The Future of RBD?

My dear bunnies, Donk has gone dark on FB and doesn’t appear to be posting on IG. In addition, we seem to be having difficulties with posts and comments showing up, primarily if readers are not logged in and are using Chrome on a desktop or a laptop. As for yours truly, I am facing some monumental work and life changes in the next couple of months and won’t be able to monitor the blog on a daily basis.

So, where do we go from here?

Would someone(s) be interested in taking over moderator duties? Should I shutter the blog? Perhaps keep it open and post once per week or every two weeks? I will not be able to post on a regular basis, both because of outside exigencies and the current lack of content.

Your thoughts? Let them unfold …


  1. Auntie! Of course work and life comes before a Donkey! I’d be happy with a weekly or biweekly post. I can’t imagine life without the cat ladies! Hoping someone can hoof-up during this stressful time!

  2. This is nerdy of me, but I’d love to see retrospective posts dissecting the brief “fameball” era of NY media, what became of its major players (for example, the Hipster Grifter) and where that led us to the hellscape we all live in today.

    • I would be interested in helping out with comments and posts. I do like Sad Rat’s idea of going back and revisiting old key players and events as to how they shaped Donkey and her behaviors.

      • Also, I think there’s a direct line from the fameball era to the stuff we see in the news today with people like Anna Delvey. Which now gets national news attention and podcast and book deals.

      • Perhap a couple of cat ladies would be interested in doing the blog? As Jacy & JP did back in the day.

  3. She’ll be back. She can’t fake it long enough to make any lasting relationships.

    • She’s still posting on FB, more of the same SJW drivel, but only to friends. She’s tagging her goddess BFFs again and again, but no one is responding and she’s receiving one or two likes at most.

  4. I would also enjoy a sort of ‘Worst of’ retrospective, like a repost from the archives of something especially memorable, once a week.

    Sometimes I randomly come across something wacky she’s done and think ‘I can’t believe I forgot she did that!’.

    • Ooo, that’s a cool idea. Like a throwback Thursday. Less work for a mod but we can keep it alive and still interact with one another.

      • Exactamundo! Just repost an Oldie But Goodie where we can analyze and also the regular chatting that makes this place so special. And a few trusted people to babysit and just make sure that everything functions as it’s supposed to do.

      • My days as a mod will soon be over. I’ve lasted nearly as long as Jacy but just kant anymore. No time for attempts to fix server glitches or check what’s going on Wooville.

        • Gilly, you are incredible! I love the idea of someone (besides dear Auntie) reposting greatest hits. I joined the show after MisAssViced and the caught up on the old rebloggingns archive when I was pregnant. Reading the comments on each post was incredible.

  5. Thanks for all

    Thoughts…. Something serious happened with the Alex guy and lawyers and hackers and the Russians and tigers and bears.

    Also Nisha says she’s the provider throwing no vowels under the bus.

    We need you. Don’t let petey petticoat and the worst oeeosn in the world win.

    Chronicle the EPIC impending break up, then ok drop the mic!

    • Noodles has posted poem after poem about her breakup with Noah No Vowels – no one saw this coming – accompanied by glamour photos of herself looking forlorn.

          • For someone who professes to be a holy goddess and life coach, she sure seems like an awful person. Regarding what she says about how her relationship with Novowels started out, it’s as if she is blaming him for the pregnancy and how they chose to handle it, and their relationship. He’s the one who seemed to have to make the biggest changes. She was and still seems to be full of pent-up resentment and anger. I hope she doesn’t keep the child from spending time with his father.

  6. Even if there are fewer posts, I hope this site continues. Maybe bringing on a couple new folks is just what is needed! Gregspeed, Gilly! We appreciate all you have done.

    • I’m hopeful that we can turn this over to a couple of longtime RBDers. Also, someone or someones who know a little about WP.

  7. I’d also like to chime in for a weekly post. While the posts are of course amazing, what I really love are the comments and the community that’s built up here. Donkey’s antics will wax and wane, but the basement is forever!

  8. Billy, obviously your personal life comes first, but if possible I would rather have infrequent post than see the site shuttered. If we close down, a community is lost and donk wins. That said, do what is best for you.

    • Yes, I don’t want to Donk to win either. But she’s AWOL and I’ve got too much going on to even attempt to manage this site.

