Donkey Chat: The Julia Allison Podcast

Our burro is crowdsourcing like crazee. Asking podcasters and journalists what microphones and recording devices they use. Inquiring as to who is THE VOICE on subjects ranging from relationships to political systems. Tagging folks right and left on her latest manic tear. Yoo hoo, Dave Morin! Of course very few answer, though one who did was Jairek Robbins, who told Julia how beautiful she is in a bizarre grammar-challenged comment.

Is Donk planning on starting her own podcast, or is she making inquiries for yet another phantom “client”? She certainly wants folks – the Marsons? – to believe she’s actually doing something. But when has Judy ever followed through on anything? BOOK and The Reimagine Factory, anyone? This is a woman who took months to write a stupid puff piece for The New York Times.


SJW Donkey is posting on and on about the real terrorism – domestic violence perpetrated by men. Why are men still raping women?! Does she plan on discussing her new cause du jour with Tony Robbins?

Hey, Judy! If you’re really serious about helping battered women, why don’t you do some volunteer work at a women’s shelter? For all the girls. What’s that? It would cut into your $1200/mo massage sessions? You phony poseur.


  1. I remember her crowdsourcing many times about web development tools. And wanting to play guitar and learn “overarching music theory.” And taking classes in NLP.

    This will likely find itself in the dustbin like the others, but why on earth with a woman who laughs like a braying donkey think she has a voice for podcasts? And there are a million podcasts out there right now, what makes her think she can make this anything more than just another vanity project?

    • Donk has never had an original idea in her head. Nisha Moodley just announced that she’s starting a podcast, so I’m guessing the inspiration comes from the goddess in the treetops. I doubt Noodles has hired this busted old burro to do some typically half-assed job. Whatever one wants to say about Ms. Moodley, she does actually work and maintain websites, etc. She wouldn’t need a burro’s help to get a podcast up and running.

      Overarching Music Theory should be an RBD screen name.

      • We have a 49 year old Donkey in out city. She claimed she was starting a podcast. She did one episode which was only a 15 min intro to the “concept” of her pod cast. She was never heard from again.

        • I suspect Judy will do one or two podcasts before clomping off into her stall, if she even manages to sustain the energy and interest to learn about “recording devices” and actually take a project to fruition.

          • She’ll invite her same tired old list of the ten or so marginally famous people she sucked up to a decade ago that nobody cares to hear from.

            Also, how long will it take her in each podcast to focus the attention back on herself. The same thing that got her fired from Star and TMS. She won’t be able to resist. Dropping “my boyfriend” (more likely “my partner”) into every sentence.

          • When she was asking for suggestions, the one or two woo morons who actually managed to respond recommended the same one or two woo morons who always manage to show up on these shitshows, e.g., Annie Lalla to speak on relationships (presumably while shilling her brand).

    • she is going to interrupt people just to stop and say um uh uh and then laugh her laugh

      so youre exactly right, tmi weakly redux

        • I tried to find the RBD post about greatest love series podcast that featured Donk and Debbie, the one where she called him a base model, but couldn’t locate it. I think it happened in 2013. Do you remember, by any chance? I did searches but turned up nada except for a different article headline with base model in it.

          • Thanks, MM! I was pretty certain this ignominy had appeared in comments and not in an actual post, but I had no idea where it could be.

          • prof. f camping kills it with the transcription:

            Prof. F Camping April 16, 2013 at 7:03 pm
            julia: a few things contributed to us committing to each other. neither of us had anyone we were seeing, and for me, i had given up entirely on relationships, so there was no pressure. i was very willing to make a big change in the way i did business. he had just decided for the first time in his life that he wanted a girlfriend…or not the first time in his life, i didn’t say that right, for the first time in 5 years. … a player, a commitment-phobe, all the things we say about desirable 20-somethings, and he had just decided he was ready. so that came together, and we had the support of this incredible community and i think all those things came together at the same time. … like i just knew, he felt different, and he didn’t look, physically, in my mind… i didn’t know what the one was going to look like. but i felt that he was the one. after our second date i texted a couple of girlfriends that he was the one. i still wasn’t 100% all in, third day that’s kind of crazy, but once i got enough evidence to merit an all in stance, i said to myself this is it i’m gonna try this and that made all the difference and he did that too. doing that together, if people could realize the power. [enter philosophical donkey] there’s something called the prisoner’s dilemma, it’s a psychology game whereby you have to agree to something but you can’t talk with the other person … it only works if you both decide it’s 100%, and that’s tricky, especially in today’s society which is so BBD – bigger better deal. what’s around the corner, the grass is always greener. … i’ve dated enough, logically, there is not a better relationship. and then it’s really as good as you make it. the base model of devin is as good as it’s gonna get and after that it’s just the love and care i put into him and to our relationship and then i get all the bells and whistles … it’s so much deeper and stronger and fuller than i even knew a relationship could be. so it works but you have to have faith.

