used to be called a “a sure thing”. Or that his body gave a full yes because his dick was hard and you were naked, not because he wanted a child.

    You know in your heart that you will have no financial, and inconsistent physical and emotional support from this man. The fact that he told you that he could not meet you at Planned Parenthood because “he had to work” was evidence of how your entire life, as well as your child’s, would look with him as your partner. My husband works in a locked facility, on the type of job where he can’t even leave to get drive thru food for lunch, and I can guarantee you were I in the same situation he would find someone to cover for him so he could be with me during a moment like that. Your husband dances around in antlers and beads and makes hot chocolate for people. You need to consult your goddesses about THAT, honey. You were impregnated by an unsuitable man. It happens. Time to lean in to honesty for a change.

    • There are tears streaming down my face from the hysterics this comment sent me into. When I began to gag from lack of air intake, my husband asked nonchalantly, “Here. Do you need some water?” No, “What is that all about?! Are you okay?!” ‘Cause he knows I’m “reading that site again.”

    • Your husband dances around in antlers and beads and makes hot chocolate for people.

      I guffawed out loud at this.

    • A bird flew through an open window and into my study today, where it was promptly caught by one of my cats. I did the adult thing and ran outside, then ran to see if my Boo Radley neighbor was home (he wasn’t), so I called my husband at work, told him what was happening, and you’d have thought I needed a SWAT team here. He was about to drive home with an entire crew of artisan masons, I kid you not. His dad showed up and took care of it, bless. It was a BIRD, and I didn’t even smear any of its blood on my face, which I might regret when I launch my new sacred M&Ms and compression socks business. Imagine if I’d been having an attention-seeking abortion!

  12. Yikes. This is honestly the stuff of anti-choice activist fantasies.

    • She’ll be lucky if it doesn’t end up on some conservative news site or discussed in a legislative session. “Abortion advocate paints her face with the blood of her dead fetus to go to clothes exchange party.”

      • la Fraud did leave this postscript at the end of her plea for attention: “P.S. Encouraging comments are welcome and feel free to share this article anywhere you want.” Perhaps someone will share this “article,” i.e., website post, with the National Review?

        As for the encouraging comments, of course they’re all from woos telling her how brave she is for sharing, praising her DEEP vulnerability, etc. The one comment that was slightly critical has been removed.

        • What did it say? I kept reading hoping for something approaching reason and nope. Nothing there but hyperbolic praise.

          • There was a brief comment that mentioned being appalled by the smearing of an abortion on one’s visage. Last night someone put up Handbag’s above assessment of bottom feeder Jena.

        • What is it with these fuckwits and their worship of “vulnerability?” The way they ooh and aah over it, you’d think “vulnerability” meant “selfless service” or at least “productive work” and not, as I’ve learned it does in their language, attention-seeking navel-gazing nonsense.

          • Click on the FB page of any of the asshats praising Jena for her “brave vulnerability” and you will find a crackpot and/or con artist.

      • How so? I know many anti-choice people and I cannot imagine any of them saying that she should be a mother.

        What propaganda value is there in a pregnant idiot who obviously doesn’t take care of her own health, is a drug-addled loon, has an irresponsible deadbeat of a husband who has already ditched his own children and has skipped out of the country?

        To say that she should’ve gone through with the pregnancy would be a hard sell for all but the most insane hardcore anti-choicers

        • They would spin this as a “typical” batshit liberal woman frivolously murdering her unborn child out of convenience. They want to believe that many if not most women regularly use abortion (e.g murder) as a birth control method.

          Not my views, of course! And her choice is her choice. But this is what the anti-choicers believe, and she’s not helped by reinforcing their prejudices.

          • THIS. It’s really like she’s courting that kind of attention and interpretation, and that hit me the hardest when I read about how for eight weeks she was a mother and had a child with her husband. Because if you truly believe you that an eight-week-old embryo is a child, then abortion cannot be anything other than killing that child, i.e. a murder.

            Not my views either, but you can’t have it both ways. Except, of course, this POS will. She wants to be BOTH, the brave “vulnerable” (GAG) liberated warrior who made the right choice because the timing is not right and she must pursue her dream of spending a month in Brazil (THE FUCK?), and also the Holy Mother. Fuck that bullshit so hard.

