Pillowgate: Jess Magic Turns Thief, Engages in Balding Twin Sandwich

Thanks, Jaahass, but no thanks. We’re well aware of the action that stained throw pillow has seen. From Devin to Rainy and beyond.

Does Judy know you snatched her beloved cushion? No? Then please ship the cuddle pillow to your soul sister in San Francisco immediately so that we aren’t forced to contact Dadsers.

Looks like white folks had a lot of fun at Bali Smell Fest 2019. Judy’s presumably still upset she wasn’t co-hosting this year. Not because they didn’t ask her back, but because the eastern mystic sacrificed her personal happiness to live off with Dodi & feeble Lilly in NoPa. Such a role model for the woo community!

Poor Judy even missed out on Jaahass harmonizing with the balding Bali twins, Nan & Bert, and another goddess along for the ride. Fiiiire, fire, fire, fire, fiiiiire!

Bottom Picture! At least someone responds to her FB diarrhea:


  1. Of all the men in her life, Wali is the only one that is still paying any attention to her.

    If that is not the greatest love the world has ever known, I don’t know what it is.

    Wali. Still. Always. Forever.

      • No way.

        If she created a fake account it would be an obvious stereotype, like her “fratboy neighbor”.

        Wali has depth!

        • And it wouldn’t be someone from the third world. She’d make it seem like someone from a prominent family

          • Someone should create a Facebook profile for that name and troll the shit out of her

    • The Bali police 👮‍♀️ allow the pillow to be displayed ONLY when behind a rope.

    • We had a meeting with a marketing professional and in a brain-storming session someone mentioned “Burning Man.” The marketing director, who is a woman of color, responded “Ugh! Do they even let black people in there?” I’m part of the Baby Boomer generation but I thought the younger, more sensitive, more inclusive generation(s) had this stuff sorted out. Apparently not.

      Bali might be the new Burning, but read between the Woo-lines: It’s still white out there!

  2. Nothing has ever so fully encapsulated the intellectual and artistic poverty of this people better than a song that just says, “Fire fire fire” over and over. And their harmonies are wretched! Go ahead and sing your word thing and have fun, but post it?!? WHY?

      • Of course it is and I should have been more alert here, but I wrote this post at 6 am when getting little folks up and making lunches.

        I’m trying to imagine Julia as a parent and it ain’t happening.

    • I’m waiting for dear Grifty to listen to that musical extravaganza and go ballistic.

      • Why would anyone post this? A weak attempt at harmonizing a bunch of nonsense, and pretending it is some great achievement? I and millions of other people do this (only lots better) several times a week, but keep it to our own damn selves. It’s a freaking HOBBY. Just do it, shut the fuck up about it, and stop pretending you are some transformational miracle for croaking out crap. Pretentious twit.

        • So tired of all these twits behaving as though making an omelette or having an orgasm or harmonizing with assholes is is the equivalent of finding the cure for cancer or colonizing a distant planet.

  3. Donk and her intellectual acumen are now quoting Wells:

    “The full temerity of my voyage came suddenly upon me. What might appear when that hazy curtain was altogether withdrawn? What might now have happened to men? What if cruelty had grown into a common passion? What if in this interval the race had lost its manliness, and had developed into something inhuman, unsympathetic, and overwhelmingly powerful?”

    – Time Machine (HG Wells being prescient AF)

    “The full ridiculousness of her voyage to NoPa came suddenly upon her. What might happen when Dodi has to go to the lab? What might become of a layabout goddess? What if research is really his passion? What if he starts turning into a scientist again and develops into yet another suitor who runs for the hills?”

    —Predictable Storyline (Gilly Blake, being spot-on AF)

    • What’s her answer? Scold and lament the rest of her life, or escape to some pseudo-utopian place where she can bury her head in the sand? How long before she starts pushing Dodi to move?

      • When this one crashes, and it will, wanna bet she takes up with another dirtbag woo?

        Donk has received one like and one love on her Wells post. The love is from Wali, the like is from Stanley Dankoski, portrait photographer. The new Monika de Myer? Have you been in the basement long enough to remember Monika de Myer, famed “Lifestyle & Wedding Photographer” who took several goofy fauxtos of Donk and told us NEVER to show her work! That would be the work of Monika de Myer, THE Monika de Myer.

    • earlier she posted about “conscious uncoupling” then the ills of living in western civ, now “lost its manliness”
      What signals does this send to Dodi??? all is not well (no surprise)

      • She’s already resenting him and her new home. Surely she’ll try to persuade Dodi to move – he won’t – and perhaps start dividing her time between NoPa and Ubud while expecting the masculine to foot the bill.

        • Ha ha ha even a very fancy professor with his own lab cannot afford that! Silly Donkey!

        • Imagine his surprise that he moved in with an old bitch, who has cataracts & pees everywhere; and, the only redeeming thing is the cute dog Lilli she brought with her.

        • She’s so fucking stupid! He is her one last chance to exit the Highway to Spinsterhood, and she’s pushing him away.

          • This, and I’ll go a step further: he probably spends so much time in the lab that he doesn’t even realize that she showed up with moving truck.

          • I’d be surprised if she isn’t acting like a sullen, spoiled brat to him these days. How else to convince him that after all she’s giving up for him, the least he can do is put a ring on her hoof?

    • Wells himself was polyamorous and a bit woo around the edges, so.

  4. I read a piece in the NYT yesterday about how to organize your kitchen like a professional chef. The woman whose twee little kitchen was featured managed to get roasted for a number things, including getting mocked because she color-coded her cookbooks. Tho profethional! Here, let me find that Thai cookbook….wait, what color was it?

      • Gilly, they spelled it that way because the woman featured designs actual kitchen wear (aprons).

        I have a galley style kitchen in my apartment and I’d love to have the kind of space this person does, although I would make some different choices.

        • I have a small galley kitchen too but without the soaring ceilings she has. It is difficult for me to keep organized. I like her idea of purging under-used products from the pantry if you haven’t used them in six months. I was surprised to see her cookware storage behind the stove vs. using something farther away from stovetop heat and spatter.

    • This looks like an ad for The Gap.

      What happened to their Burning Man polyamorous edginess?

    • Agreed. That repulsive family alone will have a larger carbon and consumption footprint than some countries.

  5. Serious question. How do these people afford all this traveling, let alone rent and food and gas and glitter and feathers?

    • Many of them live hand to mouth. A couple of woos had to start GoFundMe campaigns because of medical expenses incurred when without health insurance.

      As for Jess Magic, she lives in Bali and I’m guessing the Smell Fest comped her food and maybe PAID her a small stipend. She tends to live communally – at least four folks in the house – and gives online vocal lessons, mostly to other woos, as ways of cutting expenses.

    • Honestly, this is very reason why this site exists, to ponder that question, year-in and year-out, woo after woo after woo.

      Parental support and grifting are our best conclusions.

    • Also, she apparently deleted the lone comment to her “Unicorn Store” post, which noted the Netflix movie isn’t very good.

    • “This is how to handle mass shooting.” In a country with no Bill of Rights. Jesus, Judy, did you really get a government degree from Georgetown? ‘Cause they’ve got to be full of so much cringe. You know, she’s actually just enough of a nimrod not to understand how stupid she sounds. I’m not even going to get into it because fck, educate yourself. Christ on a cracker. Daddy doesn’t get the First Amendment and donkey doesn’t get the Second. Fancy schools all around but not a soul got in through sidedoor connections. Nooooo, not this braintrust.

      • In a country where possessing the video of the shooting can lead to a 10-year prison sentence.

        Of course Donkey would never be careful with blanket statements about restricting rights

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