          • I hope Dodi sees her trend that she always gloms on to any guy as “the one” within just a few dates, and then pushes for the move-in. She convinces herself out of desperation that she can force her dates into commitment.

            She did the same with you Dodikins. She does this with everyone. Stock up on moving boxes.

          • I nominate this loveyoumentary podcast for the first RetroDonkeyspective since it didn’t get its own post the first time!

          • Crap! He’s taken down the podcast but the RBD thread is classic and has even more transcribed moments too.

          • Thanks, the video controls show up on my desktop computer but not on the iPad. So I thought it had been taken down.

  2. Judy and her Margarine Fartory, thinks she can churn some crap out to keep that fat doctor wallet around.

    I hope there’s a Cindy McCain in that family

  3. I will only listen to her podcast if it has horizontal scrolling.

  4. Off topic, but Megatits has been embarrassing herself lately on late night TV. After a pretty disastrous appearance on Seth Myers, who pushed back on some of her attacks on Ilhan Omar, Meghan’s hothead husband went off the rails. He ripped Seth a new one on Twitter, including calling him a cuck, and then deleted the tweets. Now John Oliver is letting them both have it.

  5. THE BRAYING!!!! Imagine the braying there would be if Donkey had her own podcast!! She would need a silent microphone… I can hear her screeches even now… Does anyone remember the gif of her jumping into a pool and making the loudest brays as she jumped?

  6. She’ll get her fill of Ridge Wallets*, Brooklinens* and For Hims* crap she can re-sell on Craigslist to afford her twice-daily massages. (Every sponsor of every podcast I listen to)

    • Never forget Axe Deodorant for pimply faced boys! This sponsor kept NonSociety afloat for months.

    • Julia beautiful human fighting to stay alive & share love & goodness with others who are also fighting to stay alive!

      • Fighting to stay relevant, he means. And the sharing of love and goodness is a false front hiding her malignant narcissism.

        • Yep. She love bombs anyone with money and/or power and is only able to keep up the false front if interaction with the target is limited.

          I found Son of Frankenstein’s Monster’s comment to be so odd! How is Judy fighting to stay alive? Fighting to keep sponging off her soft-spoken sucker scientist until he tosses her out on her raft ass would be more apt.

    • I just saw a pic of him. He looks like the Missing Link

  7. podcasts are a business.
    we all know donkey is allergic to work.
    also, she can’t lip dub a podcast.

  8. Her voice is gratingly awful.

    • I’m attempting to imagine her trying to fill airtime if THE LEADER in his or her field hasn’t shown up. What pearls of wisdom will fall from her maw? Intellectual acumen and that voice do not co-exist.

  9. It’s easier to spew crap into a microphone than write a book. Even if it is a book on “happiness” which is something that is found through a variety of failures, hard work, dedication, sacrifice, etc. Not flippant vacations on your dad’s dime to another place with a pool and exotic food.

    • Besides, she isn’t even happy. Look at her almost year in Bali where all she did was pine for ILYRAIN and scheme and find ways to harass him, his girlfriend and his family. Yet if you look at the pictures, she’s all happy Rainbow running around with balloons. Her so called happiness totally depends on attention and if she has a man to control and obsess over in her life.

      • every good interview format podcast: the host relates well to the participant, and it becomes less of an interview and more of a conversation. her endless need for attention means any conversation will revolve around herself and not the interviewee, which is really the whole point of the thing.

        speaking from personal experience, to OMT’s point above, and i’m sure winchester and any of our esteemed colleagues in law professions can attest to, interviewing is hard. recognizing patterns of speech, or vocal tics so you don’t repeat the same phrases while questioning requires the ability to listen and self-awareness, neither of which are JA’s strongest traits.