            This really made me more ragefaced in my head than I’d expect. She says so many horrible things. The “hmm, should I or should I not, what do you think, notable person I’ll be sure to refer to by her full name?” The (alleged) fact that “he was a full yes.” (I will never get over this woo dialect.) The dream of studying dance and Portuguese in Brazil for a month. The “praying for a baby” (and then). The “motherhood” musings. The FAUXTOSHOOT. The grift advertisement! And oh my god please please make it stop the BLOOD. I need some kind of sedatives after this.

          • Excellent review, Helena. It’s as if she wants the sympathy afforded the mom who had to abort or face death herself.

  13. Yeah, I ain’t buying it.

    She keeps claiming that it was eight weeks old… The image she posted clearly shows “LMP: 6w / 3d” and that, by my calculation, would have her at exactly 6 weeks when she was calling Planned Parenthood with questions…

    The image is probably from the Internet. She was probably trying to trick Antler Face face into staying in the United States with her. This is La Fraud we are talking about, after all.

    Conversely, how convenient that she [1] memorialized the abortion picnic with a fauxto-shoot, and [2] had a used duds swap party to go to at the same time she happened to have some leftover abortion blood on hand, because otherwise how long was she going to keep that and what else for?

  14. OT: Tony, we hardly knew ye! Or did we all along?


    Robbins said he had then told the whole audience to “just do what I do just for a minute if you really want to be free and if you want to have some fun.” He proceeded to perform a dance in front of the crowd while singing, “I’m a nigger, you’re a nigger, be a nigger too.”


    Earlier in the video of Robbins’ presentation, he described how he had reacted to a woman audience member who stood up in the middle of another of his events and declared, “This isn’t working for me.”

    “I went over there and I got in her face,” he said. “I was like, boom, boom, boom. There was a point where I amped her and amped her and amped her and then right at the moment I amped her I stopped and I reached out and I gave her a kiss. You know that? She didn’t know how to deal with it at all.” He said he had decided to change tack and kiss her after their heated exchange as a way to “break her pattern” of negativity. “I pushed her even further, right when I got her right at threshold — Wham! Snap in other direction. No way to deal with it.”

    We’re waiting for you to weigh in, Judy!

    • Oh, but he changed her LIFE. I love how she claimed that on FB once, and when one of her male friends asked her exactly how, she dodged the question.

      • seems like you haven’t been sufficiently amped, Handbag.

      • Oh good, once again I thought it was my personal “English as a second language” issue and once again I see it’s not.

  15. So she told the already deadbeat Dad she was knocked up and he left the country. And as stated above, she probably didn’t even know if he was the Dad.

    • I did wonder if her pregnancy was the reason he suddenly moved to the other side of the world for “personal and professional reasons,” taking up with another woo goddess and again charging folks for a cup of hot cocoa. Deadbeat, thy name is Sacha Nielsen.

      • Wasn’t he already living in Europe then, though, and this was just a side trip to see his side piece for Burning Man? Seems like he always finds a way to make it there every year.

        I bet that blood was from a later period and not from the abortion. She seems like the type that would conjure that up as a way to create extra drama solely for the confession post.

  16. Whoever said above that she probably has no idea who the father is because she “conceived at Burning Man” is right. $20 says that’s why she got the abortion, and the sob story about not being ready is just to get attention.

    • Not to mention what kinds of drugs were in her system at Burning Man and the weeks after.

      • If she had been honest about the circumstances (I did a lot of drugs without realizing that I was pregnant), then her situation would be a helpful talking point for prochoicers. But this self centered Peter Pan magical thinking BS —I desperately want to be a mother, but just after I slut it up at this Zouk fest? Hard to defend, for those who believe abortion should be safe, legal, and rare.

      • Or what kind of drugs are in her system on a regular basis.

  17. The blood on face thing is one of the most disgusting, unsanitary, egocentric things I’ve ever read.

    She’s vile. Truly. Terminating a pregnancy should be our right, but there’s no need to fucking celebrate it. Jesus. Fucking sick.

    As a mother, I think this is for the best. A creature like her would be a TERRIBLE MOM.

      • I think the alleged fetal remants is worse. At least with the smoothie, we don’t have to look at it and be grossed out by it, unless the wackadoo mother tells us what it is

  18. I am super glad she isn’t going to give birth or parent a child. I am one of those terrible demons who had zero regrets about terminating a pregnancy myself, but even so I think she’s super gross with the whole blood thing.

