Christopher & Sophia Life, AKA Cory Tanner Glazier & Adelle Juliet, Gear Up For Presidential/Vice-Presidential Run

Dream presidential ticket Christoper & Sophia Life, Wooville’s answer to Randy and Evi Quaid, have 145 “One Nation” YouTube subscribers and are ready for the rubber chicken circuit. Heck, these spunky kids even have a campaign song courtesy of Joe Muscatello, who’s channeling the eyes of Laura Mars and the music of Katy Perry & Britney Spears. (I’m somewhat obsessed with this awful song and appalling video, which contains images of Martin Luther King, Jr. intercut with Muscatello’s “Glamour Shots” poses, well, not as obsessed as I am with Julia impersonating Al Pacino or Kc Baker getting ready to flash the camera, of course, but close.)

Someone was furious with us for previously revealing Christopher’s presidential run – I finally sent the emails to the spam file – but one needs to make such an announcement before it’s too late and we simply wanted to help out.

There is some concern regarding the less-than-innovative party name, One Nation. You try finding these brave souls on Facebook or YouTube among the many pages and channels also named One Nation!

Might we again suggest Mulia Mallison for ensured visibility and all your PR needs, Cory Christopher? This catalyst for love’s latest FB post had no comments and three likes, from Ayub Khan, Ashish Kashyab, and Wali Rahman. THIS IS SOCIAL MEDIA SUCCESS!!

Next up, HIVE’s aya-fueled mental meltdown.


    • should have used a soft-box instead of beauty dish to light him. would have eliminated the white circle reflection in his irises, which is creepy as hell.

      • jfaing to wonder if they secured clearance to use all of those images? for example, does the american red cross want to be associated with triangle circle one nation party perchance?

        • I wondered about image clearance too. I’m guessing none of these folks are registered as One Nation voters.

        • i think this was shot on a dslr. you can get a small-format led light that sits on the hotshoe to use as fill lighting, also eliminating the ring-effect.

          sound seems to have been heavily doctored too – some of the harmonics give the impression that the vocal has been washed through auto-tune.

          • The vocals don’t even sound human and I’m still LOLing over the adolescent lyrics.

            Oh, MM, I checked our settings and posts should only go to spam if they contain five or more links. However, if you’re still having trouble, let me know. There might be one plugin that could help.

          • Aunt Gilly, I think the problem yesterday may have been that posts were sent with no text, just a link.

          • thanks gilly. am desk-erranding today so not a lot of time to test but tbh, not sure if it’s the site or me, as i seem to be the only one with load problems. i do suspect site caching issues though.

            i keep bringing up the wilmette post instead of this one. did a deep clean of my mac and rotated some logs. now i get the correct page, but it has the STOP THE PRESSES headline before you changed it, and no comments.

            all is good if i am logged in to wp. the “prev headline switches to current, and the comments appear.

            can we check the config of the wp cache plugin please? maybe do a purge all to refresh content on the site? again, no hurry because you have a family, a job and a life, and we remain eternally grateful that you’re sysadmining for us.

            unicorn studded shirley has a point w.r.t. spam comments yesterday – we both sent links without any additional text so they may have been interpreted as spam.

            apologies all – can take this offline if it’s off-topic and boring, but if anyone else is having issues, are they similar?

          • I had some difficulties re: comments when on Chrome at the library this morning. I wasn’t logged in, of course, and comments that I knew were there wouldn’t always appear. Rhoda just emailed and mentioned having the same problem.

            I’ll check the configuration and also download a highly-rated plugin that’s supposed to help with instability issues surrounding the change to https.

  1. Roughly 30 minutes after this post went up, Activist Donkey removed all of her FB scolds and other posts. Only cover and profile photos remain. Because of this post or the Wilmette coverage?

    • must have finally snapped to the reality that 3 “likes” from purchased followers does not translate to an enviable social media presence if your prospective clients come looking.

    • Is anyone friends with LaDonk on FB? Or do we just have public access to her posts?

      Anyone infiltrated?

    • Does this mean she can’t put “change activist” on her “resume” anymore?


      • Who uses resumes anymore, bunny? Or works a 9 to 5 job? Not our donkey, whose love emissions can be immediately felt by global CEOs eager to hire a layabout loser.

      • But now she’s the self-proclaimed, self-appointed embodiment of love! And how better to prove that then by becoming a scoldy social justice warrior! Um, err…oops!

        Prethentation and pertheption, bunnies! Create a fake sunshiney image that dispels the bad deeds of your past, and stick to it! The question is, how long can she keep this BS up again this time until Dodi sees beyond the façade? Unlike Rain, who was on the road much of the time, Dodi’s a full time gig in a condo that’s 1/4 the size she’s used to, in a city she couldn’t hack. Ditching Facebook isn’t going to help her. Starving RBD isn’t going to help her. She’s still the same person.