        • The same goes for journalists and other writers who interview extensively. Not that Donkey would know what being a journalist is like

          • See NY Fashion week footage for her in-depth questions. “What was your inspiration?” “Do you like tiaras?” “How do you feel about the color pink?” “is my ass too big?”(asked to Andre Leon Talley).

          • i like the nerdist / chris hardwick and conan o’brien style of podcast. it follows the “you, me and us” model for conversation as described by f. scott fitzgerald in “bernice bobs her hair” with less emphasis on the “me” on the part of the interviewer.

            jury is still out whether hardwick’s “me too” takedown was justified or not.

            finding it a little difficult to get into alyssa milano’s latest offering, but maybe that’s because i’m not resonating with the guests as opposed to her interview style.

          • An RBDer has mentioned “Bernice Bobs Her Hair.” All is good in the world. I can now retire.

          • You know Christian was looking at Donkey’s sweater and thinking, oh shit, I bet she’s a suburban soccer mom who bedazzles her sweatshirts.

    • She could pretend to write a book about fucking dirtfest DJs and getting her parents to pay for everything. Into her 40s. Not sure how big audience is for that though.

      • She’d have to self-publish, because no publishing house will ever sign her again.

        But self-pubbing takes an incredible work ethic, as well as a lot of money (5 figures) if you want it done properly (developmental editing, copy editing, layout, cover art, cover design, etc.)

      • She had a window of opportunity to do a tell-all on her Internet famewhoring, but that time has also passed. Right after Miss Advised would have been the right time for that. No one cares about her or that anymore, there are much bigger famewhores out there now than she ever was.

        • She was — hell, she still is — in denial over the fact that she could’ve been famous as a “love to hate” character, instead of the pretty princess she is still delusional enough to believe she is.

          Her goal was always to be wanted by men and envied by women.

          • I started following this woman after watching Mis Advised in 2012, and that led me to this site since this site was talked about on the show. I can not understand what, if any, goals or wants Donk has. It’s almost as if she has no goals or passions, and that’s why she lost so many opportunities and hasn’t gone after a stable career. From my study on her all I can conclude is her constant and possibly primary goal in her life is to get proposed to and married. Everything she did in NYC was to meet men, to write about men, to be Carrie Bradshaw, and she thought for sure she’d make it to the alter before her expiration date. But, it didn’t turn out like that for her. She seriously went down the rabbit hole when she moved to SF in terms of her activities. Does anyone think she was using drugs with the burning man crowd? Marrying herself? That was truly that stupidest thing a person with her limited goals in life could have done. She met an ivy league doctor and calls him “reasonable man?” I don’t understand that. Isn’t reasonable man the one she’s been waiting for her whole life? It is so annoying that she gets this seemingly great man, and then turns around and calls him average, and declares to the world that she’s mature now, b/c ten years ago she wouldn’t date reasonable man.

            I also learned more recently on this site that she got a book deal, which she turned around and did nothing with in terms of her contract. That’s truly shocking. As soon as she gets something good, she lets it fall through her fingers, and I just can’t imagine allowing that to happen.

            My prediction is that Dr Dodi will fall through his fingers and get away, just like everything else that could have been good. Moving in? Why? Stupid move. If she dates him longer than a year then she’s a fool for that as well.

            Does anyone see similarities between the Donk and Tinsley Mortimer? On Real Housewives when Tinsely fell onto floor in her princess dress when her boyfriend, Scott, surprised her by coming to visit her in NY from another state, it was a total carbon copy of Donk’s same move on Misadvised when she fell to the ground at her dinner party. Tinsley has better opportunities and is easier to like than Donk, but there’s so much similarity when I watch their habits and lifestyles and conduct.

          • Excellent analysis! But apparently Dr. Dodi is not “Reasonable Man.”

            Yes, Tinsley is a more likable woman. She also managed, at one point, to have a husband. And her family is truly upper class and seriously wealthy, not upper middle class like the Baughers.