    She is a waste of oxygen and just so madly in love with herself that I cannot.

    • I have two very close friends who each terminated a pregnancy and it was a private matter. Neither friend regrets her decision but making that decision entailed much thought, a few inner battles. Jena’s cavalier attitude, reflected in the “I asked Barbara Marx Hubbard if I should have the plain donut or the donut with sprinkles” conversation is truly appalling, as is her demented decision to smear the blood from her abortion all over her face and then go out in public.

  19. I think she’s enamored with the idea of pregnancy, taking photos upon photo of her belly, writing about sex while pregnant. Can you even imagine her wig a newborn? Spit up all over her gold outfits, no sleep for days. She is so clueless about real life, just so in her own head. She’s a child herself. It would be so awful for a child to have her as a mother, she has no idea what it would entail. Oh sure, bring a newborn to your zouk dj goddess festival!!

  20. Why say “responsibility” or maybe even “burden” when “enslavement” will do? Am I destined to be the slave of my aging parents? Should I tell them?

  21. Wait…what? She prayed for a baby at 40 years old, got pregnant, then aborted it to pursue a part time career as a DJ? She must be pro-life making this whole thing up in order to make a parody of the “radical left.” Because that’s exactly what’s going to result from this.

    Never have I seen someone so successfully ostracize themselves from both sides of the debate.

    However, and I say this completely seriously, I wonder if she has an actual mental disability. The “eternal child” lifestyle just isn’t cute or charming on her and almost seems like she is doomed into it due to some kind of brain processing issue.

      • I’d love it if the press got their hands on this atrocity – la Fraud wouldn’t be able to delete the negative response – and I don’t particularly care about the outlet(s).

        • It would be so harmful for pro-choice folks for this story to get in the hands of the right wing media. She’d be held up as a poster child to support their hard-line stance. They are absolutely dying for people to support their warped views that pro-choice women, as a rule, have a casual and callous view of abortion as an everyday form of birth control.

          • I hear you, Grifty, but, with softness, I don’t imagine a brief spotlight on Jena la Flamme is going to cause new legislation to be written.

            On the RBD front, I’m doubling down on her exposure after this bullshit.

            Enjoy your Donkeywood 15 minutes and then some, Jean Gray!

          • I agree with Aunt Gilly. I think it’ll be a media thing for a few days, and that’ll be it

    • I find la Flamme appallingly immature but I wouldn’t go with mental disability, unless we want to count the woo goddesses praising her overshare to the heavens, and that includes Ali Shanti and Jess Magic, as equally mentally unbalanced. Well …

  22. My first thought: I am honestly as pro-choice as they come but this story has made me doubt my stance. What a vile, selfish woman.

    My second: To have published this knowing that many of her friends are undergoing prolonged, painful and expensive fertility treatments is a slap in the face to them. What a terrible friend she is to boot.

    As a pregnant woman and a mother, reading this just made me want to puke. Jenna, you were not, nor will you ever be a mother. You are a hot fucking mess and completely undeserving of the one chance you were given to clean up your shitty act. My only consolation is that no child will have to live with you as their mother, and God knows who as their father.

    You disgust me.

    • Absolutely this. You’re right, I didn’t even thing of YET ANOTHER appalling aspect of this, the zero concern for her friends (friends?) who are doing all they can to conceive.

      Plus, and maybe this is what I hate most (but I have plenty of hate to go around all over this fuckery), the adoration of self is so OFF THE CHARTS in the whole “article.” So brave. So liberated. So wise. So tender. So vulnerable. So self-actualized.

    • You took the words right out of my mouth. Makes me doubt my fully pro-choice stance.

      Vile, self-absorbed, deranged are the words that come to mind. Maybe if she were truthful and said – My partner is a man who wears antlers and left his kids to purse DJing and hot cocoa pouring and I am not mentally stable enough to parent right now – instead of wooing it up as if she has made some noble sacrifice, this might sit better with me, but this digs into the nagging thought that our culture is now so throwaway with EVERYTHING, including life.

  23. 20-year-old Jena la Flamme is following her purpose, going to a par-tay in California’s grooviest town! Who wants to join this emotional cripple?!

  24. I wouldn’t wish an abortion on anyone, but thanks be to fuck that this middle-aged wannabe DJ and hippy stripper did what she did.

