Scolds: Purity Donkey Hasn’t Eaten/Drank Fill-In-The-Blank In 55 Years

Jesus, woman! I know Eve Marson, Dodi’s sestra, produced FED UP, a fine documentary about food toxicity, but give it a fucking rest.

Also, Passive Aggressive Donkey Is Passive Aggressive:

Bottom Pictures: Sugar is poison!

caught in the act


  1. Will the Dodester wake up in time? It doesn’t look like it. She’s moved in, it’ll take a real Cindy to evict this See You Next Tuesday

    • Does Ellen have the fortitude to swoop in with Boxes + Tape, make Donk pack up all her things, and personally drive our burro to SFO while Dodi’s in the lab?

      Dear God, please give this powerful mother of a fantastic son your strength, so the world might once again hear those blessed words, “You take care, dear heart.”

        • We all know donkey washed those poached thin mints down with a gargantuan glass of milk — this will be proven an out right lie just like her claims not to own bathroom scales or having grown up never watching TV that her family doesn’t own TVs etc.

          • there’s reference in the archives to a mess advised episode where she drinks milk and has (gluten-free) cookies. that was 2012.

  2. Oh, come ON, Donkey.

    You haven’t even been PRETENDING to be vegan for 20 years.

    • So no butter, ice cream, milk, cheese in 20 years. I call bullshit.

          • Exactly, and do you think she had time to choose between milk chocolate and dairy-free chocolate when wolfing down candy bars in the middle of Whole Foods?

      • It’s total bullshit. That’s why we’re charged with being the custodian of her memories.

      • Exactly. I have not had a glass of milk in 30 years….because I don’t like it. But I have tons of stuff with milk in it. Does she think those cupcakes and cakes didn’t have milk in them?

    • If you were there for the first and only installment of the daily cappuccino project, you’re a real one.

        • or the 30-day (365-day?) gratitude challenge?

          “I’m thankful for rainbows.”
          “I’m thankful for THIS MAN [insert fauxto of dork du jour] in our comfy and delightful brown chocolate-colored master bed.”

          THE END

    • The ragebeast is out and she is ANGRY.

      The anti-Western civilization screed she posted the other day was worrying: if she is sacrificing so much, by living in that awful place called California, just to be with her “beloved”, it makes you wonder what is she expecting in return from him.

      Oh, and I am sure he felt great about having her life choices harshly questioned in public, by one lazy Donkey, who has never held a real job and is living on his dime and her Dad’s credit card.


      • Of course she’s expecting a ring. And a big wedding. “Look what I sacrificed to be here with you, Dodi! The least you can do is marry me!”

        To me, this desperation says that he has not made moves toward putting a ring on her hoof.

  3. Crazy woman, dairy doesn’t mean only milk

    There’s milk in those cupcakes, she’s had cheese pizza has she not? 20 years my ass

  4. All those pancakes she ate wth NuttyGranny MoneyBags and never a glass of milk? Riiiiight.

    • Not to mention the pancakes with a side of pancakes that she and OMG! Pancakes McCain – they talked marriage – munched on.

      • There are fauxtos of her from the last 10 years with pancakes (milk); cappucino (milk); frosting (milk and butter); a MILK chocolate fountain; cheese pizza (milk); Hobee’s coffeecake topped with butter (which is not make from kale); shilling for Kraft Cheesy Skillets; etc etc… and yet she “hasn’t had milk” in 20 years. WHY does she always lie about the most obvious, disprovable stuff?

        There are plenty of adults who love grilled cheese sandwiches, fondue, cheese pizza, ice cream, etc., but are grossed out by the taste of a big glass of milk. In legalese, they “hate milk” and “don’t miss” it.

        • I seem to recall she also promised a daily cappuccino photo (which never happened of course).

          • She never follows through on anything; that pointless fauxto show didn’t even last one week.

  5. This is the bitch who was advertising VELVEETA on her social media. What an asshole.

    That she lies is not breaking news. But to take another example: Baked by Melissa mini cupcakes, among her favorites, contain dairy. They do not even offer a non-dairy option (not that they need to, but she can’t say she only eats the dairy-free ones).