  9. Is there someone, or perhaps a group of people, who could take over posting and day to day running of RBD? I don’t think Gilly can do it anymore so, as much as the ideas for retrospective articles are nice, there needs to be someone with the willingness and the time to write them and to manage the blog.

    I am unable, due to annoying desk work place that requires actual work in order to be paid. Jerks. But if a group of individuals wants to take over I could submit occasional articles to the effort. Count me out on any technical stuff because that is out of my skill set.

    • As I mentioned above, maybe a couple of folks would be willing to take over. I am going to try to fix some glitches (again). Thought I had cleaned the site but we’re still experiencing delays.

      My days as mod are numbered.

      • I hope this doesn’t have anything to do with the Baughers on Easter post. Please say it doesn’t. That made me worried for you.

        • Goodness, no! We are moving out of the country but not because Peter Baugher is chasing us across the border!

          • To Ubud???

          • Yes! We’ve rented Donk’s tacky retreat from real world problems, fully furnished and complete with cuddle pillow! HA HA HA HA HA HA!!

          • Cheap massages, all day every day!

      • overseas for another posting? – hope everything goes well for the blake family.

        echoing sentiments and thanks that your services have been invaluable in keeping us together as a group / community all these years. that indexing task was mammoth, and you did awesome!

        like others, i can chime in occasionally, but desk-erranding commitments keep me from being fully available. not really what you want to hear, but (tempted as i am) signing up as a full-time mod would mean the death of the site as opposed to its maintenance or growth.

        • I understand and I am going to be installing a plugin that will allow RBDers to put up a post. I think it might be great fun to have some of our dear commenters and tipsters staging the conversation, which I am so glad we are having.

    • Seconding everything that Morrocanwear said.

      Many thanks for your amazing work and all the time, energy and skills you have put into this, Gilly.

  10. Things look bleak right now: technical glitches, no Donkey postings on social media, but, this too shall pass.

    Donkey’s relationship with Dodi Dadbod is not going to last, she hasn’t changed at all, they managed to put a lid on her social media excretions for… how long?

    She parachuted herself into Dodi’s home after spending, how many hours together? Except for a couple of ‘high altitude fucks’ (Brokeback Mountain reference), a beach vacation and like one night at the opera, they have basically never met.

    How long before her delusion kicks in and she starts thinking she can OBO him for a tech billionaire? (I hear Jeff Bezos in single again!)

    What is he going to do as she grows increasingly desperate due to lack of proposal-with-20-carat-ring?

    Or starts scolding him because he doesn’t think chemtrails are a thing? Or because he ate an egg for breakfast?

    Don’t worry, bunnies, RBD will survive! This community is much bigger than the Donkey.

    In the meantime, I would be more than happy with a weekly post, either a retrospective on Donkey’s greatest moments, or some development in the Donkey-adjacent woo world.

    • My big fear is that I shutter the site and Donkey then suddenly appears on FB and IG in all her glory. Oy!

      • If… IF.. this maniac ever locked down a husband, where would go, what would we do??? We would NEED a basement safe container in which to gather and hold space for wedding mockery.

        I myself am not a technology entrepreneur/social media expert with a pink iphone case, so I regret that I have no help to offer in that department. My talents, if I have any, are more in the nicknaming of ageing laptop DJs and silver-pantied line cooks.

  11. Just do whatever is best for you and your family, Gilly! 💓

      • I hope you’ll still visit and comment

        • I promise to visit once per year, during which time I will yell, “Where’s Lilly?”

  12. Don’t go! An easy to mange filler of what’s described above sounds great, nothing like a trip down RBD memory lane. I vote for the JL era. Maybe commenters can add on the “where are they now” to the cast of characters….

    • She also needs someone to take care of the tech stuff, which is now too time-consuming for her

  13. The way I read Gilly’s words, even though trips down the memory lane or similar type of content would be easier than coming up with new stuff every (other) day (week, whatever), it would still require writing that, taking care of comments, AND probably lots of work behind the scenes with site maintenance, fixing glitches, fighting spammers etc., and she just has no time for that anymore.

    Which I absolutely understand and respect. It’s been quite a few years since I “served” as one of the mods / admins of a discussion forum for about 18 months, and in the end I experienced such a burnout that I’m still not sure I have completely recovered. And that was a much easier stunt because there were more of us on the team.

