Tacky: Meghanaise Proposes To Her Very Own Dodi On A Podcast

From wemetatacme, a podcast about millennial dating, on IG:

A month or so ago, I got an email from a woman who told me her and her boyfriend had met at Acme. I loved to hear that obviously, but nothing could even prepare me for what she said next. @meghanasha told me she wanted to PROPOSE to her boyfriend ON OUR PODCAST! Safe to say this way the best episode I’ve been a part of to date, and you don’t want to miss this. Thank you so much @meghanasha and @levbrie for including me in your love story!


Andy Whorehol writes:

As long as we’re on the subject of former flames/friends within Donk’s orbit who end up finding success in love and business after escaping Donkland, it amazes me to see how former sister Megs/Pointy has particularly flourished. She finally ‘founded’(remember Julia’s founder fetish?) a big business of her own, thriving in NYC still, and now getting married soon. I kinda raise my eyebrows over women proposing marriage to their men, but after seven years together, why the Hell not? I could see Donk totally stealing this idea.

From Unicorn Shirley:

As for Pointy, I saw her in my former synagogue maybe 5 years ago (maybe a little more). She was there briefly on one of the High Holidays, seemed to know some of the younger women who were there (the kind who only show up for the High Holidays), and was waving at someone in the men’s section. I remember she was wearing a “trying to hard to be boho chic” outfit and made the mistake of whipping out her iphone during services.

For greg’s sake, don’t tell Toledo and her Aussie buddy!

As for Meghanaise, at least she didn’t marry herself at Burning Man.

Thanks to the RBDer who sent along this announcement.

A brunette sandwich a la Dodi, Donk, Myka.


    • I just scrolled through the rest of the photos on the Instagram post, and the one of him looking at the ring (I guess?) is just SAD.

    • He did! OMG! OMG! OMG! And it’s so speshul when done LIVE on a tacky dating podcast. Take note, Judy!

  1. I wonder if this is the guy she was trying (barely) to impress by going to synagogue for a few minutes.

    As soon as I saw her, I assumed she was trying to nail down a Jewish wallet and might have to convert, depending on how observant his family is

      • I can just imagine the Instagramming and other shit they’d do

  2. That is not a happy groom-to-be. Notice how he hugs the hostess instead of his fiancee. Poor pointy.

    • This makes me really sad. BODY LANGUAGE ALERT!!! Look how Meghan is leaning in in two photos and he is outright ignoring her. He’s studying the ring and has a nervous smile. If that isn’t the start of a bad marriage decision, I don’t know what is.

      I hope this was just a publicity stunt for all involved.

  3. So I was intrigued/bored enough to listen to the actual podcast; it’s not nearly as cringey as the pics would suggest and her proposal speech itself was actually really sweet. And despite the fact that I now want to throat-punch the podcast hostess senseless due to her annoyingly drawled vocal fry, the episode wasn’t so bad.
    They talked about how they met, what they do as careers, where they’re from, etc…he was smitten at first sight and thought she was beautiful so he approached her in a “meet cute”; seems like they met casually, dated casually, dated other people while they fucked casually, and finally decided they didn’t want to be so casual anymore.
    And according to him, he proposed to her three times but she wanted a proposal on her own terms. Whatever works for them, I guess?

    • Absolutely! Of course I’m fine with Asha making the proposal that turned into a yes, though I find the venue extremely tacky.

      I’ll try to give the podcast a listen when driving my kid to debate practice.

  4. JFC, is there anything these famewhores won’t turn into a marketing opportunity?

  5. If his family is Orthodox, there will almost certainly be a major shitstorm if she isn’t willing to convert Orthodox. I cannot imagine any observant parents being okay with this.

    • This particular synagogue (where I spotted her once) is known for significant number of religious guys who bring their non-Jewish girlfriends to services, for informal classes, and so on. They also take the official classes then go before the Beit Din to show that they’re sincere in wishing to convert and will live Jewish lives.

      Then they show up for services in the synagogue every Saturday, even after marriage. Until the first child is born, then they are almost never seen again. Maybe just on major holidays. And they’re not at home taking care of the children because in most cases, the husband is bringing the little ones to synagogue with him every Saturday.

      • JFAing to add that this synagogue is Modern Orthodox. Separate seating, services almost entirely in Hebrew, no women at the bimah, etc.

        • So Donks = the not-fabulously-wealthy-but-doing-OK-man’s Ivanka?