    • To this day, I will not go into a Baked by Melissa shop, because she provided freebies for one of Donk’s bizarro birthcray bashes. I don’t need to spend my money in a place that gave that bitch free stuff

      • Same. It was the bicray where she stole thousands of dollars from Creepy Divorced Bob and left Michael McDonald sleeping rough on the February streets of NYC after a hearty meal of six Skittles.

  6. P.S. saying that something could possibly happen does not a prediction make.

  7. One of my kids has a dairy allergy, so I know what 20 (or closer to 30) looks like without milk. It has been made worse by Julia and her ilk claiming to have allergies so that he has to make it VERY clear every time he orders food that, no, it’s not a preference, he has a ridiculously expensive epipen in his pocket in case they cross contaminate or whatever.

    Lying about an allergy makes it harder for people who actually have the allergy to ask for food they can eat.

    She is awful. Thank you.

  8. Just yesterday my youngest asked me if I would ever go vegan, and I said, “I tried once when you were four or five. I lasted an hour, then saw some cheese in the refrigerator and started crying.”

    • with softness, if you look at the dairy industry and their calf-kids crying for their moms and vice versa, you prob wouldn’t cry so hard. Also, cashew cheese is a little weird but after a while it’s delicious. Just saying.

      • Thank you for educating me on things I’m well aware of, including cashew cheese I’ve eaten dozens of times. At least a post on scolding included some, because people just CANNOT resist.

        • jesus, touchy much? Sorry if you can be sanctimonious about Julia Allison’s lies/life in here for years on end, yet someone else points out your own selfish “I just CAN’T give up cheeeeeeseeeeeeeeee, you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!” doesn’t warrant some push-back. Mmmkthen.

          • Project much? You were the one triggered by Handbag’s admitted love of an animal product. GFY. Nobody asked for your weak alternative advice.

          • lol …. I am not “triggered” by anything. Are YOU projecting much? JFC sometimes (us, yes me too) basement people are so ridiculously hypocritical which is amusing on most days but sometimes your sh*t stinks too. But by all means, keep making fun of Julia Alison Baugher while stuffing your fat cheetoh faces with secretions from mothers who lose their babies in order to make yourselves feel superior while making fun of her for being inconsistent. Whatever helps you sleep at night. I just come here for the comments (other than this particular thread).

          • btw Gilly if you want to delete my comments here, that’s fine (not that you’d need my permission, obviously). I wasn’t here intending to stir up pissiness, I swear. I almost never comment because I’m not here to be a jerk (usually).

          • I’m staying out of this one. You’ve left good comments on this site before, BF, and I know you’re not a troll. RBDers occasionally get into spats. Oh well …

          • thanks… stuffing my face with cheetos & franzia now to push down my shame of engaging in fisticuffs

    • Such an unpleasant, misogynistic screed. The first, and only time, I read this rant, which treats A Donkey as symptomatic of the ills of 21st-century civilization, I felt dirty just knowing how much the author had pillaged from RBD.

      • He or she definitely got a couple of things wrong that I noticed, but it didn’t make me feel sorry for donkey that the writer presented her as was done. Now it’s coming back to me that this was discussed here already. Sorry for the redundancy; I’ve slept since then.

      • The incels went crazy after her shallow “SATC Ruined My Life” piece hit, and it gave them just the misogynist fuel they needed for that day.

        Still baffled how anyone who knew her who read the original SATC piece wasn’t so consumed with canklehausen they didn’t just slink away and never dealt with her again. The “oh but I’ve changed and have an omgreasonable boyfriend” romcom ending is the same one she thought redeemed her idiocy at the conclusion of Miss Advised. It’s all good if you end up with a boyfriend, ladies.

        • Reasonable… Acceptable… Tolerable… OK for the time being… Tenable… Fairly good… Passable… Adequate… average… Not bad…

          WTF? I mean, this guy has things going for him and that’s not anything Donkey can say about recent boyfriends or even herself, for that matter. CWAA!

    • The templates that she has up in xojulia seem to be the same ones she used in The Reimagine Factory, which featured a main page of two Wendy K. Yalom snaps of Donk holding a coffee cup. The menu links contained “fashion” templates.

      Very strange. I suppose she won’t do anything further with xojulia and the license will eventually expire.

      Other than getting massages, what does this woman do with her time?