    I have to say. I can’t be the only one who wouldn’t shed a single tear if they never heard about Ol’ Donk again. It’s been a VERY entertaining reality show, but nothing more than that. (I have loved shows /although not reality shows/ before, and when they ended I got some sads but then went on with my life without any serious issues.) It’s also created this awesome basement full of awesome catladies, and that is much more. Pesonally, I would be totally fine with it if we only had a weekly (twice a week, biweekly, whatever) post about WHATEVER, be it one of the woos (I never remember woo is who, but that doesn’t bother me) or something completely unrelated. The point is that we would have lots of things to talk about regardless, and the basement would be stayin alive, ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin aliiiive.

    That is in case Donk really remains offline for good, and based on everything I have learned about the beast since 2010, that is damn near impossible, But anyway….

    • As I just wrote above, she’s still SJW posting to FB but only to friends and still only receiving one or two likes, even when she tags her besties.

  14. Some ideas and thoughts:
    1. The content issue will be the easiest to address once we get the other problems solved.
    2. WP seems to be the big culprit here. We put a whole bunch of stuff in place and upgraded everything we could, but there still are problems too time consuming for Gilly or myself to sort out. Like Jon Snow, I know nothing about a lot of things, and WP is one of them.
    3. So I suggest either a) we find someone savvy about WP who is reasonable financially to work with, or maybe we just take RBD as-is and close it down to not accept any new posts, keeping it as an archive, and then start up anew using a different platform that isn’t as buggy and high maintenance. Once we have the huge archive residing by itself, a new platform would be leaner and easier to keep. This is what I originally proposed last year but got overruled. We gave it a good shot but unfortunately we’re at an impasse now and we might have to look at a new platform and linking the “old” RBD to it. The other idea I suggest is to make the new RBD private, for our own discussion. The old RBD archive could still remain public.
    4. We need to also determine another way to fundraise anonymously. The costs for upgrade to https for site security and the bugs Gilly was addressing used up the rest of the remaining funds.

    So that’s all I have to add for now. I will do whatever I can to help, but I don’t see any point in us trying to keep the existing platform going given all the problems it has, unless there is a WP genius lurking here who can take over the back end for Gilly.

    Thoughts and comments welcome.

    • We could use the oldest form of anonymous funding: mailing a money order to a P O Box.

      If the P O Box is shared, we can mark the envelope with a sticker of a donkey or “Attn: RBD”.

      • I’m seriously considering doing ads, something small, nothing intrusive, and no pop-ups like on GOMI.

        • I was unable to get my monthly donation registered the last time around, and would still like to contribute. The basement is a neverending source of interest, good cheer, mordant laughs etcetera for me. I’d totally contribute a post every so often if there were an easy way to do so. I hate for this weird, quirky community to end.

    • i agree with everything grifty has said / suggested here.

      a site with over ten years of archives is a nightmare to maintain, so leave this one up as an archive with a link, and start a new from scratch. considerations to be had here also: do we have enough in the coffers for a second site? domain name registration runs to nothing, but hosting costs, and we’d be saddled with the cost of two sites, instead of one.

      There is nothing wrong with ad revenue. in the past, a lot of the old-timers / purists would have considered this “selling out”, but it makes good old economic sense. after our last round of last funding, my patreon is blocked, and i can’t risk losing access to paypal; unsure if there are other catpeeps in the same situation.

      going to echo the “jon snow” comment w.r.t. wordpress. been a long time since i did any coding, and any time put in would probably break more than it would fix.

      i’ll also emphasize the point made with respect to “behind the scenes” maintenance. as many have commented here (myself included), we are all happy to provide content, but without a stable back-end, there’s no point in posting content if it can’t be seen, commented on, or breaks the site. Think of it like building on sand – without stable foundation, it’s detrimental, as opposed to useful.

      had not thought about taking the site private – would solve some of our issues with regard to staying anon, but how many active users do we have? at the time of writing, the counter at the top of this post registers 343 pageviews – no doubt multiple views by one person to see if new content has been posted. this post went up on friday night, so we can account for at least two, maybe three visits from some people to check – that’s still 100 users, and while this doesn’t sound like many, it”s still extra work for moderator(s) who need to view each access request and approve / disapprove. we’ll not doubt get the odd one or two (or many) of ja’s white knights wanting access – these people get in, we have a private site, and we’re back to square one.

      long screed, not saying much.

      tl;dr: archive this site, make accessible through link and start from scratch.

