Updated: “Aggrieved Persons”: What Went Down At Greedy PayPal

Oh, it’s good.

As you might remember, our rickety website was on its last legs. We desperately needed to rebuild and move RBD, so we’d started a Patreon fundraising page. The funds were coming in – certainly more $$$ than Jess Magic ever saw – when Judy and/or minions got us shut down without our receiving any monies.


A few angry RBDers sent us emails about the Patreon shutdown. A longtime lurker offered to let us use his Paypal account if we were still hoping to raise funds. It took a lot of trust on both sides, but everyone eventually agreed to what seemed like a good plan.

The money started coming in again. I told Sir Galahad to keep the money in his Paypal account until we needed it – I didn’t wish to appear as though I would be running off with funds.

Some minor payments were made. Grifty was reimbursed for purchasing our website evaluation and the newsstand theme, and our engineer, who’d already made a duplicate of our rickety site on his server, had begun work on rebuilding RBD, so we gave him a $200 good faith deposit.


Everything seemed to be going smoothly until our lurker received this email:

We have recently reviewed your usage of PayPal’s services because of repeated complaints. We have chosen to discontinue service to you in accordance with PayPal’s User Agreement. As a result, we have placed a permanent limitation on your account.

We ask that you please remove all references to PayPal from your website. This includes removing PayPal as a payment option, as well as the PayPal logo and/or shopping cart.

Any bank or credit card information linked to your PayPal account cannot be removed nor can it be used to create a new account. You can still log in and see your account information but you can’t send or receive money. Any money in your balance will be held for 180 days, after which we’ll send you an email with instructions about transferring your money.


I was furious and phoned Paypal, explaining that the RBDer was only acting as our agent. He phoned Paypal, as did our angry engineer. We were told “aggrieved persons” felt they were being defamed by the website and we were shit out of luck.

Paypal would hold on to our money for six months – collecting interest the entire time – before Sir Galahad could request his remaining balance. What a scam! Ali Shanti would be impressed.

Our lurker wasn’t too angry that his account was being shuttered – he indicated not using Paypal in years – but now what? There was NO WAY I could tell my husband I was giving x amount of dollars to get RBD working properly and we would have to wait six months to get reimbursed.

What I hadn’t counted on was everyone being SO ANGRY, they refused to let Julia and Dadsers win. I did pay to renew our domain name and to secure a new server for three years. Our engineer rebuilt this gregdamn site and waited six months to get PAID. I received a check from our lurker this past weekend and finally was able to pay our engineer at the beginning of this week.

You failed again, Donkey!

Update: The SSL certificate is being added, so RBD might be unavailable at various times during the next 24-48 hours.


  1. what was the violation (according to paypal) of their TOS? gossip?

    • It was all very vague. We received this single sentence: “Due to the nature of your activities, we have chosen to discontinue service to you in accordance with PayPal’s User Agreement.”

      Grifty did go into the user agreement and was able to locate something about defamation and/or harassment – for the record, I’ve never harassed any “internet personality,” including Mulia Mallison, nor has Jacy.

      Grifty might remember better than your dotty aunt Gilly.

      • I can’t remember exactly either, but it was in that vein. I could look it up again. I’m sure that if Pettifogger complained on his letterhead (we don’t know exactly what transpired), it might have spooked them.

        • I believe it was Jack McCain’s lawyer who complained, or the ghost of you know who. winky emoticon

      • Crap like this is why I do not wish her well at all. It’s a major reason why I look forward to Son of Sam dumping her raft ass

  2. “What a scam! Ali Shanti would be impressed.”
    Seriously though, class action on the paypal collecting interest and freezing accounts for flimsiness.
    shakes hand at sky

      • So if long skinny feathers are commonly gathered from roosters (saddle feathers).. Ali probably has that in her hair since she’s cheap and scammy. First of her class at Georgetown, has rooster love handle feathers in her hair.

