We’re Back … From Wilmette?!

Sorry we had to shut down for a few days, bunnies. Your dotty aunt Gilly uploaded the SSL certificate but didn’t know one had to install plugins to do so. Things went a little kablooey! Some changes have been made to the front page but hopefully folks can comment again without running into difficulties. Please email me if you encounter any problems – gillyblakejourno@yahoo.com – or leave me a note in the comments to this post.

SO, I’ve been visiting family in Chicago and my aunt Christine Life (not her real name), who lives in Winnetka (she really does), asked us to Easter services in nearby Wilmette. I adore my aunt so said yes. It wasn’t until we were nearly there that I began thinking, The First Congregational Church of Wilmette?! Don’t the Baughers go here? Could my beloved aunt be taking me to the house of worship that Julia defiled with her kinderwhore costume?!

I quickly googled the church and the Baughers. Yep, we were heading towards hell and I couldn’t utter a word. I was able to take a quick video as we neared the church, angering a few family members with a disparaging comment about the overwhelming whiteness of the neighborhood.

It was entirely white inside the church. Our large party scrunched into a pew. My eyes were darting right and left. And then it happened: Robin and Peter arrived. They made the pew rounds and my heart went into my throat when they began talking to my aunt! Would Robin recognize me? I pretended to be going over the elaborate program notes with my daughter. The Baughers began making their way towards the front of the extremely dark, dreary church. Whew!

When the Baughers were speaking with my aunt, I heard them mention something about meeting Britt and Allie for brunch. I later asked my aunt Christine if they had any other children. “Yes, some yo-yo on the east coast. I’m not sure what the story is, but everyone just shakes their heads.”

After services, I successfully made the case for having brunch at the world-famous Walker Brothers Pancake House. Off we went to the RBD landmark. My vegetable omelette was indeed delicious and everyone had a side of pancakes!

I haven’t said a word to my dear aunt about our burro. Should I? I suspect everything may blow up in my face after this post goes up.

Enjoy the Easter gallery!



    This is INEFFABLE! Thank you for doing the Lawd’s work on the site/sight/cite!

  2. Tho Special!

    Nice shots, Gilly! Tell us more! What did the rents say? Why would Momsers recognize you?? What did your Aunt say about the Baughers! Also more deets on the pancakes. Don’t keep the dirt from us.

    • Busy with family. I threw this up quickly.

      My aunt likes the Baughers, so I couldn’t say a word! As for Peter, he looks decrepit and is short.

      • I would worry this might expose your identity, if they knew someone was there with a visiting niece.

        Side question: is Lilly still alive?

        • Yes!! See Lilly under categories on the right of this page to access the recent post about the poor pooch.

  3. So glad you’re back and all is well! Thanks for the intel!

    • We’re still running very slowly and may have to upgrade sometime during the coming week, but all is good re: $$$ and any upgrade should go smoothly.

  4. Idk. longtime reader since Baugher, but I’m going to file posting these pics of her parents at church as “Poking the Donkey.”

    • Nope. I’ve never made any effort to poke the donkey. Not ever. But I didn’t plan on running into her parents on Easter Sunday and believe the jaw-dropping encounter is newsworthy. Unless another post on Jena la Flamme playing erotic goddeth is more interesting …

      • She lost one of her key spiritual influences this month. Patricia Ellsberg’s sister, Barbara Marx Hubbard.

        • The woos are all crying in their aya over Hubbard’s passing. You’d think this woman had discovered the cure for cancer rather than just throwing around some new age buzzwords.

    • Refile it. She didn’t hunt them down, they came to her. Stand down.

    • She posted the original pictures of the church and the diner to billions of Facebook customers and Twitter followers and whatnot.

      These are clearly within the boundaries of what the Donkey herself considers worthy of sharing with the rest of the world.

      So… no… it’s not poking the Donkey by any means

      • Thank you. I was in public spaces when I took the pictures, and there was no way in hell I wasn’t going to that pancake house after I’d been dragged to Wilmette.