  15. Don’t shutter, please! 🙂 I’d be happy with less frequency. I don’t comment much, but I’ve been around since forevvvvverrrrrr.

  16. Noooo! This site is of too much value to abandon!

    However to take workload off you Gilly, I suggest you put a “post submission” form where other Catladies can make a post, and then you simply approve it.

    There’s two ways to do this:
    #1.) Google Form method.
    You can make a simple Google Form people can submit content to. Then you take that content and post it yourself.

    #2.) User Submitted Posts Plugin.
    This plugin lets people submit a post about Donkerella, then you get to deny or approve them:

    This would increase content, and lower your workload!

    • Please know that the biggest issue here is not the content. It’s the technology maintenance and issues.

      • I certainly don’t want this to go away, but one thing to maybe think of is… reddit? A lot of people from GOMI migrated to blog snark on reddit. The commenting isn’t as easy as here, it’s hard to read new comments… but… it could be a last resort…

      • ” I know nothing about a lot of things, and WP is one of them.” Likewise.

        Can this site just be frozen and start a new one? If the glltches are because of ALL the years of content? Newish basement dweller here,

        So funny no vowles had enough of her

    • Oooooh, I love the idea of reader submitted posts. I shall look into this plugin tomorrow. Thanks, bunny!

  17. I believe the site is now working properly. RBDers on laptops and desktops, please go to a browser that you’re not logged into and see if 38 or more comments are showing.

      • Not out of the woods yet but we’re getting there. We have plenty of disc space and blog seems to be running relatively quickly.

        • OK. Sorry then for the suggestions, I was just going by the last communication and misunderstood the severity.

    • Yes, I’m seeing 51 comments on my Mac desktop, in both Safari and Chrome

    • gilly-bean, sorry, but i’m still having to log in to see my comments. as i said in the past, it may be my setup (some very specific browser plugins and a vpn).

      site is speedy though, and apart from commenting, seems stable. tested using latest builds of safari, firefox and chrome on macbook pro.

      • It’s not updating as quickly as is optimal, but we really are almost there in terms of getting rid of post & comment delays.

  18. I no longer consult with Pastor Danny about My Feelings, mostly because he is in Jail. However, my Heart tells me it is time to Let This Go. Much like the Youth Group, there comes a time when Communities disband. I wish you and your Small Satan animals The Best.

    • I discussed this with my ceramic cats and 7 out of 10 (22 out of 30, actually) agree. Time to let this go.

  19. Would you consider stormwire for a host? I like them. They do stuff like securing sites (the https thing) for you. They’ve done other WordPress things for me when I’ve needed it.

    • We’re PAID until 2021, which makes me reluctant to switch to a new host and pay again. However, as I just noted above, I may have found the source of the glitches. We’re not out of the forest yet, but close.

      • *Lights candle and sips cacao with intention and prays*

  20. Prediction: Dodi has dumped Donks.

    Re. the site – posting only every now and then would be completely fine! It depends on what you have the personal resources(time, energy) etc. If you thought it was time to shut /er down too, then we would understand.

    I think we can safely predict where Donks will end up (back home alone in Wilmette, natch). Weird to think this journey from “Julia & [Redacted]” to Wooville might be coming to an end.

    • She definitely won’t be dumping him. Dodi’s cachet continues to rise. More coming soon. Thank goodness for birdies.

  21. Pardon my earnest, but I have been through many of the darkest times in my life the last few years, and this place has always been a favorite retreat of mirth, tragic absurdity and smart people insightfulness. I, especially, appreciate you, Gilly. I’m sorry you’re moving and will miss you dearly, much more than I’m sure non-real life friends should. *bear hug*

    I hope someone carries on because not even therapy is as healing as this place can be, a veritable field guide of life, George-Costanza-style.

    • Such kind words and I’m so happy we’ve been a retreat from the darkness, CI. No snark. I often tell friends who barely tolerate my JABa knowledge that EVERYTHING loops back to A Donkey.