  3. I’m fairy certain retaining funds of another for six months equates to conversion, a civil tort. It would be illegal for a bank to do it, and PayPal has gotten in trouble before for providing banking services without following banking regulation. Hence, your monthly statement, etc. This cries out for legal response, as they overrode their fiduciary responsibility in the interest of an unrelated third party. It’s the freezing of funds that’s unconscionable. Banks cannot do that outside court order. Even the government has narrow avenues to freeze funds. Otherwise, it’s an unconstitutional taking of property. Those funds were the property of another. A short, strongly-worded letter from an attorney most likely would’ve resolved that, but now, there’s damages. If it isn’t conversion, I don’t know what is. I can’t be more adamant about this. The remedy for defamation is in the courts, not using a corporation to freeze that individual’s account balances. Imagine if a bank did Judy’s bidding because of alleged “aggrieved status”. Imagine it. Federal regulators and prosecutors would get involved. There’s no difference here in what PayPal did in its capacity as the entrusted custodian of those funds. I think this needs to be made public. It’s a much bigger deal than just this little site. It has far reaching implications that must never happen again, and any other instances need to be investigated. If it’s standard practice, then every instance in which it’s been utilized need to be investigated.

    • JFAing to say, I kid not. As a licensed attorney, I’ve only practiced consumer class action appeals in a limited contract basis, but this smells similar. It’s the kind of low money harm done to many consumers that make it suitable for class action status. Also, there must be a plethora of regulations and statutes that prohibit this practice, as one cannot contract away one’s Constitutional rights to illegal seizure of one’s property in the fine print of the TOS. And six months, without recourse is the same as seizure. It’s certainly conversion in depriving one of his property even temporarily, and the remedy for conversion is the value of the property. Jesus. This is, honestly, shocking. It’s not a case of nah, nah, nah. It’s a legal situation that needs to be addressed, so that it never occurs, again. It even implicates donk. If PayPal broke the law, they did it at her behest. That’s potentially accessory or conspiracy. Someone needs to alert the media. They will flush it out with experts. Banking regulation isn’t my area of expertise, but I’m a good enough attorney to know one cannot legally freeze another’s bank account funds for six months outside a court order. How are those funds any different than those held by a bank? And just because a company disclaims status as a bank doesn’t make it so, if they provide services and hold funds for customers as a bank. It’s their actions, not what they write in fine print that controls, as banks and banking services are defined by statute, and statute always trumps contract.

      • I thought the six-month hold was outrageous, too. I did some googling and discovered this is standard operating procedure, at least in the USA. Paypal has even placed such holds on accounts with balances of 20k or more! I know they couldn’t get away with this BS in most other countries.

        The rationale for the six-month hold is that folks who purchased items from you (or sent money) will want their money back. Of course, six months is completely excessive here.

        For the record, not a single benefactor asked for his or her money back, but we also got to working on the new site right away.

        • Yet, when you have no buyers that could potentially demand refunds, how could freezing your finds be appropriate? They have been made to conform with banking regs when they’re engaged in banking activities.

        • And the people who sent the money were never notified of the problem, so how would they know to demand a refund?

          • Yes, what fuck was up with that? I sent my money and assumed it had gone to where I sent it within a couple of days!

          • It went to where you sent it, it’s just that they put a padlock on that container.

            I had the same thing happen with PayPal one time, it was a few years before gofund me and other crowdfunding methods came about. I put on a local music festival, and was funding it all out of my own pocket. Some kind people from a few online enthusiast groups from all over the place asked if they could chip in some money, because they wanted to support what I was doing. I had a Paypal account and so I put a Paypal button on the festival page. PayPal shut it down after about 1k had come in because they said I was not a 501c3 and could not take in donations. I never represented myself as a nonprofit, and I’d only put the button there to make it easier for people who said they wanted money to send it in. I remember the money got locked down held up then too, and nobody who donated was notified.

      • They are technically not a bank though and are not subject to the same regulations. But they act as one, and they should be.

  4. Might be time to start looking into accepting crypto such as BitCoin for these payments (maybe we can ask Fozzie for some help setting it up)?!?!?

    Many people unjustly de-platformed by YouTube, Twitter, and Patreon use these options now.

    Admittedly it’s not quite simple as a good ole PayPal payment just yet, but there are some good beginner tutorials videos online.

    Best part is you can “mix up” your payments with services such as BitMixer so both sides are completely protected (RBD stays anonymous, and the donation giver stays anonymous).

    Best of luck Aunt Gilly!!