          • you need to go back further and see what other opportunities she’s squandered – it’ll keep you shaking your head for months. She got things that made many a basement dwelling cat lady like me jealous (at the time). Especially when she g(r)ifted free stuff and was totally unappreciative (trip to Europe, attending davos, an almost-syndicated column (that could have actually gone somewhere but she couldn’t be bothered to post more than a couple of hastily scribbed and heavily borrowed articles for), so many other trips, so many other opps. Every one – squandered away. She just wanted to hang out with the “cool kids” and get a “cool founder” to marry her so she could have FU money. That was her only goal.

          • free stuff, such as entry to techcrunch disrupt and ignite conferences. at that stage i was working for a startup and we couldn’t justify springing for the price of entry to either.

            wasn’t ignite where forman dumped her ass via a powerpoint presentation?

          • Oh, Donkey “wants” alright… right up until the moment she “gets“, and then all bets are off. See, any and every time it’s up to Donkey to fulfill an obligation on her part, All. Bets. Are. Off.

            She will drag her hooves to wipe her ample raftass rather than do what is expected of her because she seemingly feels like she has the upper hoof if and when she bucks authority or any semblance of.

            Dadbod would do good to realize that before he tries to take on a wife only to end up with a special needs animule instead.

  10. Judy’s podcast really should be a how-to guide on emotionally manipulating your parents out of their money. Ali Shanti could be a guest on it all the time.

    • Looking forward to the Thirsty Moodley episode about “how to use your child as a bargaining chip”

      Totally run with this Judy!

    • Ali Shanti is filming a series of “transformational videos” in Vancouver – no word if her mother was forced into paying production costs – that were “inspired” by asshat Adam Roa. She posted photos with one of Roa’s crewmembers in which he appears to be banging her in the booty.

      Adam is the new Michelle Obama! Be sure to give him page views!

      • Jesus, these people. I mean, sure, animated thumb boy, tell me about choosing love. Obviously you’re a fucking expert.

        • He’s horrid. Narcissism even more over the top than most “YouTube personalities.” Something told him to “film everything.” Yeah, it’s called NPD, you ridiculous asshat getting high on your own farts. (Ask me how I really feel)

  11. Jena Ladumb looking for new digs already. Goddess temple to expensive or they threw her out. Hubby come to help the move that is not cross country??? no.

    • I saw that! Did they toss her out on her ass? Why is she tagging everyone from Jennifer Russell to hubby Sacha? He’s not moving back to the USA to shack up with her in some woo shithole.

        • #4. I wager she’ll meet him when thenthually dancing at a Zouk event.

          How’s that shoulder, Jena?

  12. I would listen to a JA podcast. More fodder for us. Sad thing tho is it’s unlikely she would keep up with it.

  13. This has to be a reaction to Meghan Asha proposing to her now fiancee on a podcast. This will not get Donks a husband.

    • Perhaps a reaction to Meghanaise and to Noodles’ announcement that she was going into the podcast racket? Whatever the inspiration, and we know Donk didn’t think this podcast threat up on her own, I hope she drags Dodi into one of the eps and proposes to him. Laughs for weeks, especially if he says no.

  14. I went to see a movie the other day and before the trailers there was a short interview of Sofia Coppola by Grace Coddington. It was completely bonkers because basically Grace just spoke about herself for several minutes and made inside jokes while Sofia nodded politely. That’s what this podcast would be. The guests would all be dumbasses from Burning Man, but suppose she did manage to finagle an actual interesting person? They’d be forced to listen to her natter on about why she is named Rainbow and how she was a muse to several dj artists.

  15. Ali Shanti is hiring! Help her reel in the suckers! Please note: all hires must take a mandatory blowjob course.

    • i smell scammy scheme juices bubbling.

      1) sale is right fit: isn’t this the goal of any honest salesperson?
      2) fear of investing in their next level = overextending their current financial situation?

      it’s the nth iteration of money map all over again!

  16. Please read Jena La Flamme’s latest on FB. I am absolutely sick to my stomach and I am Pro-Choice. She is a disgusting individual & despite what she wrote and how much woo speak she can roll into it, she will live to regret what she did for the rest of her life. She is MENTAL!!!!

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