        • Plus, all bets are off after closing down someone’s Paypal account, RECENTLY.
          She was unrepentant. Also you weren’t doing the “man in the street” interviews with worshipers leaving the church (with an unplugged microphone).

  5. Thank you, Gilly, for venturing behind enemy lines.

    You are RBD’s own Margaret Mead *AND* Mata Hari, rolled into one amazing package.

    BTW, seeing those pictures explains why Robin and Petey’s home is decorated in Sears 1980s style: because their whole world is!

    • A decorating style known as chez Victorian bland.

      The two photos I took of the church’s interior make it seem well lit and airy. It’s actually quite cramped, dark and dreary.

      • Was the church as empty as it appears in the photos?

    • Kirk was a no show. I had the most fun trying to figure out the average age of the choir members and I came up with 68.

  6. It’s a double Easter miracle!!! RBD is risen and Gilly has the most extraordinary sighting imaginable. I can’t imagine your trepidation when you figured out where you were going, Gilly, but you are amazing to have gotten the snapshot!

    Question: did you happen to be wearing a ribbon sling low across your forehead? Any photos on the altar?

    • I snapped any photos quickly because I didn’t want to draw attention to myself. Of course, inside I was screaming, OH MY GREG! WHAT IF DONKEY & HER JEWISH SUITOR SAUNTER IN?

      There were two big barrels of lilies outside the church doors. They were the loveliest thing there.

  7. yikes! maybe delete the one where they are about to turn toward you…. don’t need to get you or your aunt in trouble? doesn’t look like a crowded/well attended service.

    • I hear you but figure my aunt will hear something this week with or without the photo.

      Attendance was surprisingly sparse for Easter services. There were few children but many senior citizens. I did see several children going into the Methodist church across the street.

      • Parents probably wanted to avoid exposure of their children to the four-legged kindewhore…

      • You may not hear anything. If the Baughers have even an ounce of self-awareness, they’re not going to want to draw further attention to their donkey’s antics. I obviously don’t know their relationship with your aunt, but maybe they fear she could tell others in their social circle about this place?

        • Except now she has Dodi and Peter is on cloud 9. I’m sure he’s bragging about this blessed union at every opportunity.

          • More reason for them to not draw attention to RBD.

            Drawing attention to us never ends well for her. She obviously thought that mentioning it on Mass Despised would send legions of fans here to white knight for her, instead of the countless new loyal basement dwellers who are still here

          • Yes, after two dirtbag DJs, one of whom she allegedly brought to services at 1st Congregational, the Baughers won’t risk doing something to send an esteemed research scientist with some money and an accomplished family running toward the hills.

      • Gosh, even my Episcopal church is full of kids at Christmas and Easter. The Wilmettians better step up their game.

        I met someone recently who is about A Donkey’s age (ha ha) who went to New Trier, and I asked him if he had known Judy or her brother. He had not, and I said that I supposed it was a big school. He asked me how I knew them, and I was 😱 and then I said she and I had worked in the same field, which was not completely a lie.

  8. Thank for you’re back!! Happy Yeaster! (I have a yeast infection and it’s Easter so . . .)

  9. So awesome Gilly! Missed ya. Did you see the Guamlette on the menu? Right under the Dutch Baby?

    • I did not but I would be willing to post ads for Walker Bros. Original Pancake House here on RBD in exchange for free food. My omelette was so fluffy and delish. Even better than another bottle of Blue Print Cleanse.

  10. so many memories and lol’s at this post!

    thanks for keeping the lights on. was afraid we had been hit with a c&d, but the twitter page was still up, so knew we had to be patient.

    • ugh – double comment – ss:sf.

      had trouble commenting; anyone with the same, remember to clear your cache and reload site with plugins.

      • Thanks for the tips! Site should be working a little better in a few days. As our engineer is fond of telling us, there is a boatload of content on here and tweaking any site difficulties can be challenging.

    • I was worried the site was gone forever and I didnt know where to check — i didnt realize there was a twitter page. thanks

  11. Is Robin wearing the same outfit from Kinderwhores Past?

    How did Judy think that outfit was in any way appropriate for anything? And that coy, smug expression? Hoo boy.