    I’ve attended numerous dirt festivals – to camp out, make bonfires, get stoned with my friends, and dance; not to spend 3 hours a day in my RV squeezing into one of many tight polyester negligees and applying face caulk to go out and flash my transformative mudflaps in fauxtos and on stages. The children at these events were inevitably unkempt, forced to interact with creepy drug-addled adults babbling nonsense at them, and would often resort to telling complete strangers that they were hungry and thirsty and needed to poo. I wonder sometimes what happened to these sweet babies, who would be in their teens and twenties now.

    My kits were at home with loving family members at the time (being allowed to eat ALL the candy and watch South Park, it later transpired), while Mommy got her untz untz on. It’s entirely possible to enjoy yourself and get shitfaced while still being a good parent – but it takes planning, having actual friends, and knowing that you’re going back to your REAL life after the party, not coasting along with whoever offers you a ride to the next drugfest, and a few more lines to stave off the comedown.

    Jena, some parents can WORK and take DJ or dance classes, and even spend the occasional long weekend in some dusty flatland or muddy bog DJing and dancing. You and Antlercunt are not these people. You value other humans merely as props to stage your soulless attempts at being “artists”. You value showing your cooch and crying about your oh-so-unique life traumas with OMG namedrop stank grannies above real community. You bleat about love and wombs and fertility to launch into a new grift, not to “share” anything with your equally soulless following.

    You and your ilk are pointless, repulsive, and an evolutionary dead end. Frankly, if your acupuncturist accidentally speared out your last fertile egg, she’d be doing everyone a favor. I’d suggest sitting over your yoni steamer for a few hours next time you get the urge to stuff the thing with yet another loveless psychodrone.

  25. I am just shocked that she didn’t use it as an opportunity to shill for the Lotus Pad ™

  26. Jena should have listened to her mother (who asked “do you really need to share this story?”) and STFU for the sake of women who need access to safe, legal abortions. Her story could easily be used by anti-choice, anti-abortion “pro-lifers” as an example of why abortion should be illegal… although it could also have the wonderful, opposite effect of proving it MUST be kept legal! There are so many pathetic contradictions in Jena’s story, so many failed attempts at rationalizing immature irresponsible behavior, so much self-deception and/or b.s. it’s honesty hard to stomach. She starts by saying she’d been praying for fertility, then gets pregnant, then decides it’s not convenient right now. At least the two women Jena consulted (neither one her mother, which was surely a slap in the face to the woman who is?!) knew enough to advise her to avoid taking on responsibility for another human life when, clearly, she can’t even manage her own.

    • It was the prayers for fertility, referring to the resulting “miracle” as a “baby,” as someone noted above, and then aborting said baby because she wanted to take a month-long course that just sent me over the edge. Indeed, her actions ultimately entail aborting a baby she had prayed for because she suddenly realized what an inconvenience her miracle might be. UN FUCKING BELIEVABLE.

  27. “drink bone broth every day to build my blood to make my period longer.”
    That’s not even remotely a benefit to bone broth.
    Another overshare for self-importance to hide her crippling insecurity. All these people are so uninteresting, deeply insecure and desperate to feel superior. I will say making the decision to end her pregnancy with a man who refuses to support his current children, is single most unselfish thing she’s done and likely the last. Do not take that as a compliment Jena, it makes you slightly higher on the parasitic food chain.

  28. I finally went to read her self-absorbed screed. Now I’m wondering why she used the PhotoShop Flare effect on her saggy tits? Is that supposed to make them look magical, or something?

    Magical Saggy Tits might be a good screen name, or a band name

  29. Jena LaFlamme: I am writing this with compassion in case you read this. You and I are not friends in real life but I have followed you on Facebook for quite some time and believe that underneath all the narcissistic posturing, you have a good heart and you mean well. But you appear to be very lost and lonely and desperate, and I sincerely encourage you to go outside your comfort zone and get some professional help. Find a therapist who is NOT a friend, NOT an acupuncturist, NOT alternative “healer” or “shaman” or anything else that feels GOOD to you. Forget your intuition. Take your abortion post, along with the photos, as a starting point. What you have written is VERY alarming, especially for someone who promotes herself as an authority/teacher in the health and wellness field. Your behavior and your post are disconnected from reality, and you are deluding yourself if you believe you shared this to support others or support abortion rights. It is a frighteningly transparent cry for help and I’m sorry your friends and family haven’t taken steps to help you. Jena, going to a clothing-swap party with the blood from your aborted fetus smeared on your face is not “courageous.” It is something I am not qualified to name, but clearly indicates the need for a mental health evaluation and treatment. I can no longer follow you on social media; I what used to amuse me now makes me cringe and feel a combination of embarrassment and concern for you.

