Devin Stetler, Riverbank’s weed entrepreneur and former Donkey base model, is definitely NOT married, out for anything he can get, and supposedly an asshole.

Among his OkCupid profile pics:

Wasn’t the snap below taken by Donkey? Sorry for the small size and poor resolution.

Bottom Video! Straight Devin and equally straight Rasmus Leo Foyer re-enact the finale from “Dirty Dancing.” No one puts Debbie’s orientation in a corner! (Filmed by Michel Madie, Foyer’s straight husband and grandfather)


  1. The ‘married’ status was posted on one of those online lookup services that provide personal data for sale. They are often wrong.

  2. Nah. He left Donk. What’d he do so wrong. Him and burger Bitcoin I don’t see the need to blow up their spots.

    Ladumb used to be “goldencreature” there and was seeking for a particular hue only at some point, delusional marriage car accident real estate sister scammer those worth mirth, or a hoot.

    • He stuck his peen in a donkey. I rest my case.

      Michael “Bitcoin” Jacobs is an asshat extraordinaire. He’d kill his own mother for a quarter.

    • Devin Stetler, of the Easter Island Stetlers, went along with her ridiculous scams and pathetic grabs at fame. Like at Fashion Week.

      • “Sure, Julia, I want to be a model and a star and am happy to go along with whatever harebrained scheme you’ve concocted this week.”

        • That’s when I knew he’s no better than she is

  3. That video never gets old. Never. Love how Papa says as a joke at the end that he didn’t get it, and they’ve gotta do it again. As though they captured some rare natural phenomenon on film or the performance of a lifetime. I find these types, who are impressed by the ordinary, fascinating. He must save a fortune on Netflix, Prime Video and cable, although I can’t imagine what he still watches on network television. Or maybe it’s just drugs happening here.

  4. That video. JFC.
    When the totally straight dude in his undies lifts Debbie, it totally reminds me of that scene in “Dirty Dancing” when Patrick Swayze did the same to Jennifer Grey!

    • When I first saw this video, I thought Debbie’s dancing partner had on a pair of underoos, because my daughter used to have a pair that looked like Leo’s attire.

      • Is it underoos? I couldn’t look close enough. My stomach isn’t that strong

  5. OT: The Tragedy of an Activist Poseur Whose Activism Consists of Posting Stories to Facebook:

  6. With softness, if I came across this profile, that second pic would never make me believe the man was straight. Is his bio just targeted towards women?

    • Yep, on the profile target. Re: Devin’s orientation, is the giveaway in the bisexual lighting in that first fauxto?

  7. The tiny photo was a part of their truly incredible “video” they made on their European tour. It was during the first couple of days, before they began fighting and Julia bought her own damned ring because Derpin didn’t realuze that was the point of the trip. The photos were of them walking up and down some stairs, then sitting on them. Then there were a series of them exiting this metro station, which just made me uncomfortable for all of the commuters they inconvenienced for their dumb video. Then they had a bunch from a bakery where they were pointing at macarons and drinking cappuccinos. Ooh la la, so continental! They were all still photos, none taken together (so no mystery photographer) and there was a brag about them working late into the Paris night to put together this masterwork (with basic programs that came with the Mac her Daddy bought her). Also French music, and Derpin had a huge blob of milk foam inexplicably on his nose in one photo. Those were the days!

    • Those photos of each other walking up and down stairs and sitting on benches became the “gifts” that they gave each other re: the European grand mini-tour. Only Donk would go to Paris and refuse to actually engage the culture.

  8. I went looking for the original video, because it was so bonkers, but je suis trés triste because it is no longer available. You can read the incroyable introduction Devin “wrote” and view the shock and awe commentary in the archives (May 12, 2013).

    Bonus! Mr. Ellsberg shows up in the comments to defend their great love.

    Thank you dear Gilly for making everything so accessible with your masterful catalog!

    • The comments are hilarious in that post, especially the reactions to Smellsberg when he cites Annie Lalla as The Authority on the human psyche but the reference actually belongs to George Carlin!


      Thanks re: cataloging, which is close to being finished. I was pleased when someone who’d been mistreated by A Donkey connection found that connection among the categories on the right and was able to quickly access the miscreant’s misdeeds.

      • Comment from Michael Ellsberg –

        Happy anniversary you lovebirds!!! It’s been so special watching your love develop into a true epic love story over the last year.

        Reply from Julia who has to be smoking something –

        We were thinking of you, Michael, as this seemed like a fitting birthday tribute to you 🙂 thank you for your guidance and mentorship this past year. We love you!!!

        If anyone other then my children gave me a video of them looking like total douches stomping around Paris as a “birthday tribute”, I’d ask for a receipt. She is such a pretentious hack.

    • That post should be in Best of RBD. I see Ellsberg was about as prescient about Donkey’s romantic future with Derpin as he was about his own.

    • “Julia, you are such a light in a world of dark, brimming with love to overflow into others’ hearts … ” Wrote no straight man ever. She must have held a gun to his head while dictating his ta-ta.

  9. My current user name is a tribute to the demented things she writes and then claims her ex wrote as a part of their breakup. The men must just be so relieved that they are no longer coupled up with Judy, that they sign off on her flowery screed.

    • She refuses to break up with someone whom she’s gushed about on social media forever, without him admitting to the world that she is some exalted being who has forever transformed his life, and including the subtext that there will never again be anyone else as special as she is. It’s 100% narcissist bullshit.

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