    • Also added her expired age on the few photos left. Scheme juices flowing!!!!

      Also in the downtime noodles beaver toof posted nude of Parrot, gone now

  2. During our downtime she posted a cute short video of otters cuddling, and tagged Dodi. It seemed weird to post instead of sending in a PM. The video was taken down the next day. I wonder if things are becoming rotten in Donkmark?

    • I love that his day is about making strides for major medical breakthroughs and hers is tagging boyfriends on FB, of otters cuddling. #colorsbright

    • I firmly believe she’s in cahoots with her parents re: how to rope this one in. If that means going dark on FB, so be it.

      • Nah, I think he’s asking her to tone down her public persona. Embarrassing for him–high profile job, accomplished friend group. Also notice none of his family is friends with her on Instagram–seems like they are trying to ensure they don’t get featured on RBD.

        Also, Dodi and his family would be embarrassed by Pancakes while to her parents, it’s her best accomplishment to date.

        That said, I’m pulling for Donk + Dodi–it’s probably the best either can do given their warped worldviews. And I’m all for happiness, however one defines it.

        • She’s evil, so I do not wish her happiness

        • Re: Why his family and friends aren’t friends with her on FB and IG: It’s quite possible they can’t stand her. (See history)

      • I think that anti-Western anti-California (basically, anti-Dodi) screed must have been the straw that broke the camel’s back and Dodi put the brakes on the Donkey’s “social media presence”.

        Wahli must be devastated.

  3. I need to hear about the Hive doofus, these wannabe retreat things are hilarious.

    • But Ryan is an influencer, an innovator, a consummate professional! Just ask whatever woman he’s “not dating” who’s been elevated to second-in-command regardless of skimpy or non-existent qualifications.

  4. From our inbox:

    Hi Gilly,

    I’ll keep this short and sweet to make the 26 seconds or less it takes to read this worth your time (yes, I timed it.)

    As a Community Manager at Mention Me, I get to speak with people like you about sponsored work on blogs and websites.

    I have an exciting teen underwear brand that is interested in a text link advertisement from this article on your site:

    Would you be open to editing it and including a small mention of my client’s page? We’ll of course pay you for your troubles.

    Please send me a quick reply if you’re interested, with details of your price rates, and I’ll get back to you with more info.

    Thanks in advance!


  5. These halfwits projecting what’s happening in America to “the world” is a huge bugbear of mine.

    Pick a lane, numbnuts. Grift away, but don’t pretend your Mormonism and fundamentalist buzzwords resonate with “the world”. How fuck.

  6. Can you imagine what that would look like behind the scenes? The ‘rents keeping a close eye on this site and her social media (from the husband hunt blind of social-consciously climbing parents of millennial twits) and running it all through their interpretation of what’s acceptable to his upper middleclass fam. If something goes off the rails, the bat signal goes up and someone yells, “Call donkey, I mean Julia, stat. Have her lock down x,” as they shove up the periscope of the assisted living facility crows nest while racing down the disinfected halls. Then, convos, arguing and threats to stop checks ensue until x comes down and the threat level returns to orange (“bright”). Rinse. Repeat. Like operation Georgetown donkey drop, except the stakes times two. You know what HRC said about raising a burro, “It takes a village.”

    Also related, if any Dodi fam actually caught on here, they’d need a white board to keep track of her scoldy screeds/piety proclamations, our reactions thereto, her deletion/correction/take down/privacy lock downs that follow, and our noting same, all the while scheme juice rationale oozing from her every publicly calculated move and counter-move, even the ones designed, however unsuccessfully, to make it all seem so serendipitous and carefree like “so I fell in love” and “look who I met on my way to volunteer at the homeless shelter.”

  7. OT
    I was just watching Anderson Cooper via YouTube (Aussie cat lady here) and he announced his next guest….Alexander Marquardt and I immediately exclaimed to my cats “It’s the Donkey F*cker!!”

    Hahaha, made my afternoon 🙀

    • Marquardt has not aged well. I blame it on divine punishment for once having stuck his peen in a donkey.

  8. On FB Donkasaurus has removed all of her armchair warrior complaining posts…..perhaps she “totally doesn’t read here” and removed them on her own!?

    • I’m wondering how she teaches entrepreneurs to harness the power of social media (per her website “bio”) if she doesn’t know how to use it to benefit her own self? Maybe she’s the one who needs to wear a new harness.

      Looks like most of the cool kids are on IG these days, so maybe that’s where she’s going to focus next.

  9. One Nation Party is particularly hilarious if you’re Australian, as this is the name of our most racist political party. They came on the scene in the 90s claiming we’d be swamped by Asians, and now they’re back claiming we’ll be swamped by Muslims (cut and paste racism at its finest!)

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