    • What always got me was not just that Donkey thought the kinderwhore outfit was appropriate attire for Easter, but that her parents went along with it

      • I’m sure at a certain point they learned to pick their battles or were just worn down from a 30+ years of her bullshit. Would bet money the kinderwhore getup was the least offensive, appalling stunt she pulled that day.

        • Good points. But was it the most public stunt she pulled that day?

    • ” hear something this week with or without the photo.” Our Auntie!


      And as mental dental says non-stop fyb.

      Noodles beaver teef posted then took down a nude shot of her Parakeet. Maybe she asked him for permission after and he said FNB

    • Oh my goodness! I think Momsers IS wearing the same outfit she wore on Kinderwhore Sunday back in the day.

  12. The pancakes at Walker Brothers really are good. I love places like that, even when they’ve been polluted by Donkeys.

    What a ridiculous coincidence that your aunt knows the Bogglers!

    I am very bummed that I didn’t get to church yesterday, because my most most favorite hymn is “Christ the Lord is Risen Today” and there is only one day of the year you can sing it without sounding crazy.

    • My aunt and late uncle and cousins lived in Wilmette for 20 years. At least one of my cousins went to New Trier with Judy.

      • Gilly! Do you want your identity to be discovered? Aren’t you concerned about a blowback from the Bogglers? Are you ready to throw in the t(r)owel here?

          • Ah, sorry, missed that one.

            Sorry to be so daft. I need more pancakes.

            Have you ever met the beast herself?

        • Also: if your cousin went to New Trier with Judy, what stories does she have? Share share share! Is this how you found out about Judy?

          (I watched MissDirected, so I’m “new” to this)

    • This is my fave hymn too. I went to the Methodist church across the street. Back in my day it was full of families with kids.

      Walker Brothers is the bomb. They used to have these eggy crepe-ish cakes called 49’s flapjacks. Greatest in all the land.

    • Albie, I’m with you on the hymn choice. It is not Easter until I’ve sung “Christ the Lord is Risen Today” with descant and trumpets.

  13. Whoa, are you not concerned that now Julia could figure out who you are pretty easily? Or does she already know?

  14. Hi Gilly, I am not seeing any comments on the most recent post (although I saw some this morning). Thanks for your efforts in keeping this community going.

    • Oh dear. I fear we will have to go offline again for a few days until this is sorted out. You should be seeing 30+ comments. Perhaps, as melting marionette suggested, you should clear your cache.

      • i see you made the “categories” frame a drop down only instead of having them listed out _and_ having the drop down – sensible. nice to see the RBNS mibbit (IRC) portal in the links too; was down for a little while – i pop in occasionally to see if anyone else is there.

      • We seem to be working better this morning. I’ll be talking with our server this afternoon. A post like this should have 300 comments by now – I’m not patting myself on the back – but even I’ve experienced great difficulty leaving responses and some comments have ended up in the spam file when they shouldn’t have.

        • I’m looking for an opportunity to use the term in my everyday life. I work with some yo-yos, and we have an event coming up, so it should be soon!

  15. I don’t understand. You went to all that trouble, yet you didn’t bother to bind and gag them with duct tape? Do you really not understand how sick you are? What a fucking loon.

    • If you had bothered to read the post, Einstein the Undeddy, you’d realize I didn’t go to any trouble. That’s the whole fucking point.

    • Oh look, the institute for the criminally insane is having its monthly internet privilege hour.

    • Clearly you’ve been “bullied,” and whether it was justified or not, this is not the same thing. So, please, don’t be so triggered. If you read page after page here, with or without the comments, you get a sense of who Donkey is. She’s a donkey who is as recent as last summer published an article about how Sex and The City ruined her life because she so wanted to be like Carrie, a fictional nitwit of a character. Donkey shows over and over that any sympathy is misplaced and all the commentary has been wanted and welcomed for more than a decade now by this semi-public figure. It’s just not the validation Donkey thinks she deserve.