      • Why would anyone wanting to hire as a consultant for “mounting summits” (or other pie-in-the-sky delusional insanity that she thinks she can coach about things she’s never done herself) respond to someone who has a web address that looks like a dim teenager owns it? xojulia? Please.

        • Also, just like she was trying to convince Rain she was planning to launch a business as a consultant, it looks like she’s trying to do the same thing with Alex. Except I don’t think just shining it on and making a half-assed (ha!) stab at it is going to sit well with him and his accomplished friends and family. Maybe her new web domain should be

          • seconded. also, why is she setting herself up (reinventing herself) in a profession that she has no experience? consultancy ain’t easy.

            she’s always had the impression that life as a consultant is glamorous. attend a show, wear a badly-hemmed, rainbow colored dress, wave your hands at a powerpoint presentation, then reap the applause. that isn’t consultancy.

            a consultant’s life is not a ted or tedx talk.

            clients want practical, metric-driven real-world solutions. “julia, how do i use SEO to drive people to my website?” “how do i calculate the acquisition cost for new clients?” “why should i spend more in this region, as opposed to this other one?” how is she going to answer these?

            do you think she’ll enjoy leaving home sunday to get to a monday morning meetings across the other side of the continent? or being stuck in airports due to bad weather, or jets sidelined for maintenance? or sitting back – way back – in coach on long-haul flights because the client’s travel policy doesn’t extend to business-class tickets for contractors? sorry hon, they won’t pay for your next trip to bali.

            and if – big if – she has kids, do you think she’ll enjoy time away from home, missing her family growing up because she needs to be away for business reasons?

            how many birthdays alone, anniversaries, or memorial day weekends / labor days, in strange hotel rooms do you think she can stand before she “makes it” and can then choose not to travel around personal occasions? will she enjoy working between christmas and new years?

            Her work ethic doesn’t extend to “market your services hardest, while you’re busiest, as when you’re quiet, you don’t have the funds” (to spend on marketing) – one of the most valuable lessons my mentor taught me.

            recently, when looking through our fabulous RBD archives, came across a twitter conversation where she said she had flunked an interview for a presenting gig. unless she consults to woos, prospects are going to be looking for people who actually have something between their ears, or the ability to learn from their rejections; we all know her inability to push the learn button.

            business relationships? “pertheption and prethentation” only goes so far – even with her angry, passive aggressive sjw postings, the lights are dark in wooville.

            and hive: moderating panels so people can give group hugs is not consultancy, either.

          • Maybe she can finally get that job at Bath & Body Works.

          • I had a look at OMG Brit’s website, which is basic AF but good for her. There are a lot of online workshops, from knitting to calligraphy to preparing for a job interview. There are also workshops on building your digital brand, Photoshop for bloggers, designing your brand identity, killing it on Instagram etc… guess which self-appointed social media and personal branding expert was NOT invited to teach any of these? Reading the course descriptions, it’s clear that Donkey never knew/still doesn’t know any of that stuff. Comparing her to people who actually know what they’re doing and have a relevant social media presence, it’s especially clear what a fauxny hack she was/is.

            Furthermore, there’s a piece on rainbow fashion, and guess which “journalist” was NOT invited to write the article?

            Seems that OMG Brit knows enough not to tarnish her brand by associating with A Donkey. Congratulations on all the time you wasting sucking up to OMG Brit; she wouldn’t touch you with a ten-foot pole.

      • You mean the NY info on it? Again, it’s just a template that she hasn’t bothered to fill out. And I would guarantee you she hasn’t set up the links to this yet.

          • Shes lazy for sure, but I think she is actually afraid to write anything. This time, she is going to have to back up what she says she does (whatever that is), or be called out on her BS. The pretense is over. She’s entering a different social circle where people she will associate with actually have education, experience and training, and will see through her in a NY minute. She won’t get work being a credible ‘change activist’ or ‘thought leader’ or an ‘embodiment of love’ by posting five screechy scolds a day on Facebook. She has no relevant body of work to draw from, other than the one-trick-Donkey fluff she’s done for Hive. I say she’s stuck, and probably pretty terrified, which explains all the scoldy rage posts.

          • The connections she’s attempting to make in the social circle she now covets need to be addressed in at least a couple of posts. Most of these folks would see HIVE for the scam it is and won’t be impressed by SJW FB posts accompanied by “Wow!!” and “I haven’t done this in x years!!”