    • We’re doing fine right now. If need be we can add space and speed down the road. I note that we will have to migrate VERY SOON to the https address, so I’ll probably do that on Saturday, which could shut down the site for a few hours.

      Re: Bitcoin, it might be a smart idea to look into such payments for the future. Perhaps I should talk with Fozzie, er, Michael Nye? Only half-kidding.

  5. Donk Scoldy now mixing her scolds with faux effort of good, at least mentioning other people’s good, but she picks a local Cincinnati one with a web site with instagram and facebook that links too… squarespace, not current and not viral goodness, just local cincinnatti
    she uses the word “obsessed”
    ie she’s obsessed with social media and the internet not doing good in reality

    • If she’s so gregdamn obsessed with “good deeds,” what was Donk’s good deed for the day? Putting up an anti-handgun post on FB?

  6. Jesus wept.

    Thank you, Mr. or Ms. or Mx. Engineer, for fighting the good fight with us!

    Boo, Donkey. Boo, Pettifogger.

  7. Behold! The intellectual acumen of A Donkey! (Didn’t someone on here note that Dodi hadn’t been liking any of Donk’s “activist” posts? Guess who left the one like!)

  8. This news fucks me right off! I sent a donation in good faith that it would be received by the people I was sending it to & to not be advised by paypal that they were holding it makes me furious.

    I’m really sorry to hear that happened to you guys. Next time I’ll do it the old fashioned way & send a cheque by carrier pigeon.

    Paypal are shifty arseholes!

    • So now she’s all politically active, vs. 2016 when she didn’t post a thing about politics.

      She’s shape-shifting again to fit in with his family and friends. And I’m sure all her sucking up to Meghan McCain and desperately pushing to marry a republican senator’s son never gets mentioned around the dinner-party table.

        • Babe, I didn’t really want to vote for him, but Momsers and Dadsers insisted! Surely your parents and Eve will understand?

          • The contrast between her support of the odious Kirk and her current SJW nonsense is particularly galling

          • I’m old enough to remember when she posted a photo of her absentee ballot (with her Obama vote) from Illinois even though she was living in New York at the time

  9. The Paypal thing is outrageous but that is the world we live in: corporations rule with zero recourse for regular people.

    On the plus side, this incident shows the wretched Donkey is still obsessed with us and the very existence of this little site has her seething with rage 24/7.

    Oh, Donkey, we love you too.

    • Yeah. I think it’s important to remember that we remain a major thorn in her hoof. I’ve never been so happy to be a thorn!

      • And every time she pulls some shit like this, it buys her more coverage here

        • Add me to those outraged and pissed off that PayPal did this and didn’t even advise me. Good news for Donk: because of her shenanigans I doubled the amount I was originally going to donate. I’m just sorry it took so long to reach you guys.

          Grifty, Gilly, Engineer, et al, thank you so much for doing all of this to keep our beloved site/sight/cite open. Should you ever need funds again, especially in a similar situation where funds are frozen, please do not hesitate to contact me. Seriously. I’m fortunate enough to be in a situation where I could manage to wait 6 months for reimbursement because I am a sad, crazy basement dwelling cat lady with no kids. My fur kids, demanding as they are, don’t cost as much as regular human kids. (My email is a throwaway I’ve lost the login details for, so just post a comment to me if you need to get in touch. Love ya!)

          My summary is shorter than Barr’s but contains more truth-
          F*ck you, Donkey.

          • Gilly and our engineer did and still do the heavy lifting. I just helped out for a bit up front, finding the engineer and the right new wp template, and kicking in some seed money. They are the ones who deserve all the credit. Gilly especially, because she is keeping the lights on and keeping us all entertained at the same time. I know we were all so incredibly heartened by the support of everybody here, so it was a blow when PayPal pulled this shit, particularly since RBD isn’t the only thing on our dear Gilly’s plate.

          • Yeah, I nearly threw in the towel, which is what Donkey and Dadsers were hoping for. But how could I let A Donkey win?

            Lots on my plate this year. I may have to step down as moderator at some point. I’m hoping we have some RBDers interested in taking over if I do have to relinquish some responsibilities.

    • Here’s hoping crypto sends PayPal and their skeezy business practices down the Shanti-tube. Maybe the Burger Queef was on to something?

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