      • Don’t bother. “Rachel” is a longtime troll who is well known to TPTB here

  16. Worth the small panic attack. Going God’s work G. How you kept your composure so close to *source* is beyond me. I had church laughter just reading about the encounter.

  17. Wow. Seeing how small and lightly populated that church is, Jules must really make jaws drop when she wanders in all “Little Bo Peep Woo” styles.
    I imagine the Baughers get a fair few sympathetic looks.

    • I had similar thoughts re: the kinderwhore getup. How did Donk and that appalling outfit NOT become the center of attention?

      I’m trying to think of a way to gently brooch the subject of Mulia the next time I speak with aunt on the phone.

      • Maybe something about being aware of her on the interwebs because she’s an attention-seeking missile who often makes an ass out of herself in public. Say that you were reminded of the time she showed up for Easter services at that very church, dressed like a deranged, cut rate wannabe Lolita

        • And ask if she happened to witness that. Might get some insights into whether the parents are oblivious or cringing

      • “I was pretty sure her family name rang a bell, and it bugged me to find out, so after Sunday I looked her up online, and sure enough, this was her, and she was infamous for a while in NYC and LA (blah blah Gawker, Non society blog, etc.)

  18. P.S. I am posting easily via iPad but getting a “Bad gateway” message on my desktop computer.

    • I spoke with our server yesterday and the site seems to be working quite well now. Fingers crossed!

      • received a couple of 503 messages the other day also.

        weird. i can only post comments and see updates if i am logged into wordpress.

        load speed is back to its normal snappy self, though.

        • Hmmmm … I thought we were now working fine. I’m not logged into edge on my desktop (but I am on google) and not logged in on my cell and can see all comments and post without difficulty.

          • no problem, auntie. i’ll just log in if i need to comment.

            running a couple of blockers and a VPN so it may be my config, and nothing to do how SSL is configured on the site.

  19. OT and apologies if this has been discussed already:

    “Want to figure out what you want to do with your life? Well, Michael Jacob at the tender age of 26 has lived more lives than many do at three times his age and he has a purpose….

    “Michael is only 26. One year older than the English Romantic poet John Keats, it is still a young age to have gathered his story to him so far. In fact, he is almost Shakespearian in the multiplicity of roles he has inhabited….

    “Around this time too Michael found love. He felt deeply in love with a woman considerably older than him with teenage children. The ex-husband also lived in the same house creating an unusual household. She was very wealthy and also very manipulative. Despite the differences and challenges, Michael felt that he wanted to marry her. They travelled continuously and attended conferences like Burning Man. The relationship ended, badly, in 2015.”


    • HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! Speaking of that “very wealthy and also very manipulative” older woman, AKA Ali Shanti and Alexis Neely, she posted a love letter to Jesus on Sunday and tied it into her grift.

      • JFAing to add that maybe Morrocanwear can weigh on what a success Fozzie was when in college:

        So Michael did two things, two very ‘Michael’ things. Firstly he managed to complete his degree in three years, two years ahead of schedule. Secondly, he made his new student party fun into a business. “I have always been an entrepreneur so it came naturally.”

        • How many undergrad degrees take 5 years to complete, as a standard?

          • By his own account, Fozzie didn’t even like college, well, not until he allegedly started making money on an entrepreneurial grift targeting students, so there’s no way he was in a five-year B.A./M.A. or B.S./MBA program. He needs to spend more time crafting his bullshit backstory. The “very wealthy” Ali Shanti? It is to laugh!

          • Why do these people need to make up shit that is easy to disprove? I mean, finishing a 4-year degree in 3 years is somewhat impressive so why lie?

        • I will ask. At this point the only Julia adjacent information my kid loves to share with me are the happy reminiscences of what an appallingly bad DJ Rain is, and how his set was the worst thing he has ever heard.

      • I’m told on good authority that after he read that letter…Jesus swiped left.

      • He is so painfully boring like the rest of the woo. And Burning Man is not a conference.