          Tried to post earlier version of this but it didn’t show up. Maybe I am being viciously excluded from the kool kid’s klub?

          • No, as I’ve mentioned many times and as you’ve no doubt noticed, the site has delays and other technical glitches.

          • To clarify, it was Pointy in the synagogue, not Donkey

        • underrated comment.
          But then ivankas sponsor is the biggest tax loser.
          but point well made

  6. I proposed to my lovely husband, but not in public. Pointy is so awkward!

    And Mare Mare Beach Hair is getting married? My lord, for three ladies who talked so much about how much they wanted to get married, they’re a bit late out of the gate.

  7. And another of Donkey’s cronies ties the knot. Amber Rae not only has published a book, gives keynote addresses and now has a destination wedding in Morocco to a tech founder. Check out on Instagram.

  8. Let’s hope all these attention seekers have longer marriages than Cory Randolph

      • JFAing to add no likes or comments from Marson on the new profile and cover fauxtos, but Donk did get a ‘Beautiful’ from Schmachtenberger.

        • Marson did like the profile pic update after all… so did Dad$er tho’, which makes me wonder if she’s at the assisted living center…

          • He liked it AFTER my comment went up, so maybe she has access to Marson’s FB and IG accounts and with his approval, which wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

          • Of course. But does he know she has access to his accounts?

          • He knows and doesn’t care. Unlike some dirtbag DJs, Marson is a busy guy with an actual job and doesn’t have much time for social media. Thus, he gave Judy the keys to the FB & IG kingdoms. Who do you think created his new IG page?

          • Then he deserves whatever Donkeystorm comes his way the moment he refuses to indulge her latest whim

      • He’s still got her on his FB page. But he’s a busy guy, so maybe hasn’t gotten around to it.

        Maybe he declined to take her to NYC and she mad.

    • On Instagram, too. Gone are the red heart sweaters in the park with “my bestest two people ever” photos. Did she blow it already? Also, she most definitely has control of his accounts in my opinion. She’s slowly backing off the “this man!” mania she was on and taking stuff down all over the place heading toward the inevitable “it’s over” post in which she’ll finally admit it in, say, nine or ten months. Like with what’s his Phace, she’ll need about a year to come to grips with it and tells the truth that “we’re never breaking up” was only in her mind. Water colored memories! We hardly knew you dadbod turned political-prisoner-bod. Well Greg, I need a drink. I thought she was actually going to close that deal. I feel a sense of loss for the wedding (with a groom) we almost had. I just don’t see another opportunity like that coming along again. He was perfect for the person she envisions herself to be. Bu-bye Dodi. I’m gonna miss you and the marriage you almost had. Time to get cable again or renew the old Netflix. Gonna be a slow summer. Alas!

      • Dodi is still all over Donk’s instagram page. Do you think Rob Schuham might have something to do with this? I’m guessing the four of them are tight, as it were, so to speak, and Schuham has scrubbed any public acknowledgement of Myka, presumably because he doesn’t want to be associated with RBD. Like Schuham, Dodi also has an actual career and perhaps is hoping to avoid the bad publicity that comes with banging an expired burro.

      • She is going to spin the breakup as “He loved me very much, but I couldn’t stay in San Francisco, with all the noise and the pollution and the soullessness of America, I had to follow my heart to Ubud, where I can play white master to the locals on the cheap, my we-should-cuddle pillow NEEDED me!!!”.

        “We will be in love still always forever and stay as friends until his restraining order do us part”.

        • First, Guam. Now, San Francisco.

        • Nope. The only photo that’s been removed from IG is the San Francisco threesome with Myka, Donk, and Dodi. Everything else with Dodi, from Las Vegas to a very Baugher Christmas, remains.

      • I get the feeling that she is back trying to rebrand herself, because she is no longer even getting the crumbs of work Allis used to throw at her. That photo shoot with the horses was the same one she used for that short-lived website featuring her drinking coffee (Yalom cliche photo of course) on the Novato porch sitting sideways and pointing her toes. She created that site to fool Rain into thinking she was an actual consultant with clients. Now that she’s moved in with Dodi, she can’t hide the fact from him that she doesn’t work.

        She can try to freeze us out of her social media posts, but that’s not going to stop her from being who she is. Famewhore Donkey phase might be over, but crazy hosebeast narcissist Donkey will always exist. The tree that falls in the forest when nobody is around to see it still makes a noise.

