Alex Marson, Superstar & Julia Allison, Bum – The Phabulous Phuture of THIS COUPLE!!

Dr. Dodi Dadbod is among the “brilliant minds” speaking at the WSJ’s Phuture of Everything Festival later this month.

You KNOW Donkey is tagging along for this spectacle. “Yoo hoo, Olivia Wilde, I just loved one of your movies! Which one? Oh, I seem to have forgotten the title and now I must dance for my partner during his presentation on magical DNA!”

If anyone thinks Donk isn’t riding Dodi the Meal Ticket to the finish line, they’ve lost their fucking mind.

What’s our burro doing professionally? Apparently nothing, other than posting nonstop on FB. Everything from giving hosannas to Jack Dorsey for being Silicon Valley’s answer to Gwyneth Paltrow – vom in the shower – to microdosing going mainstream. She’s also allegedly tagging Dodi a lot. One of our tipsters indicated Donk is posting so often that she’s unfollowed her on FB.

Donk also appears to be AWOL from this year’s HIVE shitshow. As mentioned previously, she’s not on the schedule, nor are Dadsers and her woo comrades. How odd! What went down in Allistown? I did note Ryan somehow managed to snag Marianne Williamson for the keynote. I wonder how much he’s paying her. Presidential candidates don’t come cheap, even those way at the bottom of the barrel.

To the epsilon minus in Toledo who was clutching her pearls over the effrontery of photos snapped inside a church and insisted this site was being shut down by the Baughers, as it should be, are you forgetting who established this precedent? Enjoy our weekly post!


  1. Love the weekly!
    How long will he stand her, or is this all he could do?
    she’s worrisome!~

    First for the weekly edition.

  2. It will never stop being funny to me how Ol’ Donk is absolutely OK with doing nothing. Wasn’t the Hive thing, whatever bullshit that is, the ONLY halfways work-resembling thing, once a year, that she has been semi-involved in during the past two years or so? And now, not even that. Great work.

    On another note, Gilly, thank you for keeping the light on! And I hope things aren’t too stressful on your end.

    • According to PhuturePhuckPhace, the only gig for which HE KNEW she got PAID during their time together was the HIVE folly.

      Re: keeping that light on, we may have a new mod or mods soon!

  3. I’m still trying to figure out what he gets from this relationshitshow. She’s not attractive (or sane) enough to be a trophy wife/girlfriend. She doesn’t have a prominent job or anything statusy in her life. She doesn’t come from wealth – his family probably has more than the Baughers. She’s not interesting (except in a psychiatric study kind of way). According to gossip, she’s not particularly good in bed.

    He’s not exactly a hottie and probably isn’t the most socially adjusted adult, but he can probably still get a decent woman.

      • You think she’s any good at that? She’s too lazy and self-centered. No work ethic!

        • Who do you think you are!! Julia Allison won the title of America’s Favorite Second Date Blowjob Queen fair and square. Just ask Jelly D.

    • I”m starting to question the not good in bed intel from years ago. Avocado didn’t want her as a girlfriend, but wanted to keep sleeping with her and the DJ with the torso challenged hoodies kept going back to her. Maybe she learned some skillz to pay the billz along the way.

      • I don’t mean to sound indelicate here, but…anal. With softness.

        • Well, the crying after sex would make more sense, but her lack of basic hygiene just got even more questionable.

          Keep your junk tidy, Donk.

      • She does have those meaty, muscular haunches. She can probably deadlift these chuckleheads and toss them around. All her men look like bottoms.

    • I’ve watched Donk fawn over people with influence and/or money. I found these routines hilariously transparent, but the act does work on folks. Who doesn’t want to be love bombed and told over and over again how wonderful they are? I only hope Marson’s parents and/or his sister can see through the machinations.

    • I think she leads with sex to rope someone in, like she did with Rain when she contacted him to be a no-strings hookup. But she’s confessed she gets tired of having sex with her boyfriends after she’s been with them a while. I can’t imagine that would change with Dr. Dadbod.

      • How is she a step UP from strippers?

          • And they’re usually in good shape

          • Just playing devil’s advocate here, but she seems to LOVE stripper shoes and she did change her name to something silly.

          • Who the hell would want to see her strip?

  4. It’s shocking that this Dr. Dodi could let his career and real work be diluted by the bad reputation of a donkey! What is he thinking? Soon, he’ll be known purely for her antics.