    • Another excellent writer covers the woos. She has attended blockchain events in “Kiev, Austin, Muscat, Columbo. Dublin and London.” (Anyone know where Colombo.Dublin is? Is it near Bleeker Street or Marin Valley?) She writes erotica “where sex meets divrorce, repossession, bankruptcy and can bitcoin save the day!” Well, the very wealthy Ali Scamti has been divrorced and has 2 bankruptcies, so maybe she’d know.

  20. I know a special ecstatic dance that exists soley for when this imbalance occurs. It will only cost you $1499.99.

  21. I’m having early morning PTSD. I’ve been in that church many times. The last time was with Julia present, but that’s all I’m going to say about that.

    That Pancake House is damned good, though. As you can imagine, I have also been there many times, though it’s been more than a decade since I’ve had pancakes with a side of pancakes there. Fun fact: Marilyn (I can’t bring myself to call her NGMB) told my family that whenever she and Julia went to the Pancake House, Julia would go to the bathroom and then return, claiming to have purged. If this was an early cry for help that went unanswered, I feel kind of bad for Julia. Marilyn was always lovely to me but she lived in a lot of denial in her sheltered world. It was Marilyn’s opinion that Julia wasn’t telling the truth, and was either saying these things for attention or to justify ordering more food later. I really don’t know; just reporting what I heard.

    Discuss, catladies!

    • I figured you’d been in that church at least once, bunny. Isn’t it gloomy? So cramped and tiny! As someone noted above, all eyes MUST have turned to Judy in her Kinderwhore Easter outfit and parishioners must have gasped.

      That pancake house is too damn good for words. How dare Judy vomit up the breakfast that Marilyn PAID for and then brag about it! Well, if she wasn’t just claiming to purge and hoping to guilt trip her grandmother for whatever shitty reason.

      Are Peter and Robin church superstars? They seemed to know everyone in the mostly elderly congregation. That poor house of worship needs some new blood.

      • It’s very gloomy. And boring. Just a gloomy, boring, middle-of-the-road church for old people. I’m sorry if that sounds overly judgmental, which it totally does. But I’m a convinced Quaker who was raised Catholic and as I’ve mentioned here before, my mother went through a bit of a religious ‘finding herself’ phase, so I’ve been to a LOT of different churches / houses of worship.

        One thing I’ll say for the old First Congregational: you don’t have to pay a lot of attention to the services. Honestly I preferred that to some of the shamanic shit my mother dragged us to, which required a lot of participation. Or in my case, ‘participation’.

    • All I want to know is if any Barbies were harmed during the last Donkey in the wild interaction?

    • So, this is interesting to me and I kind of have to agree with NGMB. I’m not sure I knew a lot of bulimics and, you know why? Because they don’t typically advertise it by leaving the table and then coming back and TELLING their companions that they just left to go vomit.

      I’m not sure if NGMB was in denial or if she was very on point about knowing exactly who JA was. Maybe a little throwing up got her enough attention and sympathy for a Chanel bag or for family not to hold her up to any normal expectations for behavior. Hmmmm.

      • Genuine bulimics go to great lengths to hide what they do, because they don’t want to be scolded or lectured. And they will deny it if confronted.

        • This. I read the extremely depressing Karen Carpenter biography and was amazed at the lengths she’d go to hide her illness and ExLax.

          • On some level, many feel great shame. Then again, Julia has no shame

          • Yeah, that was the part that struck me as strange, too. Marilyn was really attentive to Julia and spent a lot of time with her, but the older she (Julia) got, the more clear-eyed Marilyn seemed to be about her. See, for example, the way she was on Miss Advised. It would be very odd for Marilyn to hear that sort of thing from Julia repeatedly and do *nothing* about it – or at least I would hope.

            Having said that, Marilyn’s response to the whole ‘Sex on the Hilltop’ column was to pretend that it wasn’t happening, so who knows?

          • Donkey, though, comes across to me as someone who would have gone this route for the attention and sympathy. At least within the family. It’s pretty clear from her posts over the years she thought she wasn’t being paid attention to enough by Robin.