        • This. She’s living with an actual achiever, whose colleagues, parents, sibling, and brother-in-law are smart folks who are always doing something interesting. I’m guessing the fact that Donk does NOTHING and doesn’t actually possess intellectual acumen is slowly dawning on this crowd.

          I do wonder what the hell happened with Allis. Something to do with [REDACTED]’s abrupt departure?

          • I wish I was a fly on the wall when any of Dodi’s family or friends ask her what she does for a living. And imagine Dodi hearing her response, and thinking, “Bish, show me the receipts!” I doubt she gets bynwith, “Well, I go by the name of Rainbow and I am a global ambassador for love.” “Oh, so you’re a sex worker, then.” Hahaha

        • She can’t stay away from social media for too long. It’s (really, we are) all she has

          • I think this used to be true. But she has her clique of woo woo tribal friends from Burning Man/Camp Septic. I think she has a private backchannel of these people and that’s where she’s getting her attention fix these days. She’s no longer hitting for the big numbers and high profile attention. She’s content with the bottom feeder hippies and grifters who accept her despite her flaws, because they’re just as bad as she is.

          • I strongly agree. The woos don’t judge her, they enable her, which is why Donk started running with this crowd.

        • Perfect analysis Grifty!

          It’s kind of crazy how DonkeyTown has flubbed her social media fame from yesteryear.

          I mean every time she posts something, it tends to get at least A BIT of attention (even if negative it’s still attention). If she just kept doing ONE THING PER MONTH she literally could still be at least a D-level celeb.

          Despite being controversial (and disliked by many) characters, people like Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian at least kept pumping out the content and appearances. Donks has done zilch.

          She has (…errr “had”) enough connections to write for major publications, put out a book, make appearances, do videos for Hive…..but she’s done none of it.

          Gilly you’re right, this utter lack of achievement despite the vast opportunities given will eventually sink into the minds of the accomplished Marson’s.

          She’ll then start getting insecure and begin bitching at Dodi to “introduce her as a social media expert” at parties, which will lead to quarrels, which will lead to him hitting the road.

          ::grabs popcorn::

          • If the Marsons haven’t already figured out what she is, then they may b accomplished but they’re not particularly bright. Donkey ain’t subtle, and anyone with half a brain easily figures out what she is pretty quickly. That’s why I assume that those who hang around for more than a few weeks are either stupid or think they can get something out of being with her

          • And as she gets older and further from her peak days – Gawker, cable news, Star, Wired cover – the less she has to offer

          • One would think smart folks would catch on to her BS immediately, but I’ve watched her engage in the suck-up love bombs and she can be quite disarming. However, folks eventually do catch on, usually sooner rather than later. (I cut Pancakes some slack here because he was so young.)

          • With Pancakes, I seem to recall that they didn’t spend much time together (before she moved herself into the condo they shared), so it’s easier to hide the cray. But Dodi Dadbod has spent much more time with her and is a grown-ass middle-aged professional man.

    • Very strange. Why the piecemeal deletions? Does she plan on removing all Dodi snaps from IG?

      • Sounds like she was dumped on her raft ass. Again. And instead of having to make the humiliating announcement, she’s just slowly disappearing him from her online life

        • With softness… she’s been dumped before and always keeps the dudes’ fauxtos on her social media, even doubling down on the comments, tagging, and not-so-subtle digs.

          Greasy: He still cares about me! We’re best friends!

          Derpin: ghostwritten breakup elegy; “I’m still friends with my exes; THIS is success!” etc; my ex Derpin needs to sell our RV bc he can’t afford to maintain it

          Avocado: We’re still friends! You’d better treat your new GF right, buster! Um, don’t forget your favorite Rainbow took that Fauxto of you!

          Choad: Oh, look at these old fauxtos that my ex boyfriend took of me! Did I mention I had an ex who couldn’t commit?

          Countless others: Oh, look at all these fauxtos of ex boyfriends that I happened to stumble upon and then post at 3 a.m.

          My guess is that she’s trying to protect Dodi from us and/or trying to brush under the carpet the evidence that anyone who Evers A Donkey will eventually be an RBD [best-selling except for 3 others] cover boy.

          With softness.

          • Good points. But isn’t it a bit late to “protect” him from RBD? After all these months?

  9. Wonder if Jules read the write up of her guru Tony Robbin’s fucked up predatory behavior. Little Miss When Will Men Stop Raping Women should be outraged.

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