  5. Other people that have associated with her have gone private on social media too (Myra, rob…etc).

    Could you imagine trying to be taken seriously professionally and having people directed to here when they try to find out more about your company/business?

    • I’ve often wondered how Ali Shanti still gets suckers because RBD comes up on the first page of her google listings.

      • JFAIng myself because Skankatron posted that she’s as close to TRUE LOVE as she’s ever been and then the post turned out to be a shill for a “relationship program” concocted by one of her grifter buddies. The olde leather bag has no shame.

        Also, there was this. Hope you’re ingesting those psychedelics legally, Ye Olde Raunche!

        • at first glance, and without reading the caption thought these were the withered ballsacs of her past lovers.

        • La Fraud is beside herself that OMG! magic mushrooms are legal in Denver!! More important than the Emancipation Proclamation, eh, Jena?

          Jena la Flamme
          14 hrs ·
          A moment when I feel proud to live in the US. Well done, Denver. The first city in the US to decriminalize mushrooms. California must be jealous. I guess we’re next in line.

          This is sacred medicine that when properly used, ceremonially, respectfully, and therapeutically brings humans into Deep Nature Connection, and has the potential for immense healing of the psyche.

          Known as the “Little Brothers” by shamans, they are great allies for humanity’s healing.

  6. Oh, dear.

    Does this mean she is coming to New York to be with her “beloved”?

    Is she going to post a rant about the awful awful city of New York and how she’d rather be in Ubud getting a massage and doing drugs on the we-should-probably-cuddle pillow?

    BTW, Dadbod is going to speak for all of 15 minutes on “Stage 2”, which is probably not as important as “Stage 1”, or it wouldn’t be called “Stage 2”.

    • I counted almost 100 speakers to be at this thing. It’s insane. It would take him more 15 minutes just to explain even the basics of what he does, especially with his speech issue. Surely the WSJ isn’t flying him and his donkey to NY and putting them up in a hotel for a fifteen minute presentation.

      • I am wondering if he is getting ***PAID*** for it.

        This may be the kind of event that someone like DadBod attends for free hoping a rich powerful person will notice him and fund a project of his.

    • I noted he was relegated to Stage 2, but I’m still wondering how he gets these gigs. Perhaps his L.A. movie producer sister and/or brother-in-law have hooked him up with a good agent?

  7. If I had “fuck you money” I would pay someone to super-impose a Donkey, in her mylar balloon pants – dancing for Rain at Red Rocks – to look like she was dancing in front of Dodi, at this event.

    • If I had fuck-you money, I would attend the WSJ event and discreetly photobomb the Donkey’s selfies wearing a donkey mask.

  8. Will Donks behave herself in front of all of those Brilliant Minds? Reader, it is unlikely.

    As desperately as Donks is gripping onto this future ex-husband, methinks he will will tire of her soon.

    • I, for one, will be eagerly awaiting her Davos-style report of the event.

    • She’ll be the loudest in the room and she’ll be dropping names faster than she drops to her knees on a date.

      • They’ll need a broom and dustpan to clear away all the names she drops

  9. Start the clock. This trip will forever be known as the turkey baster trip. JA hasn’t been around this many remotely famous people in a decade. She’s gonna lock this down in a way he can’t leave her, ever. Double the rubber, dude.

  10. Did this Toledo person threaten with site-closing in the comments, or via email? I missed it.

    • Toledo appeared in the comments a few mornings ago after folks had left for school. Much tsk-tsking with no awareness that Donkey had snapped MANY pictures inside the First Congregational Church of Wilmette. What did she expect a mod to do when seated 10 feet away from Robin & Petey?!

      I suppose I should have let the comment stay, but the self-righteous tone annoyed me, as did the insistence that the Baughers were behind my wish to decrease my intense workload. If Toledo was the avid lurker that s/he claimed, surely she’s been aware of the site’s many technical problems during the last 18 months?

    • Nobody threatened anything and yes, Gilly, this person has been in the Donkosphere far longer than you. There are plenty of us who check in from time to time. (It wasn’t me, as you can see from my Australian IP.)

      • I could care less how long Toledo has been lurking on RBD. What does that have to do with anything, other than highlight her failing grade in reading comprehension? As I wrote above, my beef stems from the pious pearl clutching and her ludicrous assertion that the Baughers were shutting this site down because someone snapped a photograph in a public space, i.e., their gloomy church. That’s simply not true.

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