      • I sometimes threw up for attention. But I was less than a year old

      • The only ‘bulemic’ I knew in high school would make sure other people were in the school bathrooms while she threw up. Then she later tried to kill herself by taking a bunch of aspirin, putting Morrissey on repeat, and calling her ex-boyfriend to tell him it was all his fault – knowing that he’d call the police.

        I’m not saying that there were not many other girls at my school who suffered from eating disorders – I am sure there were. But they did not seek to draw attention to their struggles.

    • It doesn’t count as an eating disorder unless you tell everyone, including your Beloved Grandmother, that you have an eating disorder!

    • As an Actual Bulimic*, that just doesn’t ring true to me. I’ve purged in similar situations and I would never, ever have announced it like that. (If anything, there was a sense of power and/or superiority in having done it without anybody realising.)

      * Now recovered.

  22. Prediction. Lafraud will be visting ny soon for some massage zouk dance goddess stuff soon. Seems a bench trial scheduled for one of her phony car accidents.

    • Maybe la Fraud will zouk her way into the courtroom and enchant the judge with her shimmy? I doubt she’s making much money as an erotic enchantress these days.

      So much legal action going on in Donkeywood! Speaking of, I have to read a civil complaint in regards to tomorrow’s RBD post. I do so love our tipsters! #gillythetease

    • “Brit + Co, though, has shown signs of duress and has tried to cut costs in recent months on things like video production, the person close to the company said. Last year, it laid off some employees, with its team page showing 92 employees in September 2017 but only 78 as of January. Other positions since then have not been filled, people say. As of now, only 52 names are listed on the site.

      Over the next few days, that number will drop even more.”

      Have they retained the services of global business consultant and catalyst for love Julia Allison to help Brit & Co. navigate this rocky terrain?

      • Don’t forget that she was an ANGEL INVESTOR!

        Honestly? This is so shitty. Media companies with an ounce of brains have known for a few years now that leaning on Facebook for traffic was going to leave them unstable. I’m going to bet that Brit thought her husband’s connections (and potentially hers from Google?) would make them immune. And now people are losing their jobs.

      • Could the twee crapfts boom finally be over? Please, Santa, I’ve been such a good girl.

    • As with all things, I guess used sweaty yoga mat wine stoppers had their day in the sun and the world has moved on.

  23. Memory lane time! This was a post within the stolen Barbie thread from 2013. Good Times!
    “Julia Allison
    For those of you who live in the Bay Area, this is opportunity that might be right for you, or a friend of yours – feel free to pass along to whomever you think fits this description!

    Devin and I are looking for an intelligent, organized, energetic and dedicated intern/assistant to help us with a variety of things related to both of our businesses: The Healing Cook (TheHealingCook.com) and my upcoming book on happiness, as well as odds and ends related to our homes, lives and philanthropic endeavors.

    This position is right for someone who is highly organized, detail oriented and self-motivated, someone who could visualize themselves filling the role of chief operations officer eventually and wants ground level experience on growing a business, throwing events, writing a book and/or marketing.

    Although it’s not necessary, we would also love to find someone who has an interest in health/nutrition or happiness and spirituality.

    It is a part time position – we would want you to come to our home one to two days a week, and perhaps more as time goes on. Some work could be done remotely, as well. We see this as a growth opportunity, for someone to become enmeshed in our lives as our businesses grow and thrive.

    If you’re interested & want more details, please email JA@JuliaAllison.com

    (PS If you’re not in the Bay Area but are still interested, email me anyway and we can chat about how that might work.)”

    • Dear God! Who would write this on a job posting?

      “We see this as a growth opportunity, for someone to become enmeshed in our lives as our businesses grow and thrive.”

      • Transbraytion: “I have a fake career where I scrawl New Age slogans on construction paper, but I don’t know how to change a light bulb.”

        No mention of salary, I see.

  24. The Donk is cleaning up her facebook, at least one of the 3 or 4 accounts, scheme juices must be a’ scheming.

    Though her website still has the fashion thing on it.

    • And wikipedia edit action this month. and what photos left on facebook she has added her age at the time, hhhmmmm

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