That’s DOCTOR McCain To You, Donkey!

Goodness, such a dashing couple! Quite a contrast to the CRISPR and his layabout Coobie:

A big thanks to the RBDer who sent along the doctorate alert!


  1. Every one of her ex’s does so much better after they get away from her…

  2. So Jack Pancakes is married to a doctor, unlike a certain Donkey who had to marry herself in the dusty Nevada desert.

    • Someone tell Dr. M to make sure to keep the rascal wrapped or she’s gonna cook up a Moodley special for him

      • Moodley Special. Lol!

        For the annals .

        Noun or verb

        A self centered phony desperate for getting preggers, heedless of the child or the relationship or the rest, and using that circumstance to further grift.

        Ie that 49 year old met a 27 year old rock climber and pullied a Moodley Special, now they have a kid named gekko and are splitsville.

  3. Ps thanks for the extra sauce this week Gilly! You’re the best.

  4. I recently had to explain to my sister what a Coobie was; and, I used RBD’s “car wash bra”. She instantly nodded in understanding without need for further explanation.

  5. They are a really beautiful pair. I hope they have lots of pretty babies. The Mccains that is

    • The contrast between the pictures of each couple is stark.

      Jack & wife look genuinely happy.

      Donkey, on the other hand, does her best lost-in-love impression (which is BAD, she is a lousy actress) while Dodi smiles nervously with an uncomfortable look on his face.

  6. The closest Donks got to an advanced degree was when she was with Jack and half assing an application to business school. I recall that she had him helping her study with flash cards. As always, she never even applied to take the entrance exam. The irony of his wife actually getting a doctorate and the bullet he dodged is delicious.

    • As if any school would actually have admitted her had she finished her application and taken the GMAT! She barely graduated Georgetown and no professor would have written her a recommendation. Nor could she point literally – fingernails & erudition! – to NonSociety as a sterling bidness success. What a fucking joke.

      • Dumbass didn’t even know that she was supposed to take the GMAT and not the GRE.

        I lost my gold star on Gawker when I expressed doubt about her ability to carry through the application process, let alone complete an MBA – at a prestigious, rigorous university

        • I’d forgotten about the GRE! One of those rare times her intellectual acumen failed her?

          • We’re all the custodians of her memories!

  7. Am I the only one thinking she finally gave it up to Dr. Dadbod because she found out pancake’s wife was becoming a doctor and needed to compete?
    “You’ve got a doctor and so do I”

    • “Keep that helo in the air, babe, and by the way I’M FUCKING A DOCTOR”
      2019 remix of a cunty classic🚁

  8. Do you think it ever even occurs to her that her peers are out there achieving actual things and she is doing nothing? I mean, when an unpleasant former classmate receives a prestigious something, I kind of shake myself and remind myself that I have raised some pretty great kids and been beloved in my career. I’m not hitting it out of the ballpark, but I work hard and am good at what I do. If I had done NOTHING, like her, I would feel terrible pretty much all of the time.

    • Nope. Self-awareness has never been her thing. I’m pretty sure that the only thing that gets to her is when her exes get married

  9. As long as we’re on the subject of former flames/friends within Donk’s orbit who end up finding success in love and business after escaping Donkland, it amazes me to see how former sister Megs/Pointy has particularly flourished. She finally ‘founded’(remember Julia’s founder fetish?) a big business of her own, thriving in NYC still, and now getting married soon. I kinda raise my eyebrows over women proposing marriage to their men, but after seven years together, why the Hell not? I could see Donk totally stealing this idea:

    • You think Donk hasn’t already tried?

      As for Pointy, I saw her in my former synagogue maybe 5 years ago (maybe a little more). She was there briefly on one of the High Holidays, seemed to know some of the younger women who were there (the kind who only show up for the High Holidays), and was waving at someone in the men’s section. I remember she was wearing a “trying to hard to be boho chic” outfit and made the mistake of whipping out her iphone during services.

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