    • Agreed Rhinestone…

      My heart aches for this woman who claims to be an example of natural pleasure and goddess-hood, yet there are no resources within her to find pleasure in the beauty of pregnancy and motherhood that she prayed for.

      May she cultivate in herself what fuels her birthing of other projects, and return to an understanding of pleasure that is inclusive and interconnected throughout her entire womanhood.

      I am proud to be a pro-choice male, but as a mental health professional, I do see a crisis here.

      • Bummer, I thought it was really great. He explained how they use crispr on T cells etc. I really wish he would get rid of the Donk because it sounds like he is making a difference in the world.

        • He looks quite good in that picture, too. Keeping the dadbod under control, and the facial hair suits him.

          • If there’s one thing our Donk has done well in the last decade, it’s latch onto some lost soul and confront him with what his future could look like if he doesn’t step up his game.

            Dodi is stepping up his game because he now realises he’s scraping the barrel. Derpin, Avocado and Phlegmpalliative seem to have progressed in their respective fields and relationships quite nicely, free of a clomping troughbeast.

            What does Dodi’s bookcase look like now? How many of his textbooks and research manuals have been relegated to a storage cupboard, to make room for her color-coded display of softcover self-help fanzines? Is the giant painting of herself up in the entrance hall, like it was in Derpin’s flat? How many framed couple fauxtos and plastic heart doodads are taking up space on his home work desk? Where is Lilly now? So many questions.

            Dodi should detach this lamprey soon.

  30. From jury verdicts, or settlements.

    Thank goodness she didn’t bring a child into the world!!!!

  31. I haven’t read all of the comments – so sorry if I am being repetitive – but what really pushes my buttons on this is not her choice but her framing of the baby. On the one hand, she endows the fetus, which I read is about the size of a raspberry, with all of these living qualities and demands it to play a role in a ritualistic forgiveness drama that absolves her. Then she kills it. I’d prefer she just flushed it and said, “eh, not really a thing yet. I am not up to it.” Instead, what she did… THAT, to me, is probably how she regards everyone and everything around her. THAT is what strikes me as sociopathic. That is the way people in cults treat people they kill.

  32. And yes I agree with others who noted her failure to realize the potential harms she could be doing by sharing this story, in this way. It’s the kind of thing that makes anti-choice idiots foam at the mouth BECAUSE she humanized the thing before killing it. Second, because of the poor struggling friends of hers who can’t conceive.

  33. JFA It’s not a recent-ish post, but the comment on it is recent-ish, which is what came up in my feed. Of course she doesn’t timestamp her blog posts, because honesty and authenticity means nothing to someone trying to present themselves as a financial adviser. She’s lower than a donkey. She’s a turkey’s dirty arse.

    • “Joyce Wilson” can’t thank ol’ Skankatron enough, can she?

      Looking forward to Ali’s series of “transformational videos” that she’s shooting in the vein of asshat “YouTube Personality” Adam Roa. I suspect some will be funnier than Donk clomping across the stage at Red Rocks.

  34. Can we switch out the top photo with one of glaucoma Lilly? I would vomit less.

    • I was just about to make the same request – that we put another photo on the top.

      This one is gross and depressing

  35. Shaking my confused and grossed out head.

    There really is a spectrum to pro-choice, and a lot of that spectrum, I’ve found, depends on age. In terms of very, very young millennials they view pro-choice as nothing more than a clump of cells being removed in a minor procedure – and they look to the courts for the reasoning behind this opinion and I don’t blame them b/c the “what is life?” debate and the slut-shaming era pre-dates even their high school debate classes. I tend to lean their way despite that I’m an older millennial, and my part of the generation is suppose to say “well abortion is last resort not a contraception method,” or “it’s personal choice and struggle, but if it’s not the right time for you then you should be able to do it,” or “you should always have the ability to have that clump of shit cut right out of you if you were raped.” When in reality, if 1 abortion is okay, then 100 abortions are okay, and that’s not to say any person would ever have 100 abortions, but in theory the younger generation views it like this out of logical necessity, and frankly personal agency of their own bodies and minds.

