Deplorables: HIVE Has “Fun” Exploiting The Homeless

Please, Faith, STOP while you’re ahead. Oh noes:

It gets better. Or worse. Much worse.

Faith took down her snaps of frolicking with the happy homeless, but not the annoying-as-f*ck Danille Blum, who used to be Ryan’s second-in-command until he met [REDACTED] and then Faith. We won’t be sharing her fauxtos but will share Danielle’s inspiring commentary:

Love this guy! He cracked me up! Last night at Feed a Belly Enicinitas where we bring food for the homeless people and connect in the area (every Tuesday night), a huge smile was brought to my face.

I handed him this bag and asked him to read it out loud. It said “You are beautiful”. His face lit up with a HUGE grin and he started chuckling and said, “Tell me something I don’t know!!!!” Haha I love his confidence!!

Oh boy. My tween wanted to help the homeless, so we serve food at a homeless shelter every two weeks. I made my daughter agree to the schedule as a way of teaching her responsibility and making a commitment to helping those less fortunate.

“Fun” has not been part of our experience. Preparing and serving food is labor, and many of the folks receiving our efforts challenge me not to break down in tears. AT NO POINT, have I ever asked them to pose for pictures that I would later upload to social media! I have never even mentioned our biweekly commitment on Facebook. To do so would be unbelievably tacky.

Didn’t A Donkey once feed the homeless? Years and years ago? Now her commitment to improving social conditions consists of a FB post liked by two people max.

Speaking of FB, here’s Faith’s latest post:

Danielle constantly posts about fauxtoshoots, too. HIVE reminds me of Donkey, circa 2010.

Regarding the below, not what we’ve heard, Ryan, but so pleased you’ve placed the eminently qualified Ms. Shorney/Reed as your #2. Too bad, though, about the health insurance.


  1. First for this almost feels like food preparation! I’ve got to make pancakes (with a side of pancakes) and some chicken mush.

    • I’ll stop over and we can bring that cake & mush to Skid Row for a fantabulous FAUXTO SHOOT!

    • Yeah, the writing is already on the wall, and I think their brand of aya & BS plays better in San Francisco than it will in their new San Diego home.

  2. The first time I went to serve homless people I had a goddamn breakdown, not prance around for pictures. JFC.

        • My current job (one I work every week and all day) deals with hunger, poverty and food insecurity, and I get that there can be a lightness during interactions with our clients, and I enjoy working with people, period. What I don’t get is the self-promotion and photo taking and exploitation of vulnerable people.

          Last week I was at a free food distribution (as an observer…I was looking to see if the food provider would work at one of my sites) and I was impressed with how respectful the experience was for people who feel uncomfortable about needing food. I was handed a bag filled with free food by one of the staff and my instinct was to say no, but I realized that by me taking it with gratitude, I was creating a less restrictive experience for everyone. A person who had previously said no to the free produce came over to look at the apples, and ended up taking home a bag of squash and fruit for his family.

          If I had been leaping around for the camera, taking selfies and taking photos of the people who were accepting the food, I can’t even imagine how disrespected people would feel, and how many fewer families would have accepted the food they needed that night.

  3. Beautiful until Outraged Donkey Is Outraged!

    Julia Allison “Nationally, black women are more than twice as likely to die from pregnancy-related causes as white women. In Alabama, they are five times as likely. In 2016, the infant mortality rate for black infants in the state was more than double that of white infants.”

    • Oh, wow, at 38 a college graduate who grew up in the outskirts of Chicago finds out black people get a raw deal in America.

      I can’t even make a joke about this.

      • But it’s not as if anyone but us is paying attention to this moron – she received one like, from Wali, and she left the lone comment – and we’re pointing and laughing.

        I can’t even begin to imagine the jokes that Eve Marson and her husband must make after suffering through dinner with Dodi and Donkey.

      • Next she’s going to find out women get the shaft in the workplace. oh wait, she’ll never find that out.

  4. sore-knee has a loooong neck. very “alice in wonderland” after she eats the left-hand side of the mushroom, or as if her head had been badly fauxtoshopped onto someone else’s body.

  5. Apropos of nothing … (sorry) Whatever happened to Jacy? And Loren Feldman? Anyone know?

    • Jacy pops in occasionally. No idea what’s going on with Feldman. He puts up those Julia Allison puppet videos on YouTube then takes them down then puts them up then … Last I heard he was charging a monthly fee to look at the hundreds of videos he’s made over the years.

  6. Deadbeat “dingbat” dad says “what you do does not matter.” Apparently, it’s how you do it that’s all that matters. Jesus hold me. He wrote a whole screed. So, tender abandonment is all good? Mindful parental drug use? Gentle infidelity? Righteous irresponsibility? Do? You? Even? Hear? Yourself, you idiot manchild?!

    Oh, apparently, fivehead thinks she looks like Meryl Streep sin underpants and has, apparently, spoken with/guilt-shamed manchild about ghosting her. He’s now mustered the strength to drag himself out from under the pile of cacao-filled nubile strange to prattle some incoherency on one of her *three* I-look-like-Streep posts. These nitwits must tag team donks for inanity. “Oh, me me me, I thought of something exceptionally stupid. Tag me in!”

    • I LOLed over those Meryl Streep teasers and nearly posted this nonsense. The woos are so goddamn insecure, constantly needing affirmation, and Jena the Fluid Violator is perhaps the worst example of this gaping wound.

      As for Sacha, Jesus H. Christ:

      • That they are homeless and vulnerable does not matter… that you do it publicly, specifically for seal claps, is what matters… if you are an entitled asshat, you do it on InstaHam… you’re doing it not for the homeless; you’re doing it for the tongue baths. CWAA.

      • what = serial abandoner
        why = irresponsible, and self-centered
        who = irresponsible, and self-centered serial abandoner.

    • I knew A Donkey (and rainbows brite) was behind this alleged act of compassion!

    • He’s just another second-rate nerd who never got a date in high school and now is overcompensating by hiring women he finds attractive and hoping for more. See also his friend Dodi and why both of them like A Donkey. These women are their sad idea of trophy girlfriends.

      • I agree with your assessment, Dr. Freud. Some very strange stuff has been appearing in our inbox re: Allis. I’ll post what I can later in the week.

  7. I’m going to go out on a limb and say the comment about Ryan and her not being a couple is either directly pointed at here or they act like they’re sleeping together, maybe are, and don’t want anyone to know. Or both.

    And I just can’t with the homeless posts. CWAA.

    • I would venture the comment is definitely directed here, particularly after receiving various emails in our inbox.

    • It’s the most unprofessional business announcement I’ve ever seen. If you are in a serious business relationship, you do not even allude to something like that.

      Clearly, they’re fucking.

      • Exactly, who goes that far out of their way to deny something. I would never have thought they were fucking, she walks upright and he’s a pocket friend

    • I have no idea what you’re talking about but I love this comment so much, I’m stealing it, with softness.

      • The site is in maintenance mode and is being worked on. Most visitors will see a maintenance sign and not RBD. You’re probably logged in and thus still accessing RBD.

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