      The good news: I think I’ve found the source of the delays and though we’re not out of the forest, I think we will be after one more phone call to our server.

      I’m thinking a weekly post and hopefully reader posts via the suggested plugin.

      • Yaaass!

        Solved. Soon.
        Also. There is a Goddess WordPress Quinoa Bowl Luncheon with candles in Mill Valley for $376.58 on Walpurgis Night, if that helps

  22. I hope this site never closes down. It’s provided such entertainment, relief, joy, disgust and perspective over the years. Not in a position to offer to moderate but sending lots of love towards the folks who can 🙂

  23. Just want to add my voice to all the others thanking Gilly for all her tireless hard work all these years. I would miss this place terribly if it were to close down, but do completely understand that, unless someone else (or a group of people) steps up to take it over, it has to come to an end.
    Gilly has put in hours daily, over the years, without any compensation other than our gratitude. Auntie Gilly just know you have mine forever.
    Fingers crossed that some catlady/gent will come forward and take this over, or help running the technical side of things at least so as to reduce the burder on Gilly.

    • You are a dear heart and I miss your syndicated columns about tech etiquette at OMG! weddings.

  24. Long time lurker – went to junior high with Julia Baugher. Had some random media orbit overlap with her in NYC in the aughts. Followed her Gawker garbage and lost interest when everyone else did.

    Came here a couple years ago after I fell into the “what ever happened to JA?” rabbit hole, and stayed for the comments. Couldn’t care less if we never heard another nugget of news about her or the woos, but I would miss the commenters/comments terribly.

    Thank you for all your hard work, Gilly. Unable to offer to take the reigns as I am drowning in young children and laundry, but I hope the site doesn’t die. Such a fun group of catladies

  25. I do okay with change, and I understand why dear Gilly needs to step away, but having been part of this conversation since the legendary Baugher blog, I’ve known the regulars here longer than some of my dearest friends. How strange it would be for you all to disappear!

    • Dude or dudette, I feel the same. This is my check-in most days.

      Like ‘how is the internet today?’ It’s not even catching up how JA is, but how are my peeps that I’ve been involved with for a million internet years?

      I don’t comment often but I check up all the time.

      • Ethel, you are my only friend in New Zealand. What if I travel there, my car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, I lose my passport, I get lice, I’m surrounded by angry sheep, but I have enough battery life on my phone for a single phone call? It would have to be you!

        • One of my best friends did her junior year abroad in New Zealand, but that’s as far as I’ve gotten. Do I score extra points for having an insane schoolgirl crush on Taika Waititi?

          • Taika’s married to a woman one of my sisters knows. NZ really is that small lol.

            Handbag, lose the lice and I’m your (woo)man in any angry sheep emergency.

          • Would the woman be willing to help me break up that marriage? She would be PAID handsomely, of course.

  26. I feel bad because I am just so bad with technology that I can’t offer any help on that front, which is what is really needed. I’m sorry. I’m useless even among a bunch of basement dwelling cat ladies. That takes some talent, right?

    • But we’re still happy to share our Franzia and Cheetos with you, LRC!

  27. I know the grind and upkeep of a website is relentless. Especially one that’s always under attack because the *star* doesn’t like the truth. If there’s a way to keep it up and have someone update once a month, that would be ideal. I say this for two reasons, both selfish: unethical people don’t get to re-write history and this is the most intelligent group of people I’ve met (some in real life & some via email) and the loss on both fronts would be devastating. I could not undertake the maintenance but would be happy to help however possible.

    • I like your thoughts, Winchester. While I can, I’m going to update the blog once per week. That should keep RBDers still interested but won’t drive me bats.

  28. as someone who has run a blog, i know how much work it takes on the back end. hats off to you, gilly, for all your hard work and dedication! i wish i could offer actual help instead of kudos, but maybe it’s time to let the woos go off into space (via ayahuasca obviously). thanks for everything you’ve done and continue to do!

  29. lets say hypothetically, with softness, someone has a bit of tech experience (super limited WP experience, but can figure stuff out), how could they offer their services? or to find out more along what services are needed?

    • You or someone – no snark intended – could email me at It would be great to be able to ask a question or two on a regular basis. Nothing intense. No pressure.