    Then the pro-choicers before me they are even more conservative, like: “well you might regret it and it will hurt for a long time, but okay.” Then really old people who might even be pro-choice have some type of vodoo thinking that if you’ve had an abortion, especially at 40, that you’ve karma’d out and magically altered your reproductive fortune and dont deserve a child anyway, so who cares if you’ve had the abortion kind of pro-choice thinking. They really are victims of their own time in terms of slut-shaming, lack of sex education, no personal agency to their own bodies, etc. They had to fight or even worse watch from the sidelines as others fought for those rights and suffered shame and displacement for doing so in some parts of the country around Roe v Wade, throughout all of the 80s, and probably all of the 90s as well.

    This woman here is just mentally ill. Can mentally ill people have children if they want to? Yes. Can mentally ill people have abortions for whatever reason they deem fit if they want to? Yes. Is it right? Who knows if it is. But a younger millennial will tell you that the “is it right?” question is moot b/c abortion is legal and not a big deal. I have to side with them. Now as to putting blood or fake blood on your face – is that right? I don’t know, but it’s gross AF and this woman is weird and a freak, just in general.

    But as the very young millennial thinking goes, if 1 abortion is okay, then 100 abortions are okay, and it’s okay for any purpose that the woman deems fit, and it really is nothing more than the removal of a clump of cells – the very, very young women and girls out there have this right and I just hope none of the old, conservative, white men do not take away from the progress that this country has made over several decades because there were a hell of a lot of women who had to be “sluts,” or had to give birth without wanting to, or had to be shamed by their own families and by society, and were basically the real victims of our freedom today. I don’t believe that a single unborn clump of cells matters unless the mother giving life to that clump of cells wants it to matter. Shame me if you like.

    How close is the Donk to this woman and her tribe??? Has Dr Dodi met any of these people? I can only imagine how much lower Dr Dodi would be viewed if his name ever turned up around these freaky freaks – he’s a scientist and a doctor for god’s sake. I’m beginning to wonder if he cares at all about his reputation.

    • Um, as one of those older women you describe, I take exception to your grossly mistaken characterization of our views on abortion. Some of us clearly remember what life was like before Roe and will fight to keep abortion legal for women today even though our eggs have long since dried up.

    • JFAing to say that religious beliefs are the key determining factor regarding abortion.

    • Excellent points – very thought-provoking. Thanks.

      I think you’re 1000% right about the pro-choice spectrum. I’m a Gen Xer and in my younger days, I almost never would’ve considered an abortion. However, I have always believed that my aversion to abortion was my choice and that women should be allowed to make that choice for themselves.

      Back in college, a friend who was pregnant and going to abort went for a consultation and sonogram at a local clinic, and asked me to go with her. Not her closest friends, who were admittedly kinda flaky. She knew that I was not personally in favor of abortion, but that I unequivocally supported her choice. I gave her hugs and never judged her (not even in my head). Fortunately, her husband (who was in the military) was able to go with her for the abortion.

      So yeah, Jena truly disgusts me and I’m glad she’s not going to be a mother.

    • Ryan Allis allegedly facilitated Donk and Dodi getting together, so he definitely knows some of these folks. I know he’s FB friends with Jena la Flamme. But I think a lot of this is Julia’s doing; Dodi doesn’t seem to have much time to spend on social media.

    • I absolutely hate when people misuse the term slut shaming. I am a slut to end all sluts. I have had sex with more men than I can count, sometimes two or three at a time. I love casual NSA sex.

      But I also demand that grown assed women act like grown assed adults and take responsibility for themselves and their grown assed adult choices.

      I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been accused of slut shaming. You can just fuck right off.

  36. You know what’s off with this is the celebration. Abortion isn’t a celebration. No matter what one’s views. It’s a somber, thoughtful choice. It isn’t to be celebrated like women’s suffrage. No alter or dancing naked in the woods needed. No party clothes or hats or noise makers necessary. No photoshoot opportunity to be exploited to sell something. No fetal blood as an accessory. Jesus. Who thought one would even need to type that? Don’t eat your young or wear their blood on your face. It’s not art. It’s an important decision requiring your attention and thoughtfulness, not dancing around naked wearing blood. If you’re going to wear blood as a statement, it better be a good one, say the first lady refusing to change suits on the plane back to DC so the public would see “what they did to John”. This does not equal that.

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