    • Judy, who just posted about “rainbow iconoclasm” and who never really left college, will be thrilled!

        • you say iconoclast, she says iconoclasm, I say iconoclams dungeon
          I Kant

        • It’s a reference to Brie Larson’s film UNICORN STORE. Donk shared the trailer.

          Here’s the NYTimes review:

          All that glitters is not gold in the Netflix original film “Unicorn Store,” a sickly-sweet monument to arrested development, built around a failed artist who never grew past the mythical, magical, one-horned creature that enchanted her as a child.

          She also likes sticking Bugles on her fingertips, consulting with a shelf of Care Bears and a color palette that suggests an explosion at the Skittles factory.

          Not that there’s anything wrong with that — at least not according to Samantha McIntyre, who wrote the script, and Brie Larson, who directs and stars, earnestly championing a dreamer that others might dismiss as childish or ridiculous. In fact, “Unicorn Store” becomes an argument for itself: If such a tacky fantasy can get produced, then clearly it’s a viable enterprise for grown-ups.

          • We are everywhere. She has managed to offend and repulse a wide swath during a short period in New York, before moving on to spread her horseshit elsewhere

          • No surprise that Donk is entranced by a movie about a woman who never grew up and wants to play with unicorns and paint rainbows.

            Jesus, Judy, do you really want to advertise your arrested development?

  9. Is this really where we are with Judge Judy Dread, self-appointed social media cop, jury and executioner? No catty comparisons nor even friendly competition anymore? No humblebragging about foundations or charities or crashed dinners or even donated magazines and burned vegetables? No companies, real or imaginary, we start, run, angel invest, hope to sell or contract/consult with? No continued higher education at fancy schools we hope to attend, lecture at or just stand at podiums? No editor-at-large jobs with varying levels of professionalism and work ethic or even lying about aspirational WP jobs for second breakfast? No jetting around writing Davos reports and queuing up fashion week coverage? No, those days of self-promotion through varying levels of effort, actions, events or demonstrable evidence seem long gone. And all we are left are increasing claims of outrage, hate, rejection and abstinence of everything from meat to milk to sugar to garbage in order to prove our superiority and exceptionalism. Judy, hon, when your whole professional presence and public output has been reduced to “Colors, Pretty!”, “Like”, “This.”, “Hate!”, “Bad”, “Ban!”, “Outlaw, Now!”, “Not in 20 Years!”, it may be time to rethink your whole life. ‘Cause despite popular opinion amongst your set, there is an actual difference between improving one’s life, doing good and making a difference and just criticizing everyone else and grading yourself on the curb.

    • Here is a quote from an eminent Woo that Scoldy Julia should read: “Judgment comes, in part, out of your own fear. You judge other people because you’re not comfortable in your own being. By judging, you find out where you stand in relation to other people. The judging mind is very divisive. It separates. Separation closes your heart. If you close your heart to someone, you are perpetuating your suffering and theirs. Shifting out of judgment means learning to appreciate your predicament and their predicament with an open heart instead of judging. Then you can allow yourself and others to just be, without separation.” – Ram Dass

      • Lovely. Truly. And so apropos of everything. I have family like this, empty shells who hate everyone and everything, who think tearing down lifts them up. Must be so exhausting and unfulfilling to be her.

  10. Lovely. Truly. And so apropos of everything. I have family like this, empty shells who hate everyone and everything, who think tearing down lifts them up. Must be so exhausting and unfulfilling to be her.

    • It’s much easier to lie around your boyfriend’s apartment in your brand-new faux bohemian costumes while posting, “People should stop eating sugar!” than to volunteer for Food Not Bombs or Second Harvest. Much easier to post, “Why are people mean to animals???” than to go scrub cages and shovel dog shit at an animal shelter. Much more glamorous to post, “Why are people so out of touch with nature?” while lazing around the pool in Bali, than to get up at the crack of dawn to pick up trash in your own OMG evil Silicon Valley neighborhood. And Greg forbid that Donk post an awesome vegan recipe or host a vegan potluck, instead of just posting, “Why don’t people eat what I say they should eat?” while popping a $12 bottled green juice.

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