  30. Maybe if there are one or two tech types here who’d be willing to handle the WP and other tech stuff, then have a small group generating occasional new posts in between Donkey Droppings.

    My ideal would be that when she goes dark (except for corn), someone can repurpose an Oldie But Goodie post from the deep past. Something like copy and paste the text and maybe add the relevant images. Above that, there would be some sort of commentary and/or maybe screenshots of old comments that were informative or just plain hilarious. That way we old timers can relive the Best Of while newer basement dwellers can catch up, and we’d have a place to keep chatting about any and everything.

    I’d be willing to be part of a group selecting and reposting Greatest Hits, if we can get a few others to do the same. But we’d need one or two people to handle tech stuff.


  31. Dear RBD,

    I would be devastated if you left. All of the commenters are so funny and smart and kind. Would love to read everyone on other topics too—politics, travel, fashion. Would hate to lose this conversation.

  32. Gilly you’ve been awesome and I don’t want you to stop. Sorry the tech issues are making things tough. Even if your ‘column’ (lulz) was only once every two weeks reviewing woo sociopath fail, that would be preferable to losing you and the catlady basement. ASHTON, WHAT CAN WE DO?

    • I think I can pull off a weekly post for now and still manage my many other responsibilities. We’ll see, Ashton.

  33. I volunteer as tribute but cannot do it on my own, so I hope other people are in, too.

    If we can somehow split archives from current posts while keeping the same URL, that seems like it would make things less unwieldy.

    • Are you volunteering to write retro posts? I will try to put in the commentator write-in plugin this weekend after I’m sure we’re no longer experiencing delays.

      Splitting the archives from current posts and keeping the same URL would be costly and most time consuming!

      • Yes, can definitely do walks down memory lane.

        Also volunteering to be a site/cite/sight mod in future.

        • As I mentioned above, I can pitch in to put together occasional flashback/Best of posts. Maybe get a group of us – we wouldn’t all need the keys to the site, just an email addy to submit to the Keeper of the Site/Cite/Sight.

          Some of us who’ve been watching the Donkey Show since before Gawker tried to make her a star can resurrect some juicy stuff that newer people don’t know

        • This is promising news! Have either of you used WordPress before? It’s quite user-friendly, despite the delays we’re still experiencing and I’m hoping to get rid of those delays during the next few days.

          There is GREAT STUFF in the archives. I’m often blown away by what I’ve forgotten or was too busy to pay attention to in the first place.

          Please email me at

          • I just emailed you and put Unicorn Shirley in the subject line

  34. Alas, I am unable to offer any help as I know nothing of WP or tech stuff in general.
    I would hate to lose this community and am happy for whatever you all can manage. Gilly, thank you for all you have done keeping this site running, you’re amazing. I mostly lurk, but visit most days and the basement has gotten me through some difficult times over the last 7ish years.

    If it’s decided to open a second site or we need to pay for WP assistance or other costs, Gilly has my details and that’s probably the only way I can help, and happy to do so if needed.

    • Thanks again for your kind words and offer, Nosferatu-tu, but my concerns are much more about time than money. However, I am going to try to keep the blog open and post once per week. insert hopeful smiley face here

      • So sorry, so fat, I didn’t mean to sound like I don’t understand the constraints being your witty Gilly self means. I’m incredibly grateful for all the time you’ve put in so far and understand with all you’ve got going on that family must and should come first. I think some suggestions above that if a group of people could split WP/site tech issues duties and a separate group do the posting side of things, with the plug ins to allow commenter postings directly it could be the way to go. That way dearest Gilly gets a much earned rest and time with her family and other obligations and the basement Olympic torch (flaming cheetos?) be passed to others who have the ability to do so.

        Sorry for messy comment, it’s the middle of the night over here.

        Completely OT but I need to share….. I went to a small conservation-y zoo-thing and got to hand feed meerkats and marmosets, which were the cutest things ever, like friendly Gremlins who crawled over me and it was AMAZING! sadly no 4 legged donkeys 😾

        • The meerkats are my favorite creatures at Washington National Zoo! I think they look professorial and are probably secretly running the globe.

          As you saw above, we have folks interested in taking on some of the mod duties. It would be great to have three or four bloggers, which we haven’t had since the days of the lovely PartyPants.

          Chin up!!

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